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Purification and characterization of an alkaline serine-protease produced by a new isolated Aspergillus clavatus ES1

Hajji, M.; Kanoun, S.; Nasri, M.; Gharsallah, N.

Process Biochemistry 42(5): 791-797


ISSN/ISBN: 1359-5113
DOI: 10.1016/j.procbio.2007.01.011
Accession: 013803882

An extracellular bleach stable protease from the fungus Aspergillus clavatus ES1, isolated from wastewater, was purified and characterized. The protease of ES1 strain was purified to homogeneity using acetone precipitation, Sephadex G-100 gel filtration and CM-Sepharose ion exchange chromatography, with a 7.5-fold increase in specific activity and 29% recovery. The molecular mass was estimated to be 32 kDa on SDS-PAGE. The optimum pH and temperature for the proteolytic activity were pH 8.5 and 50 degrees C, respectively. The enzyme was stable in the pH range of 7.0-9.0. The protease was activated by divalent cations such as Ca2+ and Mg2+.The alkaline protease showed extreme stability towards non-ionic surfactants (5% Tween 80 and 5% Triton X-100). In addition, the enzyme was relatively stable towards oxidizing agents, retaining more than 71 and 53% of its initial activity after I It incubation in the presence of I and 2% (w/ v) sodium perborate, respectively.The N-terminal sequence of the first 15 amino acids of the purified alkaline protease of A. clavatus ES1 showed high similarity with other fungal alkaline proteases. The activity was totally lost in the presence of PMSF, suggesting that the purified enzyme is a serine-protease.

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