Comparative studies on holotrichous ciliates in the Colpidium-Glaucoma-Leucophrys-Tetrahymena group. II. Morphology, life cycles and systematic status of strains in pure culture

Corliss, J.O.

Parasitology 43(1-2): 49-87


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-1820
PMID: 13046891
Accession: 013666584

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Twenty-six axenic strains of holotrichous ciliates were investigated by silver-nitrate impregnation. The only valid genus present was considered to be Tetrahymena and to it were attached four species: - T. pyriformis, T. vorax, T. patula and T. faurei. C. described the life-cycles and discussed the problem of amicronuclear strains. Other material revealed the presence of the genera Colpidium and Glaucoma.