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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 13658

Chapter 13658 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1952:
Cause and prevention of blue stain in wood

Cunningham, G.H., 1947:
Cause and prevention of silver leaf in orchards

Caroli, J.; Bessis, M., 1947:
Cause and treatment of Jaundice in newborn mule foals

Mundt, W., 1953:
Cause and treatment of fowl coryza

Fernandez, A.G.; Gonzalez, F.G., 1949:
Cause of a peculiar kidney lesion observed in rats maintained on deficient diets

King, W.W., 1954:
Cause of and remedy for warped Southern Yellow Pine 2 X 4's

King, W.W., 1954:
Cause of and remedy for warped southern Pine 2 X 4's

Anon, 1947:
Cause of brown root rot of tobacco

Ten Berge, B.S.; Linthorst, G., 1949:
Cause of death in 200 stillborn infants in Rotterdam

Nussbaumer, T., 1948:
Cause of error in the analysis of cream by the Gerber method

Hawksley Dedie, K.; Muller, L.F.; Pallaske, G.; Beer, J.; Reichel, K., 1955:
Cause of hyperkeratosis in Germany. II

Mertens, A.C., 2007:
Cause of mortality in 5-year survivors of childhood cancer

Foglia, V.G.; Rodriguez, R.R., 1950:
Cause of the sex difference in incidence of diabetes

L.Gallic, P., 1951:
Cause of the vitamin A activity of casein in presence of lard

Gallic, P.L.C.R., 1951:
Cause of the vitamin A activity of casein in the presence of lard

Jacoby, H., 1947:
Cause, symptoms and treatment of lathyrism. A specific nutritional neuropathy

Venkatachalam, G.; Nelson, R.H.; Thorp, F.; Luecke, R.W.; Gray, M.L., 1949:
Causes and certain factors affecting lamb mortality

Gusbeth-Tatomir, P.; Covic, A., 2007:
Causes and consequences of increased arterial stiffness in chronic kidney disease patients

Stuart, N.W., 1949:
Causes and control of Croft lily leaf burning

Tocchetto, A., 1954 :
Causes and control of decay of Japanese Chestnut

Lutz, J.F., 1955:
Causes and control of end waviness during drying of veener.

Fischer, E., 1952:
Causes and control of foliar yellowing (chlorosis)

Pollard, H.M.; Block, M.; Bachrach, W.H., 1947:
Causes and management of anemia associated with chronic ulcerative colitis

Charreau, C., 1953:
Causes and manifestations of soil degradation in the Sudanese climatic zone

Basler, H., 1953:
Causes and nature of the bonding force inherent in fibrous materials in the manufacture of hardboards. a tentative explanation.

British-Honduras., 1946:
Causes and prevention of fires on the Mountain Pine Ridge

Renhert, O., 1952:
Causes and prevention of losses in animals transported for slaughter

Horvath, M., 1949:
Causes and treatment of endemic goitre in children

Simonatti, E., 1950:
Causes and treatment of milk fever

D.M.llo, M.J.; Pereira, C., 1946:
Causes determining the Escape of Larvae of Habronema sp. from the Proboscis of the House-fly

Olenov, Yu. M., 1954:
Causes for the differences between the butterfat content of portions of milk obtained after milking.

Vazhenin, I.G., 1951:
Causes for the different effectiveness of forms of potassium fertilizers on light peat podzols.

Ukrainskii, V.T., 1949:
Causes for thinned sowings of lucerne and sainfoin after hibernation

Shah, S.M.I., 1951:
Causes leading to premature shedding of fruits in citrus (variety Seville orange)

Hudson, J.P., 1947:
Causes of running off in black currant crops

Ebeling, W., 1955:
Causes of Avocado leaf injury

Erdem, R., 1951:
Causes of Chestnut

Tverskoi, D.L.; Zhukova, M.K.P.; Navsutz, B.S., 1950:
Causes of Clover seedling failures in the Moscow district and control measures

Schmitschek, E., 1952:
Causes of D. nusslini

Madani, T.A.; Ghabrah, T.M.; Albarrak, A.M.; Alhazmi, M.A.; Alazraqi, T.A.; Althaqafi, A.O.; Ishaq, A., 2007:
Causes of admission to intensive care units in the Hajj period of the Islamic year 1424 (2004)

Flowers, W.S., 1948 :
Causes of blindness in China

Abolmasov, G., 1954:
Causes of breakdowns and their elimination in bottle washing machines.

Kessl, J.; Fanta, B., 1955:
Causes of browsing damage by wild animals.

Anonymous, 1949:
Causes of bruises in packing apples-1949 report

Godnev, T.N.; Terent'ev, V.M.; Trizno, S.I.; E.A., 1954:
Causes of cereal lodging on fen soils, and means of control.

Wartenberg, H., 1953:
Causes of changes in population density of woolly aphid on crab apple

Lohner, J., 1955:
Causes of cows sucking each other whilst on pasture.

Cocco, P.; Fadda, D.; Atzeri, S.; Avataneo, G.; Meloni, M.; Flore, C., 2006:
Causes of death among lead smelters in relation to the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase polymorphism

Janssens, P.G., 1955:
Causes of death among schoolchildren of the Kilo-Moto mines

Mantovani, G.; Ceretto, F., 1953:
Causes of death amongst wild animals and birds in the Piedmont region of Italy

Russo, G., 1954:
Causes of death before and after 50 years of age

Maitra, S.; Sekercioglu, N.; Baloch, S.; Cook, W., L.; Jassal, S., V., 2007:
Causes of death in older peritoneal dialysis patients - can we depend on registry reports?

Iljin, W.S., 1953:
Causes of death of plants as a consequence of loss of water : conservation of life in desiccated tissues

Miller, P.W., 1947:
Causes of decline and death of Filberts in the Pacific Northwest

Gavrilovic, M., 1955:
Causes of decline in popularity of the plum variety Pozegaca and means of preventing it

Katalymov, M.V., 1951:
Causes of decreased availability of boron to plants after liming of soil.

Striha, I.A., 1954:
Causes of deformation of wooden details and methods of reducing it.

Linnik, G.N., 1955:
Causes of degeneration in the potato.

Iljina, A.I., 1954:
Causes of dehiscent seed in Lallemantia iberica var. typica (Ster.) F. et M.

Ryan, O., 1950:
Causes of dental caries

Oliger, I.M., 1950:
Causes of destrobilization in cestodes of Tetraonidac.

Schmitz, G., 1954 :
Causes of deterioration in Cotton seeds

Sargos, R., 1947:
Causes of deterioration of Pine timber and need for regulation of fellings.

Winge, o.; Roberts, C., 1954:
Causes of deviations from 2 : 2 segregations in the tetrads of monohybrid yeasts

Veenbaas, A., 1954:
Causes of differences in. eating quality between potatoes from clay and sandy soiIs.

Vazhenin, I.G., 1950:
Causes of differing effectiveness of kinds of potassium fertilizers on light sod-podzolic soils

Kiermeier, F.; Rickerl, E., 1955:
Causes of discolouration of steamed potatoes. 1. Effect of phenolic substances

Kiermeier, F.; Rickerl, E., 1955:
Causes of discolouration of steamed potatoes. 2. Effect of iron

Haise, H.R.; Kelley, O.J., 1950:
Causes of diurnal fluctuations of tensiometers

Valjda, Z., 1952:
Causes of epidemic dying of Elms

Segovia Garcia, F., 1954:
Causes of error in estimation of phosphatase. Technique of choice

Elert, R., 1949:
Causes of glycogen depletion during pregnancy. 1. Metabolism of creatine, carbohydrates and lactic acid

Elert, R., 1949:
Causes of glycogen depletion during pregnancy. 2. Metabolism of ketone bodies

Elert, R., 1949:
Causes of glycogen depletion during pregnancy. 3. The vegetative regulation of glycogen metabolism during pregnancy

Protsenko, A., 1955:
Causes of high butterfat content of buttermilk and their elimination.

Starkov, I.D., 1950:
Causes of infertility and its control in sables

Kramer, P.J.; Jackson, W.T., 1954:
Causes of Injury to Flooded Tobacco Plants

Kramer, P.J., 1951:
Causes Of Injury To Plants Resulting From Flooding Of The Soil

Henin, S.; L.B.rgne, E., 1953:
Causes of magnetic properties of certain soils.

Delver, P., 1951:
Causes of manganese deficiency in market-garden crops on peat soils.

Delver, P., 1951:
Causes of manganese-deficiency in market crops on peat soils

Brekke, T., 1947:
Causes of mortality in the herds at the State Pig Breeding Station 1932-44

Fountaine, E.R.; Payne, P.C.J., 1954:
Causes of non scouring in soil-working implements

D.Moulin, F., 1949:
Causes of non-specific pullorum reactions

Sjollema, P., 1953:
Causes of non-specific reactions to the tuberculin test in cattle

Bruk, B.L., 1949:
Causes of perishing of spring wheat plants under conditions prevailing in the Far East

Sommer, E., 1948:
Causes of piglet mortality in Bavaria

Zolkevic, V.N., 1955:
Causes of plant losses at low positive temperatures.

Depardon, L.; Buron, P., 1954:
Causes of poor development of crops grown on old vine soils

Schmehl, W.R.; Peech, M.; Bradfield, R., 1950:
Causes of poor growth of plants in acid soils and beneficial effects of liming : I. Evaluation of factors responsible for acid-soil injury

Balasubramanyam, G.; Sundararaj, D.D.niel, 1955:
Causes of poor viability in a few grass seeds

Nemati, E.; Saadat, A-R.; Hashemi, M.; Khoddami-Vishteh, H-R.; Moghani-Lankarani, M., 2007:
Causes of rehospitalization after renal transplantation; does age of recipient matter?

Ankudinov, A.M., 1950:
Causes of seedling mortality in forest nurseries and measures for controlling them.

Manolov, I., 1950:
Causes of shedding of buds, flowers and young fruits of cotton

Kuznecov, M.P., 1950:
Causes of sterility in Karakul sheep and methods for their elimination

Boyes, J.W.; Walker, G.W.R., 1954:
Causes of sterility in Triticum-Agropyron amphiploids

Keever, Catherine, 1950:
Causes of succession on old fields of the Piedmont, North Carolina

Kuznetsov, M.P., 1950:
Causes of temporary sterility of karakul sheep and possibilities of eliminating these causes

Schaeuffenberg, B., 1952:
Causes of the Resistance of Wireworms and Cockchafer Larvae to Fumigants and Carbon Dioxide

Cenni, B.; Frateschi, T.L., 1954:
Causes of the coagulation of goats' milk by heat.

Melnikova, N.I.; Strogonov, I.A.; Razmakhov, V.M.; Tsvetkova, Z.I.; Kharitonova, G.D.; Gabulayev, S.V.; Zlygareva, N.V., 2007:
Causes of the critical status of neonatal infants with developmental malformations at an intensive care unit

Alyamovskii, I., 1953:
Causes of the darkening of foil

Nikiforuk, K.S.; Sedaseva, G.J., 1950:
Causes of the dieback of Oak woods in the Bashkir A.S.S.R.

Paauw, F.Van Der., 1950:
Causes of the different effects of superphosphate and basic slag.

Tverskoi, D.L., E.Al., 1950:
Causes of the dying out of clover seedlings in the province of Moscow and measures for combating them.

Abramova, G.K., 1951:
Causes of the early disappearance of Trifolium ambiguum from the swards of sown meadows.

Saalbach, E., 1955:
Causes of the growthpromoting action of polyoxyanthraquinone on the shoot of oats

Jenny, Hans, 1950:
Causes of the high nitrogen and organic matter content of certain tropical forest soils

Vajda, Z., 1952:
Causes of the mass deterioration of Elms.

Korotkikh, A.V., 1955:
Causes of the regional distribution of equine infectious anaemia.

Krastev, K., 1954:
Causes of the resistance of wheat to Puccinia graminis tritici (Pers.) Erikss. Hann. and P. triticina Erikss.

Magee, W.T., 1951:
Causes of variation in 154-day weights among Poland China pigs from multiple crosses of inbred lines

Asker, A.A.; Ragab, M.T., 1953:
Causes of variation in birth weight of Egyptian cattle and buffaloes

Rennie, J.C., 1952:
Causes of variation in calving interval of Holstein-Friesian cows

Jafar, S.M.; Chapman, A.B.; Casida, L.E., 1950:
Causes of variation in length of gestation in dairy cattle

Curman, J., 1948:
Causes of variation in sale prizes of Swedish young bulls

Olenov, Yu. M., 1954:
Causes of variation in the fat content of milk from successive strippings

Kay, H.D., 1953:
Causes of variation in the quality of milk

Korkman, N., 1947:
Causes of variation in the size and weight of litters from sows

Horton, K.W., 1953:
Causes of variation in the stocking of Lodgepole Pine regeneration following fire. Project K-71

Ullrich, A., 1955:
Causes of variations in the fat content of cow's milk

Brown, B.A., E.Al., 1950:
Causes of very poor growth of crops on a formerly productive soil

Tremolieres, J., 1947:
Causes of, results of, and remedies for decalcification

Schmitz, G., 1954:
Causes oi deterioration of cotton seed

Komarova, O.S., 1949:
Causes that bring about the Diapause of the Grape-vine Leaf-roller (Polychrosis botrana Schiff.).

Bower, D.C., 1954:
Causes, consequences and problems of the floods of 1953

Kristensen, J.M., 1950:
Caustic soda the best cleaning agent for milking rubber

Foote, W.J.; Parsons, S.R., 1955:
Caustic treatment of Aspen groundwood

Anonymous, 1947:
Cavallius giant spinach

Baud, C., 1948:
Cavallius, a giant spinach

Tsoukala, E.; Rabeder, G., 2005:
Cave bears and Late Pleistocene associated faunal remains from Loutra Arideas (Pella,Macedonia, Greece) 15 years of research

Graening, G.O.; Slay, M., E.; Bitting, C., 2006:
Cave fauna of the Buffalo National River

Keizer, D.P.R., 1947:
Cave phenothiazinum

Shmuel, M.; Nodel-Berner, E.; Hyman, T.; Rouvinski, A.; Altschuler, Y., 2007:
Caveolin 2 regulates endocytosis and trafficking of the M1 muscarinic receptor in MDCK epithelial cells

Cassoni, P.; Senetta, R.; Castellano, I.; Ortolan, E.; Bosco, M.; Magnani, I.; Ducati, A., 2007:
Caveolin-1 expression is variably displayed in astroglial-derived tumors and absent in oligodendrogliomas: concrete premises for a new reliable diagnostic marker in gliomas

Chow, A.K.; Cena, J.; El-Yazbi, A.F.; Crawford, B.D.; Holt, A.; Cho, W.J.; Daniel, E.E.; Schulz, R., 2007:
Caveolin-1 inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-2 activity in the heart

Karam, J.A.; Lotan, Y.; Roehrborn, C.G.; Ashfaq, R.; Karakiewicz, P.I.; Shariat, S.F., 2007:
Caveolin-1 overexpression is associated with aggressive prostate cancer recurrence

Grande-García, A.; Echarri, A.; de Rooij, J.; Alderson, N.B.; Waterman-Storer, C.M.; Valdivielso, Jé.M.; del Pozo, M.A., 2007:
Caveolin-1 regulates cell polarization and directional migration through Src kinase and Rho GTPases

Kimura, S.; Tanaka, S.; Kusunoki, H.; Kitadai, Y.; Sumii, M.; Tazuma, S.; Yoshihara, M.; Haruma, K.; Chayama, K., 2007:
Cavernous hemangioma in the ascending colon treated by endoscopic mucosal resection

Mirzayan, M.Javad.; Capelle, H.Holger.; Stan, A.C.; Goetz, F.; Krauss, J.K., 2007:
Cavernous hemangioma of the cavernous sinus, skin, and retina: hemodynamic changes after treatment: case report

Levaditi, C., 1951:
Cavitation of the central nervous system tissues caused by Coxsackie virus

Peay, W.E.; Blood, H.L., 1952:
Cavities and thrips within tomato fruits

D.Willigen, A.H.A., 1947:
Cavities in industrial potatoes

Elting, J.P., 1951:
Cavitomic cotton

van der Sneppen, L.; Ariese, F.; Gooijer, C.; Ubachs, W., 2007:
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy for detection in liquid chromatography at UV wavelengths using standard cuvettes in a normal incidence geometry

Rigg, T., 1950:
Cawthron Institute

Anonymous, 1946:
Cawthron Institute, Nelson, New Zealand. Annual Report 1945-46

Anonymous, 1946:
Cawthron Institute, Nelson. Annual Report for the Year 1945-46

Rigg, T., 1951:
Cawthron Institute. Tomato investigations

Mendheim, H., 1955:
Cber Oxyum suis nebst einigen Bemerfcungen uber the Parasiten-fauna des Schwcines und die Frage der Wirtspezifitat

Tu, Q.; Zhang, J.; James, L.; Dickson, J.; Tang, J.; Yang, P.; Chen, J., 2007:
Cbfa1/Runx2-deficiency delays bone wound healing and locally delivered Cbfa1/Runx2 promotes bone repair in animal models

Yutuc, L.M., 1951:
Cbservations on Manson's tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium erinacei Rudolphi, 1819, in the Philippines

Wu, C-Liu.; Zhao, Y-Bing., 2007:
CdS quantum dots as fluorescence probes for the sensitive and selective detection of highly reactive HSe- ions in aqueous solution

Hirano, Y.; Sugimoto, K., 2007:
Cdc13 telomere capping decreases Mec1 association but does not affect Tel1 association with DNA ends

Hermand, D.; Nurse, P., 2007:
Cdc18 enforces long-term maintenance of the S phase checkpoint by anchoring the Rad3-Rad26 complex to chromatin

Cui, X-Shun.; Li, X-Yu.; Kim, N-Hyung., 2006:
Cdc42 is implicated in polarity during meiotic resumption and blastocyst formation in the mouse

Speck, C.; Stillman, B., 2007:
Cdc6 ATPase activity regulates ORC center dot Cdc6 stability and the selection of specific DNA sequences as origins of DNA replication

Huang, J-Yong.; Morley, G.; Li, D.; Whitaker, M., 2007:
Cdk1 phosphorylation sites on Cdc27 are required for correct chromosomal localisation and APC/C function in syncytial Drosophila embryos

Cheung, Z.H.; Chin, W.Hong.; Chen, Y.; Ng, Y.Pong.; Ip, N.Y., 2007:
Cdk5 is involved in BDNF-stimulated dendritic growth in hippocampal neurons

Fujimoto, T.; Anderson, K.; Jacobsen, S.E.W.; Nishikawa, S.I.; Nerlov, C., 2007:
Cdk6 blocks myeloid differentiation by interfering with Runx1 DNA binding and Runx1-C/EBP alpha interaction

Simitch, T.; Petrovitch, Z., 1954:
Ce qu'il advient avec des helminthes du Citellus citellus au cours du sommeil hibernal de ce rongeur

Lhoste, J., 1947:
Ce qu'il faut savoir des maladies des plantes cultiveos et de leurs ennemis. La pratique des soins a donner au potager, au verger, aux grandes cultures. TomeIA-D. TomeII E-Z

Daugherty, J.W.; Herrick, C.A., 1952:
Cecal coccidiosis and carbohydrate metabolism in chickens

Kuster, E., 1952:
Cecidological notes. IV-VII.

Jasper, D.E.; Cupps, P.T., 1950:
Cecostomy in the horse; a practical experimental procedure

Caceres, Pamela, 2006:
Cecropiaceae endemicas del Peru

Anonymous, 1949:

Anonymous, 1952:
Cedarboard - A new product from Cedar waste

Horne, J.E.M.; Wholey, J.W., 1955:
Cedrela mexicana: 1929 taungya plantations, Sapoba

Anonymous, 1953:
Cedro macho

Mooney, O.V., 1951:
Cedrus deodara at Glengarra

Franco, Joao D.Amaral, 1950:
Cedrus libanensis et Pseudotsuga menziesii

Acatay, A., 1951:
Cedrus libani and Alnus orientalis on the Bozdag range.

Jacks, H.; Cottier, W., 1949:
Ceeidomyid Midges on Meadow Foxtail and Cocksfoot in New Zealand

Mohkam, M.; Karimi, A.; Gharib, A.; Daneshmand, H.; Khatami, A.; Ghojevand, N.; Sharifian, M., 2007:
Ceftriaxone associated nephrolithiasis: a prospective study in 284 children

Rumbaugh, J.A.; Li, G.; Rothstein, J.; Nath, A., 2007:
Ceftriaxone protects against the neurotoxicity of human immunodeficiency virus proteins

Leon, Blanca, 2006:
Celastraceae endemicas del Peru

Sethi, G.; Seokahn, K.; Pandey, M., K.; Aggarwal, B., B., 2007:
Celastrol, a novel triterpene, potentiates TNF-induced apoptosis and suppresses invasion of tumor cells by inhibiting NF-kappa B-regulated gene products and TAK1-mediated NF-kappa B activation

Akesman, A., 1947:
Celebration of the Ultuna Branch Station after 50 years

Lu, S.; Archer, M.C., 2007:
Celecoxib decreases fatty acid synthase expression via down-regulation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase-1

Fukada, K.; Takahashi-Yanaga, F.; Sakoguchi-Okada, N.; Shiraishi, F.; Miwa, Y.; Morimoto, S.; Sasaguri, T., 2007:
Celecoxib induces apoptosis by inhibiting the expression of survivin in HeLa cells

Park, S.Yong.; Kim, T.Hoon.; Kim, H.Im.; Shin, Y.Kyoo.; Lee, C.Soo.; Park, M.; Song, J-Ho., 2007:
Celecoxib inhibits Na+ currents in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons

Sakoguchi-Okada, N.; Takahashi-Yanaga, F.; Fukada, K.; Shiraishi, F.; Taba, Y.; Miwa, Y.; Morimoto, S.; Iida, M.; Sasaguri, T., 2007:
Celecoxib inhibits the expression of survivin via the suppression of promoter activity in human colon cancer cells

Bock, J.M.; Menon, S.G.; Sinclair, L.L.; Bedford, N.S.; Goswami, P.C.; Domann, F.E.; Trask, D.K., 2007:
Celecoxib toxicity is cell cycle phase specific

Taylor, R.E.; Dillon Weston, W.A.R., 1948:
Celery blight . The need for clean celery

Anon., 1948:
Celery diseases

Underhill, J.P.; Lorenz, O.A.; Zobel, M.P., 1952:
Celery fertilizer trials

Purdue, C.E., 1948:
Celery from the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area marketed in Sydney. Need for efficient methods of handling

Townsend, G.R., 1947:
Celery mosaic in the Everglades

Purdue, C.E., 1948:
Celery production on the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. Investigational work at Leeton Experiment Farm

Kershaw, C.J., 1946:
Celery trials, 1945-46

Hills, L.D., 1952:
Celery-the 'neverwell' crop

Nakano, H.; Yamamura, T.; Yamaguchi, S.; Otsubo, T., 2007:
Celiac axis occlusion of a patient undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy after distal gastrectomy

Pradhan, M.; Manisha; Singh, R.; Dhingra, S., 2007:
Celiac disease as a rare cause of primary amenorrhea: a case report

Sánchez, J.C.; Cruz, J.Cesar.Sánchez.; Cabrera-Rode, E.; Rode, E.Cabrera.; Sorell, L.; Gómez, L.Sorell.; Galvan, J.A.; Cabrera, Jé.A.Galvan.; Hernandez, A.; Ortega, A.Hernandez.; Molina, G.; Mato, G.Molina.; Perich, P.A.; Amador, P.A.Perich.; Licea, M.E.; Puig, M.E.Licea.; Domínguez, E.; Alonso, E.Domínguez.; Díaz-Horta, O.; Díaz-Horta, O., 2007:
Celiac disease associated antibodies in persons with latent autoimmune diabetes of adult and type 2 diabetes

Rigamonti, A.; Magi, S.; Venturini, E.; Morandi, L.; Ciano, C.; Lauria, G., 2007:
Celiac disease presenting with motor neuropathy: effect of gluten free-diet

Andersen, D.H., 1947:
Celiac syndrome. 6. The relationship of celiac disease, starch intolerance and steatorrhea

Poljakov, A., 1954:
Celjabinsk State Breeding Experimental Station.

Soler, A.Peralta.; Burchette, J.L.; Bellet, J.S.; Olson, J.A., 2007:
Cell adhesion protein expression in melanocytic matricoma

Pehl, K.-H., 1952:
Cell analysis of the bone marrow in equine infectious anaemia

Martiniello-Wilks, R.; Rasko, J.E.J., 2007:
Cell and gene therapy in Australia

Bradley, Muriel V., 1954:
Cell and nuclear size in relation to polysomaty and the nuclear cycle

Russ, V.; Wagner, E., 2007:
Cell and tissue targeting of nucleic acids for cancer gene therapy

Nam, J.Hyun.; Ermonval, M.; Sharfstein, S.T., 2007:
Cell attachment to microcarriers affects growth, metabolic activity, and culture productivity in bioreactor culture

Bang, F.B., 1949:
Cell blockade in Newcastle disease of chickens and chicken embryos

Istvanic, S.; Fischer, A.H.; Banner, B.F.; Eaton, D.M.; Larkin, A.C.; Khan, A., 2007:
Cell blocks of breast FNAs frequently allow diagnosis of invasion or histological classification of proliferative changes

Bovim, A., 1949:
Cell content, catalase index and sediment of milk in mastitis

Kuboshima, Y.; Oshima, M.; Goto, T., 1953:
Cell contents in the milk artificially induced by hormone injections

Arizza, V.; Giaramita, F.Tiziana.; Parrinello, D.; Cammarata, M.; Parrinello, Nò., 2007:
Cell cooperation in coelomocyte cytotoxic activity of Paracentrotus lividus coelomocytes

Macleod, P.; Anderson, E.O.; Plastridge, W.N., 1954:
Cell counts of platform samples of herd milk

Abe, K-ichi.; Ikeda, M.; Dansako, H.; Naka, K.; Kato, N., 2007:
Cell culture-adaptive NS3 mutations required for the robust replication of genome-length hepatitis C virus RNA

Fyrberg, A.; Albertioni, F.; Lotfi, K., 2007:
Cell cycle effect on the activity of deoxynucleoside analogue metabolising enzymes

Padmanabhan, J.; Brown, K.; Shelanski, M.L., 2007:
Cell cycle inhibition and retinoblastoma protein overexpression prevent Purkinje cell death in organotypic slice cultures

Scassa, Mía.E.; Marazita, M.C.; Ceruti, J.M.; Carcagno, A.L.; Sirkin, P.F.; González-Cid, M.; Pignataro, O.P.; Cánepa, E.T., 2007:
Cell cycle inhibitor, p19INK4d, promotes cell survival and decreases chromosomal aberrations after genotoxic insult due to enhanced DNA repair

Jia, L.; Yuan, J.Q., 2007:
Cell cycle model for recombinant Pichia pastoris during glycerol fed-batch cultivation

Christensen, K.L.; Brennan, J.D.G.; Aldridge, C.S.; Ford, H.L., 2006:
Cell cycle regulation of the human Six1 homeoprotein is mediated by APC(Cdh1)

Bell, E.; Lunec, J.; Tweddle, D.A., 2007:
Cell cycle regulation targets of MYCN identified by gene expression microarrays

Lee, S.; Kim, S.; Sun, X.; Lee, J-Ho.; Cho, H., 2007:
Cell cycle-dependent mitochondrial biogenesis and dynamics in mammalian cells

Ding, D.; Jiang, H.; Wang, P.; Salvi, R., 2006:
Cell death after co-administration of cisplatin and ethacrynic acid

Piaggi, S.; Novelli, M.; Martino, L.; Masini, M.; Raggi, C.; Orcluolo, E.; Masiello, P.; Casini, A.; De-Tata, V., 2007:
Cell death and impairment of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion induced by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-beta-dioxin (TCDD) in the beta-cell line INS-1E

Clarke, M.; Bennett, M.; Littlewood, T., 2006:
Cell death in the cardiovascular system

Timmermans, K., R.; Veldhuis, M., J.W.; Brussaard, C., P.D., 2007:
Cell death in three marine diatom species in response to different irradiance levels, silicate, or iron concentrations

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Cement pots have a future

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Census of fur bearers in Denmark

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Central egg-laying competition at Glen.Twenty-first open competition and thirteenth test of the Registered Breeders' Association

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Central experimental field for manuring of fruit trees De Lange Ossekampen at Wageningen.

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Cerebrospinal fluid IgG profiles and oligoclonal bands in Chinese patients with multiple sclerosis

Brettschneider, J.; Widl, K.; Schattauer, D.; Ludolph, A.C.; Tumani, H., 2007:
Cerebrospinal fluid erythropoietin (EPO) in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Sorensen, D.K.; Kowalczyk, T.; Hentges, J.F., 1954:
Cerebrospinal fluid pressure of normal and vitamin A deficient swine as determined by a lumbar puncture method

Spiegel, A.Olf, M.; Baird, H.W.; Szekely, E.G.; Wycis, H.T., 1954:
Cerebrospinal fluid studies in infant children with cerebral palsy and other neurologic disorders

Terzi, M.; Birinci, A.; Cetinkaya, E.; Onar, M.K., 2007:
Cerebrospinal fluid total tau protein levels in patients with multiple sclerosis

Innes, J.R.M.; Shoho, C., 1953:
Cerebrospinal nemacodiasis. Focal encephalomyelomalacia of animals caused by nematodes (Setaria digitata) a disease which may occur in man

Anon., 1952:
Cerebrospinal nematodiasis

Mohiyuddeen, S., 1955:
Cerebrospinal nematodiasis among bovines in some Malnad tracts of Mysore State

Mochizuki, H.; Tomimura, T.; Oka, T., 1954:
Cerebrospinal nematodiasis as a provoking factor in Japanese B encephalitis: an experimental approach

Innes, J.R.M., 1952:
Cerebrospinal nematodiasis, a nervous disease caused by immature nematodes (Setaria digitata)

Nonveiller, G., 1951:
Ceresa bubalus on fruit trees in Yugoslavia

Lein, A.; Schwartz, N., 1951:
Ceric sulfatearsenious acid reaction in microdetermination of iodine

Forist, A.A.; Speck, J.C., Jr., 1955:
Ceriometric determination of sugars

Wilson, Irene M., 1954:
Ceriosporopsis halima Linder and Ceriosporopsis cambrensis sp. nov.: two marine Pyrenomycetes on wood

Aslamazov, E.G.; Akhvlediani, N.D.; Vinarov, A.Z.; Aliaev, I.G., 2007:
Cernilton in the treatment of prostatic adenoma and chronic prostatitis

Tsai, C.J.; Kim, S.A.; Chu, G., 2007:
Cernunnos/XLF promotes the ligation of mismatched and noncohesive DNA ends

Brenner, S., 1946:
Ceroid in the human ovary, with special reference to its mode of formation

Loaiza, J.-Camilo-Marcn-; Ccbspedes, C., L.; Beuerle, T.-; Theuring, C.-; Hartmann, T., 2007:
Ceroplastes albolineatus, the first scale insect shown to sequester pyrrolizidine alkaloids from its host-plant Pittocaulon praecox

Anonymous, 1952:
Cerro Azul National Experimental Station

Macintire, W.H.; Wlnterberg, S.H.; Clements, L.B., 1946:
Certain glassy and crystalline calcium silicate materials : their distinctive behavior and liming effectiveness as registered by plant response and soil pH

Coombs, W.F., 1946:
Certain aspects of Chir (Pinus longifolia) regeneration

Neitz, W.O., 1947:
Certain aspects of chemotherapy

Loughlin, E.H.; Mullin, W.G., 1955:
Certain aspects of deficiency diseases of the tropics and treatment of some related infections

Parkey, W., 1952:
Certain aspects of embryo culture and progeny evaluation in buffalo-grass

Krishna Rao, C., 1951:
Certain aspects of fertility in the cow

Reimer, A.; Schoch, H.K.; Newburgh, L.H., 1951:
Certain aspects of potassium metabolism

Diehl, R., 1952:
Certain aspects of resistance to cold in winter cereals

Speak, F.G., 1947:
Certain aspects of the action of radiation on living cells. Report of London Conference held May 13-14, 1946

Chinloy, T., 1954:
Certain aspects of the cane yield survey

Bazhenova, N.A., 1955:
Certain aspects of the epidemiology of Diphyllobothrium disease in the Leningrad region.

Kreutzer, W.A.; Bryant, L.R., 1946:
Certain aspects of the epiphytology and control of tomato fruit rot caused by Phytophthora capsici Leonian

Dutt, A.K., 1948:
Certain aspects of the mechanism of aggregate stability in water

Smith, P.K., 1949:
Certain aspects of the pharmacology of the salicylates

Staehelin, M.; Wurgler, W., 1947:
Certain cases of dwarfing in the vine

Gaucher, G., 1948:
Certain characteristics of calcareous crusts in-relation to their origin.

Shustova, E.N., 1955:
Certain characteristics of sugarbeet nutrition under conditions of long-term fertilizer application in a rotation.

Shilova, E.I.; Kondrat'eva, K.B., 1955:
Certain characteristics of the rhizospheres of clover and timothy.

Korshakov, P.N., 1954:
Certain characters of mare's milk

Chen, C.T.; Wei, C.T., 1954:
Certain chemical and physical characteristics of pineapple field soils and their effects on productivity ratings.

Catani, R.A.; Kupper, A., 1946:
Certain chemical characteristics of Sao Paulo soils and their analytical interpretation.

Weybrew, J.A.; Mann, T.J.Monroe, R.J., 1953:
Certain comparisons between flue cured varieties of N. tabacumand their hybrids with N. sylvestris

Milbrath, D.G., 1949:
Certain diseases of plants

Hoore, J.D.Fripiat, J., 1947:
Certain dispersion phenomena of colloids in Congo soils.

Watson, C.J.; Greenberg, A., 1949:
Certain effects of salt poor human albumin in cases of hepatic disease

Davidov, R.B.; Gul'ko, L.E., 1953:
Certain factors affecting ascorbic acid content of milk.

Mckinney, H.H., E.Al., 1953:
Certain factors affecting chlorophyll degeneration and pigmentations in oats and other grasses

Proebsting, E.L., 1953:
Certain factors affecting the concentration of N, P, K, Ca and Mg in pear leaves

Davidov, R.B.; Gul'ko, L.E., 1953:
Certain factors affecting the vitamin C content of milk

Reid, W.M.; Nice, S.J.; Mcintyre, R.C., 1949:
Certain factors which influence activation of the hexacanth embryo of the fowl tapeworm Raillietina cestidllus

Mcgugan, B.M., 1955:
Certain host-parasite relationships involving the Spruce budworn. (Contr. Div. For. Biol. Dep. Agric. Can. No. 200.)

Blattny, C.; Osvald, V., 1951:
Certain indications given by the form of the hop plant at various stages of its development

Gouere, A., 1949:
Certain losses of fertility due to wartime works.

Janes, R.G., 1953:
Certain metabolic effects of niacin and priscoline, H.; Simonnet, H., 1954:
Certain metabolic peculiarities of the ruminants. 3. The rumen as a regulating organ

Mader, D.L., 1954:
Certain microbiological characteristics of selected genetic types of forest humus

Vershinin, P.V., 1948:
Certain natural laws of importance in soil cultivation.

Foster, A.O., 1953:
Certain net effects of the free-choice administration of phenothiazine to sheep

Pratt, C.D., 1952:
Certain partial ester emulsifier levels in food

Halley, R.J., 1955:
Certain pasture variations and their effect upon the dairy cow

Barrons, K.C., E.Al., 1948:
Certain phenolic compounds for residual pre-emergence weed control in horticultural crops

Alekseichik, N.A., 1954:
Certain physical and mechanical properties of long-cultivated fen-peat soils.

Rao, S.N., 1954:
Certain physiological and morphological responses in potatoes and onions induced by maleic hydrazide

Subbiah, M.S., 1950:
Certain preliminary studies in the control of cardamom thrips

Grinberg, G.D., 1955:
Certain problems of statistics on helminthiasis

Smith, R.H., 1953:
Certain properties of latex phospholipin and their variation with latex age and preparation conditions

Boudru, M., 1947 :
Certain properties of mature leaves and needles of our forest trees in relation to their power as soil improvers.

Tanada, T., 1951:
Certain properties of the inorganic colloidal fractions of Hawaiian soils

Kovaleva, E.L., 1953:
Certain results of laboratory and field experiments on the problem of the acidification of soils of the Lenkoran region.

Parshin, A.N.; Goryukhina, T.A., 1950:
Certain stages of the enzymic decomposition of l-histidine in the organism of normal and cancerous animals

Cordy, D.R.; Gorham, J.R., 1951:
Certain sulfonamides and antibiotics in the treatment of experimental salmon poisoning in dogs

Mckay, J.W., 1949:
Certain techniques used in breeding work with nut trees

Bentley, O.G.; Quicke, G.V.; Kastelic, J.; Phillips, P.H., 1951:
Certain trace elements in the feeds, organs, and tissues of a selected group of repeat breeding cows in Northeastern Wis-consin

Schmitz, A., 1947:
Certain types of forest damage initiated by the natives of the upper Katanga.

Fricke, E.F.; Woodforde, A.H., 1946:
Certification of Phalaris tuberosa seed

Evans, G., 1953:
Certification of herbage seed crops

Grull, H., 1954:
Certification of stands and plus tree selection, an essential basis of systematic forest tree breeding

Erkelens, M.A., 1946:
Certification of strawberry plants

Cunningham, G.H., 1953:
Certification of therapeutants

Glover, F., 1949:
Certification schemes for growing plants

Claridge, J.H., 1947:
Certified Government stock seeds. Making pedigree strains rapidly available

Turner, B., 1952:
Certified grass seed production in Tasmania

Thieulin, G., 1950:
Certified pasteurized milk; hygienic milk : 2. Quality requirements and enforcement

Anonymous, 1946:
Certified vegetable seed

Healy, J.; Tipton, K., 2007:
Ceruloplasmin and what it might do

Chang, Y.Zhong.; Qian, Z.Ming.; Du, J.Rong.; Zhu, L.; Xu, Y.; Li, L-Zhi.; Wang, C-Yuen.; Wang, Q.; Ge, X.Hu.; Ho, K.Ping.; Niu, L.; Ke, Y., 2007:
Ceruloplasmin expression and its role in iron transport in C6 cells

Klinefelter, H.F.; Humphries, W.C., 1947:
Cervical actinomycosis with embedded foreign body and without sinus formation

Ayre, J.E., 1947:
Cervical cancer : a disordered growth response to inflammation in the presence of estrogen excess and nutritional deficiency

Blumenthal, P.D.; Gaffikin, L.; Deganus, S.; Lewis, R.; Emerson, M.; Adadevoh, S., 2007:
Cervical cancer prevention: safety, acceptability, and feasibility of a single-visit approach in Accra, Ghana

Guo-Shi-Ping; Zhang-Hong-Guang; Ma-Yan-Yan; Wang-Chun-Li, 2007:
Cervical esophagogastrostomy with circular mechanical stapler in the treatment of esophageal carcinoma - report of 346 cases

Herrick, J.B., 1949:
Cervical fixation as a preferred insemination teclinic

Vetrano, G.; Lombardi, G.;, G.; Parisi, A.; Scardamaglia, P.; Pate, G.; Verrico, M.; Corosu, R., 2007:
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: risk factors for persistence and recurrence in adolescents

Parikh, R.; Brotzman, S.; Anasti, J.N., 2007:
Cervical lacerations: some surprising facts

Facchinetti, F.; Paganelli, S.; Comitini, G.; Dante, G.; Volpe, A., 2007:
Cervical length changes during preterm cervical ripening: effects of 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate

Pommerenke, W.T.; Viergiver, E., 1946:
Cervical mucus and the menstrual cycle

Al-Khayat, H.; Al-Khayat, H.; Al-Baker, O.; Groof, A'.; Sadeq, A.; Hayati, H.; Zarka, Z.A., 2007:
Cervical radiculopathy secondary to Hodgkin's lymphoma

Lark, S.D.; McCarthy, P.W., 2007 :
Cervical range of motion and proprioception in rugby players versus non-rugby players

Morris, B.J.; Rose, B.R., 2007:
Cervical screening in the 21st century: the case for human papillomavirus testing of self-collected specimens

Roh, J-Lyel.; Yoon, Y-Hoon.; Kim, S.Yoon.; Park, C.Il., 2006:
Cervical sensory preservation during neck dissection

Turkstra, T., P.; Pelz, D., M.; Shaikh, A.A.lison; Craen, R., A., 2007:
Cervical spine motion: a fluoroscopic comparison of Shikani Optical Stylet (R) vs Macintosh laryngoscope

Stalberg, P.; Grodski, S.; Sidhu, S.; Sywak, M.; Delbridge, L., 2007:
Cervical thymectomy for intrathymic parathyroid adenomas during minimally invasive parathyroidectomy

Scanlon, G.C.; Moeller-Bertram, T.; Romanowsky, S.M.; Wallace, M.S., 2007:
Cervical transforaminal epidural steroid injections: more dangerous than we think?

Satti, S.R.; Cerniglia, C.A.; Koenigsberg, R.A., 2007:
Cervical vertebral artery variations: an anatomic study

Dechaume, M.; Carlier, G.; Goudaert, M.; Beerens, H., 1955:
Cervico facial actinomycosis and its problems. Clinical aspect. Bacteriological aspect

Schneider, G., 1952:
Cervico facial actinomycosis in the light of diagnostic considerations

Dechaume, M.; Carlier, G.; Goudaert, M.; Beerens, H., 1955:
Cervico facial actinomycosis, disease and syndrome

Cernea, P.; Garlopeau, F.; Marie, M., 1955:
Cervico facial actinomycosis. Considerations on the evolution of the pterygo-maxillary forms

Lorenz., 1952:
Cervico facial actinomycotic mixed infection-a'stomatogenic infection

Brannin, D.E., 1954:
Cervico-facial actinomycosis

Tello, B.E.; Cancio, C., 1950:
Cervico-facial actinomycosis and sulphones

Glahn, M., 1950:
Cervico-facial actinomycosis-typical and non-typical

Glahn, M., 1954:
Cervico-facial aetinomycosis-etiology and diagnosis. The pathogenesis of cervico-facial aetinomycosis

Perlstein, W.H., 1953:
Cervicofacial actinomycosis. Report of case

Brodauf, H., 1952:
Cervix anomalies as an indicant for artificial insemination of mares

Heim, E., 1952:
Cervix anomalies contraindicate artificial insemination of mares

O'Rourke, N.; McElrath, T.; Baum, R.; Camann, W.; Tuomala, R.; Stuebe, A.; Kodali, B.Shankar., 2007:
Cesarean delivery in the interventional radiology suite: a novel approach to obstetric hemostasis

Newberne, P.M.; Hayes, F.A., 1954 :
Cesarean section in the South American chinchilla

Buchbinder, L.; Zaretsky, P., 1951:
Cessation of bacterial motility as a rapid test for germicidal action

Stengel, P.W.; Nickell, L.E.; Wolos, J.A.; Snyder, D.W., 2007:
Cessation of dexamethasone exacerbates airway responses to methacholine in asthmatic mice

Dombroski, E., 1955:
Cestode and nematode infection of sockeye smolts from Babine Lake, British Columbia

Singh, K.S., 1952:
Cestode parasites of birds

Joyeux, C.; Baer, J.G., 1955:
Cestodes d'oiseaux recoltes dans le centre de la France

Baer, J.G., 1955:
Cestodes d'un dauphin de l'Ocean Pacifique

Diaz Ungria, C., 1955:
Cestodes de Venezuela, I.-Especies senaladas hasta la fecha

Joyeux, C.; Baer, J.G., 1954:
Cestodes et acanthocephales recoltes par M. Patrice Paulian aux lies Kerguelen et Amsterdam, 1951-1952

Baer, J.G.; Fain, A., 1951:
Cestodes nouveaux du Congo Belge

Young, R.T., 1950:
Cestodes of California gulls

Dubinina, M.N., 1953:
Cestodes of birds nesting in western Siberia.

Young, R.T., 1954:
Cestodes of sharks and rays in southern California

Markowski, S., 1955:
Cestodes of whales and dolphins from the Discovery collections

Tarazona Vilas, J.M., 1955:
Cestodes parasitos de vertebrados en la provincia de Huesca

Euzet, L., 1953:
Cestodes tetraphyllides nouveaux ou peu coonus de Dasybatis pastinaca (L.)

Szidat, L.; Soria, M.F., 1954:
Cestodes y sus larvas nuevos parasitos de Leptodactylus ocellatus (L.) (Amphibia, Leptodactylidae) de la Republica Argentina

Petrov, A.M.; Spasski, A.A., 1954:
Cestodes-Mesocestoides of domestic and wild animals.

Giuliani, V., 1955:
Cestodi e nematodi delle volpi nella Provincia di Aquila

Newberne, P.M.; Burnett, S.E., 1951:
Cestodiasis in the chinchilla

Flores-Barroeta, L., 1953:
Cestodos de vertebrados. I

Flores-Barroeta, L., 1955:
Cestodos de vertebrados. III

D.Franco, E., 1952:
Cestrum Parqui, a plant poisonous to animals in Italy

Marino, L., 2007:
Cetacean brains: how aquatic are they?

Perret, J.E., 1946:
Cetonides and citrus fruit in the Marrakech orchards

Allport, N.L., 1952:
Cetrimide and benzalkonium chloride. Observations on relative bactericidal potency

Holmer, A.F., 2004:
Cetuximab in colon cancer

Quisno, R.; Foter, M.J., 1946:
Cetyl pyri-dinium chloride. I. Germieidal properties

Borg, A., 1953:
Ceuthorrhynchus syrites, new as a Pest in Sweden

Savary, A., 1947:
Ceutorrhyn-chus spp. on cabbages

Anonymous, 1947:
Ceylon plywood-timbers used in its manufacture

Anonymous, 1953:
Ceylon: administration report of the Director of Agriculture for 1952

Anonymous, 1954:
Ceylon: administration report of the Director of Agriculture for 1953

Anonymous, 1955:
Ceylon: administration report of the Director of Agriculture for 1954

Yamaguti, S., 1953:
Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium (Fischoeder, 1904) Nasmark, 1937 (Trematoda : Paramphistomidae) from Japanese goat

Sogns, E.R., 1953:
Chaboissaea ligulata Fourn.: a Mexican grass

Paulsen, E.F.; E.A., 1946:
Chaco cotton soils: Fertility

Ramakrishnan, T.S.; Ramakrishnan, K., 1949:
Chaconia tectonae Ramakrishnan T. S. & K. sp. nov. on Teak

Ramakrishnan, T.S.; Ramakrishnan, K., 1949:
Chaconia tectonae Ramakrishnan T. S. and K. sp. nov. on Teak

Sokolova, O.V., 1952:
Chaenomeles Maulei C. K. Schn.

Basu, S.N., 1952:
Chaetomium brasiliensis Batista & Pontual; nutritional requirements for growth and fruiting

Habib, Iqbal, 2007:
Chaetophorales of Sitapur, UP State, India

Quiros Calvos, M., 1950:
Chaetoseptoria wellmanii Stev., a disease of legumes

Lototzkii, B.V., 1949:
Chaetotaxy of the Larvae of Ticks of the Genus Dermacentor of the Fauna of Tadzhikistan.

Anonymous, 1946:
Chafer beetles

Blanco, J.L.; Oliveira, A.J.D., 1950:
Chain crossing. Emergency production of hybrid maize seed

Timell, T.E., 1955:
Chain length and chain length distribution of native White Spruce cellulose

Heuser, E.; Jorgensen, L., 1951:
Chain length and chain-length distribution of wood cellulose as compared with cotton

Cohen, W.E., 1951:
Chain length distribution studies on nitrated wood and cotton cellulose

Mitchell, R.I., 1946:
Chain length measurements on nitrated cellulosic constituents of wood

Haylock, A.H., 1946:
Chain mortising

Cirkov, N., 1950:
Chain of errors by Professor N. Akulov

Chardin, A., 1955:
Chain saws for rip-sawing.

Hyler, J.E., 1951:
Chain saws grow in popularity

Anon., 1950:
Chain saws-practical orchard tools

Reid, H.E., 1955:
Chain usage in sugar cane harvesting

Curran, J.R., 1953:
Chain-foot converter

Anonymous, 1954:
Chains and wheels for single bottle width slat conveyors

Veldtrust., 1950:
Chaka's herds unleashed the running sands

Baker, Kenneth F., 1953:
Chalaropsis root rot of rose

Ferrire, C., 1951:
Chalcidiens orientaux introduits en Egypte (Hymenoptera)

Freitas, J.F.Teixeira De, 1947:
Chalcinotrema salobrensis n.g., n.sp. (Trematoda, Waretrematidae)

Jaramillo-Meza, L.; Aguilar-Romero, F.; Suarez-Guemes, F.; Trigo-Tavera, F., 2007:
Challenge exposure of sheep immunized with live vaccine and culture supernatant of Mannheimia haemolytica A1: Effects of revaccination

Malhotra, K.K., 2007:
Challenge of tuberculosis in renal transplantation

Caceres, Carlos, F., 2007:
Challenges and processes of selecting outcome measures for the NIMH Collaborative HIV/STD Prevention Trial - NIMH Collaborative HIV/STD Prevention Trial Group

Longo, R.; Gasparini, G., 2007:
Challenges for patient selection with VEGF inhibitors

Belman, A.L.; Chitnis, T.; Renoux, C.; Waubant, E., 2007:
Challenges in the classification of pediatric multiple sclerosis and future directions

Anonymous, 1946:
Chamaenerium angustifolium (L.) Scop, and its utilization in the north

Anonymous, 1954:
Chamau. Animal Breeding Teaching and Experimental Farm of the Federal Technical College of Zurich, Unterhiinenberg, Kt. Zug

Hamilton, A.P.F., 1947:
Chambal ravines reclamation scheme

Anonymous, 1952:
Chamber of Agriculture of Mauritius. Report of the President on the financial year 1951-52

Anonymous, 1947:
Chamber of Agriculture of Mauritius. The president's report on the year 1946-47

Harel, P.N.A., 1949:
Chamber of Agriculture. Report of the President for the year 1948-49

Cameron, R.A.D.; Da-Cunha, R.M.T.; Martins, A.M.Frias, 2007:
Chance and necessity: Land-snail faunas of Sao Miguel, Azores, compared with those of Madeira

Lush, J.L., 1946:
Chance as a cause of changes in gene frequency within pure breeds of livestock

Anon., 1950:
Chance for new fruit growers ?

Maldonado, F.D.; Santos, J.R.; Graca, P.M.L., 2007:
Change detection technique based on the radiometric rotation controlled by no-change axis, applied on a semi-arid landscape

Anonymous, 1950:
Change in TOTA Procedure

Purr, A., 1951:
Change in acidity during the debittering of soya beans

de Meer, G.; Heederik, D.; Wouters, I.M., 2007:
Change in airway responsiveness over a workweek in organic waste loaders

Pohler, H., 1950:
Change in ascorbic acid excretion during body work. Exhaustion reaction of Donaggio

Cheng-Xianfu; Shi-Xuezheng; Yu-Dongsheng; Wang-Hongjie, 2007:
Change in carbon sequestration potential of cropland soil for 20 years in Xingguo County of Jiangxi, China

Budyko, M.I.; Pogosjan, H.P., 1954:
Change in climate of the air near the ground, caused by the improvement of drought regions.

Harte, C., 1949:
Change in dominance in Oenothera as a genetic and as an ontogenetic problem

Lee, J.-Koo; Chung, O.-Sik; Lee, W.-Shin; Park, J.-Young; Kang, S.-Ho; Ha, G.-Ho; Park, C.-Gwon, 2007:
Change in egg size and clutch size of varied tit (Parus varius) with elevation in Mt. Jirisan

Pjavcenko, N.I., 1953:
Change in forest composition during the Holocene in the south of the Vladai Hills.

Wang-Li-Sha; Hu-Hong-Ying; Ta-Chun-Hong; Tian-Jie; Wang-Chao; Fujie, K., 2007:
Change in genotoxicity of wastewater during chlorine dioxide and chlorine disinfections and the influence of ammonia nitrogen

Tu-Zhen-Li; Shi-Mei-Xing; Kobayashi-Yasuhiko, 2007:
Change in hemolymph proteins of silkworm after hemopoietic organs being damaged

Hopfengart, M., 1953:
Change in mildew susceptibility of spring-sown barley with different mineral-salt nutrition.

Roy, S.C.; Bhatnagar, D.P., 1948:
Change in nitrogen content of milk on souring

Petrovskaja, T.P., 1954:
Change in nucleic acid content in blossom buds during dormancy.

Tanner, J.L.; Reinherz, H.Z.; Beardslee, W.R.; Fitzmaurice, G.M.; Leis, J.A.; Berger, S.R., 2007:
Change in prevalence of psychiatric disorders from ages 21 to 30 in a community sample

Kruzilin, A.S.; Belik, V.F., 1951:
Change in protein metabolism of plants during vegetative hybridization.

Mosolova, L.V., 1949:
Change in soil structure in the various parts of a slope in relation to degree of erosion.

Hoffmann, C.; Aktories, K.; Schmidt, G., 2007:
Change in substrate specificity of cytotoxic necrotizing factor unmasks proteasome-independent down-regulation of constitutively active RhoA

Ado, Yu. V., 1946:
Change in the acidity of media under the influence of fungal mycelia.

Magaeva, A.D., 1951:
Change in the botanical composition of the sward of the natural meadows on the Oka floodlands by nitrogenous fertilizers

Godgluck, G.; Ulbrich, F.; Wellman, G., 1954:
Change in the classification of establishedlaboratory strains of brucella

Matney, T.S.; Chang, M.C.; Loefer, J.B., 1951:
Change in the concentration of reducing sugar in bovine fetal fluids during gestation

Balchikova, N.P., 1948:
Change in the content and composition of organic matter of a typical serozem by continued application of manure and mineral fertilizers.

Bengoa, J.M.; Fernandez, J.; Rojas, V., 1954:
Change in the cost of food in Caracas in the last twenty years

Sadkovskaya, O.D., 1953:
Change in the leucocyte blood formula of the common gudgeon during Ligula infection.

Kozharin, K., 1952:
Change in the method of Vologod butter manufacture

Suchalkina, M.I., 1950:
Change in the organic matter of the ordinary chernozem with ley farming in the Stony Steppe.

Vasiljeva, N.G., 1953:
Change in the permeability of protoplasm in the cells of leaves in spring wheat under irrigation.

Mitrofanova, N.S., 1953:
Change in the steppe soil microflora under the influence of tree plantations.

Kylebjaev, V.G., 1951:
Change in the structure of the flower in the genus Gossypium as a result of vegetative hybridization.

Lositski, K.B., 1947:
Change in the taper of Oak trees as a result of thinnings.

Klincov, A.P., 1955:
Change in the temperature of tree stems under the influence of tending operations.

Andreenko, G.V.; Kudryashov, B.A., 1955:
Change in the thromboplastic activity of the blood on introduction of vitamin B12 into the animal organism

Martikainen, P.; Blomgren, J.; Valkonen, T., 2007:
Change in the total and independent effects of education and occupational social class on mortality: analyses of all Finnish men and women in the period 1971-2000

Kriegbaum, H., 1955:
Change in yield of crop plants by sprinkler-irrigation at different tunes, with special reference to yields of winter wheat

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