A comparison of the performance of reciprocal test-crosses between inbred lines and a single-cross hybrid in maize

Browne, E.B.; Wells, J.C.

Report on the Ninth Southern Corn Improvement Conference held at Knoxville, Tennessee, and Lexington, Kentucky, August 26-29 Div. Cereal Crops Dis. Bur. Pl. Indust., Soils Agric. Engin. Beltsville, Md., 36-38


Accession: 013614305

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Near Athens, Ga., a study was made of the yield, plant height, ear height and 10 other characters of reciprocal crosses between 15 inbred lines and a single-cross tester. A significant difference between reciprocals, based upon the mean difference for all reciprocals, was not obtained for any of the characters scored. Considered individually, the crosses showed reciprocal differences in yield, the differences in some cases being quite large.