Anatomical studies on the wood of Japanese Quercus. II. On the sub-genus Cyclobalanopsis (Kashi group)

Shimaji, K.

Bull. Tokyo Univ. For, 47, 125-43


Accession: 013637757

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Continuing the study, the anatomical characters are given for (1) Q. acuta, (2) Q. gilva, (3) Q. myrsinaefolia, (4) Q. paucidentata, (5) Q. stenophylla, (6) Q. glauca and (7) Q. hondai. Cyclobalanopsis and Quercus are retained as sub-genus and genus respectively. The group is homogeneous, all species being evergreen, having pores radially arranged, and the vessels, both spring and summer, thick-walled with rounded ends. In these characters they resemble section ilex of Lepidobalanus.