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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13715

Chapter 13715 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kemper, H.E.; Cobbett, N.G.; Peterson, H.O., 1953:
Fluctuation of the ked population on sheep following shearing

Dymond, J.R., 1947:
Fluctuations in animal populations with special reference to those of Canada

Harris, Robert, W., 1954:
Fluctuations in forage utilization on ponderosa pine ranges in eastern Oregon

Richmond, N.D., 1952:
Fluctuations in gray fox population in Pennsylvania and their relationship to precipitation

Herman, C.M.; Wehr, B.E., 1954:
Fluctuations in intensity of Anndostomum infection in a wintering population of Canada geese

Schwenke, W., 1952:
Fluctuations in populations of B. piniarius and S. liturata on a comparative biocoenotic basis.

Thalenhorst, W., 1953:
Fluctuations in populations of Pine sawflies.

Baumgartner, A., 1950:
Fluctuations in precipitation and drought danger with reference to silviculture.

Hull, H.M.; Went, F.W.; Yamada, N., 1954:
Fluctuations in Sensitivity of the Avena Test Due to Air Pollutants

Pacheco, M., F., 1951:
Fluctuations in the Populations of Insects that attacked Maize and Beans in Progreso in 1949-50

Edgerton, L.J., 1954:
Fluctuations in the cold hardiness of peach flower buds during rest period and dormancy

Ruge, U., 1955:
Fluctuations in the germination of horticultural plants within the annual cycle

Sreter, F.; Bodo, L., 1955:
Fluctuations in the protein content of milk of Hungarian Red Spotted cows.

Hahn, P., 1954:
Fluctuations in the yield of celeriac varieties and some of their causes

Langlois, M.; Richard, M.; Iasello, E., 1954:
Fluctuations in weight of the normal newborn infant in the first days of life

Danforth, D.N.; Boyer, P.K.; Graff, S., 2018:
Fluctuations in weight, hematocrit and plasma protein with the menstrual cycle

Kimura, M., 1952:
Fluctuations of adaptive values and the frequency distribution of heterotic genes in natural populations

Lavender, A.P.; Nosaka, K., 2007:
Fluctuations of isometric force after eccentric exercise of the elbow flexors of young, middle-aged, and old men

Schlegel, J.U., 1949:
Fluctuations of serum choline in women

Roubaud, E., 1953:
Fluctuations spontanees dans la dispersion des culicides, observees dans la Vendee cotiere depuis I'occupation allemande. Interpretation du probleme

Pasqualotto, A.C.; Howard, S.J.; Moore, C.B.; Denning, D.W., 2007:
Flucytosine therapeutic monitoring: 15 years experience from the UK

Nishioka, C.; Ikezoe, T.; Yang, J.; Koeffler, H.P.; Taguchi, H., 2007:
Fludarabine induces apoptosis of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1-infected T cells via inhibition of the nuclear factor-kappa B signal pathway

Styczynski, J.; Toporski, J.; Wysocki, M.; Debski, R.; Chybicka, A.; Boruczkowski, D.; Wachowiak, J.; Wojcik, B.; Kowalczyk, J.; Gil, L.; Balwierz, W.; Matysiak, M.; Krawczuk-Rybak, M.; Balcerska, A.; Sonta-Jakimczyk, D., 2007:
Fludarabine, treosulfan and etoposide sensitivity and the outcome of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in childhood acute myeloid leukemia

Ritchie, R.M.; Jr., E.A., 1953:
Flue cured tobacco barn construction

Middelburg, H.A., 1948:
Flue curing of tobacco

Anon., 1951:
Flue-cured tobacco (Kasungu)

Parker, F.W., 1952:
Flue-cured tobacco fertilizers of the future

Henderson, R.G., 1950:
Flue-cured tobacco resistant to mosaic and root rot

Askew, H.O.; Blick, R.T.J.; Watson, J., 1947:
Flue-cured tobacco. IV. Effect of position on the plant on chemical composition of tobacco leaf

Darkis, F.R., E.Al., 1952:
Flue-cured tobacco; chemical composition of rib and blade tissue

Williams, S.W., 1949:
Fluid Milk in Alabama. A survey of the production, sales and supplementary supplies of fluid milk in Alabama in 1947

Bull, J.P.; England, N.W., 1954:
Fluid and electrolyte exchange in patients with burns

Anon., 1950:
Fluid balance

Throckmorton, A.L.; Untaroiu, A.; Lim, D.Scott.; Wood, H.G.; Allaire, P.E., 2007:
Fluid force predictions and experimental measurements for a magnetically levitated pediatric ventricular assist device

Anonymous, 1950:
Fluid milk cans

Homme, H.A., 1952:
Fluid milk or cream for Iowa creameries?

Holliday, M.A.; Ray, P.E.; Friedman, A.L., 2006:
Fluid therapy for children: facts, fashions and questions

Reynolds, M., 1950:
Fluid therapy for the dehydrated animal

Darrow, D.C.; Pratt, E.L., 1950:
Fluid therapy; relation to tissue composition and the expenditure of water and electrolyte

Clock, R.O., 1947:
Fluid thioglycollate medium; its use for testing the sterility of surgical catgut sutures

Aikawa, J.K., 1950:
Fluid volumes and electrolyte concentrations in normal rabbits

Iampietro, P.F., 1955:
Fluid, sucrose and electrolyte distributions after intraperitoneal injections of sucrose solution in the rat

Fethers, G., 1951:
Fluke control and black disease

Green, R.J., 1947:
Fluke infestation in sheep

Raffa, R.B.; Cavallo, F.; Capasso, A., 2007:
Flumazenil-sensitive dose-related physical dependence in planarians produced by two benzodiazepine and one non-benzodiazepine benzodiazepine-receptor agonists

Politzer, W., 1949:
Flume tow recovery and sisal by-products

Fujita, A.; Aoyama, M., 1951:
Fluoiometric determination of vitamin A

Chapman, C.; Phillips, M.A., 1955:
Fluoracetamide as a rodenticide

Staskiewicz, G., 1955:
Fluorek sodowy jako arodek do zwalczania glismicy swin

Andrianova, V.N.; Matussis, I.I.; Naumova, A.I., 1952:
Fluorescein test of capillary permeability and relation of its dynamics to organic vitamin C

Simonson, H.D.; Tarassuk, N.P., 1952:
Fluorescence and associated changes produced upon storage of evaporated milk

Van Der Veen, R., 1951:
Fluorescence and induction phenomena in photosynthesis

Nielsen, J.P.; Benedict, H.M.; Holloman, A.J., 1954:
Fluorescence as a Means of Identifying Smog Markings on Plants

Chowdhury, P.; Wang, W.; Lavender, S.; Bunagan, M.R.; Klemke, J.W.; Tang, J.; Saven, J.G.; Cooperman, B.S.; Gai, F., 2007:
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopic study of serpin depolymerization by computationally designed peptides

Breusegem, S.Y.; Levi, M.; Barry, N.P., 2006:
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy

von der Hocht, I.; Enderlein, Jörg., 2007:
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in cells: confinement and excluded volume effects

Frade, V., H.J.; Barros, S., A.; Moura, J., C.V.P.; Goncalves, M.S.meiro, T., 2007:
Fluorescence derivatisation of amino acids in short and long-wavelengths

Cristini, G., 1947:
Fluorescence in the normal and cataractous lens and flavins

Spurr, A.R., 1952:
Fluorescence in ultraviolet light in the study of boron deficiency in celery

Togashi, D.M.; Ryder, A.G., 2007 :
Fluorescence lifetime imaging study of a thin protein layer on solid surfaces

Strugger, S., 1948:
Fluorescence microscope examination of bacteria in soil

Strugger, S., 1948:
Fluorescence microscope examination of trypanosomes in the blood

Pertaya, N.; Marshall, C.B.; DiPrinzio, C.L.; Wilen, L.; Thomson, E.S.; Wettlaufer, J.S.; Davies, P.L.; Braslavsky, I., 2007:
Fluorescence microscopy evidence for quasi-permanent attachment of antifreeze proteins to ice surfaces

King, N., 1955:
Fluorescence microscopy of fat in milk and milk powder

Patzelt, K., 1947:
Fluorescence microscopy studies of the content of luminous substance X (vitamin A) in the liver and adrenal glands in cases of jaundice, diabetes mellitus and uraemia

Robinson, H.M.; Figg, F.H.J.; Bereston, E.S., 1953:
Fluorescence of Microsporum audouini infected hair

Weber, G., 1950:
Fluorescence of riboflavin and flavin-adenine dinucleotide

Boni, P., 1950:
Fluorescence of riboflavin and its irradiation products

Sampedro, Jé.G.; Ruiz-Granados, Y.G.; Nájera, H.; Téllez-Valencia, A.; Uribe, S., 2007:
Fluorescence quenching by nucleotides of the plasma membrane H+-ATPase from Kluyveromyces lactis

Sengupta, P.; Holowka, D.; Baird, B., 2007 :
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer between lipid probes detects nanoscopic heterogeneity in the plasma membrane of live cells

Liou, Y-Ming.; Chao, H-Lu., 2007:
Fluorescence spectroscopic analysis of the proximity changes between the central helix of troponin C and the C-terminus of troponin T from chicken skeletal muscle

Dtlerma, B.; Colarusso, A.; Bom, P., 1950:
Fluorescence spectrum of folic acid and of other pteridines in aqueous solution

Ioffe, V.M.; Gorbenko, G.P.; Deligeorgiev, T.; Gadjev, N.; Vasilev, A., 2007:
Fluorescence study of protein-lipid complexes with a new symmetric squarylium probe

Radice, J.C., 1950:
Fluorescence, macrosopic and microscopic

Vadakkadathmeethal, K.; Cunliffe, J.M.; Swift, J.; Kennedy, R.T.; Neubig, R.R.; Sunahara, R.K., 2007:
Fluorescence-based adenylyl cyclase assay adaptable to high throughput screening

Müller, R.; Gröger, G.; Hiller, K-Anton.; Schmalz, G.; Ruhl, S., 2007:
Fluorescence-based bacterial overlay method for simultaneous in situ quantification of surface-attached bacteria

De Cian, A.; Guittat, L.; Kaiser, M.; Saccà, B.; Amrane, S.; Bourdoncle, A.; Alberti, P.; Teulade-Fichou, M-Paule.; Lacroix, L.; Mergny, J-Louis., 2007:
Fluorescence-based melting assays for studying quadruplex ligands

Strugger, S., 1947:
Fluorescence-microscope used for diagnosis of trypanosomes in the Wood

Gorniak, Eliza, 2006:
Fluorescencja szkliwa przed i po wytrawieniu szkliwa w badaniach in vivo i in vitro

Botelho, G., R.; Mendonca-Hagler, L.-Cristina, 2006:
Fluorescent Pseudomonads associated with the rhizosphere of crops - An overview

Coons, A.H., 1951:
Fluorescent antibodies as histochemical tools

Foral, T.M.A.; French, R.A.; Van Kruiningen, H.J.; Garmendia, A.E., 2007:
Fluorescent antibody test for rapid detection of West Nile virus antigen in avian tissues

Levi, J.; Cheng, Z.; Gheysens, O.; Patel, M.; Chan, C.T.; Wang, Y.; Namavari, M.; Gambhir, S.Sam., 2007:
Fluorescent fructose derivatives for imaging breast cancer cells

Modesti, M.; Ristic, D.; van der Heijden, T.; Dekker, C.; van Mameren, J.; Peterman, E.J.G.; Wuite, G.J.L.; Kanaar, R.; Wyman, C., 2007:
Fluorescent human RAD51 reveals multiple nucleation sites and filament segments tightly associated along a single DNA molecule

McDevitt, M.A.; Condon, M.; Stamberg, J.; Karp, J.E.; McDiarmid, M., 2007:
Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) in bone marrow and peripheral blood of leukemia patients: implications for occupational surveillance

Brown, L.A.; Huntsman, D., 2007:
Fluorescent in situ hybridization on tissue microarrays: challenges and solutions

Stubner, K., 1952:
Fluorescent microscopic Detection of DDT and Preparations containing it

Pierangeli, E.; Radice, J.C.; Herraiz, M.L., 1949:
Fluorescent pigment in rat testes atrophic from deficiency of vitamin E

Radice, J.C.; Herraiz, M.L., 1950:
Fluorescent pigment in the uterus of rats deprived of vitamin E

Chougnet, A.; Grinkova, Y.; Ricard, D.; Sligar, S.; Woggon, W-D., 2007:
Fluorescent probes for rapid screening of potential drug-drug interactions at the CYP3A4 level

Ogawa, S., 1953:
Fluorescent reaction of vitamin C. 2

Gol'din, M.I., 1954:
Fluorescent-microscopic analysis of the growing cell

Choubisa, S.L., 2007:
Fluoridated ground water and its toxic effects on domesticated animals residing in rural tribal areas of Rajasthan, India

Wilkowske, H.H., 1954:
Fluoridation of milk?

Knutson, J.W., 1952:
Fluoridation of public drinking waters

Mirlean, N.; Roisenberg, A., 2007:
Fluoride distribution in the environment along the gradient of a phosphate-fertilizer production emission (southern Brazil)

Bingham, F.T.; Mccolloch, R.C.; Liebig, G.F.; Vanselow, A.P., 1954:
Fluoride injury to citrus

Light, A.E., 1953:
Fluoride intake with relation to milk and water consumption

Nosik, A.F.; Adamets, G.D., 1952:
Fluoride preparations as anthelmintics.

Ham, M.P.; Smith, M.D.reen, 1950:
Fluoride studies related to the human diet

Hoque, A.K.M.F.zlul; Kamala, F.M.; Mohee, F.M.; Haque, M.M.; Hossain, M.D., 2007:
Fluoride, magnesium, and sodium in dental chewing stick plants used in Bangladesh

Kumar, A.; Tripathi, N.; Tripathi, M., 2007:
Fluoride-induced biochemical changes in fresh water catfish (Clarias batrachus, Linn.)

Bhatnagar, C.; Bhatnagar, M.; Regar, B.-Chand, 2007:
Fluoride-induced histopathological changes in gill, kidney, and intestine of fresh water teleost, Labeo rohita

Liu, K.; Ma, L.; Yao, H.; Zhang, Y.; Li, L.; Wang, G., 2007:
Fluoride-mediated apoptosis and disordering of cell cycle distributions during in vitro organ culture of mouse fetal long bones

Hallanger Johnson, J.E.; Kearns, A.E.; Doran, P.M.; Khoo, T.Kim.; Wermers, R.A., 2007:
Fluoride-related bone disease associated with habitual tea consumption

Bowen, E.J., 1947:
Fluorimeter design

Stephen, V.A., 1948:
Fluorimeter for estimation of small quantities of thiamine

Klatzkin, C.; Norris, F.W.; Wokes, F., 1949:
Fluorimetric and microbiological assays of riboflavine in malted preparations

Pfeifer, L.; Gruenwald, I.; Welker, A.; Stahn, R.M.; Stein, K.; Rex, Aé., 2007:
Fluorimetric characterisation of metabolic activity of ex vivo perfused pig hearts

Spinks, A., 1949:
Fluorimetric determination of 'antryclde'

Mendoza, H.T., 1951:
Fluorimetric estimation of riboflavin excreted by children in their urine

Odriozola, C., 1953:
Fluorimetric estimation of riboflavin in fruit

Gourevitch, A., 1948:
Fluorimetric measurements of riboflavin concentration

Andreeva, N.A., 1953:
Fluorimetric method of estimating folic acid and some results on its distribution

Serebruany, V.; Malinin, A.; Dragan, V.; Atar, D.; van Zyl, L.; Dragan, A., 2007:
Fluorimetric quantitation of citalopram and escitalopram in plasma: developing an express method to monitor compliance in clinical trials

Park, H.; Carr, B.I.; Li, M.; Ham, S.Wook., 2007:
Fluorinated NSC as a Cdc25 inhibitor

Wespi, H.J., 1954:
Fluorinated and iodinated salt in prophylaxis of goitre and caries

Macintire, W.H.; Hardin, L.J.; Hardison, M., 1954:
Fluorine acquired by forage cultures in outdoor and washed atmospheres at Columbia, Tenn

Spira, L., 1946:
Fluorine alopecia

Miller, V.L.; Johnson, F.; Allmendinger, D.F., 1948:
Fluorine analysis of Italian prune foliage affected by marginal scorch

Cowan, H.K., 1952:
FLUORINE and dental caries

Amies, A.B.P.; Pincus, P., 1953:
Fluorine and dental caries

Shourie, K.L., 1946:
Fluorine and dental caries in India

Steyn, D.G., 1948:
Fluorine and endemic goitre

Demole, V.; Held, A.J., 1953:
Fluorine and general health. State of health of the native and immigrant population of the village of Sembrancher

McCLURE.F.J., 1949:
Fluorine and other trace elements in nutrition

Gericke, S., 1949:
Fluorine and phosphoric acid.

Fletcher, J.M.; Robertson, R.H.S., 1950:
Fluorine and teeth

Spira, L., 1950:
Fluorine and vitamin B

Weaver, R., 1950:
Fluorine and wartime diet

Mitrani, R.M., 1953:
Fluorine as preventive of dental caries

Ham, M.P.; Smith, M.D., 1954:
Fluorine balance studies on four infants

Ham, M.P.; Smith, M.D., 1954:
Fluorine balance studies on four infants. Fluorine balance studies on three women

Nosik, A.F., 1954:
Fluorine compounds for treatment of helminths in pigs and horses.

Gericke, S.; Kurmies, B., 1955:
Fluorine content and uptake in cultivated crops.

Wang, T.H.; Lin, C.S., 1949:
Fluorine content of Fukien teas

Kruger, E., 1949:
Fluorine content of cattle urine in some industrial areas

Kaudy, J.C.; Bingham, F.T.; Mccolloch, R.C.; Liebig, G.F.; Vanselow, A.P., 1954:
Fluorine content of citrus leaves in California orchards

Giugliarelli, M.G., 1952:
Fluorine content of drinking water in Apulia and Lucania

Giardino, G.; Police, P., 1954:
Fluorine content of drinking water in Naples

Kaufmann, H.P.; Heesch, A., 1953:
Fluorine content of drinking waters in the province of North RhireWestphalia

Gandra, Y.R., 1950:
Fluorine content of waters in the State of Sao Paulo. Importance for health

Gemmell, G.D., 1946:
Fluorine in New Zealand soils

Gomes, C.L.; Coutinho, A.R.; Gomes, M.L.L., 1954:
Fluorine in butter : a health problem

Anonymous, 1946:
Fluorine in calcium acid phosphate. Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Food Standards to the Ministry of Food

McCLURE.F.J., 1948:
Fluorine in dentin and enamel of sound and carious human teeth

Gabovich, R.D., 1950:
Fluorine in drinking water and mottling of dental enamel

Minkh, A.A., 1953:
Fluorine in food

Mcclure, F.J., 1953:
Fluorine in food and drinking water; dental health benefits and physiologic effects

Anon., 1949:
Fluorine in foods

Gabovich, R.D., 1951:
Fluorine in foods

McCLURE.F.J., 1949:
Fluorine in foods; survey of recent data

Nagai, S.; Ando, J., 1953:
Fluorine in fused phosphate fertilizers

McCLURE.F.J.; LIKINS.R.C., 1951:
Fluorine in human teeth studied in relation to fluorine in the drinking water

Robinson, W.O.; Edgington, G., 1946:
Fluorine in soils

Faro Neto, R., 1952:
Fluorine in the bones and teeth of Brazilian cattle

Richabd, C.; Vialard-Goudou, A., 1954:
Fluorine in the water of southern Viet-Nam and the mountainous plateaux of the south

Kredba, M.; Hamackova, J., 1950:
Fluorine in the waters of Bohemia and its importance for health.

Wojciechowska, W.; Kolaczkowski, S., 1953:
Fluorine in water in the province of Pozan

Gisiger, L., 1955:
Fluorine injury in the Rheinfelden and Mohlin districts.

Seppilli, A.; Lew, P.; Fontana, W., 1949:
Fluorine insufficiency from the health aspect. Importance of fluorine for the welfare of the teeth and skeleton. 2. Fluorine and Lactobacillus acidophilus in the mechanism of dental caries

Majumdar, B.N.; Ray, S.N., 1946:
Fluorine intoxication of cattle in India. 2. Effect of fluorosis on mineral metabolism

Majumdar, B.N.; Ray, S.N., 1946:
Fluorine intoxication of cattle in India. 3. Effect of fluorosis on the composition of blood

Maclntire, W.H.; Jones, L.S.; Hardin, L.J., 1950:
Fluorine losses in the calcination of analytical charges of fluoride-enriched soils

Held, H.R., 1954:
Fluorine medication and blood fluorine

Schulz, A., 1952:
Fluorine metabolism of rabbits and further development of analytical methods

Schulz, A., 1951:
Fluorine metabolism of rabbits and methods for the estimation of fluorine

Delanoe, E., 1950:
Fluorine poison-ing in men and in cattle in an area close to phosphate mines

Anon., 1953:
Fluorine poisoning in a Jersey herd

Tesink, J., 1955:
Fluorine poisoning in cattle and its treatment with aluminium sulphate

Tesink, J., 1955:
Fluorine poisoning in cattle and the effect of giving aluninium sulphate

Sanchez Botija, R., 1955:
Fluorine poisoning of cattle from industrial processes

Muhler, J.C.; Weddle, D.A., 1955:
Fluorine storage in rats receiving different fluorides in the drinking water at varying pH

Haas, A.R.C.; Brusca, J.N., 1955:
Fluorine toxicity in Citrus

Brennan, E.G.; Leone, I.A.; Daines, R.H., 1950:
Fluorine Toxicity In Tomato As Modified By Alterations In The Nitrogen, Calcium, And Phosphorus Nutrition Of The Plant

Prince, A.L.; Bear, F.E.; Brennan, E.G.; E.A., 1949:
Fluorine: its toxicity to plants and its control in soils

Wespi, H.J., 1950:
Fluorised table salt for caries prophylaxis

Wespi, H.J., 1950:
Fluorised table salt for caries prophylaxizs. Note on Dr. Csernyei's preceding paper

Zhou, S.; Zemlicka, J.; Kern, E.R.; Drach, J.C., 2007:
Fluoroanalogues of anti-cytomegalovirus agent cyclopropavir: synthesis and antiviral activity of (E)- and (Z)-9-{[2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)-3-fluorocyclopropylidene]methyl}-adenines and guanines

Bégué, J-Pierre.; Bonnet-Delpon, Dèle., 2007:
Fluoroartemisinins: metabolically more stable antimalarial artemisinin derivatives

Albers, R.W.; Lowry, O.H., 1955:
Fluorometric determination of 0.1 to 10 micrograms of cholesterol

Kato, M.; Shimizu, H., 1951:
Fluorometric determination of nicptinamide by use of synthetic ion exchange resins

Fujita, A.; Matsuura, K.; Fujino, K., 1955:
Fluorometric determination of vitamin B6. 1. Determination of pyridoxine

Fujita, A.; Fujita, D.; Fujino, K., 1955:
Fluorometric determination of vitamin B6. 2. Determination of pyridoxamine

Fujita, A.; Fujita, D.; Fujino, K., 1955:
Fluorometric determination of vitamin B6. 3. Fractional determination of pyridoxal and 4-pyridoxic acid

Fujita, A.; Fujino, K., 1955:
Fluorometric determination of vitamin B6. 4. Fractional determination of vitamin B6 components and 4-pyridoxic acid in the urine

Willard, H.H.; Horton, C.A., 1952:
Fluorometric determinations of traces of fluoride

Comacho Comitre, L., 1952:
Fluorometric estimation of riboflavin in the urine of apparently healthy and of pregnant women

Arens, K., 1949:
Fluoromicroscopy of tubercle bacilli

Trautmann, A.; Asher, T., 1946:
Fluorophotometric estimation of vitamin B1 in the urine of healthy pigs

Wang, J-Yuan.; Lee, L-Na.; Lai, H-Chih.; Wang, S-Kuan.; Jan, I-Shiow.; Yu, C-Jen.; Hsueh, P-Ren.; Yang, P-Chyr., 2007:
Fluoroquinolone resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates: associated genetic mutations and relationship to antimicrobial exposure

Nakagawa, T.; Hiraoka, H.; Fukuda, A.; Kuribayashi, S.; Nakayama, S.; Matsubara, T.; Nakamura, K., 2007:
Fluoroscopic-based navigation-assisted placement of the tibial tunnel in revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Murray, M.M.; Wilson, D.C., 1948:
Fluorosis and nutrition in Morocco; dental studies in relation to environment

Walker, G.W.; Milne, A.H., 1955:
Fluorosis in cattle in the Northern Province of Tanganyika

Boddie, G.F., 1947:
Fluorosis in domestic animals

Smith, D.A.; Harris, H.A.; Kirk, R., 1953:
Fluorosis in the Butana, Sudan

Harvey, J.M.; Moule, G.R., 1954:
Fluorosis of Merino sheep in Queensland. 1. How the disease is caused

Harvey, J.M.; Moule, G.R., 1955:
Fluorosis of Merino sheep in Queensland. 3. The management of flocks to overcome fluorosis

Harvey, J.M.; Moule, G.R., 1954:
Fluorosis of Merino sheep in Queensland.2. Studies of transmission, water treatment and amelioration

Delak, M., 1950:
Fluorove soli kao anthelmintika

Becker, G.; Wiederholt, W., 1951:
Fluosilicate-containing mixtures for timber preservation with a reduced corrosive action on iron

Becker, G.; Wiedelholt, W., 1951:
Fluosilicate-containing wood-preserving mixtures with reduced corrosiveness to iron.

Peng-Dong-Ying; Zuo-Xiao-Yun; Kong-Ling-Jun; Xiao-Ying; Zeng-Zhao-Sheng; Zhu-Qiu-Gen; Liu-Xiang, 2007:
Fluoxetine combined with lithium carbonate in treatment of depression

Choi, Y-Sik.; Cho, K-Ok.; Kim, S.Yun., 2007:
Fluoxetine does not affect the ischemia-induced increase of neurogenesis in the adult rat dentate gyrus

Perry, T.D., 1949:
Flush doors with semi-hollow cores

Wallace, L.R., 1951:
Flushing of ewes

Gerring, J.C., 1954:
Flushing of ewes in fat lamb production

Beardsley Jr., J.W., 1955:
Fluted Scales and their Biological Control in United States Administered Micronesia

Liantonio, A.; Giannuzzi, V.; Cippone, V.; Camerino, G.Maria.; Pierno, S.; Camerino, D.Conte., 2007:
Fluvastatin and atorvastatin affect calcium homeostasis of rat skeletal muscle fibers in vivo and in vitro by impairing the sarcoplasmic reticulum/mitochondria Ca2+-release system

Deckers, K.; Riehl, S., 2007:
Fluvial environmental contexts for archaeological sites in the Upper Khabur basin (northeastern Syria)

Carvajal, F., 1953:
Fluvomycin: an antibiotic effective against pathogenic bacteria and fungi

Hirota, M.; Senga, Y.; Seike, Y.; Nohara, S.; Kunii, H., 2007:
Fluxes of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in two contrastive fringing zones of coastal lagoon, Lake Nakaumi, Japan

Cauduro, G.-Fernandes; De-Faccio-Carvalho, P.-Cesar; Pacheco-Barbosa, C.-Maria; Lunardi, R.; Nabinger, C.; Dos-Santos, D.-Teixeira; Velleda, G.-Leite, 2007:
Fluxo de biomassa aerea em azevem anual manejado sob duas intensidades e dois metodos de pastejo

Pereira, C., 1947:
Fly Control

Farrar, M.D.; Brannon, C.C., 1953:
Fly Control on Dairy Farms

Anonymous, 1946:
FLY control with DDT

Thompson, R.K.; Whipp, A.A.; Davis, D.L.; Batte, E.G., 1953:
Fly Control with a new Bait Application Method

Swartley, J.C., 1947:
Fly ash as propagation medium

Idnani, M.A., 1952:
Fly breeding in manure preparation and its control

Bruce, W.N.; Decker, G.C., 1947:
Fly control and milk flow

Dahm, P.A.; Raun, E.S., 1955:
Fly control on farms with several organic thiophosphate insecticides

Niven, J.E.; Anderson, J.C.; Laughlin, S.B., 2007:
Fly photoreceptors demonstrate energy-information trade-offs in neural coding

Rainey, R.C.; Waloff, Z., 1951:
Flying Locusts and Convection Currents

Cantello, J.E., 1949:
Flying doctor base-Shortwave Station 8SK. Veterinary Advisory Services on animal health matters from Broken Hill

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