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Vitamin studies. 20. The effect of various methods of pasteurization on the vitamin B and the vitamin G content of cow's milk

Dutcher, R.A.; Guerrant, N.B.; Mckelvey, J.G.

J. Dairy Sci 17: 455-466


Accession: 013605261

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When given to rats as sole source of the vitamin B complex, 3 ml. raw milk daily allowed an average gain of 4 g. per week during a period of 6 weeks; vitamin B (B1) appeared to be the limiting factor. After pasteurization at 62-63 degrees C. for 30 minutes the milk produced a growth response of only 3.0 g. per week. The destruction of the vitamin B complex during pasteurization was increased by reducing the pressure but decreased by aeration of the milk.

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