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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13801

Chapter 13801 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lavrik, P.I., 1954:
Producing vegetative hybrids of apple.

Veselov, V.M., 1951:
Producing winter branching wheat.

Borchgrevink, G., 1954:
Product and process variables related to the effect of moisture on hardboard

Rogick, L.A., 1946:
Production . and vitamin A content of commercial samples of shark liver oil

Naves, Y.R., 1952:
Production and analysis of Brazilian rosewood oil

Koelliker, E.; Ruosch., 1949:
Production and application of nitrophosphate.

Pinardi, G., 1948:
Production and characteristics of high-grade textile fibres from agricultural by-products, with special reference to possibilities in Argentina

Gubbins, M.J.; Berry, J.D.; Schmidt, L.; Cabral, T.; Kabani, A.; Tsang, R.S., 2007:
Production and characterization of a monoclonal antibody to Francisella tularensis lipopolysaccharide

Yang, Z-You.; Shim, W-Bo.; Kim, M-Gon.; Lee, K-Ho.; Kim, K-Sung.; Kim, K-Yup.; Kim, C-Ho.; Ha, S-Do.; Chung, D-Hwa., 2007:
Production and characterization of monoclonal and recombinant antibodies against antimicrobial sulfamethazine

Mancia, F.; Brenner-Morton, S.; Siegel, R.; Assur, Z.; Sun, Y.; Schieren, I.; Mendelsohn, M.; Axel, R.; Hendrickson, W.A., 2007:
Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies sensitive to conformation in the 5HT2c serotonin receptor

Anonymous, 1952:
Production and chemical composition of organic matter

Huang, G-Liang.; Mei, X-Ya., 2007:
Production and chitinase-binding ability of lipo-chitopentaose nodulation factor

Stamenkovic, B., 1952:
Production and consumption of pulpwood and its products in Jugoslavia and throughout the world.

Reid, M.E., 1954:
Production and counteraction of a fatty acid deficiency in the guinea pig

Carpenter, J.B., 1949:
Production and discharge of basidiospores of Pellicularia filamentosa (Pat.) Rogers on Hevea Rubber

Richardson, F.N., 1954:
Production and distribution of the 1953 English hop crop

Gregson, F., 1949:
Production and distribution of timber in W.A

Bindrich, H.; Dedie, K., 1952:
Production and evaluation of hyperimmune distemper serum

Friedman, M.; Byers, S.O.; Michaelis, F., 1951:
Production and excretion of cholesterol in mammals. 4. Role of liver in restoration of plasma cholesterol after experimentally induced hypercholesteremia

Friedman, M.; Byers, S.O.; Shibata, E., 1952:
Production and excretion of cholesterol in mammals. VI. Bile acid accumulation in production of hypercholesteremia occurring after biliary obstruction

Byers, S.O.; Friedman, M.; Shibata, E., 1952:
Production and excretion of cholesterol in mammals. 7. Biliary cholesterol: increment and indicator of hepatic synthesis of cholesterol

D.Crecchio, R., 1954:
Production and export of Pergolone grapes in the province of Chieti

Longo, A., 1946:
Production and export of table grapes in Italy

Gisiger, L., 1951:
Production and fertilizer experiments with winter rape.

Turner, H.M., 1952:
Production and handling of coke in country

Bae, J-Han.; Kim, D-Soo.; Suh, M-Jung.; Oh, S-Ryang.; Lee, I-Jung.; Kang, S-Chul.; Hou, C.T.; Kim, H-Ryul., 2007:
Production and identification of a novel compound, 7,10-dihydroxy-8(E)-hexadecenoic acid from palmitoleic acid by Pseudomonas aeruginosa PR3

Tortobelli, N., 1951:
Production and longevity in the fowl

Kehl, R.; Douard, T., 1950:
Production and maintenance of implantations in the castrated, pregnant rabbit by synergistic action of vitamin ' E and progesterone

Beggs, J.P., 1947:
Production and management of the rape crop

Todd, B.J.; Evans, C.D., 1953:
Production and market facilities for commercial vegetables in South Carolina

Furlong, J.R., 1951:
Production and marketing of Colonial hides and skins

Ruhne, H., 1949:
Production and marketing of sterilized cream in Sweden, 1939-1948

Katlaps, M.; Freibergs, L., 1955:
Production and morphological characters of sheep in the Latvian Republic

Bonadonna, T., 1955:
Production and national consumption of products of animal origin

Deak, A.; Hall, M.H.; Sanderson, M.A.; Archibald, D.D., 2007:
Production and nutritive value of grazed simple and complex forage mixtures

Daramola, B.; Adegoke, G.O., 2007:
Production and partial characterization of food grade breadfruit acetylated starch

Ledford, V.L.; Alexander, W.H., 1951:
Production and price of milk sold by Louisiana farmers during 1949-50

Production and properties of a penicillinresistant strain of feline pneumonitis virus

Cruz, S.R., 1953:
Production and processing of ramie

Beynon, V.H.; Davies, T.H., 1955:
Production and profit on a small Devon farm

Blackwood, A.C.; Wheat, J.A.; Leslie, J.D.; Ledingham, G.A.Simpson, F.J., 1949:
Production and properties of 2, 3-Butanediol. XXXI. Pilot plant studies on the fermentation of wheat by Aerobacillus polymyxa

Wheat, J.A.; Leslie, J.D.; Tomkins, R.V.; Mitton, H.E.; Scott, D.S.Ledingham, G.A., 1948:
Production and properties of 2,3-Butanediol. 28. Pilot plant recovery of levo-2,3-Butanediol from whole wheat mashes fermented by Aerobacillus polymyxa

Tomkins, R.V.; Scott, D.S.Simpson, F.J., 1948:
Production and properties of 2,3-Butanediol. 29. Pilot plant studies on fermentation of barley by Aerobacillus polymyxa and recovery of the products

Anuradha, P.; Vijayalakshmi, K.; Prasanna, N.D.; Sridevi, K., 2007:
Production and properties of alkaline xylanases from Bacillus sp isolated from sugarcane fields

Lockwood, J.L.; Leben, C.; Keitt, G.W., 1954:
Production and properties of antiniycin A from a new Streptomyces isolate

Smeby, R.R.; Leben, C.; Keitt, G.W.; Strong, F.M., 1952:
Production and purification of the antibiotic helixin

Kaufman, C.M.; Posey, H.G., 1953:
Production and quality of Pond Pine seed in a pocosin area of North Carolina

Krukier, I.I.; Pogorelova, T.N.; Orlov, V.I., 2007:
Production and reception of the growth factor in the placenta during the physiological pregnancy and the pregnancy, complicated with gestosis

de Azeredo, L.A.I.; Gomes, Pícia.M.; Sant'Anna, G.L.; Castilho, L.R.; Freire, D.M.G., 2007:
Production and regulation of lipase activity from Penicillium restrictum in submerged and solid-state fermentations

Stevens, C.M.; Mylroie, A., 1953:
Production and reversion of biochemical mutants of Neurospora crassa with mustard compounds

Waggoner, P.E.; Dimond, A.E., 1955:
Production and role of extracellular pectic enzymes of Fusariam oxysporum f. lycopersici

Seligman, H., 1952:
Production and supply of medically important radioisotopes

Dedie, K., 1951:
Production and testing of swine erysipelas adsorbate vaccine on the Island of, Riems

Ercegovac, D., 1952:
Production and titration of rabies immune serum.

Engel, P., 1947:
Production and Treatment of Hepatitis With Focal Necrosis of the Liver in White Mice

Spielmann, W.; Schmitt, G., 1950:
Production and use of anti-O cattle serum

Plous, Evan, 2007:
Production and use of biodegradable materials for incorporation in a non-toxic, eco-friendly battery

Kaplan, M.M., 1948:
Production and use of new biological products against swine erysipelas in Poland

Rohrer, H.; Mohlmann, H.; Pyl, G., 1950:
Production and use of the Riems F. & M. disease adsorbate vaccine

Van Horn, D.L., 1952:
Production and uses of castor beans

Trudolyubov, B.A., 1951:
Production and utilisation of hay meal

Patel, M.S., 1952:
Production and utilisation of tobacco seed oil and cake

Mayer Wegelin, H., 1954:
Production and utilization of Beech wood (Fagus sylvatica).

Owens, H.S.; Rasmussen, C.L.; Maclay, W.D., 1951:
Production and utilization of sugar beets

Jacobson, H.G.M.; Swanson, C.L.W., 1950:
Production and value of poultry manure

Veicman, L.N.; Lanin, F.I.; Kol Ganova, O.A., 1953:
Production and viability of guinea-fowl in batteries

Boerger, A., 1952:
Production at La Estanzuela of a form of L. multiflorum resistantto S. graminum and P. coronata

Stonaker, H.H.; Agarwala, O.P.; Sundaresan, D., 1953:
Production characteristics of crossbred, back-cross, and purebred Red Sindhi cattle in the Gangetic Plains region

Johansson, I., 1953 :
Production characteristics of dairy cattle with regard to heredity, evaluation of breeding value and possibilities for improvement.

Laurent, F., 1953:
Production d'hybrides provenant de 3 races. Tri-way cross

Fellows, I.F.; Frick, G.E.; Weeks, S.B., 1952:
Production efficiency on New England dairy farms. 1. A preliminary appraisal of cost reduction opportunities

Fellows, I.F.; Frick, G.E.; Weeks, S.B., 1952:
Production efficiency on New England dairy farms. 2. Economies of scale in dairying-an exploration in farm management research methodology

Beaty, J.D., 1946:
Production factors affecting the bonding of Douglas Fir plywood with synthetic resin adhesives

Narvaez Rahirez, G.L., 1951:
Production from Jersey and Holstein breeds in a humid tropical climate and under intensive management

Hall, T.D.; Meredith, D.; Altona, R.E., 1950:
Production from grassland in South Africa. Fertilizer treatments and livestock gains on veld

Bratlie, O., 1952:
Production hygiene and milk quality

Slusher, M.W.; Mullins, T., 1950:
Production items and costs for enterprises on. Arkansas rice farms

Zurn, F., 1953:
Production limits on the high alpine meadows

Lindquist, B.; Petrini, S., 1950 :
Production losses in Swedish forestry today.

Thornton, H.R.; Shaw, R.K.; Wood, F.W., 1948:
Production methods and the keeping quality of churning cream

Varela Martinez, R., 1948:
Production of Agave americana in Colombia

Dubos, R.J.; Fenner, F., 1950:
Production Of Bcg Vaccine In A Liquid Medium Containing Tween 80 And A Soluble Fraction Of Heated Human Serum : I. Production And Viability Of The Culture

Fenner, F.; Dubos, R.J., 1950:
Production Of Bcg Vaccine In A Liquid Medium Containing Tween 80 And A Soluble Fraction Of Heated Human Serum : Ii. Antigenicity Of The Culture After Various Periods Of Storage

Weintraub, R.L.; Brown, J.W.; Fields, M.; Rohan, J., 1950:
Production of C14O2 from labeled 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by plants

White, D.G.; Pagan, C.; Jones, M.A., 1948:
Production of Derris elliptica in relation to type of cutting and age at harvest

Butterfield, H.M., 1947:
Production of Easter lily bulbs

Wei, S.; Song, Q.; Wei, D., 2007:
Production of Gluconobacter oxydans cells from low-cost culture medium for conversion of glycerol to dihydroxyacetone

Tateno, T.; Fukuda, H.; Kondo, A., 2007:
Production of L-Lysine from starch by Corynebacterium glutamicum displaying alpha-amylase on its cell surface

Chen, Y.; Xing, X.-Hui; Ye, F.; Kuang, Y.; Luo, M., 2007:
Production of MBP-HepA fusion protein in recombinant Escherichia coli by optimization of culture medium

Davis, G.N.; Whitaker, T.W.; Bohn, G.W., 1953:
Production of Muskmelons in California

Anonymous, 1947:
Production of Pine and other timbers, both sawn and further converted for 1945 and 1946.

Cortazar Sagarminaga, R., 1950:
Production of Wheats resistant to the coloured rusts (Puccinia spp.) in Chile

Ensminger, M.E.; Brugman, H.H.; Johnson, R.F., 1948:
Production of a bacon type hog suitable to the feed and climatic conditions of the Pacific Northwest

Jacob, F.; Simonovitch, L.; Wollmann, E., 1951:
Production of a colicine by Bact. coli after ultraviolet irradiation

Shipe, E.L.; Holtman, D.F., 1948:
Production of a less sensitive rapid antigen for diagnosis of brucella infections

Tome, G.A., 1953:
Production of a lucerne variety resistant to stem nematode

Dewaele, S.; Muchez, P.; Hertogen, J., 2007:
Production of a matrix-matched standard for quantitative analysis of iron sulphides by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry by welding: A pilot study

Mayer, G.; Klein, M., 1946:
Production of a new gestation during pregnancy in the rabbit

Klein, M.; Mayer, G., 1946:
Production of a new luteal phase during gestation in the rabbit

Mayer, G.; Klein, M., 1946:
Production of a new phase of pseudo-pregnancy during pseudo-pregnancy in the rabbit. Evolution of two generations of yellow bodies. Reactions of the uterine horns and the mammary gland

Vermette, Mélanie.; Trottier, Vérie.; Ménard, V.; Saint-Pierre, L.; Roy, A.; Fradette, J., 2007:
Production of a new tissue-engineered adipose substitute from human adipose-derived stromal cells

Tangl, H., 1949:
Production of a new type of powdered alfalfa with a high biological value

Raottl, Y.; Mabnay, C., 1948:
Production of a nieotinic acid deficiency in Escherichia coll

Sun, H.; Ge, X.; Zhang, W., 2007:
Production of a novel raw-starch-digesting glucoamylase by Penicillium sp X-1 under solid state fermentation and its use in direct hydrolysis of raw starch

Bosshardt, D.K.; Paul, W.J.; Barnes, R.H.; Huff, J.W., 1950:
Production of a nutritional deficiency in mice fed a low fat diet

Fischer, C.W.; Jr., 1950:
Production of a toxic volatile by flowering stems of common snapdragon and calceolaria

Hoskin, F.C.G.; Krotkov, G.; Moir, R.Y.; Reed, G.B., 1953:
Production of acetate by higher plants, as determined by the isotope dilution technique

Springer, U.; Romacker, W., 1952:
Production of acetyl bromide for the determination of humus.

Renko, P.; Gallone, A., 1955:
Production of acetylmethylcarbinol and dia-cetyl in cultures during cream ripening and their importance for butter aroma.

Karnofsky, D.A.; Ridgway, L.P.; Patterson, P.A., 1950:
Production of achondroplasia in the chick embryo with thallium

Narayanamaurti, D.; George, J.; Verma, G.M., 1952:
Production of acids by fungi.

Boutwell, R.K.; Rusch, H.P.; Chiang, R., 1951:
Production of acrodynia in mice fed diets low in pyridoxine

Welsch, M., 1946:
Production of actinomycin or a closely related substance by a species of Strepto-myces distinct from the Streptomyces antibioticus of Waksman and Woodruff

Farber, E.; Popper, H., 1950:
Production of acute pancreatitis with ethionine and its prevention by methionine

Koenig, H.; Koenig, R., 1949:
Production of acute pulmonary edema by ammonium salts

Drechsler, C., 1954:
Production of aerial arthrospores by Harposporium bysmatosporum

Kameraz, A.Ja., 1949:
Production of agronomically valuable blight-resistant forms of potato by hybridization between the wild species Solanum demissum and the cultivated species S. tuberosum.

Hutton, E.M., 1953:
Production of allopolyploids in Phalaris by a modified colchicine technique

Anisha, G.S.; Prema, P., 2007:
Production of alpha-galactosidase by a novel actinomycete Streptomyces griseoloalbus and its application in soymilk hydrolysis

Subba, B.; Kurumbang, N.Prasad.; Jung, Y.Soo.; Yoon, Y.Joon.; Lee, H.Chan.; Liou, K.; Sohng, J.Kyung., 2007:
Production of aminoglycosides in non-aminoglycoside producing Streptomyces lividans TK24

Soudzilovskaia, N.A.; Vagin, I.A.; Onipchenko, V.G., 2006:
Production of an alpine lichen heath under fertilization and irrigation: Results of 6 years experiment in the Northwest Caucasus

Maas, W.K.; Davis, B.D., 1952:
Production of an Altered Pantothenate-Synthesizing Enzyme by a Temperature-Sensitive Mutant of Escherichia Coli

Hong, S-Young.; Kim, T-Geum.; Kwon, T-Ho.; Jang, Y-Suk.; Yang, M-Sik., 2007:
Production of an anti-mouse MHC class II monoclonal antibody with biological activity in transgenic tobacco

Movitz, D.; Howell, K.M., 1948:
Production of an antireticular cytotoxic serum

Grossowics, N.; Kaplan, D.; Schneerson, S., 1947:
Production of an antibiotic substance by a lactobacillus

Grossbard, E., 1948:
Production of an antibiotic substance on wheat straw and other organic materials and in the soil

Al, J.; Wiechers, S.G., 1952:
Production of an artificial human milk by means of electro-dialysis

Cartwright, G.E.; Wintrobe, M.M.; Humphreys, S., 1946:
Production of anemia in a pig which responded to purified liver extract

Cartwright, G.E.; Wintrobe, M.M., 1949:
Production of anemia in swine fed purified diets and sulfasuxidine

Stiven, G., 1952:
Production of antibiotic substances by the roots of a grass (Trachypogon plumosus (H.B.K.) Nees) and of Pentanisia variabi is (E. Mey.) Harv. (Rubiaceae)

Arnstein, H.E.V.; Cook, A.H.; Lacey, M Argaret, S., 1946:
Production of antibiotics by fungi. Part II: Production by Fusarium javanicum and other Fusaria

Fagraeus, A.; Grabar, P., 1953:
Production of antibodies by rabbits into which portions of spleen from immunized rabbits have been transplanted

Kramer, K.; Hubauer, A.; Lausterer, R.; Salvador, J.P.; Marco, M.P., 2007:
Production of antibodies for the quantitative detection of the anabolically active androgens 17 beta-boldenone and methylboldenone

Brian, P.W.; Hemming, H.G., 2011:
Production of antifungal and antibacterial substances by fungi; preliminary examination of 166 strains of fungi imperfecti

Banerjee, A.K.; Mukherjee, S.K.; Nandi, P., 1954:
Production of antifungal substances by Streptomyces spp. isolated from Indian soil

Nichols, C.W.; Lindsay, S.; Chaikoff, I.L., 1955:
Production of arteriosclerosis in birds by the prolonged feeding of dihydrocholesterol

Steiner, A.; Kendall, F.E.; Bevans, M., 1949:
Production of arteriosclerosis in dogs by cholesterol and thiouracil feeding

Pease, R.W., 1948:
Production of bacteria-free walnut kernels

Van Wyk, H.P.D., 1951:
Production of beef in grain areas. 2. Utilisation of available feeds

Gattani, M.L., 1952:
Production of better penicillin-producing strains by mutation induced by uranium nitrate

Casteonovo, A., 1955:
Production of binucleate zoospores by Phytophthora infestans

Castronovo, A., 1955:
Production of binucleate zoospores of Ph. infestans

Morishige, J.; Touchika, K.; Tanaka, T.; Satouchi, K.; Fukuzawa, K.; Tokumura, A., 2007:
Production of bioactive lysophosphatidic acid by lysophospholipase D in hen egg white

Rocha, M.V.P.; Souza, M.C.M.; Benedicto, S.C.L.; Bezerra, Márcio.S.; Macedo, G.R.; Pinto, G.A.Saavedra.; Gonçalves, L.R.B., 2008:
Production of biosurfactant by Pseudomonas aeruginosa grown on cashew apple juice

Martin, J.S., 1946:
Production of bleachable sulphate pulps from rapid-growth Douglas Fir

Sarchielli, P.; Zaffaroni, M.; Floridi, A.; Greco, L.; Candeliere, A.; Mattioni, A.; Tenaglia, S.; D.F.lippo, M.; Calabresi, P., 2007:
Production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor by mononuclear cells of patients with multiple sclerosis treated with glatiramer acetate, interferon-beta 1a, and high doses of immunoglobulins

Mondonedo, J.R., 1950:
Production of broilers from New Hampshire, Los Banos Cantonese, and Single Comb White Leghorn breeds of poultry

Zheltakov, A., 1948:
Production of butter with reduced outlay on cooling

Benson, M., 1950:
Production of buttermilk drinks

Campbell, L.A., 1953:
Production of calcium lactate and lactic acid from cheese whey

Black, D.G.S.; Booth, R.G., 1946:
Production of capons by the use of synthetic oestrogens

Saeland., 1952:
Production of caracul skins and increasing the supply of mutton

Heim, W.G.; Appleman, D.; Pyfrom, H.T., 1955:
Production of catalase changes in animals with 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole

Rodda, T.E., 1946:
Production of cattle in Waikato and Waipa

Leite, R.Simões.Ribeiro.; Bocchini, D.Alonso.; Martins, E.Da.Silva.; Silva, Dêenis.; Gomes, E.; Da Silva, R., 2008:
Production of cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic enzymes from Aureobasidium pulluans on solid state fermentation

Fernow, K.M.; Garces, O.C., 1949:
Production of certified Potato seed

Fernow, K.H.; Garces, O.; C., 1949:
Production of certified seed potatoes

Purewal, S.S., 1954:
Production of chillies

Jung, W.; Jo, G.; Kuk, J.; Kim, Y.; Oh, K.; Park, R., 2007:
Production of chitin from red crab shell waste by successive fermentation with Lactobacillus paracasei KCTC-3074 and Serratia marcescens FS-3

Molina, J.S.; Spaini, L.S., 1947:
Production of colloids in the aerobic decomposition of cellulose. Their influence on the amelioration of the structure of red soils in Misiones.

Calle, H., 1955:
Production of combustible gas by methanic fermentation of coffee pulp.

Demortier, G., 1951:
Production of combustible gas on the farm.

Voskresensku, S.K., 1954:
Production of concentrated fertilizers from native phosphates.

Grachev, I.I., 1952:
Production of conditioned reflex on the basis of mechanical stimulation of the teat

Gilbert, W.J.; Hickey, R.J., 1946:
Production of Conidia in Submerged Cultures of Penicillium notatum

Heydecker, W., 1955:
Production of controlled atmospheres in the soil

Granados, L.C.D., 1948:
Production of cotton in the Department of Magdalena

Londono, B.; M., 1948:
Production of cotton in the Department of Tolima

Carpinisan, T., 1955:
Production of cotton plants with limited sympodial branching

Ward, A.H.; Castle, O.M.; Lawry, H.B., 1947:
Production of cows milking on three quarters only

Chamorro, A., 1948:
Production of cystic hyperplasia of the mammary gland in the adult female rat by thyroidectomy

Pincus, P., 1949:
Production of dental caries; a new hypothesis

Anantharamiah, S.N.; Laxminarayana, H.; Iya, K.K., 1955:
Production of diacetyl by Streptococcus citrophilus-209

Porter, C.L.; Himelick, E., 1952:
Production of disease-free planting stock of Mentha piperita L

Dykstra, T.P., 1948:
Production of disease-free seed potatoes

Porter, C.L.; Himelick, E., 1952:
Production of disease-free stock of Mentha piperita L

Bachhuber, T.E.; Lalich, J.J., 1954:
Production of dissecting aneurysms in rats fed Lathyrus odoratus

Shtalberg, S., 1948:
Production of dried butter

Dyachenko, P.; Karunina, L.; Bogdanova, E., 1948:
Production of dried casein

Allard, R.W., 1953:
Production of dry edible lima beans in California

Charles, A.H., 1955:
Production of early grass

Zubeldia Llzarduy, A., 1955:
Production of early varieties

Mendez, R.E.D., 1952:
Production of early varieties of cotton for the Central Coastal Belt

Buzulin, G.S., 1946:
Production of early varieties of tomato

Vezzani, V.; Raimondi, R., 1949:
Production of ensiled forages and their use in feeding cattle for milk production and breeding. (Summary of seven years' investigations and experiments)

Bell, W.B.; Veliz, M.O., 1952:
Production of entetotoxin by staphylococci recovered from the bovine mammary gland

Chakravarty, N.K.; Chaudhuri, R.N., 1951:
Production of epidemic dropsy in monkeys

Barki, V.M.; Nath, H., 1947:
Production of essential fatty acid deficiency symptoms in the mature rat

Naves, Y.R., 1951:
Production of essential oils by distillation

Ross, A.F., 1951:
Production of ethylene by virus-infected plants

Bolsunov, I., 1952:
Production of exceptionally high yielding varieties as the task of the moment in modern tobacco breeding

Crook, D., A.; O'mahony, D.; Gillanders, B., M.; Munro, A., R.; Sanger, A., C., 2007:
Production of external fluorescent marks on golden perch fingerlings through osmotic induction marking with alizarin red S

Daroit, D., J.; Silveira, S., T.; Hertz, P., F.; Brandelli, A., 2007:
Production of extracellular beta-glucosidase by Monascus purpureus on different growth substrates

Osoka, O.M.; Mikhailova, R.V.; Lobanok, A.G., 2007:
Production of extracellular phenol-oxidizing enzymes by asco- and zygomycetes

Ito, E.-Tiemi; Varea-Pereira, G.; Miyagui, D.-Tomoe; Pimenta-Pinotti, M.-Helena; Oliveira-Janeiro-Neves, P.-Manoel, 2007:
Production of extracellular protease by a Brazilian strain of Beauveria bassiana reactivated on coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei

Chevallier, A.; Burg, C.; Wagner, R., 1950:
Production of fatty acids with four double bonds during fasting in the rat

Bridger, G.L.; Boylan, D.R., 1953:
Production of fertilizer from phosphate rock by fusion with magnesium and potassium sulphates

Jayaraman, N.; Krishnaswami, K.R., 1953:
Production of fertilizers by thermal processing of phosphatic minerals

Anonymous, 1954:
Production of fibreboard from secondary colonial timbers

Anonymous, 1952:
Production of fibreboards from secondary colonial timbers

Anonymous, 1953:
Production of fibreboards from secondary colonial timbers 1952

Noonan, J.L., 1947:
Production of field beans in New England. A profitable leguminous rotation crop

Zubovic, J., 1952:
Production of firewood in Serbia.

Anonymous, 1947:
Production of flax seed in Holland for export

Anonymous, 1947:
Production of flax seed in the Netherlands for export

Frew, S., 1948:
Production of flower and vegetable seeds on the Wairau Plains of Marlborough

Hosain, M.F., 1946:
Production of fodder grasses in India

Harris, E.E.; Hannan, M.L.; Marquardt, R.R., 1947:
Production of fodder yeast

Marcilla Arrazola, J.; Feduchy Marino, E.; Revs Cid, A., 1947:
Production of fodder yeast from the tuberous rhizomes of asphodel in Spain. 1. Preliminary and laboratory work

Bond, T.J., 1953:
Production of folinic acid from folic acid by Lactobacillus casei

Yadav, H.; Jain, S.; Sinha, P.R., 2007:
Production of free fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid in problotic dahi containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei during fermentation and storage

Banerjee, S.; Mukherjee, N., 1954:
Production of fructifications of Marasmius campanella Holterm. in culture

Kuc, J.; Ullstrup, A.J.; Quackenbush, F.W., 1955:
Production of fungistatic substances by plant tissue after inoculation

Jayme, G., 1947:
Production of furfural and pulp of low pentosan content from Beech.

Liebscher, W., 1953:
Production of germinated fodder

Brian, P.W., 1946:
Production of gliotoxin by Penicillium terlikowskii Zal

Reyntens, H., 1949:
Production of grass seed

Holland, A.H.; Kendrick, J.L.nge, W.H.; Macgillivray, J.H., 1953:
Production of green Lima Beans for freezing

Brian, P.W.; Curtis, P.J.; Hemming, H.G., 1955:
Production of griseofulvin by Penicillium raistrickii

Sellschop, J., 1946:
Production of ground nuts in the sugar belt

Glaser, R.J.; Berry, J.W.; Loeb, L.H., 1953:
Production of group A streptococcal cervical lymphadenitis in mice

Barnett, H.L.; Lilly, V.D., 1949:
Production of haploid and diploid fruit bodies of Lenzites trabea in culture

King, F.W.; Bender, F., 1952:
Production of hard-pressed fibreboard from Western Red Cedar mill waste

Kumar, G.B.Sunil.; Ganapathi, T.R.; Bapat, V.A., 2007:
Production of hepatitis B surface antigen in recombinant plant systems: an update

Roper, J.A., 1952:
Production of heterozygous diploids in filamentous fungi

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Production of high alphacellulose wood pulps and their properties

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Production of high and low blood-pH lines of mice by selection with inbreeding

Samsonov, M.M., 1955:
Production of high-quality wheats.

Brown, K.J.; Mcgovern, J.N., 1950:
Production of high-yield pulps from Aspen by mild treatments with sodium hydroxide

Fridentalj, S.M., 1953 :
Production of high-yielding varieties of peas

Chase, Sherret, S., 1952:
Production of homozygous diploids of maize from monoploids

Scossiroli, R., 1949:
Production of hybrid and local maize varieties with different spacings

Andrade Sobrinho, J.D.Smith, E., 1952:
Production of hybrid maize seed in the state of Sao Paulo

Bullard, E.T.; Stevenson, E.C., 1953:
Production of hybrid tomato seed

Soost, R.K.; Cameron, J.W., 1954:
Production of hybrids by the use of stored trifoliate orange pollen

Kawase, K., 1955:
Production of hydrated active carbon from decayed wood

Rozansky, R.; Weber, D.; Gurevitch, J., 1950:
Production of hydrogen sulfide by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hoekstra, W.G.; Dicke, R.J.; Phillips, P.H., 1954:
Production of hyperkeratosis in calves with a topically applied oil-based insecticide carrier

Selye, H., 1950:
Production of hypertension and hyalinosis by desoxocortisone

Moses, C.; Longabaugh, G.M.; George, R.S., 1950:
Production of hypertension following choline deficiency in weanling rats

Sapirstein, L.A.; Brandt, W.L.; Drury, D.R., 1950:
Production of hypertension in the rat by substituting hypertonic sodium chloride solutions for drinking water

Douglas, D.M.; Ghent, W.R.; Rowlands, S., 1951:
Production of hypochlorhydria by beta radiation of the stomach

Buddle, M.B., 1954:
Production of immunity against Clostridium chauvoei infection in sheep

Buddle, M.B., 1954:
Production of immunity against ovine brucellosis

Anonymous, 1955:
Production of improved seed

Josephson, L.M., 1952:
Production of inbreds and hybrids of white and yellow flints and dents

Kato, T.; Matsumura, T.; Heller, T.; Saito, S.; Sapp, R.K.; Murthy, K.; Wakita, T.; Liang, T.Jake., 2007:
Production of infectious hepatitis C virus of various genotypes in cell cultures

Sanna, F.; Bonatesta, R.Rita.; Frongia, B.; Uda, S.; Banni, S.; Melis, M.Paola.; Collu, M.; Madeddu, C.; Serpe, R.; Puddu, S.; Porcu, G.; Dessì, S.; Batetta, B., 2007:
Production of inflammatory molecules in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from severely glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient subjects

Cairns, H.J.; Mason, P.J., 1953:
Production of influenza A virus in the cells of the allantois

Karnofsky, D.A.; Ridgway, L.P., 1952:
Production of injury to the central nervous system of the chick embryo by lead salts

King, F.W.; Bender, I., 1951:
Production of insulating fibreboard from Western Red Cedar shingle mill waste

Crncevic, V., 1953:
Production of juice from the Pozegata plum variety

Atkinson, F.E.; Strachan, C.C., 1949:
Production of juices. Their manufacture, chemical aspects and laboratory control

Coetzee, P.J.S., 1954:
Production of kaffircorn

Coetzee, P.J.S., 1954:
Production of kaffireorn

Janes, R.G.; Myers, L., 1946:
Production of ketosis in alloxan diabetic rats with nicotinic acid

Malakar, D.; Das, S.K.; Mukesh, M.; Sodhi, M.; Goswami, S.L., 2007:
Production of kids from in vitro fertilized goat embryos and their parentage assessment using microsatellite markers

Robinson, R.Q.; Doetsch, R.N.; Sirotnak, F.M.; Shaw, J.C., 1955:
Production of lactic acid and an iodine staining substance by bovine rumen bacteria

Anonymous, 1947:
Production of linseed

Wissler, R.W.; Eilert, M.L.; Schroeder, M.A.; Cohen, L., 1954:
Production of lipomatous and atheromatous arterial lesions in the albino rat

Andre, P., 1947:
Production of litter by Vaccinia and mosses in a central-Swedish mixed coniferous forest.

Nagashima, H.; Hiruma, K.; Saito, H.; Tomii, R.; Ueno, S.; Nakayama, N.; Matsunari, H.; Kurome, M., 2007:
Production of live piglets following cryopreservation of embryos derived from in vitro-matured oocytes

Zhang, Z.; Lee, Y-Ching.; Kim, S-Jo.; Choi, M.S.; Tsai, P-Chih.; Saha, A.; Wei, H.; Xu, Y.; Xiao, Y-Jin.; Zhang, P.; Heffer, A.; Mukherjee, A.B., 2007:
Production of lysophosphatidylcholine by cPLA2 in the brain of mice lacking PPT1 is a signal for phagocyte infiltration

Sellschog, J.; Stead, B., 1955:
Production of maize

Sobrinho, J.D.A., 1952:
Production of maize hybrid seed in the State of Sao Paulo

Coyola, G.; Etchebarne, J., 1952:
Production of maize seed in France

Palmer, E.D., 1952:
Production of maize soars as farmers change to hybrid

Kiplinger, D.C.; Haramaki, C., 1955:
Production of malformed rose flowers is not inherited

Earle, W.R.; Schilling, E.L.; Shelton, E., 1950:
Production of malignancy in vitro. IX. Description of cells at the fluid interface of the culture

Koletsky, S.; Bonte, F.J.; Friedell, H.L., 1950:
Production of malignant tumors in rats with radioactive phosphorus

Anonymous, 1950:
Production of manufactured dairy products, 1949

Anonymous, 1952:
Production of manufactured dairy products, 1951

Anonymous, 1953:
Production of manufactured dairy products, 1952

Anonymous, 1954:
Production of manufactured dairy products, 1953

Bormuth, W.D.; Wagner, R.J.; Cooley, J.M., 1955:
Production of manufactured dairy products, 1954

Sforza, M., 1946:
Production of mastitis by Nocardia asteroides infection, and efficacy of milk pasteurization against this organism

Ladrat, J., 1952:
Production of meat in France

Lethlean, H.V., 1949:
Production of mechanical pulp from Eucalypt wood

Jezic, J.; Zdanovski, N., 1953:
Production of milk and its quality in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Spagnoli, A., 1950:
Production of milk in Italy and its disposal

Nicholls, L., 1950:
Production of milk substitutes

Nelson, Ray, 1947:
Production of mint species hybrids resistant to Verticillium wilt

Kaufmann, B.P.; Das, N.K., 1954:
Production of Mitotic Abnormalities by Ribonuclease

Giroud, A.; Lefelvres-Boisselct, J., 1951:
Production of monsters by folic acid deficiency

Iyer, C.R.H.; Subrahmanyan, V., 1946:
Production of more food from soil

Yin, C-Hsiu.; Chen, W.; Hsiao, C-Chun.; Kuo, C-Ying.; Chen, C-Long.; Wu, W-Teng., 2007:
Production of mouse embryoid bodies with hepatic differentiation potential by stirred tank bioreactor

Fujiyama, K.; Furukawa, A.; Katsura, A.; Misaki, R.; Omasa, T.; Seki, T., 2007:
Production of mouse monoclonal antibody with galactose-extended sugar chain by suspension cultured tobacco BY2 cells expressing human beta(1,4)-galactosyltransferase

Nelson, M.M.; Asling, C.W.; Evans, H.M., 1952:
Production of multiple congenital abnormalities in young by maternal pteroylglutamic acid deficiency during gestation

Zdanovski, N., 1954:
Production of multipurpose sheep

Auerbach, C.; Moser, H., 1950:
Production of mutations by monochloro- 'mustards'

Demerec, M., 1947:
Production of mutations in Drosophila by treatment with some carcinogens

Carr, J.G., 1947:
Production of mutations in mice by l:2:5:6-dibenzanthracene

Drews, B.; Specht, H., 1950:
Production of mycelium protein by cultivation of Oospora lactis in molasses residues

Anon., 1950:
Production of natural and synthetic rubber in Argentina

Mokrov, S.V., 1954:
Production of new forms in spring wheats raised from germinated seed previously treated at low temperatures.

Cherubini, C.; Gonzalez, F.F., 1955:
Production of new seedless varieties of grape

Pirovano, A., 1951:
Production of new varieties of dessert grapes

Kozlovskii, A.I., 1955:
Production of new varieties of fodder roots

Woolley, D.W., 1946:
Production of nicotinic acid deficiency with 3-acetylpyridine, the ketone analogue of nicotinic acid

Tripathi, A.; Sodhi, A., 2007:
Production of nitric oxide by murine peritoneal macrophages in vitro on treatment with prolactin and growth hormone: involvement of protein tyrosine kinases, Ca(++), and MAP kinase signal transduction pathways

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Production of non-infective particles among influenza viruses: do changes in virulence accompany the von Magnus phenomenon?

Sickarj, N.M., 1953:
Production of noncyanogenic forms of sorghum.

Chi, Z.; Hu, B.; Liu, Y.; Frear, C.; Wen, Z.; Chen, S., 2007:
Production of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from cull potato using an algae culture process

Alder, V.G.; Gillespie, W.A.; Herdan, G., 1953:
Production of opacity in egg-yolk broth by Staphylococci from various sources

Gillespie, W.A.; Alder, V.G., 1952:
Production of opacity in egg-yolk media by coagulase-positive staphylococci

Schwarz, H.W.; Penn, F.E., 1948:
Production of orange juice concentrate and powder

Tombesi, L., 1950:
Production of organic matter and availability of the soil water. I.

Tombesi, L., 1950:
Production of organic matter and the availability of water in the soil. Note 1

Tombesi, L., 1950:
Production of organic substances in relation to available soil moisture. I

Santos, S.; Baruque-Ramos, J.; Tanizaki, M.-Massako; Lebrun, I.; Furtado-Schenkman, R.-Perazzini, 2006:
Production of outer membrane vesicles (OMV) in batch cultivation of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B

Agarwala, S.C.; Peterson, W.H., 1950:
Production of p-aminobenzoic acid by representative yeasts

Xabregas, J., 1951:
Production of palm oil and the Oil Palm Research Station in Nigeria

Drell, W.; Dunn, M.S., 1951:
Production of pantothenic acid deficiency syndrome in mice with omega -methylpantothenic acid

Sanchez, G.; Boyer, F.; Grumbach, F.; Lamensans, A., 1947:
Production of penicillin by culture of a Penicillium chrysogenum on media with a lacto-serum base

Perlman, D., 1949:
Production of penicillin on natural media

Gupta, B.M.; Price, W.C., 1950:
Production of plant virus inhibitors by fungi

Prillwitz, P.M., 1949:
Production of plantation crops in Java and Sumatra in 1948

Beladi, I.; Szollosy, E., 1955:
Production of plaques in monolayer tissue culture by Aujeszky-disease (pseudorabies) virus

Khanna, S.; Srivastava, A.K., 2007:
Production of poly(3-hydroxybutyric-co-3-hydroxyvaleric acid) having a high hydroxyvalerate content with valeric acid feeding

Simabuco, F.M.; Carromeu, C.; Farinha-Arcieri, L.E.; Tamura, R.E.; Ventura, A.M., 2007:
Production of polyclonal antibodies against the human respiratory syncytial virus nucleoprotein and phosphoprotein expressed in Escherichia coli

Bragdo, Marie, 1955:
Production of polyploids by colchicine

Montaldo, B.; A., 1950:
Production of potato seed

Zubeldia, A., 1953:
Production of potato varieties resistant to blight (Ph. infestansy)

Grausgruber, W., 1951:
Production of precipitating antisera with antigens treated with A1(OH)3

Aoto, T.; Totsuka, Y.; Takahashi, R.; Ueda, M., 2007:
Production of progeny mice by intracytoplasmic sperm injection of repeatedly frozen and thawed spermatozoa experimental technique

Silverman, S.J.; Higuchi, K.; Meyers, E., 1954:
Production of protective antigens by Pasteurella pestis in a synthetic medium

Rothbard, S.; Todd, E.W., 1948:
Production of proteinase by hemolytic streptococci in various clinical conditions

Elofson, A., 1947:
Production of quality fodder and the effect of such fodder on the condition of the animal products and on the health of the nation. I. Introduction

Olsson, N., 1947:
Production of quality fodder and the effect of such fodder on the condition of the animal products and on the health of the nation. II. Investigations concerning quality of fodder plants

Thorbek, G., 1947:
Production of quality fodder and the effect of such fodder on the condition of the animal products and on the health of the nation. III. Investigations carried out at the Danish Land Economics Research Laboratory

Hvidsten, H., 1947:
Production of quality fodder and the effect of such fodder on the condition of the animal products and on the health of the nation. IV. Investigations of the carotene content in hay and pasture plants

Scott, J.A., 1947:
Production of Quantitative Infections With the Filariae of the Cotton Rat

Tanaka, K.; Kamei, T.; Okamoto, A., 2007:
Production of radical species and modification of DNA through one-electron reduction with indium metal

Carlsen, B., 1952:
Production of radioactive superphosphate

Santomauro, L., 1951:
Production of rain by human agency

Kim, J.Su.; Choi, J.Young.; Roh, J.Yul.; Lee, H.Young.; Jang, S.Sik.; Je, Y.Ho., 2007:
Production of recombinant polyhedra containing Cry1Ac fusion protein in insect cell lines

Pridham, T.G.; Hall, H.H.; Pfeifer, V.F., 1950:
Production of riboflavin (vitamin B2) with Ashbya gossypii

Woiwod, A.J.; Linggood, F.V., 1948:
Production of riboflavin and allied substances during the growth of C. diphtherias

Piacco, R., 1952:
Production of rice seed comparable with foundation stock seed

Peckham, B.M.; Greene, R.P., 1947:
Production of secondary deciduomata in the castrate and lactating rat

Alvaro Montaldo, B., 1950:
Production of seed Potatoes

Matthews, J.D., 1955:
Production of seed by forest trees in Britain

Koning, H., 1951:
Production of seed of Phleum pratense

Boelcke, O., 1951:
Production of seed of Trifolium repens and Bromus catharticus in the Pergamino zone, Argentina

Naruoevic , P.M., 1952:
Production of seed of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) in regions where it is grown as a fibre crop.

Gfroerer, E., 1950:
Production of seed potatoes in Wurttemberg and Hohenzollern

Martinez, R.V., 1948:
Production of sisal in Colombia

June, R.I., 1949:
Production of small fruits increasing in Hawke's Bay

Lucas, A.M.; Denington, E.M.; Cottral, G.E.; Burmester, B.R., 1954:
Production of so-called normal lymphoid foci follow-ing inoculation with lymphoid tumor filtrate. II. Liver and spleen

Yip, M-Kuen.; Huang, H-En.; Ger, M-Jye.; Chiu, S-Hua.; Tsai, Y-Chih.; Lin, C-I.; Feng, T-Yung., 2006:
Production of soft rot resistant calla lily by expressing a ferredoxin-like protein gene (pflp) in transgenic plants

Walker, J., 1950:
Production of some trees and shrubs from seeds

Glynne, Mary, D., 1953:
Production of spores by Cercosporella herpotrichoides

Epps, W.; Weiner, M.; Bueding, E., 1950:
Production of steam volatile acids by bacteria-free Ascaris lumbricoides

Wu, Y.S., 1952:
Production of stem-rust sori on albino barley

Gasslander, C.H., 1949:
Production of sugar beet seed

Tromp, L.A., 1949:
Production of sugar in Peru. Cane cultivation and harvesting in the land of the Incas

Anonymous, 1951:
Production of sunflower seed- high yields possible

Vydrin, V.I., 1946:
Production of sunflower varieties for Western Siberia

Guzman, V.L., 1950:
Production of sweet corn for table purposes in Peru

Thurber, F.H.; Gastrock, E.A.; Guilbeau, W.F., 1950:
Production of sweetpotato starch

Guimaraes, F.F.; Torres, C.B., 1953:
Production of synthetic varieties of onion (A. cepaL.)

Dai, Y.; Yuan, Z.; Jack, K.; Keller, J., 2007:
Production of targeted poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates) copolymers by glycogen accumulating organisms using acetate as sole carbon source

Flemal, J., 1955:
Production of tea seed cuttings at Mulungu

Jankowska, Halina, 1954:
Production of technical calcium lactate from whey. Part I.

Critofoulos, P.D., 1947:
Production of teliospores and uredospores of Puccinia graminis on Berberts cretica in nature

Alcahaz Mira, E.; Izquierdo Tamayo, A., 1947:
Production of tetraploidy in the genus Nicotiana -II. Production of new tetraploids and a study of the descendants of those already obtained

Ubillos, M., 1955:
Production of the first varieties of the Station

Tsuge, K.; Matsui, K.; Itaya, M., 2007:
Production of the non-ribosomal peptide plipastatin in Bacillus subtilis regulated by three relevant gene blocks assembled in a single movable DNA segment

Palmer, J., 1951:
Production of timothy seed. I. Measures to improve the quality of timothy seed

Casseres, E.H.; Linares, P.J., 1950:
Production of tomato varieties for the humid tropics

Evans, D.G.; Shoesmith, J.G., 1954:
Production of toxin by Bacillus anthracis

Davies, R.E.; Longmuir, N.M., 1948:
Production of ulcers in isolated frog gastric mucosa

Lecoq, R., 1946:
Production of uncomplicated acrodynia in the rat

Clementi, A., 1951:
Production of urea in the fowl in relation to the arginine content of the seeds of feed plants

Volik, E.K.; Nlkolaeva, E.Y.; Zhurav-Leva, L.V., 1955:
Production of vaccine by the vat method against Cl. chauvoei infection.

Winstead, N.N.; Walker, J.C., 1954:
Production of vascular browning by metabolites from several pathogens

Hibbard, A.D., 1946:
Production of vegetable plants

Burton, M.O.; Lochhead, A.G., 1952:
Production of vitamin B12 by Rhizobium species

Unwin, P.T.; Bowling, P.J., 1951:
Production of volume tables for mature trees in Tasmania

Bukasov, S.M., 1955:
Production of wart-resistant potato varieties.

Kester, L.T.; Nelson, F.E.; Peters, I.I., 1953:
Production of water-insoluble acids and butyric acid in butter by defect-producing bacteria

Peters, I.I.; Kester, L.T.; Nelson, F.E., 1953:
Production of water-insoluble and butyric acids during cream deterioration

Kim, H-Lim.; Jung, B-Nam.; Sohn, B-Kyoon., 2007:
Production of weak acid by anaerobic fermentation of soil and antifungal effect

Kiss, A.; Redei, G., 1952:
Production of wheat-rye hybrids (Triticale)

Cortazar Sagarminaga, R., 1950:
Production of wheats resistant to rusts (Puccinia) in Chile

Leitch, C.C., 1950:
Production of white clover seed in New Zealand

Coulter, T.A., 1950:
Production of wholesome milk for town requirements

Li, Y.; Liu, Z.; Cui, F.; Xu, Y.; Zhao, H., 2007:
Production of xylanase from a newly isolated Penicillium sp ZH-30

Basaca, M.G., 1952:
Production of yeast from molasses

Möller, C.; Bockelmann, W.; Ammann, A.; Heller, K.J., 2007:
Production of yoghurt with mild taste by a Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus mutant with altered proteolytic properties

Drechsler, Charles, 1955:
Production of zoospores from germinating oospores of Pythium butleri

Deechsler, C., 1952:
Production of zoosporos from germinating oospores of Pytbium ultimum and Pytnium debaryanum

Gledhill, A.W.; Dick, G.W.A.; Andrewes, C.H., 1952:
Production ofhepatitis in mice by the combined action oftwo filterable agents

Antonenko, V., 1946:
Production on collective farms, 1946. I. Planting tobacco and Nicotiana rustica.

Kolesnik, I., 1946:
Production on collective farms. III. Cultivating. T. kok saghyz in clumps.

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Production performance and milk composition of dairy cows fed whole or ground flaxseed with or without monensin

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Production practices for spring small grains

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Production rates of the progeny of sires used by the New York Artificial Breeders' Co-operative, Inc

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Production records of artificially-bred heifers

Anonymous, 1949:
Production records of crossbred cows of various two-breed combinations.(Records made on 3 milkings daily, for 365 days, at the ages shown)

Anonymous, 1948:
Production survey of A.I. bred cows

Nadeau, J.P., 1946:
Production trends in the Canadian dairy industry

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Production trends. Chickens

Levin, G., 1947:
Production trends. Eggs

Ferguson, D.B., 1947:
Production trends. Turkeys

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Production vs. respiration in river systems: an indicator of an "ecological status"

Lucarotti, C., J.; Morin, B.; Graham, R., I.; Lapointe, R., 2007:
Production, application, and field performance of Abietiv(TM), the balsam fir sawfly nucleopolyhedrovirus

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Production, botanical and chemical composition of a grass sward under the influence of long-term unbalanced fertilizing.

Nitschke, G.; Schramm, S., 1951:
Production, characters and preparation of coarse Soviet wool

Anonymous, 1946:
Production, consumption and stockpiles of Bamboo. (A preliminary compilation.)

Vujicic, L., 1954:
Production, consumption, annual cut of, and demand for, mining timber in Jugoslavia.

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Production, harvesting and curing of burley tobacco

Stanton, T.R., 1953:
Production, harvesting, processing, utilization and economic importance of oats

Wolf, F.A., 1949:
Production, in Venezuela, of indigenous varieties of tobacco

Klapp, E., 1951:
Production, root system, and after-growth of a grass turf cut and grazed at different intensities

Anonymous, 1952:
Production. Table 9. Sheep numbers

Branas, J., 1951:
Productions of new varieties of dessert grapes. Methods and results

Angel, H.; Charlet, P.; Poly, J., 1955:
Productive capacity of Lacaune sheep

Göttsching, A.; Schmidt, S., 2007:
Productive degradation of the biocide benzylbenzoate by Acinetobacter sp. strain AG1 isolated from the River Elbe

Hayashi, T.; Ogawa, Y.; Kouta, H., 1951:
Productive efficiency of phosphorus nutrient for the rice plant

Livera, E.J., 1954:
Productive land use in Ceylon

Gowrishankar, K.; Slobedman, B.; Cunningham, A.L.; Miranda-Saksena, M.; Boadle, R.A.; Abendroth, A., 2007:
Productive varicella-zoster virus infection of cultured intact human ganglia

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Productiveness and incubating qualities of hen's eggs in relation to nutrition

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Productivity and composition of some potato varieties

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Productivity and digestive organs formation in young broilers using complex preparation Acid-pack

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Productivity and intensity of photosynthesis as affected by partial removal of leaves

Tortorelli, N., 1951:
Productivity and longevity of laying hens

Boock, O.J.; Neto, J.E.P., 1950:
Productivity and mineral composition of different Potato varieties

Weinmann, H., 1950:
Productivity and nutritive value of Star grass pastures

Smith, H.W.; Vandecaveye, S.C., 1946:
Productivity and organic matter levels of Palouse silt loam as affected by organic fertilizers and nitrogen fertilizers

Zosimovic, V.P., 1952:
Productivity and sugar content of biological types of sugar beet varieties in relation to the dynamics of their leaf development.

Nou, J.; Nilsson, O., 1955:
Productivity and the estimation of productivity in agriculture

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Productivity and yield of the two types of plant found in Mundo Novo coffee

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Productivity data from placental scars in beavers

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Productivity improvements in hepatitis C treatment: impact on efficacy, cost, cost-effectiveness and quality of life

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Productivity in Clinostomum marginatam (Trematoda : Clinostomatidae)

Edney, J.M.; Arbogast, F.; Stepp, J., 1953:
Productivity in gravid Trichinella spiralis (Owen, 1835) transplanted into laboratory rats

Anonymous, 1954:
Productivity in the forest and the timber industry: report of the Stuttgart Conference.

Anonymous, 1949:
Productivity of Scottish agriculture

Philippoussis, A.; Diamantopoulou, P.; Israilides, C., 2007:
Productivity of agricultural residues used for the cultivation of the medicinal fungus Lentinula edodes

Rako, A., 1950:
Productivity of crosses between indigenous Yugoslav and Saanen goats

Dearborn, C.H., 1949:
Productivity of cultivated and uncultivated Golden Cross Bantam sweet corn weeded with post-emergence sprays of 2,4-D

Davidov, R.B., 1950:
Productivity of dairy cattle during anti-brucellosis vaccination

Hairullin, Ja. H., 1947:
Productivity of herbage and their mixtures in a field crop rotation

Collins, J.L., 1951:
Productivity of oil crops in France

Reddy, M.M.lla; Padmaja, B.; Malathi, S.; Rao, L.J.lapathi, 2007:
Productivity of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)-based intercropping systems as influenced by fertility and pest management practices under rainfed conditions

Moes, A., 1954:
Productivity of spring-barley in the clay zone

Ota, A.; Ide, S., 1953:
Productivity of the mulberry tree in relation to soils. Effect of soil reaction and replaceable bases..

Rovvsell, J., 1954:
Productivity on the chalk

Clarke, G.R., 1950:
Productivity ratings

Mitchell, J., 1950:
Productivity ratings and their importance in the soil survey report

Van Den Hende, E.Al., 1952:
Productivity, botanical and chemical composition of a grass association as affected by long-continued, one-sided manurial treatment

Arthur, H.R.; Hui, W.H., 1954:
Products from some plants of Hong Kong

Fletcher, T.L.; Harris, E.E., 1952 :
Products from the destructive distillation of Douglas Fir lignin

Simon Y D.Simon, E.De, 1953:
Products from the forests of Jaen.

Mohr, W.; Hasing, J., 1949:
Products from whey resembling milk and buttermilk

Kurth, E.F.; Ratnam, C.V.S., 1950:
Products obtained by destructive distillation of Douglas-Fir bark

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Products of clay mineral decomposition as related to phosphate fixation

Augustin, V., 1955:
Products of food industry, rich in vitamin C

Mates, A.K.; Sayed, A.K.; Foster, J.W., 2007:
Products of the Escherichia coli acid fitness island attenuate metabolite stress at extremely low pH and mediate a cell density-dependent acid resistance

Troitskii, G.V., 1950:
Products of the auto-oxidation of vitamin A

Boer, H.T.; D.B.uin, H.P., 1955:
Proefnemingen en practijkervaringen met de chemische onkruidbestrijding in 1955.

Dijkstra, N.D.; Sprenger, J.J.I., 1955:
Proefnemingen over de achteruitgang van de verteerbaarheid bij het kunstmatig drogen van gras. The influence of artificial drying on the digestibility of grass

Dijkstra, N.D., 1949:
Proefnemingen over ensileren met vast koolzuur. Ensiling experiments with solid carbonic acid

Dijkstra, N.D., 1954:
Proefnemingen over ensileren van gras met Kofa-zout en Albumex. Ensiling experiments of grass with Kofa-salt and Albumex

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Programme breeding?

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