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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13726

Chapter 13726 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Elson-Schwab, L.; Garner, O.B.; Schuksz, M.; Crawford, B.E.; Esko, J.D.; Tor, Y., 2007:
Guanidinylated neomycin delivers large, bioactive cargo into cells through a heparan sulfate-dependent pathway

Mourgue, M.; Baret, R., 1954:
Guanidylation of alpha - and beta -casein.

Pickup, R., 1948:
Guano and phosphatic material from Ascension Island

Krantz, J.C.; Carr, C.J.; Farson, D.B., 1948:
Guar polysaccharide as a precursor of glycogen

Minin, Ya. A., 1954:
Guaranteeing suitable plowing of virgin and fallow soils.

Anonymous, 1949:
Guaranteeing the seed for varietal sowings of cereals

Russell, Sir, E.J., 1949:
Guard against soil erosion

Otero, J.R.De., 1953:
Guatemala grass (Tripsacum laxum) an excellent fodder grass for cutting (in Brazil)

Martinez, D.B., 1946:

Mueller, A.S.; Simmons, C.S., 1946:

Anonymous, 1946:

Taylor, G.S.; Semeniuk, G.; Melhus, I.E., 1951:
Guatemalan Corn as a source of resistance to Helminthosporium turcicum in Maize

Menon, H.B., 1950:
Guava cultivation

Menon, H.B., 1950:
Guava culture

Coetzee, W.H.K.; Krynauw, M.M.; Pratt, F.F.; Hugo, J.F.D.T., 1950:
Guava juice and guava sweets

Andrade, A.C., 1951:
Guava rust and its control

L.Riche, F.J.H., 1946:
Guava varieties in South Africa

Winslow, M.M., 1949:
Guavas at the Citrus Experiment Station

Allen, P.J.; Emerson, R., 1949:
Guayule rubber, microbiological improvement by shrub retting

Taylor, K.W., 1951:
Guayule-an American source of rubber

D.Guerin, B.C., 1949:
Guernsey's communal dairy

Dias, E., 1954:
Guerra bacteriologica contra os hospedeiros intermediarios da esquistos somose humana

Mathur, M.; Ramawat, K.G., 2007:
Guggulsterone production in cell suspension cultures of the guggul tree, Commiphora wightii, grown in shake-flasks and bioreactors

Schnell, E.; Klinkhammer, K.; Balzer, S.; Brook, G.; Klee, D.; Dalton, P.; Mey, Jörg., 2007:
Guidance of glial cell migration and axonal growth on electrospun nanofibers of poly-epsilon-caprolactone and a collagen/poly-epsilon-caprolactone blend

Gevorkiantz, S.R., 1947:
Guide for estimating defect in northern hardwoods

Cosmo, I.; Polsinelli, M., 1954:
Guide for future planting of vines in the hill zone of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene in the Treviso province

Anon., 1949:
Guide for veterinarians in the three-year animal husbandry plan

Gunnason, J., 1955:
Guide line lights and accuracy

Anonymous, 1946:
Guide to Boghall Experimental Farm

Virtanen, A.L.; Tuorila, P.; Valle, O.; Salminen, M.; Aikkinen, L.; Jantti, A., 1947:
Guide to fodder cultivation for farmers making A.I.V. silage

Anonymous, 1954:
Guide to the examination of plants, plant parts, and plant products for plant health export by the Official German Plant Inspection Service. Second, enlarged and revised edition

Anonymous, 1955:
Guide to the field description of soils

Zietzschmann, O.; Nickel, R., 1950:
Guide tothe anatomy of domestic animals

Pleva, J.; Wade, T.D., 2006:
Guided self-help versus pure self-help for perfectionism: a randomised controlled trial

Dixon-Hardy, D.-William; Engels, J.-Matthew, 2007:
Guidelines and recommendations for the safe operation of tailings management facilities

Kawai, S.; Kitabatake, A.; Tomoike, H., 2007:
Guidelines for diagnosis of takotsubo (ampulla) cardiomyopathy

Mingorance, M.D.; Barahona, E.; Fernández-Gálvez, J., 2007:
Guidelines for improving organic carbon recovery by the wet oxidation method

Mellin-Olsen, J.; O'Sullivan, E.; Balogh, D.; Drobnik, L.; Knape, J.T.A.; Petrini, F.; Vimlati, L., 2007:
Guidelines for safety and quality in anaesthesia practice in the European Union

Adams, H., P.J.; Del-Zoppo, G.; Alberts, M., J.; Bhatt, D., L.; Brass, L.; Furlan, A.; Grubb, R., L.; Higashida, R., T.; Jauch, E., C.; Kidwell, C.; Lyden, P., D.; Morgenstern, L., B.; Qureshi, A., I.; Rosenwasser, R., H.; Scott, P., A.; Wijdicks, E., F.M., 2007:
Guidelines for the early management of adults with ischemic stroke - A guideline from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Stroke Council, Clinical Cardiology Council, Cardiovascular Radiology and Intervention Council, and the atherosclerotic peripheral vascular disease and quality of care outcomes in research interdisciplinary working groups

Freas, A.D., 1946:
Guides to improved framed walls for houses

Ulrich, R., 1946:
Guides to the degree of maturity in fruit

Michalik, L.; Wahli, W., 2007:
Guiding ligands to nuclear receptors

Darnai, E.; Kozma, P., 1952:
Guiding principles for developing the production of dessert grapes

Traaen, A.E., 1951:
Guiding principles in the testing of disinfectants

Andren, F., 1951:
Guiding principles in the testing of fungicides

Davis, B.H., 1946:
Guignardia rhodorae, the perfect stage of Phyllosticta maxima on Rhododendron

Wilson, Brent, 2007:
Guilds among epiphytal foraminifera on fibrous substrates, Nevis, West Indies

Rheam, W., 1950:
Guinea fowl

Araujo, A., 1955:
Guinea grass from Tanganyika (Panicum maximum)

Murgatroyd, F.; Lawrence, D., 1952:
Guinea worm disease

Katiyar, R.D., 1953:
Guinea-pig husbandry

Turk, R.D., 1950:
Guinea-worm (Dracunculus insignis, Leidy 1858) infection in a dog

Shastry, T.S., 1946:

Vaz-Moreira, I.; Nobre, M.Fernanda.; Nunes, O.C.; Manaia, Célia.M., 2007:
Gulbenkiania mobilis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from treated municipal wastewater

Sumner, J.W.; Durden, L.A.; Goddard, J.; Stromdahl, E.Y.; Clark, K.L.; Reeves, W.K.; Paddock, C.D., 2007:
Gulf Coast ticks (Amblyomma maculatum) and Rickettsia parkeri, United States

Vaughan, D., S.; Shertzer, K., W.; Smith, J., W., 2007:
Gulf menhaden (Brevoortia patronus) in the US Gulf of Mexico: Fishery characteristics and biological reference points for management

Manner, R., 1950:
Gullaker cocksfoot in comparative trials

Buckham, A.F.; Cockfield, W.E., 1950:
Gullies formed by sinking of the ground

Mckenzie, K.J., 1949:
Gully control

Anonymous, 1950:
Gulval Experimental Station. Growers' notes and station record, year ending March 31, 1950

Coomes, T.J.; Islip, H.T., 1953 :
Gum arabic from Somaliland Protectorate

Bellouard, P., 1949:
Gum arabic in French West Africa.

Venault, G., 1946:
Gum arabic in the Chad region.

Anonymous, 1953:
Gum arabic investigation

Coveney, R.D.; Islip, H.T., 1954:
Gum arable and soil from Somaliland Protectorate

Hepting, G.H., 1954:
Gum flow and pitch-soak in Virginia Fine following Fusarium inoculation

Jacquiot, C.; Hervet, N., 1954:
Gum veins in Eucalypts.

Schopmeyer, C.S., 1955:
Gum yield and wood volume on single-faced naval stores trees

Heinrich, W.O., 1947:
Gumming of pineapple fruit

L.L., 1948:
Gummosis control by incision

Smith, W.S., 1946:
Gummosis disease of the apricot. Preventive measures adopted over the past three years

Scaramuzzi, G., 1949:
Gummosis of Olive and the possible origin of decay.

Mallamaire, A., 1948:
Gummosis of citrus

Chowdhury, S., 1951:
Gummosis of citrus in Assam

Najjar, H., 1948:
Gummosis of fruit trees.

Anonymous, 1950:
Gummosis of pineapples

Heyns, A.J., 1953:
Gummosis of stone fruit trees

Anonymous, 1949:
Gummosis or gummoses of the Aurantieae

Garces, O., 1951:
Gummy condition of Axonopus scoparius and A. micay in Colombia

Furukawa, T.; Ono, Y.; Kishi, K., 2007:
Gummy stem blight of balsam pear caused by Didymella bryoniae and its anamorph Phoma cucurbitacearum

Anonymous, 1947:
Gums and resins from British Guiana species

Anonymous, 1955:
Gums and resins. (Afd. trop. Prod. No. 43)

Anonymous, 1952:
Gunite for pile protection

Anon., 1950:
Gur making from coconut palm

Umbarje, S.R., 1952:
Gurcharan or woodland protected forests in Thana (Bombay State)

Mayer, K., 1955:
Gurkenschaden durch Dipterenlarven. Damage done to cucumber by fly larvae

Dibner, J.J.; Knight, C.; Yi, C.F.; Richards, J.D., 2007:
Gut development and health in the absence of antibiotic growth promoters

Quin, A.H., 1951:
Gut edema

Woods, G.T.; Beamer, P.D., 1951:
Gut edema in three Illinois swine herds

Penders, J.; Thijs, C.; van den Brandt, P.A.; Kummeling, I.; Snijders, B.; Stelma, F.; Adams, H.; van Ree, R.; Stobberingh, E.E., 2006:
Gut microbiota composition and development of atopic manifestations in infancy: the KOALA Birth Cohort Study

Austvoll, J., 1953:
Gut oedema in Norway (with film in technicolour)

Erdos, J.; Hirt, G.; Szabo, I., 1955:
Gut oedema or vibrionic dysentery in pigs in Hungary.

Dixon, P.T., 1951:
Gut the teat to save the quarter

Fyfe, A.J., 1949:
Gutta percha

Reader, D.E., 1952:

Grochowski, W.; Laskowska, W.; Czyzmianka, J., 1954:
Gutta-percha yield of Euonymus sp. in Poland. ((Prace Inst. Bad. Lesn. No. 119))

Toman, M.; Synak, J., 1954:
Guttation as an indicator of phytotoxicity. Preliminary communication.

Sternberg, P.M., 1946:
Gutting the top off grain cereals

Scheuch, S.; Pfeifer, F., 2007:
GvpD-induced breakdown of the transcriptional activator GvpE of halophilic archaea requires a functional p-loop and an arginine-rich region of GvpD

Barnes, D.L., 1955:
Gwebi College of Agriculture

Gokmen, H., 1953:

Zilliken, F.; Braun, G.A.; Gyorgy, P., 1955:
Gynaminic acid, a naturally occurring form of neuraminic acid in human milk

Ciarrocchi, E., 1949:
Gyneco-mastia in a male goat

Klatskin, G.; Salter, W.T.; Humm, P.D., 1947:
Gynecomastia due to malnutrition. 1. Clinical studies

Salter, W.T.; Klatskin, G.; Humm, F.D., 1947 :
Gynecomastia due to malnutrition. 2. Endocrine studies

Jacobs, E.C., 1948:
Gynecomastia following severe starvation

Gomez, Fernando, 2007:
Gynogonadinium aequatoriale gen. et sp nov., a new dinoflagellate from the open western equatorial pacific

Kevorkov, A.P., 1948:
Gypsum as a source of sulphur in plant nutrition.

Aitchison, G.D.; Butler, P.F., 1951:
Gypsum block moisture meters as instruments for the measurement of tension in soil water

Tanner, C.B.; Abrams, E.; Zubriski, J.C., 1949:
Gypsum moisture-block calibration based on electrical conductivity in distilled water

Corliss, J.M., 1953:
Gypsy Moth Control Activities in the northeastern Region

Spaic, I., 1951:
Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) control by means of spraying from aircraft

Burgess, E.D., 1964:
Gypsy Moth Control

Zivojinovic, S., 1953:
Gypsy moth in eastern and south-eastern Serbia in 1953

Holbrook, Ralph, F., 1953:
Gypsy moth sex attractant from Europe for use in trapping program

Lopez-Neyra, C.R., 1952:
Gyrocoelia albaredai n.sp. Relaciones con Tetrabothriidae y Dilepididae

Manter, H.W., 1953:
Gyrocotyle, a peculiar parasite of the elephant fish in New Zealand

Malmberg, G.; Collins, C., M.; Cunningham, C., O.; Jalali, B., J., 2007:
Gyrodactylus derjavinoides sp nov (Monogenea, Platyhelminthes) on Salmo trutta trutta L. and G-derjavini Mikailov, 1975 on S-t. caspius Kessler, two different species of Gyrodactylus - combined morphological and molecular investigations

Cortini, C., 1955:
Gytogenetic action of substances of the podophyllin group

Grun, P., 1955:
Gytogenetic studies of Poa.II. The pairing of chromosomes in species and interspecific hybrids

Nakajima, G., 1951:
Gytogenetical studies of F1 plants of Triticum dicoccum (n - 14) x Secale cereale (n = 7).

Hirayoshi, I.; Yasue, T., 1955:
Gytogenetical studies on forage plants. II. Chromosome numbers and characteristics of Digitaria species native to Japan.

Meletti, P., 1950:
Gytohistological reactions and rhizogenic effects in seedlings of some Leguminosae treated with 2,4-D

Pozo Lora, R., 1954:
Gytological changes in the vaginal mucus and early pregnancy diagnosis in the mare

Mendes, A.J.T., 1947:
Gytological observations in Coffea. XI.-Methods of treatment with colchicine

Wilson, G.B., 1946:
Gytological studies in the Musae. III. Meiosis in some seedling clones

Prakash, R.; Chatterjee, B., 1953:
Gytological study of Solanum mac-ranthum Dun

Frederiksen, P.S., 1950:
H phi stning af Spindher. Harvesting of fibre flax

Swietach, P.; Rossini, A.; Spitzer, K.W.; Vaughan-Jones, R.D., 2007:
H+ ion activation and inactivation of the ventricular gap junction: a basis for spatial regulation of intracellular pH

Serrano, A.; Pérez-Castiñeira, Jé.R.; Baltscheffsky, M.; Baltscheffsky, H., 2007:
H+-PPases: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Turner, E.C.; Dorman, C.J., 2007:
H-NS antagonism in Shigella flexneri by VirB, a virulence gene transcription regulator that is closely related to plasmid partition factors

de Godoy, Márcio.A.F.; Patel, C.A.; Waldman, S.A.; Katsuki, M.; Regan, R.F.; Rattan, S., 2007:
H-ras inhibits RhoA/ROCK leading to a decrease in the basal tone in the internal anal sphincter

Brookes, J.T.; Smith, M.C.; Smith, R.J.H.; Bauman, N.M.; Manaligod, J.M.; Sandler, A.D., 2007:
H-type congenital tracheoesophageal fistula: University Of Iowa experience 1985 to 2005

Lilienfeld, F.A., 1951:
H. Kihara: Genome-analysis in Triticum and Aegilops. X. Concluding review

Fredericksen, C.F.; Lilly, J., 1955:
H. Measuring wireworm reactions to soil insecticides by tagging with radioactive cobalt

Brown, A.L.; Mcilvain, E., 1949:
H. Suggested techniques for testing airplane application of herbicides

Macphee, A.W.; Sanford, K., 1954:
H. The influence of spray programs on the fauna of apple orchards in Nova Scotia. VII. Effects on some beneficial arthropods

Blair, D.S.; Nelson, S., 1955:
H. Use of chemicals in apple production

Mieller, H., 1949:
H. abietis a Pest of Stored Products ?

Heinze, K., 1954:
H. amygdali, the Mealy Peach Aphis, as a Pest of Peach

Milosavljevic, R., 1952:
H. cunea - a problem of great importance for the Jugoslav economy.

Schimitschek, E., 1952:
H. cunea in Austria.

Schimitschek, E., 1954:
H. cunea.

Fjelddalen, J., 1952:
H. latus, a destructive Pest of Foliage Plants

Malencon, G.; Marion, J., 1952:
H. mediterraneum and its epidemic behaviour in N. African Oak woods.

Bohm, O., 1952 :
H. oleracea as a Pest of Vines

Thoonen, J.; Vercruysse, R., 1951:
H. rubidus, a stomach worm in pigs

Vogelsang, E.G., 1954:
H. spiniger. a Mallophagan Parasite of the Dog (Canis familiaris) in Venezuela

Negi, L.S.; Singh, A., 1954:
H.14-A new improved strain of American cotton for south-eastern districts of the Punjab

Nayar, K.V.N., 1953:
H.S.W.C.), of American cottons grown in Malwa from their fibre properties

Tract, P.H.; Tobias, J.; Ordal, J., 1952:
H.T.S.T. pasteurization of ice cream mix

Hooley, F.V., 1953:
H.T.S.T. pasteurization of market cream

Wu, H.; Feigon, J., 2007:
H/ACA small nucleolar RNA pseudouridylation pockets bind substrate RNA to form three-way junctions that position the target U for modification

Brickner, D.Garvey.; Cajigas, I.; Fondufe-Mittendorf, Y.; Ahmed, S.; Lee, P-Chih.; Widom, J.; Brickner, J.H., 2007:
H2A.Z-mediated localization of genes at the nuclear periphery confers epigenetic memory of previous transcriptional state

Ewald, B.; Sampath, D.; Plunkett, W., 2007:
H2AX phosphorylation marks gemcitabine-induced stalled replication forks and their collapse upon S-phase checkpoint abrogation

Yang, G-Dong.; Wang, R., 2007:
H(2)S and cellular proliferation and apoptosis

Yang, G.; Yang, W.; Wu, L.; Wang, R., 2007:
H2S, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and apoptosis of insulin-secreting beta cells

Cowling, V.H.; Cole, M.D., 2007:
HATs off to capping: a new mechanism for Myc

Nefedova, L.N.; Kim, A.I., 2007:
HB mobile element in the Drosophila melanogaster genome: structural and functional analyses

Fukaya, E.; Hopf, H.W., 2007:
HBO and gas embolism

Iannacone, M.; Sitia, G.; Ruggeri, Z.M.; Guidotti, L.G., 2007:
HBV pathogenesis in animal models: recent advances on the role of platelets

Jin, W-Bo.; Wu, F-Li.; Kong, D.; Guo, A-Guang., 2007:
HBV-encoded microRNA candidate and its target

Rosenau, J.; Kreutz, T.; Kujawa, M.; Bahr, M.J.; Rifai, K.; Hooman, N.; Finger, A.; Michel, G.; Nashan, Börn.; Kuse, E.R.; Klempnauer, Jürgen.; Tillmann, H.L.; Manns, M.P., 2007:
HBsAg level at time of liver transplantation determines HBsAg decrease and anti-HBs increase and affects HBV DNA decrease during early immunoglobulin administration

Chu, C-Ming.; Liaw, Y-Fan., 2007:
HBsAg seroclearance in asymptomatic carriers of high endemic areas: appreciably high rates during a long-term follow-up

Anon., 1954:
Hc - 1281

Lan, K-Hsin.; Lan, K-Li.; Lee, W-Ping.; Sheu, M-Ling.; Chen, M-Yuan.; Lee, Y-Lu.; Yen, S-Hue.; Chang, F-Young.; Lee, S-Dong., 2007:
HCV NS5A inhibits interferon-alpha signaling through suppression of STAT1 phosphorylation in hepatocyte-derived cell lines

Deakin, S.; Moren, X.; James, R.W., 2007:
HDL oxidation compromises its influence on paraoxonase-1 secretion and its capacity to modulate enzyme activity

Falo, C.; Moreno, A.; Varela, M.; Lloveras, B.; Figueras, Aès.; Escobedo, Aín., 2007:
HER-2/neu status and response to CMF: retrospective study in a series of operable breast cancer treated with primary CMF chemotherapy

Anonymous, 1954:
Herbicide demonstration

Anonymous, 1953:
Hereford cattle for Usa

F.Elkner, P.A., 1955:
HEREFORD CATTLE were imported during 1954 from England and Norway

Lehmann, G.B.; Asskali, F.; Boll, M.; Burmeister, M.A.; Marx, G.; Hilgers, R.; Förster, H., 2007:
HES 130/0.42 shows less alteration of pharmacokinetics than HES 200/0.5 when dosed repeatedly

Wilson, G.F., 1949:
HETP-a nicotine substitute

Cisneros-Lopez, M.-Eugenia; Mendoza-Onofre, L., E.; Mora-Aguilera, G.; Cordova-Tellez, L.; Livera-Munoz, M., 2007:

Zhang, H.; Gao, P.; Fukuda, R.; Kumar, G.; Krishnamachary, B.; Zeller, K.I.; Dang, C.V.; Semenza, G.L., 2007:
HIF-1 inhibits mitochondrial biogenesis and cellular respiration in VHL-deficient renal cell carcinoma by repression of C-MYC activity

Bohensky, J.; Shapiro, I.M.; Leshinsky, S.; Terkhorn, S.P.; Adams, C.S.; Srinivas, V., 2007:
HIF-1 regulation of chondrocyte apoptosis: induction of the autophagic pathway

Anonymous, 1950:
Hill cattle conference

Sáez-Cirión, A.; Lacabaratz, C.; Lambotte, O.; Versmisse, P.; Urrutia, A.; Boufassa, F.; Barré-Sinoussi, Fçoise.; Delfraissy, J-François.; Sinet, M.; Pancino, G.; Venet, A., 2007:
HIV controllers exhibit potent CD8 T cell capacity to suppress HIV infection ex vivo and peculiar cytotoxic T lymphocyte activation phenotype

Walensky, R.P.; Weinstein, M.C.; Yazdanpanah, Y.; Losina, E.; Mercincavage, L.M.; Touré, S.; Divi, N.; Anglaret, X.; Goldie, S.J.; Freedberg, K.A., 2007:
HIV drug resistance surveillance for prioritizing treatment in resource-limited settings

Esté, Jé.A.; Telenti, A., 2007:
HIV entry inhibitors

Sekirime, W.Kigongo.; Gray, R., 2006:
HIV infection among Uganda women with cervical cancer: a retrospective study

Barbaro, G.; Barbarini, G., 2007:
HIV infection and cancer in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (Review)

Kirk, G.D.; Merlo, C.; O' Driscoll, P.; Mehta, S.H.; Galai, N.; Vlahov, D.; Samet, J.; Engels, E.A., 2007:
HIV infection is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer, independent of smoking

Boasso, A.; Herbeuval, J-Philippe.; Hardy, A.W.; Anderson, S.A.; Dolan, M.J.; Fuchs, D.; Shearer, G.M., 2006:
HIV inhibits CD4+ T-cell proliferation by inducing indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in plasmacytoid dendritic cells

Radhakrishna, M.; Reddy, M.K.ishna; Krishna, D.R., 2007:
HIV long term non disease progressors and highly exposed persistently seronegative populations of Warangal, India

Cuneo, K.C.; Tu, T.; Geng, L.; Fu, A.; Hallahan, D.E.; Willey, C.D., 2007:
HIV protease inhibitors enhance the efficacy of irradiation

Vlahakis, S.R.; Bennett, S.A.L.; Whitehead, S.N.; Badley, A.D., 2007:
HIV protease inhibitors modulate apoptosis signaling in vitro and in vivo

Gupta, R.Kumar.; Pillay, D., 2007:
HIV resistance and the developing world

Bouchard, M.; Masquelier, B.; Moreno, M.; Deibis, L.; De Pérez, G.Echeverría.; Fleury, H.; Castro, E., 2007:
HIV type 1 drug resistance among naive patients from Venezuela

Bredell, H.; Martin, D.P.; Van Harmelen, J.; Varsani, A.; Sheppard, H.W.; Donovan, R.; Gray, C.M.; Williamson, C., 2007:
HIV type 1 subtype C gag and nef diversity in Southern Africa

van Eijk, A.M.; Ayisi, J.G.; Ter Kuile, F.O.; Slutsker, L.; Shi, Y.Ping.; Udhayakumar, V.; Otieno, J.A.; Kager, P.A.; Lal, R.B.; Steketee, R.W.; Nahlen, B.L., 2007:
HIV, malaria, and infant anemia as risk factors for postneonatal infant mortality among HIV-seropositive women in Kisumu, Kenya

Cao, Y.; Liu, X-yong., 2007:
HIV-1 Rev and related inhibitors

Pugach, P.; Marozsan, A.J.; Ketas, T.J.; Landes, E.L.; Moore, J.P.; Kuhmann, S.E., 2006:
HIV-1 clones resistant to a small molecule CCR5 inhibitor use the inhibitor-bound form of CCR5 for entry

Zhan, X.; Hurwitz, J.L.; Brown, S.A.; Slobod, K.S., 2007:
HIV-1 envelope T cell epitope "hotspots " among mice and humans and among CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subpopulations

Alcarez, S.; Serramia, M.J.sus; Fresno, M.; Munoz-Fernandez, M.A.geles, 2007:
HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein 120 induces cyclooxygenase-2 expression in astrocytoma cells through a nuclear factor-kappa B-dependent mechanism

Waheed, A.A.; Ablan, S.D.; Roser, J.D.; Sowder, R.C.; Schaffner, C.P.; Chertova, E.; Freed, E.O., 2007:
HIV-1 escape from the entry-inhibiting effects of a cholesterol-binding compound via cleavage of gp41 by the viral protease

Tovanabutra, S.; de Souza, M.; Sittisombut, N.; Sriplienchan, S.; Ketsararat, V.; Birx, D.L.; Khamboonrueng, C.; Nelson, K.E.; McCutchan, F.E.; Robb, M.L., 2007:
HIV-1 genetic diversity and compartmentalization in mother/infant pairs infected with CRF01_AE

Herbeuval, J-Philippe.; Shearer, G.M., 2006:
HIV-1 immunopathogenesis: how good interferon turns bad

Ricardo-Dukelow, M.; Kadiu, I.; Rozek, W.; Schlautman, J.; Persidsky, Y.; Ciborowski, P.; Kanmogne, G.D.; Gendelman, H.E., 2007:
HIV-1 infected monocyte-derived macrophages affect the human brain microvascular endothelial cell proteome: new insights into blood-brain barrier dysfunction for HIV-1-associated dementia

Vidricaire, G.; Gauthier, S.; Tremblay, M.J., 2007:
HIV-1 infection of trophoblasts is independent of gp120/CD4 Interactions but relies on heparan sulfate proteoglycans

Bokaei, P.Baradar.; Ma, X-Zhong.; Sakac, D.; Branch, D.R., 2007:
HIV-1 integration is inhibited by stimulation of the VPAC2 neuroendocrine receptor

Trylska, J.; Tozzini, V.; Chang, C-en.A.; McCammon, J.Andrew., 2007 :
HIV-1 protease substrate binding and product release pathways explored with coarse-grained molecular dynamics

Fujiwara, M.; Takiguchi, M., 2007:
HIV-1-specific CTLs effectively suppress replication of HIV-1 in HIV-1-infected macrophages

Fernández-Ibieta, Mía.; Ramos-Amador, Jé.T.; Auñón-Martín, I., 2007:
HIV-infected children vaccination coverage and safety in a Western European cohort: a retrospective study

Shuter, J.; Sarlo, J.A.; Kanmaz, T.J.; Rode, R.A.; Zingman, B.S., 2007:
HIV-infected patients receiving lopinavir/ritonavir-based antiretroviral therapy achieve high rates of virologic suppression despite adherence rates less than 95%

Snelling, D.; Rasugu Omariba, D.Walter.; Hong, S.; Georgiades, K.; Racine, Y.; Boyle, M.H., 2006:
HIV/AIDS knowledge, women's education, epidemic severity and protective sexual behaviour in low- and middle-income countries

Alban, A.; Andersen, N.-Bjerglund, 2007:
HIV/AIDS' spread and impact on other health-related millennium development goals - secondary publication

Byrt, C.S.; Platten, J.Damien.; Spielmeyer, W.; James, R.A.; Lagudah, E.S.; Dennis, E.S.; Tester, M.; Munns, R., 2007:
HKT1;5-like cation transporters linked to Na+ exclusion loci in wheat, Nax2 and Kna1

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Hanepoot grapes

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Hang it up to dry. Tripods, fences and racks lead to better hay and also to lower labour costs

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