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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13730

Chapter 13730 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Haas, R., 1955:
Histoplasmosis in a Maine resident

French, E.E.; Jillson, O.F.; Crispell, L.S., 1953:
Histoplasmosis in a life-long resident of New England

Cole, C.R.; Farrell, R.L.; Chamberlain, D.M.; Prior, J.A.; Saslaw, S., 1953:
Histoplasmosis in animals

Silverman, F.N.; Schwaez, J., 1952:
Histoplasmosis in children

Mosier, J.E.; Barner, R.D.; Davis, J.C., 1950:
Histoplasmosis in dogs

Davis, H.V.; Neff, F.C., 1946:
Histoplasmosis in infancy

Love, S.V., 1949:
Histoplasmosis in infancy

Weed, L.A.; Iams, A.M.; Keith, H.M., 1947:
Histoplasmosis in infancy; the pathologic picture as seen in one case

Spitz, L.J.; Schwartz, B., 1953:
Histoplasmosis in non-endemic regions

Emmons, C.W.; Morlan, H.B.; Hill, E.L., 1949:
Histoplasmosis in rats and skunks in Georgia

Emmons, C.W.; Ashburn, L.L., 1948:
Histoplasmosis in wild rats

Payne, N.S.; Hennigar, G.R.; Sutton, L.E., 1952:
Histoplasmosis occurrence in Virginia

Jelliffe, D.B., 1949:
Histoplasmosis of Darling (reticulo-endothelial cytomycosis)

Kotcher, E.; Leikin, S., 1950:
Histoplasmosis of infants with a report of seven cases

Sprofkin, B.E.; Shapiro, J.L.; Lux, J.J., 1955:
Histoplasmosis of the central nervous system; a case report of Histoplasma meningitis

Morgan, H.J.; Shapiro, J., 1952:
Histoplasmosis of the gastrointestinal tract

Burton, C.T.; Wallenborx, P.A., 1953:
Histoplasmosis of the larynx

D.P.etro, A.; Nino, F.L.; Costa, L.P., 1949:
Histoplasmosis or parasitic reticulo-histiocytosis localized on the tongue

Robinson, J.W.; Kotcher, E., 1951:
Histoplasmosis survey of dogs in Louisville, Kentucky

Fois, A., 1953:
Histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, blastomycosis, and moniliasis in pediatrie practice

Beadenkopf, W.G.; Loosli, C.G., 1951:
Histoplasmosis, tuberculosis and coccidioidomycosis

Monroe, J.; Kurung, J.M., 1953:
Histoplasmosis, with review of the literature and report of a case, proved by culture, with involvement of the upper lobe of each lung simulating active bilateral apical pulmonary tuberculosis

Roberts, S.E.; Forman, F.S., 1950:
Histoplasmosis-a deficiency disease

Kuzma, J.F.; Schuster, M., 1946:
Histoplasmosis-reticulo-endothelial cytomycosis

Kuzma, J.F., 1947:
Histoplasmosis-the pathologic and clinical findings

Oliver, R.K.; Holding, B.F.; Henry, R.C.; Penton, S., 1954:
Histoplasmosis; a roentgenographic survey of some Alabama counties; report of two cases with pulmonary cavitation

Histoplasmosis; a common cause of appendicitis and mesenteric adenitis

Mcleod, J.H.; Emmons, C.W.; Ross, S.; Burke, F.G., 1946:
Histoplasmosis. A report of four cases, two in siblings. Histoplasmin test and other diagnostic procedures

Cancela Freijo, J., 1950:
Histoplasmosis. Darling's disease

Velutini, L.E.; Borelli, D.; Rodriguez-Garcilaso, G., 1955:
Histoplasmosis. Preliminary note on a case in Barinas with mucocutaneous lesions

Smith, R.T.; Raetz, S.J., 1955:
Histoplasmosis; preliminary report of a family outbreak in Minnesota

Straughn, B.A.; Schafer, E.L., 1950:
Histoplasmosis. Report of a case

Michael, M.; Vogel, R.A., 1954:
Histoplasmosis; report of a case with observations on management

Pierini, D.O., 1954:
Histoplasmosis. Report of six cases

Chediak, A.B.; Chediak, M.; Mageinat, G., 1951:
Histoplasmosis. Review of the disease. Presentation of a case diagnosed by ganglionar puncture

Loosli, C.G., 1955:
Histoplasmosis; some clinical, epidemiological and laboratory aspects

Binford, C.H., 1955:
Histoplasmosis: tissue reactions and morphologic variations of the fungus

Little, J.A., 1950:
Histoplasmosis: a review and report of cases seen at the Children's Hospital

Emmons, C.W., 1950:
Histoplasmosis: animal reservoirs and other sources in nature of the pathogenic fungus, Histoplasma

Miller, H.E.; Keddie, F.M.; Johnstone, H.G.; Bostick, W.L., 1947:
Histoplasmosis: cutaneous and mucomembraneous lesions, mycologic and pathologic observations

Armstrong, J.W., 1949:
Histoplasmosis; study of reactors to histoplasmin

Swan, L.L.; Finnegan, J.V., 1946:
Histoplasmosis; report of case with autopsy

Melis, A., 1950:
Historical Notes on the Appearance and Spread of L. decemlineata in Europe with special Reference to Italy

Bruni, Michele, 2006:
Historical account of the chondrichthyan collection of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Lorenzo, F.; Alonso, A.; Pellicer, M.J.; Pages, J.L.; Perez-Arlucea, M., 2007:
Historical analysis of heavy metal pollution in three estuaries on the north coast of Galicia (NW Spain)

Pitsch, O., 1946:
Historical and ecological-physiological studies on sheep breeding in Switzerland

Rodriguez, M., 1947:
Historical and economic considerations with reference to the cultivation of the potato

Harada, K.; Koizumi, A.; Saito, N.; Inoue, K.; Yoshinaga, T.; Date, C.; Fujii, S.; Hachiya, N.; Hirosawa, I.; Koda, S.; Kusaka, Y.; Murata, K.; Omae, K.; Shimbo, S.; Takenaka, K.; Takeshita, T.; Todoriki, H.; Wada, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Ikeda, M., 2006:
Historical and geographical aspects of the increasing perfluorooctanoate and perfluorooctane sulfonate contamination in human serum in Japan

Khokhlov, S.S.; Hohlov, S.S., 1946:
Historical conditions and evolutionary significance of apomixis in angiosperms

Sauer, G.; Widjanarko, S., 1953:
Historical development of Arachis cultivation

Kossenakes, G., 1952:
Historical development of Greek forest legislation, 1836-1926.

Seney, E., E.; Musick, J., A., 2007:
Historical diet analysis of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in Virginia

Sakai, T., 2007:
Historical evolution of anatomical terminology from ancient to modern

Zheng, B-Hui.; Qin, Y-Wen.; Meng, W.; Zhang, L.; Wan, J., 2007:
Historical evolvement trends of nutrients in waters of Bohai Bay from 1985 to 2003

Anonymous, 1949:
Historical importance of the August session of VASHNIL in the development of agronomic science)

Neill, C.; Von-Holle, B.; Kleese, K.; Ivy, K., D.; Colllins, A., R.; Treat, C.; Dean, M., 2007:
Historical influences on the vegetation and soils of the Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts coastal sandplain: Implications for conservation and restoration

Mattos, R.A., 1949:
Historical notes on smut of sugar cane in Chaco

Grand, R., 1949:
Historical observations on the origin of maize

Meybeck, M.; Lestel, L.; Bonté, P.; Moilleron, Régis.; Colin, J.Louis.; Rousselot, O.; Hervé, D.; de Pontevès, C.; Grosbois, Cécile.; Thévenot, D.R., 2007:
Historical perspective of heavy metals contamination (Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Pb, Zn) in the Seine River basin (France) following a DPSIR approach (1950-2005)

Berenbrink, M., 2007:
Historical reconstructions of evolving physiological complexity: O2 secretion in the eye and swimbladder of fishes

Saunders, A.R., 1952:
Historical review of maize breeding at Potchefstroom

Dayton, W.A., 1951:
Historical sketch of Barilla (Halogeton glomeratus)

Anonymous, 1950:
Historical summary, present position, general objects and means of reconstituting vineyards

Jin, Y.; Saito, N.; Harada, K.H.; Inoue, K.; Koizumi, A., 2007:
Historical trends in human serum levels of perfluorooctanoate and perfluorooctane sulfonate in Shenyang, China

Oostenbrink, M., 1953:
Historische ontwikkeling van de nematologie in Nederland

Poland, J.L., 1954:
History and development of endothal

Bagenal, N.B., 1954:
History and development of the cultivated fruits Part IV

Howes, F.N., 1955:
History and development of the cultivated fruits Part VIII

Robbins, W.W., 1948:
History and development of weed control

Grigoraki, L., 1955:
History and diagnosis of the dermatophytes

Kendeigh, S.Charles, 1954:
History and evaluation of various concepts of plant and animal communities in North America

Crall, J.M., 1953:
History and present status of watermelon improvement by breeding

Thistle, M.W., 1949:
History and work of the Canadian Committee on Food Preservation

Fekete, Z., 1954:
History of Hungarian forest management.

Ranstead, J.M., 1950:
History of New Zealand milking Shorthorns

Faronato, P.P.; Spinella, N.; Paccagnella, A.; Baruffi, C.; Marcon, M.L.; Mauri, A.; Barbisan, C.; Foscolo, G., 2006:
History of Paola

Waldron, L.R., 1950:
History of amphiploid wheat breeding and some results

Poppmeier, A., 1948:
History of cattle and meat inspection in Graz and Styria

Mierzejewski, P.; Stefanski, R.; Bienkowski, P.; Kostowski, W., 2007:
History of cocaine self-administration alters morphine reinforcement in the rat

Calton, B.A.; Chang, S.Chen.; Wright, M.E.; Kipnis, V.; Lawson, K.; Thompson, F.E.; Subar, A.F.; Mouw, T.; Campbell, D.S.; Hurwitz, P.; Hollenbeck, A.; Schatzkin, A.; Leitzmann, M.F., 2007:
History of diabetes mellitus and subsequent prostate cancer risk in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study

Lines, E.W.L., 1952:
History of epizootics of myxomatosis in rabbits of S.A. during 1951-52

Spurr, S.H., 1954:
History of forest photogrammetry and aerial mapping

Faust, E.C., 1955:
History of human parasitic infections

Stadlbauer, C.; Reiter, C.; Patzak, B.; Stingeder, G.; Prohaska, T.; Mozart, W.Amadeus., 2007:
History of individuals of the 18th/19th centuries stored in bones, teeth, and hair analyzed by LA-ICP-MS--a step in attempts to confirm the authenticity of Mozart's skull

Williams, Gary, C., 2007:
History of invertebrate zoology at the California Academy of Sciences

Grondona, E.M., 1953:
History of mate

Baptista Braz, L.A.L., 1953:
History of meat inspection in Portugal

Bauer, Daryl, L., 2007:
History of muskellunge management in Nebraska

Welsh, J.N., 1954:
History of oat improvement - in Canada

Pyl, G., 1953:
History of of the Foot and Mouth Disease Research Institute on the island of Riems

Sauli, J.O., 1950:
History of plant breeding at Tammisto

Young, P.A.; Watkins, G.M., 1951:
History of plant disease research in Texas

Murrey, G.J.; Dallas, R.; Maki, A., 2007:
History of reported head trauma in a sample of women in substance abuse treatment

Lush, J.L.; Culbertson, C.C.; Craft, W.A.; Shearer, P.S.; Hazel, L.N., 1948:
History of swine breeding research at the Iowa Station

Haan, H.De., 1949:
History of the American bread wheat varieties

Henley, R.R., 1951:
History of the Bureau's work with tuberculin

Coppel, H.C.; Leius, K., 1955:
History of the Larch sawfly with notes on origin and biology. (Contr. Div. Ent. Dep. Agric. Can. No. 3285.)

Anon., 1948:
History of the Pasteur Institute, Lille

D.Vale, J.M., 1952:
History of the Portuguese Society of Veterinary Medicine

Cooney, E.A., 1949:
History of the Selwyn Plantation Board

Habran, R., 1949:
History of the cabbage. An attempt at a classification of the different species of cabbage

Margadant, C., 1953:
History of the control of diseases of animals in Switzerland from 1500 to 1800 A.D

Becker, R., 1950:
History of the development of white-clover growing in Germany

Herre, W.; Klaus-Dietmar, K., 1953:
History of the distribution of Ovis ammon in Europe

Maruashvili, G.M., 1955:
History of the investigation of trichinelliasis in Georgia.

Schadewaldt, H., 1953:
History of the word ' pathology'

Huttunen, E., 1955:
History of the work of the Tammisto Plant Breeding Station, 1913-54

Hyde, W.C., 1946:
History of tobacco growing in New Zealand

Borisovich, P.K., 1946:
History of veterinary scientific societies in Russia

Koropov, V.M., 1947:
History veterinary education in Russia

Sinclair, A.T., 1952:
History, development and summary of experimentation with calcium cyanamide

White, W.L.; Yeager, C.C.; Shotts, H., 1949:
History, distribution and economic significance of the cellulose-destroying fungus Memnoniella echinata

Relini, G.; Relini, M.; Palandri, G.; Merello, S.; Beccornia, E., 2007:
History, ecology and trends for artificial reefs of the Ligurian sea, Italy

Stakman, E.C., 1950:
History, prevalence and distribution of stem rust race 15B

Collins, J.L., 1949:
History, taxonomy and culture of the pineapple

Hernandez Corzo, A., 1954:
History, uses and importance of maize

Wallin, B., 1946:
Hjalmsater, a jointly owned pasture farm in Narke

Schofield, F.W., 1947:
Hjarre and Wramby disease in turkeys (coli-granuloma)

Dyk, V.; Lucky, Z.; Stedronsky, E., 1955:
Hlistice Raphidascaris acus v nasich mnicich

Woolaway, K.; Asai, K.; Emili, A.; Cochrane, A., 2007:
hnRNP E1 and E2 have distinct roles in modulating HIV-1 gene expression

Schmickl, T.; Crailsheim, K., 2007:
HoPoMo: A model of honeybee intracolonial population dynamics and resource management

Sand, P.F., E.Al., 1954:
Hoary cress, Russian knapweed and bur ragweed

Sand, P.F., 1955:
Hoary cresses and bur ragweed

Corns, W.G.; Frankton, C., 1952:
Hoary cresses in Canada with particular reference to their distribution and control in Alberta

Sexsmith, J.J., 1954:
Hoary cross

Gardner, H.W., 1949:
Hoary pepperwort in Hertfordshire

Dabrowska, K.; Zembala, M.; Boratynski, J.; Switala-Jelen, K.; Wietrzyk, J.; Opolski, A.; Szczaurska, K.; Kujawa, M.; Godlewska, J.; Gorski, A., 2007:
Hoc protein regulates the biological effects of T4 phage in mammals

Weissbach, L.; Beyer, J., 2007:
Hochdosischemotherapie und hamatopoetische stammzelltransplantation bei patienten mit keimzelltumoren

Saitoh, T.; Matsushima, T.; Yamane, A.; Sakuraya, M.; Irisawa, H.; Yokohama, A.; Handa, H.; Tsukamoto, N.; Karasawa, M.; Nojima, Y.; Murakami, H., 2007:
Hodgkin lymphoma accompanied by aplastic anemia and polyclonal expansion of large granular lymphocytes

Ende, N.; Pizzolato, P.; Ziskind, J., 1952:
Hodgkin's disease associated with histoplasmosis

Ceretto, F., 1955:
Hodgkin's disease in the dog

Bernatsky, S.; Ramsey-Goldman, R.; Isenberg, D.; Rahman, A.; Dooley, M.A.; Sibley, J.; Boivin, J-F.; Joseph, L.; Armitage, J.; Zoma, A.; Clarke, A., 2007:
Hodgkin's lymphoma in systemic lupus erythematosus

Biesmeijer, J., C.; Slaa, E.J.dith; Koedam, D., 2007:
Hoe angelloze bijen verkeersproblemen oplossen

Davies. C., 1947:
Hoeing between the rows

Steinmetz, H., 1954:
Hoes with several wide teeth

Verola, C.-Franco; Semir, J., 2007:
Hoffmannseggella viridiflora (Orchidaceae, Laellinae), a new species from Brazilian Campos Rupestres

Anon., 1951:
Hog cholera control in Alabama

Casselberry, N.H.; Malmquist, W.A.; Houlihan, R.B.; Boynton, W.H., 1953:
Hog cholera immunization with a new vaccine, propagated in vitro, and hog cholera antiserum

Childs, T., 1954:
Hog Cholera In Ontario In 1953

Burnett, E.O., 1946:
Hog raising and hog driving in the region of the French Broad River

Kay, A.W.; Jamieson, R.A.; Smith, W.E., 1949:
Hog-stomach extract and casein hydrolysate in peptic ulcer

Kopwillem, J., 1949:
Hoganas coal-tar oil as a wood preservative

Hopkins, W., 1947:
Hogs or logs?

Heiskanen, V., 1949:
Hoisting log lengths and making them into fuelwood.

Gomez-Menor, J., 1950:
Hoiuoptera that attack Fruit Trees

Villadangos, J.A., 2007:
Hold on, the monocytes are coming!

Koblikova, A.G., 1955:
Holding bent-and-glued objects under pressure when using casein glues.

Walzholz, G., 1949:
Holding times in holder pasteurizer

Segretain, G., 1949:
Hole of the inoculation wound in the development of tumours due to Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Laube, R., 1953:
Hole planting with the concave spade.

Ten Haaf, D.J., 1952:
Holiday camps for diabetic children

Tao, Y.; Wei, Q.; Xu, Z.; Bai, R.; Li, Y.; Luo, C.; Dong, Y.; Gao, G.; Lu, Y., 2006:
Holistic and network analysis of meningioma pathogenesis and malignancy

Symon, J.A., 1950:
Holland and its cattle

Zhao, Q.; Han, B.; Wang, Z.; Gao, C.; Peng, C.; Shen, J., 2007:
Hollow chitosan-alginate multilayer microcapsules as drug delivery vehicle: doxorubicin loading and in vitro and in vivo studies

Myers, Amy., 1948:
Hollow heart : an abnormal condition of the cotyledons of Pisum sativum L

Ciferri, R., 1951:
Hollow heart of cacao beans

Rakin, A.G., 1955:
Hollow panels with corrugated-veneer filling.

Thompson, H.S., 1954:
Hollyhock rust and its control

Sofer, M.; Binyamini, J.; Ekstein, P.M.; Bar-Yosef, Y.; Chen, J.; Matzkin, H.; Ben-Chaim, J., 2007:
Holmium laser ureteroscopic treatment of various pathologic features in pediatrics

Ely, R.E.; Moore, L.A., 1955:
Holocellulose and the summative analysis of forages

Giunta, S.; Morigi, C.; Negri, A.; Guichard, F.; Lericolais, G., 2007:
Holocene biostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental changes in the Black Sea based on calcareous nannoplankton

Witak, M.; Jankowska, D.; Piekarek-Jankowska, H., 2006:
Holocene diatom biostratigraphy of the southwestern Gulf of Gdansk, Southern Baltic Sea (Part I)

Makila, M.; Moisanen, M., 2007:
Holocene lateral expansion and carbon accumulation of Luovuoma, a northern fen in Finnish Lapland

Marriner, N.; Morhange, C.; Meulé, S., 2007:
Holocene morphogenesis of Alexander the Great's isthmus at Tyre in Lebanon

Tatosova, J.; Vesely, J.; Stuchlik, E., 2006:
Holocene subfossil chironomid stratigraphy (Diptera : Chironomidae) in the sediment of Plesne Lake (the Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic): Palaeoenvironmental implications

De-Castro-Manso, C.-Lara; Souza-Lima, W., 2007:
Holosalenia bahiensis, um novo equinoide (echinodermata) do albiano da bacia de camamu, brasil

Usborne, V., 1954:
Home and dispensary findings in a survey of Wasukuma children

Marloth, R.H., 1955:
Home curing of dates

De-Pee, S.; Moench-Pfanner, R.; Martini, E.; Zlotkin, S., H.; Darnton-Hill, I.; Bloem, M., W., 2007:
Home fortification in emergency response and transition programming: Experiences in Aceh and Nias, Indonesia

Fenton, F., E.Al., 1950:
Home freezing in Hawaii

Berg, A.M.; Snell, L.; Mahle, W.T., 2007:
Home inotropic therapy in children

Cox, A.M.; Malani, P.N.; Wiseman, S.W.; Kauffman, C.A., 2007:
Home intravenous antimicrobial infusion therapy: a viable option in older adults

Fabiani, L., 1950:
Home maize and American maize hybrids

Peyer, E., 1947:
Home manufacture of straw covers for the frost protection of vines

Anonymous, 1952:
Home orchard spray schedule

Hoffmann, S., 1948:
Home preservation of meat and sausage meats. Technical and bacteriological considerations

Willey, D., W.; Van-Riper, C.-Iii, 2007:
Home range characteristics of Mexican spotted owls in the canyonlands of Utah

Paul, P.; Plummer, J., 1949:
Home storage of nonfat dry milk solids

Laffont, I.; Dumas, C.; Pozzi, D.; Ruquet, M.; Tissier, A.Claire.; Lofaso, Fédéric.; Dizien, O., 2007:
Home trials of a speech synthesizer in severe dysarthria: patterns of use, satisfaction and utility of word prediction

Edmunds, H., 1954:
Home wintering of hill lambs

Quin, J.; Rogers, L.Q.; Markwell, S.; Butler, T.; McClafferty, R.; Hazelrigg, S., 2007:
Home-anticoagulation testing: accuracy of patient-reported values

Lenaghan, E.; Holland, R.; Brooks, A., 2007:
Home-based medication review in a high risk elderly population in primary care--the POLYMED randomised controlled trial

Dawson, E.H.; Reynolds, H.; Toepfer, E.W., 1949:
Home-canned versus home-frozen snap beans

Bamford, E.; Fenton, F., 1953:
Home-freezing vs. home-canning of peas. Palatability, ascorbic acid, total solids, and colour

Dawson, E.H.; Hammerle, O.A.; Trimble, P., 1952:
Home-frozen French-fried potatoes

Henderson, F.Y., 1950:
Home-grown Poplar

Breirem, K., 1954:
Home-grown fodder for cattle

Folley, R.R.W., 1947:
Home-grown fruit: output and value

Tincker, M.A.H., 1947:
Home-grown onion sets

Beynon, V.H., 1955:
Home-grown or purchased feedingstuffs ? The choice before the farmer

Kong, M-Shan.; Chung, P.Chi-Ho.; Lin, J-Nan., 2007:
Home-made double-channel endoscope for pediatric patients

Susa, T.; Nakayama, M.; Kitahara, K.; Kimoto, F.; Kato, T.; Kato, Y., 2007:
Homeodomain transcription factor Hesx1/Rpx occupies Prop-1 activation sites in porcine follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) beta subunit promoter

Yoon, C.H., 1955:
Homeostasis Associated with Heterozygosity in the Genetics of Time of Vaginal Opening in the House Mouse

Khiong, K.; Murakami, M.; Kitabayashi, C.; Ueda, N.; Sawa, S-ichiro.; Sakamoto, A.; Kotzin, B.L.; Rozzo, S.J.; Ishihara, K.; Verella-Garcia, M.; Kappler, J.; Marrack, P.; Hirano, T., 2007:
Homeostatically proliferating CD4 T cells are involved in the pathogenesis of an Omenn syndrome murine model

Kammermeier, P.J.; Worley, P.F., 2007:
Homer 1a uncouples metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 from postsynaptic effectors

Narendra, A., 2007:
Homing strategies of the Australian desert ant Melophorus bagoti. I. Proportional path-integration takes the ant half-way home

Narendra, A., 2007:
Homing strategies of the Australian desert ant Melophorus bagoti. II. Interaction of the path integrator with visual cue information

Collard, M.; Wood, B., 2007:
Hominin homoiology: an assessment of the impact of phenotypic plasticity on phylogenetic analyses of humans and their fossil relatives

Martín-Herrero, F.; Martín-Moreiras, J.; Pabón, P.; Sánchez, P.L.; Moríñigo-Muñoz, Jé.Luis.; Jimenez-Candil, J.; Cruz-González, I.; Alberca, I.; González-Porras, Jé.Ramón.; Martín-Luengo, Cándido., 2006:
Homocysteine and outcome in young patients with acute coronary syndromes

Patterson, S.; Flatt, P.R.; McClenaghan, N.H., 2007:
Homocysteine-induced impairment of insulin secretion from clonal pancreatic BRIN-BD11 beta-cells is not prevented by catalase

Chattaway, M.M., 1949:
Homogeneity in the rays

Wittig, A.B., 1949:
Homogenisation of milk for human consumption

Ilgner, G.; Thturau, R., 1951:
Homogenised milk enriched with vitamin D for infants

Adam, A., 1950:
Homogenised, certified milk with added vitamin D for children

Ilgner, G.; Thurau, R., 1951:
Homogenized and vitamin D enriched milk in infant nutrition

Beyer, H., 1953:
Homogenized evaporated milk for infant feeding

Pont, E.G., 1954:
Homogenized milk

Babcock, C.J.; Windham, E.; Randall, R., 1949:
Homogenized milk VII. Effect of agitation during freezing on the keeping quality of frozen homogenized milk

Hellstrom, V.; Andersson, R., 1950:
Homogenized milk. An examination with particular reference to the vitamin content.

Glazier, L.R.; Dowd, L.R., 1952:
Homogenizers as timing pumps on HTST pasteurizers

Hou, M.; Berman, P.; Hsu, C-Hao.; Harris, R.S., 2007:
HomologMiner: looking for homologous genomic groups in whole genomes

Poeteees, R., 1950:
Homologous intraspecific subdivision and monophyletic origin of each of the species O. sativa L. and O. glaberrima St

Roberts, E.; Mueller, C.D., 1953:
Homologous mutations affecting eye color in White Plymouth Rocks

Oliphant, J.W.; Hollaender, A., 1946:
Homologous serum jaundice; experimental inactivation of etiologic agent in serum by ultraviolet irradiation

Hutt, F.B., 1953:
Homologous sex-linked mutations in man and other mammals

Dameron, Joseph, T., 1950:
Homologous transplantation of fetal endocrine tissue to adult non-related host

Speranskiy, K.; Cascio, M.; Kurnikova, M., 2007:
Homology modeling and molecular dynamics simulations of the glycine receptor ligand binding domain

Bauer, K.; Hummel, M.; Berek, C.; Paar, C.; Rosenberger, C.; Kerzel, S.; Versmold, H.; Zemlin, M., 2007:
Homology-directed recombination in IgH variable region genes from human neonates, infants and adults: implications for junctional diversity

Hughes, M.E.; Bortnick, R.; Tsubouchi, A.; Bäumer, P.; Kondo, M.; Uemura, T.; Schmucker, D., 2007:
Homophilic Dscam interactions control complex dendrite morphogenesis

Chen, H-Chin.; Yamauchi, T.; Tamaoka, K.; Vaid, J., 2007:
Homophonic and semantic priming of Japanese Kanji words: a time course study

Hall, B.K., 2007:
Homoplasy and homology: dichotomy or continuum?

Leigh, S.R., 2007:
Homoplasy and the evolution of ontogeny in papionin primates

Rendall, D.; Di Fiore, A., 2007:
Homoplasy, homology, and the perceived special status of behavior in evolution

Dickson, R.C.; Fleschner, C.A., 1955:
Homopterous Insects attacking Avocado in Central America and Mexico

Teas, H.J.; Horowitz, N.H.; Fling, M., 1948:
Homoserine as a precursor of threonine and methionine in Neurospora

Lu-Jiuquan; Zhao-Dapeng; Li-Baoguo, 2007:
Homosexual mounting within one all-male juvenile unit in wild Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana)

Olive, L.S., 1951:
Homothallism and heterothallism in Glomerella

Schopfer, W.H.; Bein, M.L.; Besson, G.; Eichin, R., 1951:
Homothiamine glycol, antivitamin B1

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Hormones kill horsetail

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Hormones kill horsetail

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Horns mobile at the root.

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Horticultural Research Station, Tatura

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Hot damage to planted Pines

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Hot gluing with 'Kaurit' glue.

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Hot press gluing of hardboards to Douglas Fir veneers with phenolic resin adhesives

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Hot press technique has become precise operation

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Hot-water treatment of plants

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Hot-water treatment of strawberry runners

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Hotbed - a help in the germination of Lime seed.

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Hotgluing of wood with the aid of R.F. heating.

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Hough detector with binary integration signal processor

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Hourly variations in the incidence of forest fires

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House plants

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Household expenditure in France and in England

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How Californians fight frost