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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13803

Chapter 13803 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rasmussen, E.F.; E.A., 1951:
Properties of wood related to drying. Information on the seasoning characteristics of wood helpful in understanding kiln-drying problems

Cooper, H.P.; Paden, W.R.; Garman, W.H.; E.A., 1948:
Properties that influence availability of calcium in the soil to plants

Jasinska Maria Huczek, Zofia., 1950:
Properties, chemical composition and bacterial quality of milk from farms in Lower Silesia

Kollmann, F., 1949:
Properties, tests and classification of fibreboards and boards of wood-waste materials.

Davidson, D.T.; Handy, R.L., 1952:
Property variations in the Peorian loess of southwestern Iowa

Solis, A.D.; Rackovsky, S., 2007:
Property-based sequence representations do not adequately encode local protein folding information

Amato, F.D., 1949:
Prophase poisoning by chemical agents

Willems, A.; Vanschoubroek, F.; Vercruysse, R., 1955:
Prophylactic action ofnitrophenide against E. tendia infection inchicks

Vago, C.; Gingast, C., 1954:
Prophylactic and therapeutic effects of the accumulation by foliar capillarity of neutral oxyquinoline sulphate in the food of the Silkworm

Shen, H.; Zhang, B.; Shin, J-Ho.; Lei, D.; Du, Y.; Gao, X.; Wang, Q.; Ohlemiller, K.K.; Piccirillo, J.; Bao, J., 2007:
Prophylactic and therapeutic functions of T-type calcium blockers against noise-induced hearing loss

Michalek, J., 1950:
Prophylactic and therapeutic immunization in dog distemper.

Chamsy, H.M., 1947:
Prophylactic and therapeutic power of anti-anthrax serum

Beattie, J.H.; Leaking, J.D., 1952:
Prophylactic and therapeutic use of aureomycin in retained placenta in cows

Grumbles, L.C.; Delaplane, J.P.; Higgins, T.C., 1948:
Prophylactic and therapeutic use of sulfaquinoxaline against coccidia of chickens (Eimeria tenella) and Eimeria necatrix under field conditions

Cordova, M.L.; Dorrough, J.L.; Kious, K.; Ingersoll, C.D.; Merrick, M.A., 2006:
Prophylactic ankle bracing reduces rearfoot motion during sudden inversion

Smith, W.W.; Smith, F.; Ruth, H.J.; Canter, H.Y.; Grenan, M.M., 1953:
Prophylactic antibiotic therapy in x-irradiated animals

Mornet, P.; Lalanne, A.; Cissoko, M., 1952:
Prophylactic chemotherapy in bovine trypanosomiasis

Svadzhyan, P.K., 1954:
Prophylactic control of Dicrocoelaium infestation by means of destruction of the land shell molluscs.

Korallus, H., 1948:
Prophylactic effect of vitamin K on haemorrhage during childbirth

Anon., 1948:
Prophylactic inoculation against rabies in Hungary

Zubko, V.N.; Baranov, N.N., 1955:
Prophylactic inoculation of dogs againstrabies.

Margarot, J., 1953:
Prophylactic interest of the systematic detection of ringworms by Wood's light in groups of children. Results of 25 years' experience

Korovaev, N.M., 1952:
Prophylactic measures against dictyocauliasis in winter.

Bockmann, H., 1955:
Prophylactic measures against soil sickness in peas

Bequet-Romero, Mónica.; Ayala, M.; Acevedo, B.E.; Rodríguez, E.Galbán.; Ocejo, O.López.; Torrens, I.; Gavilondo, J.V., 2007:
Prophylactic naked DNA vaccination with the human vascular endothelial growth factor induces an anti-tumor response in C57Bl/6 mice

Sandstedt, H.; Dyrendahl, I.; Hjalmars, K., 1951:
Prophylactic treatment of cattle with manganese for acetonaemia.

Buchholz, R., 1954:
Prophylactic treatment of puerperal mastitis.

Nelson, R.L.; Guo, Z.; Halagappa, V.Madala.; Pearson, M.; Gray, A.J.; Matsuoka, Y.; Brown, M.; Martin, B.; Iyun, T.; Maudsley, S.; Clark, R.F.; Mattson, M.P., 2007:
Prophylactic treatment with paroxetine ameliorates behavioral deficits and retards the development of amyloid and tau pathologies in 3xTgAD mice

Singh, J.; Basu, P.C.; Ray, A.P., 1952:
Prophylactic trial with lapinone.

Singh, J.; Basu, P.C.; Ray, A.P., 1952:
Prophylactic trials against Plasmodium gallinaceum in fowls

Christian, A.B., 1952:
Prophylactic use of normal bovine serum solids plus vitamin K in calf diarrhea

Watts, N.P., 1949:
Prophylactic use of schistosomal antigen

Kress, F., 1949:
Prophylactic vaccination with tissue vaccine against virus diseases, particularly canine distemper

Diernhofer, K., 1949:
Prophylactics against venereal diseases in cattle

Wautie, A., 1946:
Prophylaxie et traitement des principales parasitoses gastro-intestinales du cheval

Thieulin, G., 1950:
Prophylaxis against TB. in cattle. Milk production and BCG

Schmidt, H.W., 1954:
Prophylaxis against eczematoses and mycoses with colloid, labile milk protein (fissan preparations)

Adriance, G.W., 1950:
Prophylaxis and direct control measures against viruses and nematodes of the peach in U.S.A

Shoho, C., 1954:
Prophylaxis and therapy in epizootic cerebrospinal nematodiasis of animals by 1-diethylcarbamyI-4-methyI-piperazine dihydrogen citrate: report of a second field trial

Maupoume, R., 1953:
Prophylaxis and therapy of bovine mastitis and effect of antibiotics on milk products

Nicora, G., 1953:
Prophylaxis and therapy of moniliasis following the therapeutic use of antibiotics

Clara, I., 1953:
Prophylaxis and treatment of Bact. coli infection in calves

Clara, I., 1953:
Prophylaxis and treatment of Bacterium coli infection in calves (white scours)

Kupkin, S.A., 1955:
Prophylaxis and treatment of calf diseases with maternal blood.

Schmid, G., 1955:
Prophylaxis and treatment of contagious broncho-pneumonia in pigs

Prigor, M.I., 1953:
Prophylaxis and treatment of dictyocauliasis in ruminants.

Glasser., 1950:
Prophylaxis in epizootic degeneration of the myocardium (fatal syncope) in the pig

Kalinin, I.V., 1950:
Prophylaxis of Dictyocaulus infection in calves.

Bonaduce, A., 1950:
Prophylaxis of Newcastle disease. Application of the Hirst test to recovered fowls that may be carriers

Madden, R.M.; Pui, C-Hon.; Hughes, W.T.; Flynn, P.M.; Leung, W., 2007:
Prophylaxis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia with atovaquone in children with leukemia

Launoy, L.; Jeanpierre, C., 1949:
Prophylaxis of Trypanosma equiperdum infection in rats by orally administered diamidino-diphenoxypentane

Deom, J., 1949:
Prophylaxis of Trypanosoma congolense infection by pentamidine

Glaser, J.; Johnstone, D.E., 1953:
Prophylaxis of allergic disease in the newborn

Deom, J., 1950:
Prophylaxis of bovine tripanosomiasis with phenanthridinium 1553 (dimidium bromide)

Lafenetre, H., 1952:
Prophylaxis of brucella infection in France

Ziegler, E., 1953:
Prophylaxis of caries by means of fluori-dation of milk

Gharkin, N.A.; Zaichenko, S.I.; Kurabekova, N.A., 2007:
Prophylaxis of development of fetus distress syndrome during caesarian section

Vlasova, N.V., 2007:
Prophylaxis of development of secondary sterility in patients with tubal pregnancy

Wespi-Eggenberger, H.J., 1950:
Prophylaxis of endemic goitre

Stacpoole, H.H., 1953:
Prophylaxis of endemic goitre in Mexico

Cruz, W.O.; Piment, D.M.Llo, R., 1948:
Prophylaxis of hookworm anemia-deficiency disease

Crivellari, C.A.; Mendy, R.M., 1949:
Prophylaxis of hydatid disease in Argentina

Ishihara, T.; Ogata, T.; Kawata, S.; Ninomiya, M.; Miki, S., 1954:
Prophylaxis of lumbar paralysis of sheep and goats by control of Setaria in cattle. I. Vermicidal effects of piperazine (1-diethyl-carbamyl-4-methylpiperazine citrate).

Marinoni, J., 1949:
Prophylaxis of rickets with vitamin D2

Cathala, J.; Hennequet, A., 1955:
Prophylaxis of rickets with vitaminised milk

Mura, D., 1949:
Prophylaxis of salmonella abortion in sheep

Comtnotti, L.; Mantovani, G., 1950:
Prophylaxis of swine fever. Active immunisation

Mornet, P.; Lalanne, A.; Cissoko, M., 1951:
Prophylaxis of trypanosomiasis in cattle by chemotherapeutic agents

Pounden, W.D., 1952:
Prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy of rumen dysfunction

Kleiber, M.; Black, A.L.; Brown, M.A.; Tolbert, B.M., 1953 :
Propionate as a precursor of milk constituents in the intact dairy cow

Nguyen, N.H.T.; Morland, C.; Gonzalez, S.Villa.; Rise, F.; Storm-Mathisen, J.; Gundersen, V.; Hassel, Børnar., 2007:
Propionate increases neuronal histone acetylation, but is metabolized oxidatively by glia. Relevance for propionic acidemia

Peck, S.M.; Russ, W.R., 1947:
Propionate-caprylate mixtures in the treatment of dermatomycoses, with a review of fatty acid therapy in general

Nettleship, A., 1950:
Propionate-caprylate mixtures in treatment of dermatophytosis

Olson, J.C.; Jr.; Macy, H., 1946:
Propionic acid, sodium propionate and calcium propionate as inhibitors of mould growth. II. Studies pertaining to the active agent responsible for inhibitory effect of the pro-pionates

Peeters, G.; Massart, L.; Cazier, J., 1952:
Propionic and butyric acid metabolism in the isolated cow's udder

Sartory, R.; Meyer, J.; Malgras, J., 1951:
Propionic fermentation and acid-fast bacteria in hard cheese

Chang, Y.; Auradé, Fédéric.; Larbret, Fédéric.; Zhang, Y.; L.C.uedic, J-Pierre.; Momeux, L.; Larghero, Jôme.; Bertoglio, J.; Louache, F.; Cramer, E.; Vainchenker, W.; Debili, N., 2007:
Proplatelet formation is regulated by the Rho/ROCK pathway

Liu, K-Xuan.; Rinne, T.; He, W.; Wang, F.; Xia, Z., 2007:
Propofol attenuates intestinal mucosa injury induced by intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in the rat

Vansant, G.; Trauger, R.J.; Cameron, A.; Vendemelio, M.; Kreitschitz, S.; Carlo, A.T.; Banaszczyk, M.G.; Carlo, D.J.; Hendler, S.; Ill, C.R., 2007:
Propofol hemisuccinate suppression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Zarovnaya, E.L.; Jobst, B.C.; Harris, B.T., 2007:
Propofol-associated fatal myocardial failure and rhabdomyolysis in an adult with status epilepticus

Anonymous, 1955:
Proportiometric sampling syringe

Silverstone, H.; Tannenbaum, A., 1951:
Proportion of dietary protein and the formation of spontaneous hepatomas in the mouse

Le, Q-Hung.; Thomas, X.; Ecochard, Ré.; Iwaz, J.; Lhéritier, Véronique.; Michallet, M.; Fiere, D., 2007:
Proportion of long-term event-free survivors and lifetime of adult patients not cured after a standard acute lymphoblastic leukemia therapeutic program: adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia-94 trial

Bailey, Paul, E., 2007:
Proportional angling success: An alternative approach to representing angling success

Almquist, H.J., 1954:
Proportional requirements of amino acids

Anonymous, 1953:
Proposal for a Norwegian Standard for sawblades for woodworking. (Meddelelser fra Norges Standardiserings-Forbund No. 245.)

Horn, J.R.; Hansten, P.D.; Chan, L-Neander., 2007:
Proposal for a new tool to evaluate drug interaction cases

Adam, A., 1949:
Proposal for a rational distribution of milk and allocation of casein and whey protein to relieve the protein deficiency in the present diet of young people

Forlani, R., 1952:
Proposal for a revision of the species of the genus Triticum

Gauthier-Settimj, Eloisa, A., 1951:
Proposal for better control of the production and sale of fresh cheese products

Hanaoka, Y.; Ueno, A.; Tsuzuki, T.; Kajiwara, M.; Minaguchi, K.; Sato, Y., 2006:
Proposal for internet-based Digital Dental Chart for personal dental identification in forensics

Zuquette, L.-Valentin; Dos-Santos-Collares, J.-Quintas; Pejon, O.-Jose, 2007:
Proposal for selection of control, preventive and rehabilitation measures based on degradation land level and geoindicators in the Fortaleza metropolitan region, State of Ceara, Brazil

Anonymous, 1950:
Proposal for standardizing circular-saw blades.

Cannan, R.K., 1955:
PROPOSAL for the distribution of a certified standard for use in hemoglobinometry; prepared by the Division of Medical Sciences, National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council

Vincent, G.; Spalek, V.; Polnar, M., 1950:
Proposal for the division of Bohemia and Moravia into silvicultural regions.

Ahmed, I.; Yokota, A.; Yamazoe, A.; Fujiwara, T., 2007:
Proposal of Lysinibacillus boronitolerans gen. nov. sp. nov., and transfer of Bacillus fusiformis to Lysinibacillus fusiformis comb. nov. and Bacillus sphaericus to Lysinibacillus sphaericus comb. nov

Jacqmain, H.; Belanger, L.; Courtois, R.; Beckley, T.; Nadeau, S.; Dussault, C.; Bouthillier, L., 2005:
Proposal to combine Cree and scientific knowledge for improved moose habitat management on Waswanipi Eeyou Astchee, northern Quebec

Rodríguez-Pla, A.; Rosselló-Urgell, J.; Bosch-Gil, J.A.; Huguet-Redecilla, P.; Vilardell-Tarres, M., 2007:
Proposal to decrease the number of negative temporal artery biopsies

Robinson, G.W., 1949:
Proposals by the late Geoffrey Milne for soil survey in East Africa

Singer, R.; Smith, A.H., 1946:
Proposals concerning the nomenclature of the gill fungi including a list of proposed lectotypes and genera conservanda

Anonymous, 1946:
Proposals for a World Food Board

Wendland, G., 1948:
Proposals for and experiments in estimating the quality of dried eggs

Ramiah, K., 1951:
Proposals for promoting the production and wider use of improved seed in India

Kick, H., 1949:
Proposals for rapid determination of the adsorption capacity and degree of unsaturation of soils and the measurement of soil reaction with the glass electrode.

Schober, K., 1953:
Proposals for reorganizing cereal breeding

Lederle, P., 1949:
Proposals for simplification of the Neubauer method and for a better reproducibility of the results. I. Sources of error and its correction.

Lederle, P., 1951:
Proposals for simplifying the Neubauer method and for a better reproducibility of the results. II. Harvesting of seedlings using the shoots only.

Anonymous, 1949:
Proposals for standardizing frame-saw blades.

C Ifrri, R., 1952:
Proposals for the unification of the names of the active principles of anti-parasitics in Italian

Watson, D.R.W.; Young, J.M., 2007:
Proposals that the International Committee on Systematics of Prokaryotes establish a public database of validly published names and that the Bacteriological Code be amended to change the prescription for citation of validly published names

Presthegge, K., 1952:
Proposals to alter the N.J.F.s standard for young horses' consumption of F.U. from pasture

Fensom, K.G., 1946:
Proposed Canadian forest education study

Hockenyos, G.L., 1949:
Proposed N.P.C.A. approved reference procedures for subterranean termite control

Anon., 1951:
Proposed Nordic Union for the study of the physiology and pathology of the sex organs.

Wilde, S.A., 1946:
Proposed additions to the terminology of forest soil genesis

Camp, W.H.; Pickett, H.W.; Weatherby, C.A., 1949:
Proposed changes in the International Rules of Botanical Nomenclature

Totzek., 1953:
Proposed changesin veterinary education

Reinhold, T., 1948:
Proposed classification of clay soils

D'hoore, J., 1954:
Proposed classification of the accumulation zones of free sesquioxides on a genetic basis.

Anonymous, 1950:
Proposed code of ethics for the Canadian Society of Forest Engineers. (Special Supplement)

Stearn, W.T., E.Al., 1952:
Proposed international code of nomenclature for cultivated plants

Al-Zuhair, S.; Ling, F.-Wei; Jun, L.-Song, 2007:
Proposed kinetic mechanism of the production of biodiesel from palm oil using lipase

Bishop, L.R., 1954:
Proposed laboratory tests for use in the selection of new races of malting barley

Moon, H-Seuk.; Lee, H-Gu.; Choi, Y-Jaie.; Kim, T-Gyu.; Cho, C-Su., 2007:
Proposed mechanisms of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate for anti-obesity

Kirkham, Don, 1946:
Proposed method for field measurement of permeability of soil below the water table

Hester, J.B., 1948:
Proposed Method for Measuring the Movement of Soluble Fertilizer Salts in the Soil

Luthin, James, N., 1951:
Proposed method of leaching tile-drained land

Heiskanen, V.; Kantola, M., 1950:
Proposed new classification of

Mcintosh, A., 1952:
Proposed retention of the trivial name 'dentatus' Diesing, 1839 (as published in the combination 'Stephanurus dentatus') (Class Nematoda)

Aguileta, G.; Bielawski, J.P.; Yang, Z., 2006:
Proposed standard nomenclature for the alpha- and beta-globin gene families

Hugo, W.J., 1952:
Proposed terminology for hair follicles of cattle

Pilet, P.E., 1954:
Proposition d'une unite pour exprimer la concentration en auxines d'un tissu vegetal

Vendramini, R.; Magaudda-Borzi, L., 1954:
Proposta di una reazione intra dermica per la diagnosi di massa dell'anchilostomiasi

Vendramini, R.; Magaudda-Bqrzi, L., 1955:
Proposta di una reazione intra-dermica per la diagnosi di massa dell'anchilostomiasi

Guilhon, J., 1946:
Proprietes Insecticides des isomeres de l' hexaehloroeyclohexane

Guilhon, J., 1949:
Proprietes anthehninthiques d'un derive de la piperazine

Guilhon, J., 1954:
Proprietes anthelmimhiqucs dc Tester amylphenolique de l'acide propionique

Cavier, R., 1955:
Proprietes anthelminthiques de la diethylene-diamine et de ses derives

Ebel, J.P.; Colas, J., 1954:
Proprietes des reserves proteiques de l'oocyte de Parascaries equoram

Martens, P.H.; Henriet, J., 1954:
Proprietes physiques des produits phytopharmaceutiques

Wassinger, C.A.; Myers, J.B.; Gatti, J.M.; Conley, K.M.; Lephart, S.M., 2007:
Proprioception and throwing accuracy in the dominant shoulder after cryotherapy

Arnfred, S.M.; Hansen, L.Kai.; Parnas, J.; Mørup, M., 2007:
Proprioceptive evoked gamma oscillations

Solodushko, V.; Fouty, B., 2006:
Proproliferative phenotype of pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells

Uchida, K.; Kanai, M.; Yonemura, S.; Ishii, K.; Hirokawa, Y.; Sugimura, Y., 2007:
Proprotein convertases modulate budding and branching morphogenesis of rat ventral prostate

Lin, Q.B.; Lukashevich, E.D., 2006:
Proptychopterina (Diptera : Eoptychopteridae) from the jurassic of northeastern China

Bereston, E.S., 1947:
Propylene glycol diproprionate (a new fungicide). Preliminary report

Maplesden, D.C., 1954:
Propylene Glycol In The Treatment Of Ketosis

Chattaway, J.M.; Klepser, T.B., 2007:
Propylthiouracil versus methimazole in treatment of Graves' disease during pregnancy

Sellers, E.A.; You, R.W., 1951:
Propylthiouracil, thyroid, and dietary liver injury

Anonymous, 1955:
Pros and cons of changing fertilizer guarantees from the oxide to the elemental basis

Koochekpour, S.; Lee, T-J.; Wang, R.; Sun, Y.; Delorme, N.; Hiraiwa, M.; Grabowski, G.A.; Culig, Z.; Minokadeh, A., 2006:
Prosaposin is a novel androgen-regulated gene in prostate cancer cell line LNCaP

Baer, J.G.; Euzet, L., 1955:
Prosobothrium armigerum Cohn 1902 (Cestoda). Historique, synonymie, description et position systemanque

Kiriukhin, G., 1947:
Prospaltella sp. (Hym. Chalcididae-Aphelinidae) parasite of Lepidosaphes beckii.

Kiriukhin, G., 1947:
Prospaltella sp. (Hym. Chalcidldae-Aphelinldae) parasite de Lepidosaphes beckii.

Casaca, V.R.; Carvalho, A.M.D., 1955:
Prospeccao das endemias reinantes na area de Vila Salazar (Dalatando-Angola)

Fedotov, V., 1946:
Prospect of developing lupin crops in USSR

Jain, M.; Chengalrayan, K.; Abouzid, A.; Gallo, M., 2006:
Prospecting the utility of a PMI/mannose selection system for the recovery of transgenic sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid) plants

Zheng, Y.; Heagerty, P.J., 2007:
Prospective accuracy for longitudinal markers

Van Hare, G.F.; Colan, S.D.; Javitz, H.; Carmelli, D.; Knilans, T.; Schaffer, M.; Kugler, J.; Byrum, C.J.; Saul, J.Philip., 2007:
Prospective assessment after pediatric cardiac ablation: fate of intracardiac structure and function, as assessed by serial echocardiography

Leroy, V.; Hilleret, M-Noëlle.; Sturm, N.; Trocme, C.; Renversez, J-Charles.; Faure, P.; Morel, Fçoise.; Zarski, J-Pierre., 2007:
Prospective comparison of six non-invasive scores for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C

Condous, G.; Van Calster, B.; Kirk, E.; Timmerman, D.; Van Huffel, S.; Bourne, T., 2006:
Prospective cross-validation of three methods of predicting failing pregnancies of unknown location

Eilers, T.; Machtens, S.; Tezval, H.; Blaue, C.; Lichtinghagen, R.; Hagemann, Jörn.; Jonas, U.; Serth, Jürgen., 2007:
Prospective diagnostic efficiency of biopsy washing DNA GSTP1 island hypermethylation for detection of adenocarcinoma of the prostate

Stone, S.; Bernstein, M., 2007:
Prospective error recording in surgery: an analysis of 1108 elective neurosurgical cases

Ariyarajah, V.; Fernandes, J.; Kranis, M.; Apiyasawat, S.; Mercado, K.; Spodick, D.H., 2006:
Prospective evaluation of atrial tachyarrhythmias in patients with interatrial block

Ferres, M.; Vial, P.; Marco, C.; Yanez, L.; Godoy, P.; Castillo, C.; Hjelle, B.; Delgado, I.; Lee, S-Joon.; Mertz, G.J., 2007:
Prospective evaluation of household contacts of persons with hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome in chile

Sendid, B.; François, N.; Standaert, A.; Dehecq, E.; Zerimech, F.; Camus, D.; Poulain, D., 2007:
Prospective evaluation of the new chromogenic medium CandiSelect 4 for differentiation and presumptive identification of the major pathogenic Candida species

Roberts, R.; Jeffrey, C.; Carlisle, G.; Brierley, E., 2007:
Prospective investigation of the incidence of falls, dizziness and syncope in haemodialysis patients

Sherwood, R.I.; Jitianu, C.; Cleaver, O.; Shaywitz, D.A.; Lamenzo, J.O.; Chen, A.E.; Golub, T.R.; Melton, D.A., 2007:
Prospective isolation and global gene expression analysis of definitive and visceral endoderm

Inci, K.; Sahin, A.; Islamoglu, E.; Eren, M.T.; Bakkaloglu, M.; Ozen, H., 2007:
Prospective long-term followup of patients with asymptomatic lower pole caliceal stones

Tousley, R.D., 1946:
Prospective post-war costs of producing alcohol

AbuRahma, A.F.; Stone, P.A.; Flaherty, S.K.; AbuRahma, Z., 2007:
Prospective randomized trial of ACUSEAL (Gore-Tex) versus Hemashield-Finesse patching during carotid endarterectomy: early results

Murata, A.; Akahoshi, K.; Sumida, Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Nakamura, K.; Nawata, H., 2007:
Prospective randomized trial of transnasal versus peroral endoscopy using an ultrathin videoendoscope in unsedated patients

Zucman, D.; Truchis, P.de.; Majerholc, C.; Stegman, S.; Caillat-Zucman, S., 2007:
Prospective screening for human leukocyte antigen-B*5701 avoids abacavir hypersensitivity reaction in the ethnically mixed French HIV population

Knoepfli, A-S.; Kinkel, K.; Berney, T.; Morel, P.; Becker, C.D.; Poletti, P-A., 2006:
Prospective study of 310 patients: can early CT predict the severity of acute pancreatitis?

Myer, L.; Denny, L.; Wright, T.C.; Kuhn, L., 2006 :
Prospective study of hormonal contraception and women's risk of HIV infection in South Africa

Brown, M.; Varia, H.; Bassett, P.; Davidson, R.N.; Wall, R.; Pasvol, G., 2007:
Prospective study of sputum induction, gastric washing, and bronchoalveolar lavage for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in patients who are unable to expectorate

Hansmann, F.; Below, H.; Kramer, A.; Müller, G.; Geerling, G., 2006:
Prospective study to determine the penetration of iodide into the anterior chamber following preoperative application of topical 1.25% povidone-iodine

Buchinger, A., 1947:
Prospects and tasks of maize breeding in Austria

Ladejinsky, W.I.; Leonard, W.H.; Williamson, M.B., 1948:
Prospects for Japanese agriculture

Anonymous, 1953:
Prospects for agricultural development in Latin America

Sjølie, A.Katrin., 2007:
Prospects for angiotensin receptor blockers in diabetic retinopathy

Mikami, Satoshi, 2007:
Prospects for aquaculture of bay lobsters (Thenus spp.)

Payseur, B.A.; Place, M., 2007:
Prospects for association mapping in classical inbred mouse strains

Lee, J.M.S.; Choudhury, R.P., 2006:
Prospects for atherosclerosis regression through increase in high-density lipoprotein and other emerging therapeutic targets

Zeitlin, M.G., 1949:
Prospects for cultivation of vines in Uzbek SSR without pro-tective covering

Litovchenko, G.P., 1952:
Prospects for developing the sheep industry in the regions supplied with water and irrigated along the lower Volga and to the north of the Caspian

Nilsson, F., 1946:
Prospects for fruit-growing in Sweden

Mosneaga, V.; E.A., 1954:
Prospects for increasing the production of maize in the Rumanian People's Republic by utilizing hybrid seed

Anonymous, 1954:
Prospects for milk

Newton, G.K., 1953:
Prospects for tea production in Papua and New Guinea

Horsfall, F.L., 1949:
Prospects for the control of viral diseases by chemical agents

Ramos Nunez, G., 1949:
Prospects for the cultivation of the castor-oil plant, in Colombia

Sevcuk, I., 1946:
Prospects for the development of apiculture in the Ukraine

Kibalov, P.I., 1953:
Prospects for the development of viticulture in the zone of the North Crimean Canal.

Achterstraat, J.; Riemsdijk, J.F.V.n., 1948:
Prospects for the further mechanization of the mixed farms of the sand areas

Jankauskas, M., 1953:
Prospects for the introduction of fast-growing conifers in the forests of Lithuania.

Bhat, N.R.; Kelkar, S.G., 1952:
Prospects for the large scale cultivation of perennial cottons in the Bombay State

Zemljanickii, L.T., 1951:
Prospects for the utilization of Amorphafruticosa in agricultural forestry and in industry.

Den Doop, J.E.A., 1949:
Prospects for the utilization of sisal waste

Adamyan, L.V.; Zairatyants, O.V.; Goldshtein, D.V.; Volkov, A.V.; Makarov, A.V.; Rzhaninova, A.A.; Opalenov, K.V.; Yarotskaya, E.L.; Bychenko, A.B.; Smolina, T.Y.; Arutyunyan, I.V., 2007:
Prospects for using combined three-dimensional injection gel transplants with autologous and allogenic cell cultures in reproductive medicine

Gerritsen, C.J., 1950:
Prospects for walnut growing

Hussain, S.; Mudasser, M., 2007:
Prospects for wheat production under changing climate in mountain areas of Pakistan - An econometric analysis

Groth, C.G., 2007:
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Prospects of extending cattle breeding especially with regard to bull selection

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Prospects of improving economic plants in the Rumanian Democratic Republic.

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Prospects of improving the food supply of the Orient

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Prospects of papaya (Carica papaya L.) breeding in India

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Prospects of pulp production in Malaya

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Prospects of recent breeding work on some brassicas and other leafy vegetables

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Prospects of the Israeli citrus industry

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Prospects of the use of zebu in cattle breeding

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Prospects of tobacco as a crop for British growers

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Prospects of using perennial leguminous forage crops for the control of Orobanche and black root rot in field rotations with Tobacco

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Prospects of using perennial leguminous grasses for the control of Orobanche and black root rot in field rotations with tobacco

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Prospects of using triploids in tobacco breeding

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Prospects of utilising the wild Boar within the Limits of the biological Method

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Prostrate lemon growing.

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Proteaceae endemicas del Peru

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Proteccion viticola contra la 'anguilulosis'

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Protect young trees from gummosis

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Protect your cultures from attack by Schizaphis graminum Rond

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Protected areas, wildlife conservation, and local welfare

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Protecting direct seedings in rodent-infested areas

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Protecting hardwood cuttings against drying out

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Protecting high-stemmed vines in unsheltered zones.

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Protecting plants from frost injury through the use of radiant energy

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Protecting the olive tree from excessive heat

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Protecting the soils of the U.S.S.R

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Protecting the vine against frost

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Protecting trees from the sun's violence

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Protecting useful birds

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Protecting vines from the effect of low temperatures.

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Protecting young trees from gophers

Anonymous, 1946:

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Protection afforded guinea pigs by porcine gamma globulin against Leptospira pomona infection

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Protection against Escherichia coli infection by antibody to the Staphylococcus aureus poly-N-acetylglucosamine surface polysaccharide

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Protection against anaphylactie shock by various substances

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Protection against autoimmune nephritis in MyD88-deficient MRL/lpr mice

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Protection against blue stain in round and converted Pine.

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Protection against bulb flies

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Protection against damage by deer in the Westerhof forest district.

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Protection against damage by wind in the forest.

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Protection against deer damage in pure conifer stands.

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Protection against drought and erosion in the south Russian steppes

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Protection against frost

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Protection against frost damage.

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Protection against hail injury

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Protection against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in TLR4-deficient mice is mediated through a phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent mechanism

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Protection against night frosts

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Protection against wind. I. Basic facts of agricultural meteorology and general husbandry.

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Protection and agricultural management of the Haut-Ituri. Programme actually applied in the Haut-Ituri.

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Protection and agricultural management of the Upper Ituri (Belgian Congo)

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Protection and classification of plants

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Protection and development of forests in Colombia.

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Protection and rational exploitation of natural and replaceable resources in the Andean region of Venezuela.

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Protection between strains of heterologous agglutinogenic types of beta hemolytic streptococci of Group A. III. Farther observations

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Protection by ascorbic acid against biotin deficiency in the rat

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Protection by eitrovorum factor of intestinal mitoses against the radiomimetic action of aminopterin

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Protection by killed vole bacillus vaccine against experimental tuberculosis in guinea pigs

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Protection by receptor, destroying enzyme against infection with a neurotropic variant of influenza virus

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Protection by rutin against vascular injury caused by dicoumarol, with special reference to the prevention of thrombosis and embolism

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Protection by several oxidation-reduction systems against biotin deficiency

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Protection for the laboratory worker

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Protection forestry

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Protection from direct cerebral cryptococcus infection by interferon-gamma-dependent activation of microglial cells

Anonymous, 1951:
Protection from fire

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Protection from oxidation of I-ascorbic acid in fresh plant material

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Protection from photodamage by topical application of caffeine after ultraviolet irradiation

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Protection from shock with rutin

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Protection from spring and autumn frosts by continuous water sprinkling

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Protection in pigeons against virulent Trichomonas gallinae acquired by infection with milder strains

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Protection measures against spring frosts

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Protection of Agropyron sowings from Luperus pravei.

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Protection of Angelica sinensis against radiation-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice

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Protection of Beech timber against fungi and discoloration.

Bonnemaison, L., 1953:
Protection of Beets and notably seed-producers against yellows

Kockum, S., 1953:
Protection of Cob Maize stored in Cribs

Karpova, A.I, 1950:
Protection of Crops from Injuries by the Swedish Fly by treating the Soil with Hexachlorane.

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Protection of Ordnance leather equipment from molds

Schultz, G., 1953:
Protection of Pine logs and sawn timber against blueing

Martinovic, M., 1951:
Protection of Plum trees from pocket plum

Tarr, S.A.J., 1954:
Protection of Sorghum against Soil Fungi, Soil Pests and Covered Smut by combined Insecticide-Fungicide Seed Dressings

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Protection of acorn sowings from deer and small rodents.

Mathieu Korkhaus, R., 1951:
Protection of animals manual

Geier, P.; Savary, A., 1953:
Protection of apples and pears against codling moth

Bonnemaison, L., 1953:
Protection of beet, and especially of the seed-bearing plants, against yellows

Bonnemaison, L., 1953:
Protection of beetroot, and especially seed crops, against yellows

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Protection of biological macromoleculars by four polyphenol compounds

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Protection of citrus with phosphoric esters

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Protection of crop seedlings from damage by the Swedish fly by treatment of the soil with hexa-chlorane.

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Protection of crops from frost damage by use of radiant energy-Part II

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Protection of crops from frost damage through the use of radiant energy

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Protection of embryonated eggs infected with infectious bronchitis or Newcastle disease virus by polypeptides

Bergstermann, H., 1949:
Protection of enzymes by codehydrase in the inactivation of triosephosphate dehydrase by selenite. (Importance of thiol groups for enzymes.)

Wu-Yun; Chen-Jiwei, 2007:
Protection of exogenous interleukin-10 on gut barrier in acute pancreatitis

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Protection of forest seeds against small rodents.

Milevic, K., 1953:
Protection of forests in Serbia from goats.

Mlchiels .; Questienne .; Semal ., 1954:
Protection of fruit against brown rot during storage

Kizjurin, A.D., 1950:
Protection of fruit trees from winter burn .

Hensill, G.S., 1949:
Protection of growing plants from soil insects by use of insecticides on seeds

Cannon, R.C., 1947:
Protection of harvested potatoes from tuber moth attack

Tewari, M.C., 1954:
Protection of indigenous button nuts against insect attack

Marx, T., 1954:
Protection of l-ascorbic acid in fresh plant material against oxidation

Michener, H.D.; Andersen, A.A., 1949:
Protection of Lupulon and Humulon by Ascorbic Acid

Hopf, P.P.; Race, E., 1949:
Protection of mechanical cloth with phenyl mercurials

Miller, C.P.; Boor, A.K., 1946:
Protection of mice against lethal action of gonococcal endotoxin by penicillin

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Protection of mice against rotavirus challenge following intradermal DNA immunization by Biojector needle-free injection

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Protection of new products discovered by plant breeders

Bonnemaison, 1951:
Protection of oil-bearing crucifers against Meligethes spp

Tsunekawa, S.; Yamamoto, N.; Tsukamoto, K.; Itoh, Y.; Kaneko, Y.; Kimura, T.; Ariyoshi, Y.; Miura, Y.; Oiso, Y.; Niki, I., 2007:
Protection of pancreatic beta-cells by exendin-4 may involve the reduction of endoplasmic reticulum stress; in vivo and in vitro studies

Banga, O., 1951:
Protection of plant breeders rights

Kovache, A.; Levy, E.; Garnier, G.; Magnoux, C., 1954:
Protection of plastic materials and of textiles against microorganisms. Efficacy of some fungicides

Martinovic, M., 1951:
Protection of plum trees from Taphrina pruni

Chatterjee, P.N.N., 1953:
Protection of plywood in storage in godowns against Lyctus beetles by treatment with dichloro-trichloro-ethane (D.D.T.) and benzene hexachloride (B.H.C.)

Ottes, R.T.; Roberts, F., 1949:
Protection of riboflavin from destructive light rays during analysis

Gertopan, V.P.; Cerevcenko, A.E., 1954:
Protection of round wood from end splitting.

Karpova, A.I., 1950:
Protection of seedlings of spring and winter cereals from injury by the Swedish fly by treatment of the soil with hexachlorane.

Boor, A.K.; Tresselt, H.B., 1955:
Protection of sheep against anthrax by immunization with an antigen prepared in vitro

Turcek, F.J., 1952:
Protection of sown forest seeds from rodents.

Prax, J., 1951:
Protection of state plantations in the N.W. of Herault against fire.

Warner, J.L., 1954:
Protection of stored grain with 'Pybuthrin' insecticides

Osmun, John, V., 1954:
Protection of stored shelled corn with a protectant dust in Indiana

Carlson, R.F.; Moulton, J.E.; Hamner, C.L., 1950:
Protection of strawberry plants with activated carbon in pre-planting applications of 2,4-D

Decoux, L., 1950:
Protection of sugar-beet roots from frost

Minich, A., 1947:
Protection of textiles from microbial attacks

Haan, H.De., 1947:
Protection of the Breeder's Rights

Zobrist, L., 1951:
Protection of the current year's Spruce seedlings against the black snow fungus

Anonymous, 1953:
Protection of the forest against the Spruce budworm

Anonymous, 1952:
Protection of the forests against fire and grazing.

Yan, D., 2007:
Protection of the glutamate pool concentration in enteric bacteria

Jaune, R., 1949:
Protection of the rights of plant breeders

Russell, B.; Anderson, D., 1950:
Protection of the skin from sunburn; comparison of the absorption spectra of screening agents and their efficacy in eczema solare

Kott, S., 1949:
Protection of the young forest belt plants from weeds

Browne, F.G., 1950:
Protection of timber against powder-post beetles during seasoning

Purushotam, A.; Jain, J.C., 1952:
Protection of timber, grasses and textiles against fire

Hansen, C.M.; Farrall, A.W., 1949:
Protection of tomatoes from frost damage by use of radiant energy

Fleming, W.E., 1950:
Protection of turf from damage by Japanese beetle grubs

Koehler, W.; Zdanowicz, Z., 1954:
Protection of unbarked timber in sawmill yards against insect pests.

Hassler, F.J.; Hansen, C.M.; Farrall, A.W., 1948:
Protection of vegetation from frost damage by use of radiant energy-Part III

Flanzy, M.; Raymond, M.; Bouscary, A., 1946:
Protection of vineyards against Oidium. Experiments in 1944

Anonymous, 1951:
Protection of wheat crops from insect pests

Tofani, M., 1949:
Protection of wheat?

Saint Germain, J., 1949:
Protection of wood with aluminium paints.

Singh, K., 1946:
Protection of young nursery plants from frost

Yip, H.K.; Guo, J.; Wong, W.H.S., 2007:
Protection offered by root-surface restorative materials against biofilm challenge

Portsmouth, G.B.; Webster, B.N., 1955:
Protection oi Ceylon Tea from blister blight

Endrigkeit, A., 1953:
Protective Treatments for Plants in Pots and Plant-beds against Hylemyia brassicae

Uschdraweit, H.A., 1955:
Protective action of a virus against a virus mixture

Bravo, G.; Kurtansky, A.; López-Muñoz, F.Javier.; Hong, E.; Rojas, G.; Villalón, C.M.; Huang, F., 2007:
Protective action of amlodipine on cardiac negative inotropism induced by lipopolysaccharide in rats

Antonini, F.M.; Grandonico, F.; Piva, G., 1953:
Protective action of cholesterol on metabolic changes caused by cortisone in the rabbit

Marx, W.; Meserve, E.R.; Deuel, H.J., 1948 :
Protective action of dietary cholesterol in experimental thyrotoxicosis

Feng-Dan; Yao-Shang-Long; Wu-Qing-Ping; Wang-Li-Kui, 2007:
Protective action of inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinases on ventilator-induced lung injury

Fournier, P.; Dupuis, Y.; Susbielle, H.; Bourdeau, A., 1954:
Protective action of lactose on the skeleton of the lactating rat

Oggioni, G., 1953:
Protective action of lipotropic substances in experimental intoxication of the nervous system

Tschirren, B., 1954:
Protective action of vitamin A in poisoning of the hearing apparatus by streptomycin and neomycin

Galeone, A.; Pelocchino, A.M., 1951:
Protective action of vitamin B12 and of folic acid on chemical, functional and histological lesions induced in the liver by carbon tetrachloride

Capello, M.; Pasquariello, G., 1952:
Protective action of vitamin B13 against insulin hypoglycaemia in the rat

Piccioni, M., 1952:
Protective action of vitamin E in experimental vitamin A deficiency in the rat

Manukhina, E.B.; Dauni, K.F.; Mallet, R.T.; Malyshev, I.I., 2007:
Protective and damaging effects of periodic cerebral hypoxia: the role of nitric oxide

Pillemer, L.; Blum, L.; Lepow, I.H., 1954:
Protective antigen of haemophilus pertussis

Paterson, J.S.; Pirie, N.W.; Stableforth, A.W., 1947:
Protective antigens isolated from Br. abortus

Gorecka, A.; Jezierski, T., 2007:
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Protective burning

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Protective effect of cattle sera on white mice infected with Brucella abortus with the aid of the mucin technic

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Protective effect of extract of Ginkgo Biloba on gentamicin-induced ototoxicity in guinea pigs

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Protective effect of milk against the resorption of bone in the lactating rat

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Protective effects of S+ ketamine and atropine against lethality and brain damage during soman-induced status epilepticus in guinea-pigs

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Protective effects of soybean meal for the immature hyperthyroid rat

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Protective forest belts for orchards in the steppes of Siberia.

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Protective functions of forests

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Protective inoculation with crystal violet vaccine against swine fever in Venezuela

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Protective masks for applying sprays

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Protective measures against the virus diseases causing degeneration in the potato

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Protective property of certain chemicals against radiation induced chromosome aberrations

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Protective qualities of unpigmented skin of farm animals in the far North.

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Protective role of pentobarbital pretreatment for NMDA-R activated lipid peroxidation is derived from the synergistic effect on endogenous anti-oxidant in the hippocampus of rats

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Protein disulphide isomerase-mediated LA419-NO release provides additional antithrombotic effects to the blockade of the ADP receptor

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Protein interfacial pocket engineering via coupled computational filtering and biological focusing criterion

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Protein kinase A suppresses sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1C expression via phosphorylation of liver X receptor in the liver

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Protein kinase A-dependent recruitment of RNA polymerase II, C/EBP beta and NF-Y to the rat GTP cyclohydrolase I proximal promoter occurs without alterations in histone acetylation

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Protein kinase C activity mediates LH-induced ErbB/Erk signaling in differentiated hen granulosa cells

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