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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 13809

Chapter 13809 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Foller, H., 1955:
Recipes for compost.

Hsueh, W.; Abel, E.Dale.; Breslow, J.L.; Maeda, N.; Davis, R.C.; Fisher, E.A.; Dansky, H.; McClain, D.A.; McIndoe, R.; Wassef, M.K.; Rabadán-Diehl, C.; Goldberg, I.J., 2007:
Recipes for creating animal models of diabetic cardiovascular disease

Ranque, J., 1946:
Reciprocal actions of Staphylococcus aureus and Microsporum felineum on the one hand, and of Pseudomonas pyocyanea and Microsporum felineum on the other, in culture on solid media

Knutti, R.E.; Goetsch, J.B.; Warrick, R.A., 1950:
Reciprocal Changes In Plasma Protein And Plasma Acacia As Result Of High And Low Protein Diets

Klatt, B., 1955:
Reciprocal crosses between dogs of opposite growth types

Lana, E.P., 1950:
Reciprocal crosses in the squash, Cucurbita maxima Duch

Langner, W., 1952:
Reciprocal differential reaction of Larch hybrids to a needle disease

Fahey, A.J.; Robins, R.Adrian.; Constantinescu, C.S., 2007:
Reciprocal effects of IFN-beta and IL-12 on STAT4 activation and cytokine induction in T cells

Stancevic, A.S.; Misic, P.D., 1954:
Reciprocal effects of aerial and underground organs in the pear variety Dvorui

Mclean, E.O.; Marshall, C.E., 1949:
Reciprocal effects of calcium and potassium as shown by their cationic activities in montmorillonite

Mclean, E.O., 1950:
Reciprocal effects of magnesium and potassium as shown by their cationic activities in four clays

Weaver, J.B., Jun, 1954:
Reciprocal grafts between genetically lethal and normal cotton

Ritter, P., 1950:
Reciprocal influence of bacteria of the udder and some bacteria of importance to the cheese industry. A further contribution to the problem of the disposition of milk

Cavazza, L., 1951:
Reciprocal influence of germinating wheat seeds

Olguin, H.C.; Yang, Z.; Tapscott, S.J.; Olwin, B.B., 2007:
Reciprocal inhibition between Pax7 and muscle regulatory factors modulates myogenic cell fate determination

Drouhet, E.; Segretain, G., 1952:
Reciprocal interactions of phagocytes and Torulopsis neoformans

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1949:
Reciprocal neutralisation of the chronaximetric effects of vitamins

Nedvetzki, S.; Sowinski, S.; Eagle, R.A.; Harris, J.; Vély, Fédéric.; Pende, D.; Trowsdale, J.; Vivier, E.; Gordon, S.; Davis, D.M., 2007:
Reciprocal regulation of human natural killer cells and macrophages associated with distinct immune synapses

Finocchio, D., 1948:
Reciprocal relations between thymus and gonads. Effect of treatment with thymus extracts on the ovary

Roth, B., M.; Tetzlaff, J., C.; Alexander, M., L.; Kitchell, J., F., 2007:
Reciprocal relationships between exotic rusty crayfish, macrophytes, and Lepomis species in northern wisconsin lakes

Tadagaki, K.; Yamanishi, K.; Mori, Y., 2007:
Reciprocal roles of cellular chemokine receptors and human herpesvirus 7-encoded chemokine receptors, U12 and U51

Maori, E.; Tanne, E.; Sela, I., 2007:
Reciprocal sequence exchange between non-retro viruses and hosts leading to the appearance of new host phenotypes

Taylor, H.E., 1949:
Reciprocal transformations of the R and ER forms in pneumococcus

Oka, H.; Chang, T.T.; Hong, M.S., 1953:
Reciprocal translocation in rice

Chang, W.-T., 1955:
Reciprocal translocations in rice induced by X rays.

Tronchetti, F., 1947:
Reciprocal treatment with sterols

Golueev, I.E., 1949:
Reciprocity between the host organism and extraneous conditions in brucellosis in horses

Mohrmann, K.J.M., 1952:
Reclaimed peat soils and their agricultural importance

Limstrom, G.A.; Deitschman, G.H., 1951:
Reclaiming Illinois strip coal lands by forest planting

Kline, C.H., 1954:
Reclaiming acres with ounces

Thomson, J.M., 1952:
Reclaiming cut-over woodland

Beekom, C.W.O.Van, E.Al., 1953:
Reclaiming land flooded with salt water

Anonymous, 1947:
Reclaiming wild hay

Cullen, N.A., 1953:
Reclamation and development of marginal hill country at Invermay Research Station

Powers, W.L., 1946:
Reclamation and use of alkali soils

Ellison, W., 1949:
Reclamation and use of marginal land

Hoffmann, W., 1952:
Reclamation disease and effects of the trace element copper.

Brown, L.A., 1948:
Reclamation in Japan

Macleod, A., 1953:
Reclamation in Lewis

Singh, R.N., 1950:
Reclamation of Usar lands in India through blue green algae

Carr, W.A.C.; Mercer, W.B., 1947:
Reclamation of Frodsham Marshes

Balblno, L.R., 1954:
Reclamation of a halomorphic soil. A comparative laboratory study with krilium, flotal and gypsum.

Reeve, R.C.; Pillsbury, A.F.; Wilcox, L.V., 1955:
Reclamation of a saline and high boron soil in the Coachella Valley of California

Herke, S., 1949:
Reclamation of alkali soils containing sodium carbonate

Dhawan, C.L.; Malhotra, M.M.L.; Singh, J., 1953:
Reclamation of alkali soils. Jantar (Sesbania cannabina) root system in black-alkali soils treated with different reclaiming agents

Misra, S.M.; Tiwari, K.N.; Prasad, S.V.Sai, 2007:
Reclamation of alkali soils: Influence of amendments and leaching on transformation and availability of phosphorus

Overstreet, R.; Martin, J.C.; Schulz, R.K.; Mccutcheon, O.D., 1955:
Reclamation of an alkali soil of the Hacienda series

Kirkwood, J., 1947:
Reclamation of cut-over woodland at Auchincruive

Magron, R., 1955:
Reclamation of deserts in the western United States.

Meer K.Van Der, 1952:
Reclamation of dune-sand soils

Woodham, K.W., 1953:
Reclamation of eroded grazing country in the Yass district

Bronzova, G.Ja., 1949:
Reclamation of eroded slopes under perennial herbage.

Eshuis, J.A., 1952:
Reclamation of heathland and its cultivation

Gillaume, M., 1951:
Reclamation of new lands for agriculture. Potentialities and problems in tropical regions

Sherrard, E.G., 1953:
Reclamation of peat land

Gemmel, J.T., 1948:
Reclamation of river flats subject to flooding

Spafford, W.J., 1946:
Reclamation of saline soils

Huberty, M.R.; Pillsbury, A.F., 1950:
Reclamation of saline soils in Goachella Valley, Calif. U.S.A

Reeve, R.C.; Allison, L.E.; Peterson, D.F.; Jr., 1948:
Reclamation of saline-alkaline soils by leaching

Dubois, A., 1954:
Reclamation of swampy soils.

Camargo, F.C.De., 1951:
Reclamation of the Amazonian flood-lands near Belem

Mamyuk, I.S., 1946:
Reclamation of the Chir sands.

Bugrov, S.V.; Bizjaev, I.A., 1952:
Reclamation of the sands of the Province of Astrakhan.

Glanville, E.B., 1947:
Reclamation of tidal flats

Straatmans, W., 1954:
Reclamation of tidal mud flats in Tonga

Prettenhoffer, I., 1953:
Reclamation of transitional alkali (szik) soils by combined treatment.

Raychaudhuri, S.P., 1950:
Reclamation of waste lands and land gone out of cultivation

Granstrom, A., 1946:
Reclamation work in Norrland

Mcmillan, J.A., 1947:
Reclamation work in the fens

Hosoya, S.; Yokota, A., 2007:
Reclassification of Flexibacter aggregans (Lewin 1969) Leadbetter 1974 as a later heterotypic synonym of Flexithrix dorotheae Lewin 1970

Blackall, P.J.; Bojesen, A.Miki.; Christensen, H.; Bisgaard, M., 2007:
Reclassification of [Pasteurella] trehalosi as Bibersteinia trehalosi gen. nov., comb. nov

Kulicke, H., 1953:
Recognition and control of Microtus agrestis in the forest.

Gomes, J., 1951:
Recognition and control of the mealybug

Philippe, J., 1955:
Recognition and control of the principal diseases and pests of citrus in the Belgian Congo

Chester, K.S.; Mclaughlin, J.H., 1952:
Recognition and control of vegetable diseases

Thung, T.H., 1952:
Recognition and cure of some virus diseases

Mateus, J.; Pezzi, C.; Somkuti, S.G., 2006:
Recognition and prevention of gastric injury during gynecologic laparoscopy

Park, J.-Mee; Paek, K.-Hee, 2007:
Recognition and response in plant-pathogen interactions

Loers, G.; Schachner, M., 2007:
Recognition molecules and neural repair

Vergani, A.R., 1951:
Recognition of lepra explosiva of the orange and toasting of citrus fruits

Lolli, G.; Johnson, L.N., 2007:
Recognition of Cdk2 by Cdk7

Trahair, T.; Andrews, L.; Cohn, R.J., 2006 :
Recognition of Li Fraumeni syndrome at diagnosis of a locally advanced extremity rhabdomyosarcoma

Gurri, J., 1950:
Recognition of Torula histolytica (Torulopsis neoformans) in histological sections

Kent, R.J.; Mharakurwa, S.; Hamapumbu, H.; Norris, D.E., 2007:
Recognition of a novel melanotic mutant in a field population of Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus in southern Zambia

Cao, Z.; Zheng, Y.-Lu; Gong, F.-Chun; Long, S.; Chen, P.; He, X.-Chuan, 2007:
Recognition of alkyl ketone molecules based on thickness-shear-mode acoustic sensors with calixarene derivatives

Stamenova, N., 1948:
Recognition of beta -carotene added to batter in order to colour it

Fischer, H., 1953:
Recognition of cryptorchid boars intra vitam. Preliminary communication

Cepoiu, M.; McCusker, J.; Cole, M.G.; Sewitch, M.; Ciampi, A., 2007:
Recognition of depression in older medical inpatients

Smits, C.; Houtgast, T., 2007:
Recognition of digits in different types of noise by normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners

Pillay, S.S.; Rogowska, J.; Gruber, S.A.; Simpson, N.; Yurgelun-Todd, D.A., 2006:
Recognition of happy facial affect in panic disorder: an fMRI study

Lehtonen, M.; Cunillera, T.; Rodríguez-Fornells, A.; Hultén, A.; Tuomainen, J.; Laine, M., 2007:
Recognition of morphologically complex words in Finnish: evidence from event-related potentials

Dalldorf, G.; Gifford, R., 1955:
Recognition of mouse ectromelia

Tanaka, M., 2006:
Recognition of pictorial representations by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

Munera, D.; Hultgren, S.; Fernández, L.Angel., 2007:
Recognition of the N-terminal lectin domain of FimH adhesin by the usher FimD is required for type 1 pilus biogenesis

Mehl, S., 1955:
Recognition of the damage caused by M. agrestis, its ecology and control.

Salazar, J., 1954:
Recognition of the species of Wheat rust and evaluation of the intensity of its attack

Wolf, A.; Degani, A., 2007:
Recognizing knee pathologies by classifying instantaneous screws of the six degrees-of-freedom knee motion

Afanasjeva, L.I., 1949:
Recognizing the manurial needs of cultivated plants by external symptoms.

Li, B.; VanRoey, M.J.; Jooss, K., 2007:
Recombinant IL-7 enhances the potency of GM-CSF-secreting tumor cell immunotherapy

Sato, N.; Fujimura, T.; Masuzawa, M.; Yogi, Y.; Matsuoka, M.; Kanoh, M.; Riley, L.W.; Katsuoka, K., 2007:
Recombinant Mycobacterium leprae protein associated with entry into mammalian cells of respiratory and skin components

Garrait, G.; Jarrige, J.F.; Blanquet, S.; Beyssac, E.; Alric, M., 2007:
Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain expressing a model cytochrome P450 in the rat digestive environment: viability and bioconversion activity

Cherfan, A.; Arabi, Y.; A.A.kar, A.; A.S.imemeri, A., 2007:
Recombinant activated factor VII treatment of retroperitoneal hematoma in a patient with renal failure receiving enoxaparin and clopidogrel

Dai, J.; Rabie, A.Bakr.M., 2007:
Recombinant adeno-associated virus vector hybrids efficiently target different skeletal cells

Coleman, G.; Gardiner, T., A.; Boutaud, A.; Stitt, A., W., 2007:
Recombinant alpha 2(IV)NC1 domain of type IV collagen is an effective regulator of retinal capillary endothelial cell proliferation and inhibits pre-retinal neovascularisation

Xing, J.; Wellman-Labadie, O.; Gautron, J.; Hincke, M.T., 2007:
Recombinant eggshell ovocalyxin-32: expression, purification and biological activity of the glutathione S-transferase fusion protein

Hwang, D.Kyu.; Cho, J-Yong.; Chae, Y.Kee., 2007:
Recombinant expression and purification of functional XorII, a restriction endonuclease from Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae

Monaghan, P.; Woznica, I.; Moza, B.; Sundberg, E.J.; Rosenblatt, M., 2007:
Recombinant expression and purification of the N-terminal extracellular domain of the parathyroid hormone receptor

Rajagopalan, R.; Xavier, J.; Rangaraj, N.; Rao, N.Madhusudhana.; Gopal, V., 2007:
Recombinant fusion proteins TAT-Mu, Mu and Mu-Mu mediate efficient non-viral gene delivery

Forthal, D.N.; Gilbert, P.B.; Landucci, G.; Phan, T., 2007:
Recombinant gp120 vaccine-induced antibodies inhibit clinical strains of HIV-1 in the presence of Fc receptor-bearing effector cells and correlate inversely with HIV infection rate

Yang, B-fen.; Zhao, H-liang.; Xue, C.; Xiong, X-hua.; Zhang, W.; Yao, X-qin.; Liu, Z-min., 2007 :
Recombinant heat shock protein 65 carrying hepatitis B core antigen induces HBcAg-specific CTL response

Vigário, A.Margarida.; Belnoue, E.; Grüner, A.Charlotte.; Mauduit, M.; Kayibanda, Mèle.; Deschemin, J-Christophe.; Marussig, M.; Snounou, G.; Mazier, D.; Gresser, I.; Rénia, L., 2007:
Recombinant human IFN-alpha inhibits cerebral malaria and reduces parasite burden in mice

Liu, Q-Shan.; Wang, Q-Juan.; Du, G-Hua.; Zhu, S-Yin.; Gao, M.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, J-Ming.; Cao, J-Feng., 2007:
Recombinant human ciliary neurotrophic factor reduces weight partly by regulating nuclear respiratory factor 1 and mitochondrial transcription factor A

Rusciani, L.; Proietti, I.; Paradisi, A.; Rusciani, A.; Guerriero, G.; Mammone, A.; D.G.etano, A.; Lippa, S., 2007:
Recombinant interferon alpha-2b and coenzyme Q10 as a postsurgical adjuvant therapy for melanoma: a 3-year trial with recombinant interferon-alpha and 5-year follow-up

Kreijtz, J.H.C.M.; Suezer, Y.; van Amerongen, G.; de Mutsert, G.; Schnierle, B.S.; Wood, J.M.; Kuiken, T.; Fouchier, R.A.M.; Lower, J.; Osterhaus, A.D.M.E.; Sutter, G.; Rimmelzwaan, G.F., 2007:
Recombinant modified vaccinia virus Ankara-based vaccine induces protective immunity in mice against infection with influenza virus H5N1

El-Gogo, S.; Staib, C.; Meyr, M.; Erfle, V.; Sutter, G.; Adler, H., 2007:
Recombinant murine gammaherpesvirus 68 (MHV-68) as challenge virus to test efficacy of vaccination against chronic virus infections in the mouse model

Stepannenko, V.N.; Esipov, R.S.; Gurevich, A.I.; Chupova, L.A.; Miroshnikov, A.I., 2007:
Recombinant oxyntomodulin

Tompkins, S.Mark.; Lin, Y.; Leser, G.P.; Kramer, K.A.; Haas, D.L.; Howerth, E.W.; Xu, J.; Kennett, M.J.; Durbin, R.K.; Durbin, J.E.; Tripp, R.; Lamb, R.A.; He, B., 2007:
Recombinant parainfluenza virus 5 (PIV5) expressing the influenza A virus hemagglutinin provides immunity in mice to influenza A virus challenge

Kang, S.; Kang, J.; Yoo, S.Hyun.; Park, S., 2007 :
Recombinant preparation and characterization of interactions for a calmodulin-binding chromogranin A peptide and calmodulin

Ingham, A.B.; Moore, R.J., 2007:
Recombinant production of antimicrobial peptides in heterologous microbial systems

Wang-Bao-Li; Liang-Hui; Zheng-Fang; Li-Xiao-Xia; Liu-Yu-Bing; Dai-Chen-Lin, 2007:
Recombinant soluble receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa B inhibits parathyroid hormone-induced osteoclastogenesis in vitro

Huang, G.-Jhong; Chen, H.-Jung; Chang, Y.-Shiun; Sheu, M.-Jyh; Lin, Y.-Huei, 2007:
Recombinant sporamin and its synthesized peptides with antioxidant activities in vitro

Goedl, C.; Schwarz, A.; Minani, A.; Nidetzky, B., 2007:
Recombinant sucrose phosphorylase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides: characterization, kinetic studies of transglucosylation, and application of immobilised enzyme for production of alpha-D-glucose 1-phosphate

Gouw, S.C.; van der Bom, J.G.; Auerswald, Günter.; Ettinghausen, C.Escuriola.; Tedgård, U.; van den Berg, H.Marijke., 2007:
Recombinant versus plasma-derived factor VIII products and the development of inhibitors in previously untreated patients with severe hemophilia A: the CANAL cohort study

Fredericq, P., 1953:
Recombinants arising from the crossing of lysogenic and colicinogenic strains

Lederberg, J.; Lederberg, E.M.; Zinder, N.D.; Lively, E.R., 1951:
Recombination analysis of bacterial heredity

Hayes, W., 1952:
Recombination in Bact. coli K 12; unidirectional transfer of genetic material

Visconti, N.; Coon, R.C., 1951:
Recombination in bacteriophage

Levinthal, C., 1954:
Recombination in Phage T2: Its Relationship to Heterozygosis and Growth

Levinthal, C., 1953:
Recombination in phage: its relationship to heterozygosis and growth

Berset-Brändli, L.; Jaquiéry, J.; Perrin, N., 2007:
Recombination is suppressed and variability reduced in a nascent Y chromosome

Lederberg, J., 1955:
Recombination mechanisms in bacteria

Burnet, F.M.; Lind, P.E., 1954:
Recombination of influenza viruses in the de-embryonated egg. I. The use of periodate-treated sera for in vitro characterization of influenza virus strains. II. The conditions for recombination and the evidence for the possible existence of diploid influenza virus

Kimura, M., 1951:
Recombinations of chromosome segments through continued self-fertilization

Strobel, D.R.; Babcock, C.J., 1955:
Recombined milk. A dependable supply of fluid milk far from the cow

Anon., 1954:
Recomendaciones formuladas por la conferencia nacional de 1954 sobre la triquinosis

Duclos, P.; Okwo-Bele, J.-Marie, 2007:
Recommandations et politiques vaccinales mondiales Le role de l'OMS

Giroud, C.; Dumontet, M.; Vassault, A.; Braconnier, F.; Ferard, G.; Grp-Travail-Sfbc, 2007:
Recommandations relatives a l'expression de l'incertitude de mesure des resultats quantitatifs en biologie medicale (Document F)

Anonymous, 1952:
Recommend Gold Mine and Sun-Up corn

Anonymous, 1947:
Recommend new wheat for Peace River area

Anonymous, 1948:
Recommendations adopted by The Royal Society, Scientific Information Conference 1948

Anon., 1955:
Recommendations adopted by the Joint F.A.O.-O.I.E. Meeting (Rome, 4-7 November 1954).

Anon., 1953:
Recommendations and resolutions at the XXIst session of the International Office of Epizootics (4th to 9th May 1953). I. Echinococcosis.

Cosmo, I., 1953:
Recommendations for future vine planting in the Raboso Piave district of the province of Treviso

Goldstein, N.S.; Hewitt, S.M.; Taylor, C.R.; Yaziji, H.; Hicks, D.G., 2007:
Recommendations for improved standardization of immunohistochemistry

Anonymous, 1955:
Recommendations for plant protection work in 1955 compiled on the basis of the experimental results of the Federal Institute for Plant Protection and the discussions of the Plant Protection Conference 1955

Kennedy, A.; Nag, S.; Salem, R.; Murthy, R.; McEwan, A.J.; Nutting, C.; Benson, A.; Espat, J.; Bilbao, J.Ignacio.; Sharma, R.A.; Thomas, J.P.; Coldwell, D., 2007:
Recommendations for radioembolization of hepatic malignancies using yttrium-90 microsphere brachytherapy: a consensus panel report from the radioembolization brachytherapy oncology consortium

Anonymous, 1952:
Recommendations for skeleton weed control

Robinson, J.B.D., 1955:
Recommendations for the chemical control of weeds in mulched coffee

Anon., 1950:
Recommendations for the control of coffee leaf miner

Szumkowski, W., 1954:
Recommendations for the control of cotton pests, following biological studies

Anon., 1946:
Recommendations for the control of pests and diseases of tomatoes

Gupta, S.; Indelicato, S.R.; Jethwa, V.; Kawabata, T.; Kelley, M.; Mire-Sluis, A.R.; Richards, S.M.; Rup, B.; Shores, E.; Swanson, S.J.; Wakshull, E., 2007:
Recommendations for the design, optimization, and qualification of cell-based assays used for the detection of neutralizing antibody responses elicited to biological therapeutics

Russo, M.B., 2007:
Recommendations for the ethical use of pharmacologic fatigue countermeasures in the U.S. military

Silva, M.V.E., 1952:
Recommendations for the improvement of Rice

Anonymous, 1948:
Recommendations for the organization of Colonial research in agriculture, animal health and forestry

Mendes, O., 1953:
Recommendations for the prevention and control of diseases encountered in Maize and Tobacco plantings. Maize rust

Hamson, A.R., E.Al., 1955:
Recommendations for the production of peas

Anonymous, 1953:
Recommendations for the sowing of Wheat in the year 1953. Map of the Wheat-growing region

Bohmont, D.W., 1954:
Recommendations for weed control in Wyoming

Anon., 1954:
Recommendations of National Conference on Trichinosis

Anonymous, 1955:
Recommendations of Research Committee N.C.W.C.C

Anonymous, 1955:
Recommendations of the Committee of Terminology

Fluckiger, G., 1947:
Recommendations of the F.A.O. sub-committee for animal health at the reunion in Washington from March 31st to April 4th, 1947.

Lepage, H.S.; Giannotti, O., 1950:
Recommendations of the Instituto Biologico (Brazil) for combating the pests of cotton in the agricultural year 1950-51

Anon., 1955:
Recommendations of the Research Committee of the N.C.W.C.C. Recommendations of the Committee on Terminology

Anon., 1954:
Recommendations of the Research Committee of the N.C.W.C.C. Recommendations of the Committee on terminology

Anonymous, 1950 :
Recommendations of the Research Committee of the NCWCC for 1951

Anon., 1954:
Recommendations of the Research Committee of the North Central Weed Control Conference for 1954

Anonymous, 1952:
Recommendations of the Research Committee, N.C.W.C.C

Analytical Methods Committee., 1951:
Recommendations of the meat extract sub-committee. Analysis of meat extract

Anonymous, 1953:
Recommendations of the research committee of the N.C.W.C.C

Loewel, E.L.; Weissenborn, K., 1954:
Recommendations on mineral fertilizers for fruit trees

Ossenwaarde, J.G., 1952:
Recommendations on the growing of Wild Stokroos

Anonymous, 1955:
Recommended Hevea planting material, 1955-56

Buchli, M., 1953:
Recommended Swiss winter barley varieties for 1953 planting

Miller, W.B., 1947:
Recommended cereal varieties

Miller, W.B., 1950:
Recommended cereal varieties

Anonymous, 1954 :
Recommended clarification of satisfactory compliance for grade 'A' milk production

Anonymous, 1953:
Recommended common names for pest control products

Anonymous, 1952:
Recommended common names for pest control products. (British Standard 1831 (Part 1).)

York, J.O., 1952:
Recommended corn hybrids for Arkansas for 1953

Johnson, I.J.; Bragonier, W.H., 1953:
Recommended crop varieties for 1954

Perkins, S.L.; Reddy, V.B.V.; Reichard, K.K.; Thompsen, M.Ann.; Dunphy, C.H., 2007:
Recommended curriculum for teaching hematopathology to subspecialty hematopathology fellows

Anonymous, 1948:
Recommended daily dietary allowances. (Nat. Res. Counc. Repr. and Circular, Series No. 129)

Anonymous, 1954:
Recommended dietary allowances for Australia

Anonymous, 1948:
Recommended grades for apples produced in England and Wales for use from 1.9.48 to 31.8.49

Anonymous, 1949:
Recommended grades for pears produced in England and Wales, for experimental use by growers and packers

Schweizer, J., 1951:
Recommended hevea planting material 1951-52

Schweizer, J., 1950:
Recommended hevea planting material, 1949-50

Tedin, O., 1947:
Recommended list of varieties for table potatoes

Anonymous, 1947:
Recommended list of varieties, relating to desirable table varieties of potatoes, drawn up by the Swedish National Potato Growers' Union

Loosli, J.K.; Huffman, C.F.; Petersen, W.E.; Phillips, P.H., 1946:
RECOMMENDED nutrient allowances for dairy cattle

Campaignolle, J., 1955:
Recommended planting material for 1955-56

Vollema, J.S., 1948:
Recommended planting material of hevea, 1948-9

Schweizer, J., 1950:
Recommended planting material of rubber 1950-51

Van Heusden, W.C., 1953:
Recommended planting material of tea

Schweizer, J., 1951:
Recommended planting material of tea 1951-52

Grant, B.E., 1949:
Recommended practices for growing peanuts

Van Heusden, W.C., 1953:
Recommended rubber planting material, 1953-54

Van Heusden, W.C., 1953:
Recommended tea planting material

Schweizer, J., 1951:
Recommended tea planting material, 1951-52

Anonymous, 1949:
Recommended varieties

Anon., 1948:
Recommended varieties of cider apples

Anonymous, 1947:
Recommended varieties of farm crops for Montana 1947

Anonymous, 1951:
Recommended varieties of grain crops for Saskatchewan for 1951

Anonymous, 1953:
Recommended varieties of grain crops for Saskatchewan for 1953

Anonymous, 1954:
Recommended vitamin standards for margarine

Hore, H.L.; Sims, H.J., 1954:
Recommended cereal varieties

Boschen, M.J., 2006:
Reconceptualizing emetophobia: a cognitive-behavioral formulation and research agenda

Rice, V.A., 1947:
Reconciling facts and figures

Gilbert, R.J.C.; Gordiyenko, Y.; von der Haar, T.; Sonnen, A.F-P.; Hofmann, G.; Nardelli, M.; Stuart, D.I.; McCarthy, J.E.G., 2007:
Reconfiguration of yeast 40S ribosomal subunit domains by the translation initiation multifactor complex

Franks, N.R.; Hooper, J.W.; Dornhaus, A.; Aukett, P.J.; Hayward, A.L.; Berghoff, S.M., 2007:
Reconnaissance and latent learning in ants

Rosov, N.N., 1950:
Reconnaissance soil maps of the European part of the U.S.S.R. and their significance for the development of soil geography.

Swanson, C.L.W., 1947:
Reconnaissance soil survey of Japan

O'brien, R.E.; Kohler, E.J., 1950:
Reconnaissance soil survey of Japan: Kyushu

Swanson, C.L., 1947:
Reconnaissance Soil Survey Work in Japan

Tanaka, T., 1948:
Reconnaissance survey of fruit trees of the world. I. Total number of fruit trees

Sarunjith, K.J.; Sanjeevi, S., 2007:
Reconnaissance-level mapping of vulnerable areas in a tsunami-prone coast using shuttle radar-derived Digital Elevation Model

Neumann-Kleinpaul, K.; Schebitz, H., 1950:
Reconox a phenothiazine preparation in treatment of strongylosis in horses

Chang, K.-Sun; Chang, C.-Sung; Park, T.-Yoon; Roh, M., S., 2007:
Reconsideration of the Prunus serrulata complex (Rosaceae) and related taxa in eastern Asia

Holmstrom, S., 1955:
Reconsideration of the problem of liming is necessary.

Leach, Jeff, D., 2007:
Reconsidering ancient caloric yields from cultivated agave in southern Arizona

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Reconsidering the mechanistic basis of the metabolic theory of ecology

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Reconsolidation and memory infidelity in Lymnaea

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Reconsolidation of declarative memory in humans

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Reconstituted dry milk for fluid purposes

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Reconstituted milk

Anonymous, 1947:
Reconstituted milk for Mexico City

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Reconstituted milk process

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Reconstituted skim milk plus aureomycin and vitamin A and D for raising dairy calves. A progress report

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Reconstituted skim-milk as a diluent for bovine semen

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Reconstituting dry milks

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Reconstitution and improvement of soil fertility. The balancing of fertilizers.

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Reconstitution Of Active Tobacco Mosaic Virus From Its Inactive Protein And Nucleic Acid Components

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Reconstitution of ion channels in agarose-supported silicon orifices

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Reconstitution of lands rendered barren by erosion and development of such lands.

Chai, Y.; Tsai, C.Sung.; Cho, H.; Winans, S.C., 2007:
Reconstitution of the biochemical activities of the AttJ repressor and the AttK, AttL, and AttM catabolic enzymes of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Bywaters, E.G.L.; Holborow, E.J.; Keech, M.K., 1951:
Reconstitution of the dermal barrier to dye spread after hyaluronidase injection

Dalmasso, G., 1950:
Reconstitution of vineyards by grafting on American rootstocks; nurseries; rootstocks; scions; compatibility; grafting on American root-stocks

Anonymous, 1951:
Reconstitution of vineyards by grafting on American vines: nurseries, rootstocks, compatibility, and grafting on American stocks

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Reconstructing PSA testing patterns between black and white men in the US from Medicare claims and the National Health Interview Survey

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Reconstructing gene regulatory networks with bayesian networks by combining expression data with multiple sources of prior knowledge

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Reconstructing palaeoflyways of the late Pleistocene and early Holocene Red Knot Calidris canutus

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Reconstructing the history of selection during homoploid hybrid speciation

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Reconstruction in Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1949:
Reconstruction in forestry: from the activities of D

Elias, I.; Tuller, T., 2007:
Reconstruction of ancestral genomic sequences using likelihood

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Reconstruction of grain drills to enable the seed of herbage plants and of the cereal nurse crop to be sown in separate rows.

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Reconstruction of human protein interolog network using evolutionary conserved network

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Reconstruction of ooplasm recipient oocytes with frozen-thawed donor microcytoplasts and influence on the microtubular spindle

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Reconstruction of the female urethra: versatility, complexity and aptness

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Reconstruction of the sward in sub-alpine meadows.

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Reconstruction of the systematics of the nematode family Protostrongylidae Leiper, 1926.

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Reconstruction of undersampled dynamic images by modeling the motion of object elements

Chang, D.W.; Friel, M.T.; Youssef, A.A., 2007:
Reconstructive strategies in soft tissue reconstruction after resection of spinal neoplasms

Anonymous, 1955:
Record butterfat yields, Great Britain

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Record keeping for laboratory animals

Alexander, W.H., 1950:
Record milk production in New Orleans milkshed during 1949-50

Anonymous, 1948:
Record milk yield

Anonymous, 1955:
Record milk yield, Great Britain

Kenya., 1953:
Record of Investigations

Anonymous, 1950:
Record of Investigations No. 1, for the period 1st April 1948, to 31st March, 1949

Anonymous, 1950:
Record of Investigations No. 1. Department of Agriculture, Uganda Protectorate for the period 1st April, 1948 to 31st March, 1949

Anonymous, 1952:
Record of Investigations No. 2 of the Department of Agriculture, Uganda Protectorate for the period 1st April, 1949, to 31st March, 1950

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Record of a dominant mutant in Punjab-American cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Latif, A.; Akhtar, M.M., 1954:
Record of gram cut-worm (Agrotis flammetra Fab.) on sugarcane and its control

Anonymous, 1952:
Record of investigations No. 2 for the period 1st April, 1949, to 31st March, 1950

Anonymous, 1955:
Record of proceedings at the 1955 Dairy Conference held at the Hotel Edward, Durban on 17th to 20th October, 1955

Anonymous, 1952:
Record of the First Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association, Cambridge, June 25th-27th, 1951

Anonymous, 1953:
Record of the Second Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association, Cambridge, June 23rd-25th, 1952

Anonymous, 1953:
Record of the Third Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association, Cambridge, June 24th-26th, 1953

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Record of the larval trematode Himasthla qaissetensis (Miller and Northup, 1936) Stunkard, 1934 in the clam, Mya arenaria

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Recording concentric ring infiltrometer

Mckergow, P.R., 1952:
Recording grazing

Mikhailov, L.Ya., 1947:
Recording soil destruction by erosion.

Hojendahl, K., 1953:
Recording the climate in the Old Experimental Field

Anonymous, 1947:
Recording the incidence of blister blight

Baldacci, E., 1948:
Recording the incubation period of the vine downy mildew and its possible application

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Recording the intake of water into the soil. J

Zeeuw, J.W.De., 1954:
Recording the variation in moisture content of a soil profile.

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Recording, soil moisture automatically

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Records from the dairy herd at Sigatoka for the decade 1941-50

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Records of A.I. bulls

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Records of Ophryocotyle (Cestada : Davaineidae) from shore birds

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Records of Queensland fungi, VI

Anonymous, 1950:
Records of Researches in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo, 1950/51

Anonymous, 1951:
Records of agronomic research 4

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Records of bamboo diseases and the taxonomy of their pathogens in China (II)

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Records of dacine fruit flies and new species of Dacus (Diptera : Tephritidae) in Bhutan

Anonymous, 1951:
Records of disease occurrence

Anonymous, 1950:
Records of progeny tests

Zocchi, R., 1953:
Records of some Centres of Infestation by Termites in Tuscany

Szczotka, S., 1950:
Records of the history of forestry in Poland.

Anonymous, 1948:
Records of the results of progeny tests of Swedish Red-and-White bulls

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Records of yields and new varieties of sugar cane

Gifford, W., 1953:
Records-of-performance tests for beef cattle in breeding herds. Milk production of dams and growth of calves

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Recoverin as a redox-sensitive protein

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Recovering bird diversity by landscaping a landfill: early stages of succession

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Recovering fertilizer elements of molasses distillery slop

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Recovering heat before evaporation of milk.

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Recovering information from synthetic air quality indices

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Recovery after poisoning with di-nitro-ortho-cresol

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Recovery and utilization of tree extractives

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Recovery from acute radiation injury in mice following administration of rat bone marrow

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Recovery from axial myopia induced by a monocularly deprived facemask in adolescent (7-week-old) guinea pigs

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Recovery from oestrogen-induced sterility in albino mice

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Recovery from optic neuritis: an ROI-based analysis of LGN and visual cortical areas

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Recovery from pulmonary moniliasis following serum therapy

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Recovery from radiation mutations of the genes

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Recovery from social phobia in the community and its predictors: data from a longitudinal epidemiological study

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Recovery from the check of transplanting

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Recovery from the failure to eat produced by hypothalamic lesions

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Recovery in Wheat following initial stunting caused by Helminthosporium sativum

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Recovery in humans of intravenously injected isotopic uric acid

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Recovery of Brucella from tissues of cattle exposed to Brucella abortus

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Recovery of C. burnetii from H. savignyi collected in Spain

Becker, G., 1950:
Recovery of Cerambycidae from paralysis induced by contact poisons.

Hofstad, M.S., 1949:
Recovery of Newcastle Disease (Pneumoencephalitis) Virus from Mites, Liponyssus sylviarum, after feeding upon Newcastle-infected Chickens

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Recovery of Texas-1 type Coxsackie virus from the blood of wild rabbit and from sewage contaminating rabbit's feeding ground

Reeves, W.C.; Hammon, W.M.; Furman, D.P.; McClure, H.E.; Brookman, B., 1947:
Recovery of Western Equine Encephalomyelitis Virus From Wild Bird Mites (Liponyssus sylviarum) in Kern County, California

Holden, P., 1955:
Recovery of Western equine encephalomyelitis virus from naturally infected English sparrows of New Jersey,1953

Stapleton, G.E.; Billen, D.; Hollaender, A., 1953:
Recovery of x-irradiated bacteria at suboptimal incubation temperatures

Yamaguti, S.; Inatomi, S.; Kimura, M., 1955:
Recovery of a chemical fraction from human nightsoil having an ovistatic effect upon Ascaris lumbricoides eggs

Borisovich, Y.F., 1954:
Recovery of a filtrable form of anthrax bacillus from anthrax antisera.

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Recovery of a rodent community in an agro-ecosystem after flooding

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Recovery of a strain of Western equine encephalitis virus from Culex restuans (Theo.) (Diptera: Culicidae)

Basakcilardan-Kabakci, S.; Ipekoglu, A.N.rsen; Talini, I., 2007:
Recovery of ammonia from human urine by stripping and absorption

Anonymous, 1953:
Recovery of building timber from Brachystegia longifolia logs

Tomlinson, C.H.; Tomlinson, G.H., 1946:
Recovery of chemicals and heat from black liquor

Braun, A.C., 1951:
Recovery of crown-gall tumor cells

Ajello, L.; Getz, M.E., 1954:
Recovery of dermatophytes from shoes and shower stalls

Anonymous, 1948:
Recovery of exhausted soils in humid regions.

Tsion, R.A.; Ovchinnikov, S.M., 1948:
Recovery of farm animals from brucella infection

Bartholomew, W.V.; Hiltbold, A.E., 1952:
Recovery of fertilizer nitrogen by oats in the greenhouse

Halberg, H.N.; Roberts, C.M., 1949:
Recovery of ground-water supplies by pumping from water-table ponds

Weintraub, R.L.; Brown, J.W.; Yeatman, J.N., 1950:
Recovery of growth regulator from plants treated with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Bartels, C.; Kunert, H-Jürgen.; Stawicki, S.; Kröner-Herwig, B.; Ehrenreich, H.; Krampe, H., 2006:
Recovery of hippocampus-related functions in chronic alcoholics during monitored long-term abstinence

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Recovery of human red blood-cells after freezing

Sloviter, H.A., 1952:
Recovery of human red cells after prolonged storage at -79 degrees C

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Recovery of lactalbumin

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Recovery of lactic acid from dilute solutions

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Recovery of mycobacteria from sewage

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Recovery of older patients undergoing ambulatory anaesthesia with isoflurane or sevoflurane

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Recovery of organic Insecticides from sprayed and dusted Crops

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Recovery of Pneumoencephalitis (Newcastle) Virus From the Air of Poultry Houses Containing Infected Birds

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Recovery of psittacosis virus from chicks hatched from inoculated eggs

Orvieto, M.A.; Zorn, K.C.; Mendiola, F.; Lyon, M.B.; Mikhail, A.A.; Gofrit, O.N.; Shalhav, A.L., 2007:
Recovery of renal function after complete renal hilar versus artery alone clamping during open and laparoscopic surgery

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Recovery of rosin and turpentine oil from industrial wood waste.

Nelson, W.O., 1946:
Recovery of spermatogenic activity in the cryptorchid testis following replacement in the scrotum

Jordan, R.T.; Nungester, W.J.; Preston, W.S., 1953:
Recovery of the Novy rat virus

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Recovery of the complementary products of mitotic crossing-over

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Recovery of the fertilized ovum from the living cow

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Recovery of the red-finned blue-eye: an endangered fish from springs of the Great Artesian Basin

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Recovery of tumor cells from effects of the tumor-inducing principle in crown gall

Stocking, C.R., 1948:
Recovery Of Turgor By Cut Shoots After Wilting

Bart, G.J.; Gbiswold, C.L., 1953:
Recovery of viable Spores of Endoconidiophora fagacearum from Excrement of Insects used in Disease Transmission Studies

Stein, C.D.; Rogers, H., 1946:
Recovery of viable anthrax spores from vapors of heated anthrax spore suspensions and from the distillate from anthrax spore suspensions

Stein, C.D.; Rogers, H., 1950:
Recovery of viable microorganisms and viruses from vapors removed from frozen suspensions of biologic material during lyophilization

Gray, D.J.S.; Novellie, L.; Shuttleworth, R.G., 1951:
Recovery of water-soluble nutritional factors from fish livers

Rudolf, P.O., 1949:
Recovery of winter injured Pine

Kalnins, A.I.; Streipa, P.P., 1949:
Recovery of wood tar from retort with stirred vapors and gases.

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Recovery patterns of corals at Shabror Umm Gam'ar, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt, after the 1998 outbreak of Acanthaster planci

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Recovery profile for magnetic resonance imaging in pediatric daycase - Sevoflurane vs. isoflurane

Anonymous, 1953:
Recovery study made on Sugar Pine snags at mill

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Recreational facilities: a potent relations force in forestry

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Recreational physical activity and mammographic breast density characteristics

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Recreational use impacts on hydrological properties of a deciduous forest ecosystem in Turkey

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Recruiting science librarians: A call to action!

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Recruiting the best

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Recruiting vulnerable populations into research: a systematic review of recruitment interventions

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Recruitment of CD16+ monocytes into synovial tissues is mediated by fractalkine and CX3CR1 in rheumatoid arthritis patients

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Recruitment of FoxP2-expressing neurons to area X varies during song development

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Recruitment of an inhibitory hippocampal network after bursting in a single granule cell

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Recruitment of apical dendritic T-type Ca2+ channels by backpropagating spikes underlies de novo intrinsic bursting in hippocampal epileptogenesis

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Recruitment of compensatory pathways to sustain oxidative flux with reduced carnitine palmitoyltransferase I activity characterizes inefficiency in energy metabolism in hypertrophied hearts

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Recruitment of science and technology librarians - A review

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Recruitment of the serratus anterior as an accessory muscle of ventilation during graded exercise

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Recruitment period and its use in the determination of increment.

Dreyfus-Leon, M.; Chen, D.G., 2007:
Recruitment prediction with genetic algorithms with application to the Pacific Herring fishery

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Recruitment rate of gymnophallid metacercariae in the New Zealand cockle Austrovenus stutchburyi: an experimental test of the hitch-hiking hypothesis

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Recrystallization of waxy maize starch during manufacturing of starch microspheres for drug delivery: Optimization by experimental design

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Rectal absorption of penicillin

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Rectal absorption of vitamin A

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Rectal administration of calcium salts; results

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Rectal administration of' calcium in gynaecology

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Rectal biopsy as a criterion for evaluation of treatment in schistosomiasis mansoni

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Rectal distension inhibits postprandial small intestinal motor activity partially via the adrenergic pathway in dogs

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Rectal examination of the reproductive organs of the camel

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Rectal temperature and respiratory responses of Jersey and Sindhi-Jersey (F1) crossbred females to a standard hot atmosphere

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Rectal temperature of lactating sows in a tropical humid climate according to breed, parity and season

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Rectal temperature, calving-related factors, and the incidence of puerperal metritis in postpartum dairy cows

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Rectangular cheese hoop

Harshbarger, B., 1947:
Rectangular lattices

Conagin, A., 1954:
Rectangular lattices

Nair, K.R., 1951:
Rectangular lattices and partially balanced incomplete block designs

Caballero, E., 1950:

Blaringhem, L., 1947:
Rectification of the note from M. Armand Herisset: Une nouvelle variete de ricin; son importance economique

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Rection-selective adaptation in fly visual motion-sensitive neurons is generated by an intrinsic conductance-based mechanism

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Recto sigmoid polyps in schistosomiasis. I. General clinical and pathological considerations

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Rectoromanoscopic and coprological studies in helminthiasis.

Primio, R.Di, 1953:
Recuperacao sanitaria e elevacao do nivel economico da zona malarigena de Torres

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Recurrence after surgical ablation for retinal angiomatous proliferation

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Recurrence in early gastric cancer - Presence of micrometastasis in lymph node of node negative early gastric cancer patient with recurrence

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Recurrence of autoimmune disease after autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma

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Recurrence of breast carcinoma presenting as unilateral retroperitoneal fibrosis

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Recurrence of choroidal neovascularisation after photodynamic therapy in patients with age-related macular degeneration

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Recurrence of coccidioidal cavity following resectional surgery

Doucette, Charles F., 1954:
Recurrence of the satin moth in the Pacific Northwest

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Recurrent 10q22-q23 deletions: a genomic disorder on 10q associated with cognitive and behavioral abnormalities

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Recurrent DNA inversion rearrangements in the human genome

Lempainen, L.; Sarimo, J.; Orava, S., 2007 :
Recurrent and chronic complete ruptures of the proximal origin of the hamstring muscles repaired with fascia lata autograft augmentation

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Recurrent binge eating with and without the "undue influence of weight or shape on self-evaluation": implications for the diagnosis of binge eating disorder

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Recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome owing to an implantation epidermoid cyst after carpal tunnel decompression: case report

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Recurrent dendrodendritic inhibition of accessory olfactory bulb mitral cells requires activation of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors

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Recurrent diabetes; spontaneous remissions and exacerbations

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Recurrent erysipelas despite antibiotic prophylaxis: an analysis from case studies

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Recurrent fever in patient in a minimally responsive state: An unusual origin of infection

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Recurrent form of rabies in a rabbit experiment ally infected with Flury virus

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Recurrent gastroesophageal reflux in neurologically impaired patients after fundoplication

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Recurrent glomerulopathy in the renal allograft

Giacobbe, M.G.; Penna, A.; Gangemi, E.; Maso, M.; Garces, E.; Fraga, S.; Bravo, I.; Azzaro, F.; Penna, N., 2007:
Recurrent high-biomass blooms of Alexandrium taylorii (Dinophyceae), a HAB species expanding in the Mediterranean

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Recurrent interstitial deletions of proximal 18q: a new syndrome involving expressive speech delay

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Recurrent iridocyclitis (periodic ophthalmia) of horses. I. Agglutination and lysis of leptospiras by serums deriving from horses affected with recurrent iridocyclitis

Wilkinson, C.F., 1949:
Recurrent migrainoid headaches associated with spontaneous hypoglycemia

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Recurrent multiple myeloma following renal transplantation: a case report

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Recurrent mutation in the first zinc finger of the orphan nuclear receptor NR2E3 causes autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa

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Recurrent obstetric management mistakes identified by simulation

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Red eyed

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Red fescue S.59 for turf

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Red mite (Bryobia praetiosa)

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Red mite control

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Red mite control

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Red peppers in 1946

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Red rot of Sugar Cane

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Red rot of Sugar Cane

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Red scale

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Red scale (Aonidiella aurantii)

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Red Skin Color of Bliss Triumph Potatoes Increased by the Use of Synthetic Plant Hormones

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Red spider

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Red spider on vines and E605

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Red spider. Crops in the open

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Red spider. Part II

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Red squill-most specific of the raticides

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Red stain in Lodgepole Pine

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Red stain in Lodgepole Pine in Alberta

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Red stain of Lodgepole Pine in Alberta

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Red stele disease of strawberry

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Red stele resistance in strawberries

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Red stele resistant strawberries for Ohio

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Red stele resistant strawberry varieties for Ohio

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Red steppe cattle

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Red-banded Leaf Roller Injury to Peaches and Plums

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Red-core (Phytophthora fragariae) of Strawberries

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Redglo potato released

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Redgold sweet potato

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Rediscovering the Dugong (Dugong dugon) in myanmar and capacity building for research and conservation

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Redissolution limit of calcium phosphates likely to form in the soil.

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Redistribution of mineral elements during development

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Redman wheat outyields Regent

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Redox Potentials and Photoreduction by Chloroplast Granules

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Redox regulation of human estrogen sulfotransferase (hSULT1E1)

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Reduced Spray Programs for Citrus for Canning Plants in Florida

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Reduced X-linked diversity in derived populations of house mice

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Reduced and total ascorbic acid values of thirty-four foods

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Reduced arterial circulation to the legs in spinal cord injury as a cause of skin breakdown lesions

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Reduced ascorbic acid content of milk at different stages of processing

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Reduced content of homogalacturonan does not alter the ion-mediated increase in xylem hydraulic conductivity in tobacco

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Reduced cortical surface area in multiple sclerosis

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Reduced genome of the thioautotrophic intracellular symbiont in a deep-sea clam, Calyptogena okutanii

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Reduced glutathione levels and expression of the enzymes of glutathione synthesis in cryopreserved hepatocyte monolayer cultures

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Reduced host cell reactivation of oxidative DNA damage in human cells deficient in the mismatch repair gene hMSH2

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Reduced intensity allogeneic stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma

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Reduced intrathoracic blood volume and left and right ventricular dimensions in patients with severe emphysema: an MRI study

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Reduced loss of transplanted seedlings

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Reduced medication access: a marker for vulnerability in US stroke survivors

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Reduced natural killer (NK) function associated with high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and reduced expression of activating NK receptors

Saraiva, R.M.; Minhas, K.M.; Zheng, M.; Pitz, E.; Treuer, A.; Gonzalez, D.; Schuleri, K.H.; Vandegaer, K.M.; Barouch, L.A.; Hare, J.M., 2007:
Reduced neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression contributes to cardiac oxidative stress and nitroso-redox imbalance in ob/ob mice

Cai, W.; He, J.Cijiang.; Zhu, L.; Chen, X.; Wallenstein, S.; Striker, G.E.; Vlassara, H., 2007:
Reduced oxidant stress and extended lifespan in mice exposed to a low glycotoxin diet: association with increased AGER1 expression

Preis, K.A.; Seidel, G.E.; Gardner, D.K., 2006:
Reduced oxygen concentration improves the developmental competence of mouse oocytes following in vitro maturation

Field, A.E.; Wagage, S.; Conrad, S.M.; Mosser, D.M., 2007:
Reduced pathology following infection with transgenic Leishmania major expressing murine CD40 ligand

She, H.; Nakazawa, T.; Matsubara, A.; Hisatomi, T.; Young, T.A.; Michaud, N.; Connolly, E.; Hafezi-Moghadam, A.; Gragoudas, E.S.; Miller, J.W., 2007:
Reduced photoreceptor damage after photodynamic therapy through blockade of nitric oxide synthase in a model of choroidal neovascularization

Reitzel, A., M.; Miner, B., G., 2007:
Reduced planktotrophy in larvae of Clypeaster rosaceus (Echinodermata, Echiniodea)

Liu, Y.; Shu, X.Zheng.; Prestwich, G.D., 2006:
Reduced postoperative intra-abdominal adhesions using Carbylan-SX, a semisynthetic glycosaminoglycan hydrogel

Kim, T-Geum.; Kim, H-Mi.; Lee, H-Jin.; Shin, Y-Ji.; Kwon, T-Ho.; Lee, N-Ju.; Jang, Y-Suk.; Yang, M-Sik., 2007:
Reduced protease activity in transformed rice cell suspension cultures expressing a proteinase inhibitor

Guan-Zhen, Y.; Ying, C.; Can-Rong, N.; Guo-Dong, W.; Jian-Xin, Q.; Jie-Jun, W., 2007:
Reduced protein expression of metastasis-related genes (nm23, KISS1, KAI1 and p53) in lymph node and liver metastases of gastric cancer

Maier, O.; Baron, W.; Hoekstra, D., 2007:
Reduced raft-association of NF155 in active MS-lesions is accompanied by the disruption of the paranodal junction

Wynn Parry, D., 1953:
Reduced rates for seeding to grass at the College Farm, Aber

Hirayama, K.; Ishida, K.; Setsuko, S.; Tomaru, N., 2007:
Reduced seed production, inbreeding, and pollen shortage in a small population of a threatened tree, Magnolia stellata

Mazoti, L.B., 1953:
Reduced seedling, a new heritable cytoplasmic variation in Zea

Bachtrog, D., 2007:
Reduced selection for codon usage bias in Drosophila miranda

Lanzenberger, R.R.; Mitterhauser, M.; Spindelegger, C.; Wadsak, W.; Klein, N.; Mien, L-Key.; Holik, A.; Attarbaschi, T.; Mossaheb, N.; Sacher, J.; Geiss-Granadia, T.; Kletter, K.; Kasper, S.; Tauscher, J., 2006:
Reduced serotonin-1A receptor binding in social anxiety disorder

Berhe, N.; Halvorsen, B., L.; Gundersen, T., E.; Myrvang, B.; Gundersen, S., G.; Blomhoff, R., 2007:
Reduced serum concentrations of retinol and alpha-tocopherol and high concentrations of hydroperoxides are associated with community levels of S-mansoni infection and schistosomal periportal fibrosis in Ethiopian school children

O'Neill, D.A.; McVicar, C.M.; McClure, N.; Maxwell, P.; Cooke, I.; Pogue, K.M.; Lewis, S.E.M., 2007:
Reduced sperm yield from testicular biopsies of vasectomized men is due to increased apoptosis

Griffiths, J.T.; Thompson, W.L., 1953:
Reduced spray programs for citrus for canning plants in Florida

Roth, C.L.; Hunneman, D.H.; Gebhardt, U.; Stoffel-Wagner, B.; Reinehr, T.; Müller, H.L., 2007:
Reduced sympathetic metabolites in urine of obese patients with craniopharyngioma

Cinovskis, J., 1950:
Reduced temperature to stimulate the development of unfertilised hens' eggs

Crespo-Facorro, B.; Roiz-Santiáñez, R.; Pelayo-Terán, Jé.María.; Rodríguez-Sánchez, Jé.Manuel.; Pérez-Iglesias, Río.; González-Blanch, César.; Tordesillas-Gutiérrez, D.; González-Mandly, Aés.; Díez, C.; Magnotta, V.A.; Andreasen, N.C.; Vázquez-Barquero, Jé.Luis., 2007:
Reduced thalamic volume in first-episode non-affective psychosis: correlations with clinical variables, symptomatology and cognitive functioning

Rao, R.K.; Kumar, U.N.; Schafer, J.; Viloria, E.; D.L.rgio, D.; Foster, E., 2007:
Reduced ventricular volumes and improved systolic function with cardiac resynchronization therapy: a randomized trial comparing simultaneous biventricular pacing, sequential biventricular pacing, and left ventricular pacing

Thomson, C.C., 1949:
Reduced yield in a dense Balsam Fir stand

Crawley, C.; Iacobelli, S.; Björkstrand, B.; Apperley, J.F.; Niederwieser, D.; Gahrton, Gösta., 2006:
Reduced-intensity conditioning for myeloma: lower nonrelapse mortality but higher relapse rates compared with myeloablative conditioning

Jenkins, P.E.; Isaacs, R., 2007:
Reduced-risk insecticides for control of grape berry moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) and conservation of natural enemies

Allen, R.M.; Coyne, J.F., 1955:
Reducing Longleaf cone losses

Michaux, A., 1950:
Reducing action of substances of pectic origin on ruminant digestion

Krause, Robert L., 1950:
Reducing blue stain losses in lumber

Paal, S., 1954:
Reducing broodiness to increase egg production

Shirley, R.L.; Blake, C.E., 1955:
Reducing capacity, potentials and water of apples

Peck, E.C., 1953:
Reducing checking in heavy White Oak shipbuilding material during storage and construction

Bookhout, B.R., 1947:
Reducing chore labor on dairy farms

Batjer, L.P., 1949:
Reducing cost of orchard fertilization

Henke, L.A., 1946:
Reducing costs of raising dairy calves by the use of a commercial calf starter

Williams, S.W., 1947:
Reducing dairy chores on a Vermont farm

Anonymous, 1948:
Reducing dairy production costs

A.Kauter., 1947:
Reducing damage by larvae of the cockchafer by fertilizer and seeding

Lindgren, R.M., 1951:
Reducing deterioration in stored Pine pulpwood

Roberson, E.D.; Scearce-Levie, K.; Palop, J.J.; Yan, F.; Cheng, I.H.; Wu, T.; Gerstein, H.; Yu, G-Qiu.; Mucke, L., 2007:
Reducing endogenous tau ameliorates amyloid beta-induced deficits in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model

Subbey, S.; Howell, D.; Bogstad, B.; Asnes, M., 2007:
Reducing fisheries model complexity using a finite Fourier series reparameterization

Ahmed-Jushuf, I.; Griffiths, V., 2007:
Reducing follow-ups: an opportunity to increase the capacity of genitourinary medicine services across the UK

Bush, R., 1947:
Reducing frost damage

Teesdale, L.V., 1946:
Reducing hazards of green framing lumber in post-war housing

Lutz, J.M.; Edgar, A.D.; Glaves, A.H., 1952:
Reducing injuries in grading stored potatoes

Glaser, H., 1950:
Reducing labour costs in power-saw logging by skidding

Bryant, R.L.; Eveleth, D.F.; Bolin, F.M.; Moreng, R.E., 1953:
Reducing leucosis through selective breeding

Dorsey, L.M., 1948:
Reducing loss of butterfat test in composite milk samples

Schwarzkopf, V., 1951:
Reducing milk waste in dairy plants

Eyre, F.H.; Longwood, F.R., 1951:
Reducing mortality in old-growth northern hardwoods through partial cutting

Tsai, C-Hsien.; Yang, H-Hsien.; Jou, C-Ju.G.; Lee, H.Ming., 2006:
Reducing nitric oxide into nitrogen via a radio-frequency discharge

Dawe, S.; Harnett, P., 2007:
Reducing potential for child abuse among methadone-maintained parents: results from a randomized controlled trial

Bonner, G., 1947:
Reducing power of human spermatozoa in relation to fertility

Burgess, D.; van Ryn, M.; Dovidio, J.; Saha, S., 2007:
Reducing racial bias among health care providers: lessons from social-cognitive psychology

Bailey, Reed W., 1948:
Reducing runoff and siltation through forest and range management

Hall, M.A., 1946:
Reducing seed-to-timber time: progress shown in producing timber more quickly

Sadaie, T.; Sadaie, A.; Takada, M.; Hamano, K.; Ohnishi, J.; Ohta, N.; Matsumoto, K.; Sadaie, Y., 2007:
Reducing sludge production and the domination of Comamonadaceae by reducing the oxygen supply in the wastewater treatment procedure of a food-processing factory

Lorah, M.E.; Funk, E.M.; Forward, J., 1954:
Reducing spoilage in shell eggs by the use of fungicides

Zarafonetis, C.J.D.; Chandler, J.P., 1951:
Reducing substance in urine of patients treated with para-aminobenzoic acid

Katsura, S.; Okamura, H.; Haruyama, K.; Takeuchi, G.; Chen, M.T.; Lee, T.L.; Yang, S.P., 1952:
Reducing substance in urine which appears on administration of l-rhodinic acid and other fatty acids of similar structure

Kaemmerer, K.; Neumann, H.G., 1951:
Reducing substances in male sexual secretions of cattle and dogs

Kaemmerer, K.; Neumann, H.G., 1950:
Reducing substances in the cervical mucus of cattle

Michaux, A., 1950:
Reducing substances of pectic origin during digestion in ruminants

Highlands, M.E.; Licciardello, J.J.; Cunningham, C.E., 1952:
Reducing sugar content of Maine-grown potatoes treated with maleic hydrazide

Bushnell, J., 1950:
Reducing the cracking of staked tomatoes

Leiman, A.; Standish, B.; Boting, A.; van Zyl, H., 2006:
Reducing the healthcare costs of urban air pollution: the South African experience

Niehaus, J.; Igel, C.; Banzhaf, W., 2007:
Reducing the number of fitness evaluations in graph genetic programming using a canonical graph indexed database

Smith, W.E.; Pennell, R.B., 1947:
Reducing the Pyrogenicity of Concentrated Protein Solutions

Mells, G.; Neuberger, J., 2007:
Reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease in liver allograft recipients

Grainger, J., 1951:
Reducing the spread of potato root eelworm

Beljaev, D.K.; Portnova, N.T., 1950:
Reducing the time in which fox fur becomes prime

Chaudhuri, N.; Whyte, M.K.B.; Sabroe, I., 2007:
Reducing the toll of inflammatory lung disease

Anonymous, 1946:
Reducing time and labor in dairy-herd chores

Ruth, R.H.; Yoder, R.A., 1953:
Reducing wind damage in the forests of the Oregon coast range

Mech, S.J., 1955:
Reducing wind erosion

Lagoni, H., 1951:
Reductase test problems

Borger, K., 1952:
Reductase test. A reductase apparatus and a water bath compared

Sohn, A.W., 1949:
Reductic acid as a constituent of the acid hydrolysate of wood.

Henderson, C.F.; Hord, L.G.; Millet, E.R., 1952:
Reduction in White-fringed Beetle Injury by DDT Treatments

Yoshihara, M.; Hiyama, T.; Yoshida, S.; Ito, M.; Tanaka, S.; Watanabe, Y.; Haruma, K., 2007:
Reduction in gastric cancer mortality by screening based on serum pepsinogen concentration: a case-control study

Bublitz, W., 1953:
Reduction in germination caused by Spruce litter.

Goor, C.P.Van, 1953:
Reduction in growth of L. leptolepis caused by liming. (Korte Meded. Bosbouwproefslta. T.N., Wageningen No. 15.)

Bennett, F.A., 1954:
Reduction in growth of interplanted Slash Pine

Kenknight, G.; Jones, J.F., 1953:
Reduction in incidence of peach scab as affected by whitewashing trees

Araki, S-ichi.; Haneda, M.; Koya, D.; Hidaka, H.; Sugimoto, T.; Isono, M.; Isshiki, K.; Chin-Kanasaki, M.; Uzu, T.; Kashiwagi, A., 2007:
Reduction in microalbuminuria as an integrated indicator for renal and cardiovascular risk reduction in patients with type 2 diabetes

Basu, B.C.; Sen Gupta, C.M.; Balarama Menon, P., 1952:
Reduction in milk yield in Indian Indian dairy cattle by arthropod invasion and its control

Basu, B.C.; Sengupta, C.M.; Menon, P.B.larama, 1952:
Reduction in milk yield in Indian dairy cattle by arthropod invasion and its control

Endo, H.; Nito, C.; Kamada, H.; Yu, F.; Chan, P., H., 2007:
Reduction in oxidative stress by superoxide dismutase overexpression attenuates acute brain injury after subarachnoid hemorrhage via activation of Akt/glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta survival signaling

Fiser, J., 1952:
Reduction in pH as a subsidiary method of estimating semen quality

Gritters, M.; Borgdorff, P.; Grooteman, M.P.C.; Schoorl, M.; Schoorl, M.; Bartels, P.C.M.; Tangelder, G.Jan.; Nubé, M.J., 2007:
Reduction in platelet activation by citrate anticoagulation does not prevent intradialytic hemodynamic instability

Kirkham, Don, 1948:
Reduction in seepage to soil underdrains resulting from their partial embedment in, or proximity to, an impervious substratum

Nishijima, Y., 1954:
Reduction in size of populations of Grapholitha glycinivorella on soya beans and the damage inflicted on the beans. Ecological studies on injurious insects and their host plants. I.

Hack, W.W.M.; van der Voort-Doedens, L.M.; Sijstermans, K.; Meijer, R.W.; Pierik, F.H., 2007:
Reduction in the number of orchidopexies for cryptorchidism after recognition of acquired undescended testis and implementation of expectative policy

Waggoner, P.E.; Dimond, A.E., 1954:
Reduction in water flow by mycelium in vessels

Nageli, W., 1953:
Reduction in wind speed by a large forest complex: a contribution to the problem of breadth of belts in establishing windbreaks.

Kienholz, J.R., 1946:
Reduction in yield of Anjou pear caused by wettable-sulphur spray

Michaelson, M.E.; Chbistensen, J.J., 1953:
Reduction in yield of Corn due to stalk rot

Leyendecker, P.J.; Smith, A.L.; Lett, L.; Lehman, S.G., 1954:
Reduction in yield of Cotton caused by diseases in 1953

Achard, E.; Salmon, Rémy.J., 2007 :
Reduction mammoplasty in breast cancers of the lower quadrants

Kurt, U.; Apaydin, O.; Gonullu, M.Talha., 2006:
Reduction of COD in wastewater from an organized tannery industrial region by Electro-Fenton process

Deiana, S.; Premoli, A.; Senette, C., 2007:
Reduction of Cr(VI) by caffeic acid

Cruz-Orengo, L.; Figueroa, J.D.; Torrado, A.; Puig, A.; Whittemore, S.R.; Miranda, J.D., 2007:
Reduction of EphA4 receptor expression after spinal cord injury does not induce axonal regeneration or return of tcMMEP response

Lundqvist, A.; Mccoy, J.P.ilip; Samsel, L.; Childs, R., 2007:
Reduction of GVHD and enhanced antitumor effects after adoptive infusion of alloreactive Ly49-mismatched NK cells from MHC-matched donors

Brunson, M.H., 1953:
Reduction of Oriental Fruit Moth in Peach Orchards by Use of Parathion and EPN to control Plum Curculio

Swenson, K.G.; Davis, A.C.; Schroeder, W.T., 1954:
Reduction of Pea Virus Spread by Insecticide Applications

Merrill Jr., L.G., 1952:
Reduction of Wireworm Damage to Potatoes

Crous, P.A., 1947:
Reduction of acidity in Valencias

Prescott, S.A.; Sejnowski, T.J.; D.K.ninck, Y., 2006:
Reduction of anion reversal potential subverts the inhibitory control of firing rate in spinal lamina I neurons: towards a biophysical basis for neuropathic pain

Borges, H.L.; Hunton, I.C.; Wang, J.Y.J., 2006:
Reduction of apoptosis in Rb-deficient embryos via Abl knockout

Stephen, Ray, 1946:
Reduction of blindness in hydrangeas

Hildebrand, G.; Marquardt, P., 1950:
Reduction of blood pressure by tyrosinase-containing preparations

Yarwood, C.E.; Harvey, H.T., 1952:
Reduction of cherry decay by washing

Chen, S-Shing.; Cheng, C-Yu.; Li, C-Wang.; Chai, P-Hsuan.; Chang, Y-Min., 2006:
Reduction of chromate from electroplating wastewater from pH 1 to 2 using fluidized zero valent iron process

Garcia-Blanco, J.; Pascual-Leone, A.M., 1955:
Reduction of chromic acid in solution in sulphuric acid by natural amino-acids

Bigger, J.H.; Petty, H.B., 1953:
Reduction of corn borer numbers from October to June. A ten-year study

Diller, J.D., 1946:
Reduction of decay hazard in basementless houses on wet sites

Parrot, J.L.; Gazave, J.M., 1951:
Reduction of dehydroascorbic acid by glutathione. Increase in the final yield of the reaction by catechin

Parrot, J.L.; Gazave, J.M., 1951:
Reduction of dehydroascorbic acid in vitro by guineapig liver tissue. Increase in the final yield of the reaction by dietary vitamin C2

Mcclendon, J.F.; Gershon-Cohen, J., 1955:
Reduction of dental caries and goiter by crops fertilized with fluorine and iodine

Van Essen, W., 1947:
Reduction of eclampsia during the war and post-war increase

Balagopal, P.; Graham, T.E.; Kahn, B.B.; Altomare, A.; Funanage, V.; George, D., 2007:
Reduction of elevated serum retinol binding protein in obese children by lifestyle intervention: association with subclinical inflammation

Thomson, C.C., 1949:
Reduction of error in line-plot tally

Bromfield, S.M., 1954:
Reduction of ferric compounds by soil bacteria

Roberts, James L., 1947:
Reduction of ferric hydroxide by strains of Bacillus polymyxa

Leonard, C.D.; Stewart, I.; Wright, J.D., 1955:
Reduction of fruit burn with pelletized FeEDTA

Wright, J.M., 1952:
Reduction of gliotoxin in unsterilized soil

Blyth, A.W., 1953:
Reduction of growth in conifers caused by red belt in the subalpine region of Alberta

Imai, Y.; Varela, G.M.; Jackson, M.B.; Graham, M.J.; Crooke, R.M.; Ahima, R.S., 2007:
Reduction of hepatosteatosis and lipid levels by an adipose differentiation-related protein antisense oligonucleotide

Anilakumar, K.R.; Nagaraj, N.S.; Santhanam, K., 2007:
Reduction of hexachlorocyclohexane-induced oxidative stress and cytotoxicity in rat liver by Emblica officinalis gaertn

Prenner, L.; Sieben, A.; Zeller, K.; Weiser, D.; Häberlein, H., 2007:
Reduction of high-affinity beta2-adrenergic receptor binding by hyperforin and hyperoside on rat C6 glioblastoma cells measured by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Rivalan, M.; Grégoire, Séphanie.; Dellu-Hagedorn, Fçoise., 2007:
Reduction of impulsivity with amphetamine in an appetitive fixed consecutive number schedule with cue for optimal performance in rats

Nickerson, W.J., 1953:
Reduction of inorganic substances by yeasts. I. Extracellular reduction of sulfite by species of Candida

Kirch, E.R.; Bergeim, O., 1947:
Reduction of iron by foods in artificial gastric digestion

Bergeim, O.; Kirch, E.R., 1949:
Reduction of iron in the human stomach

Staub, H., 1954:
Reduction of losses of young pigs with the help of infrared rays

Pandey, S.K.; Yu, X.Xian.; Watts, L.M.; Michael, M.Dodson.; Sloop, K.W.; Rivard, A.R.; Leedom, T.A.; Manchem, V.Prasad.; Samadzadeh, L.; McKay, R.A.; Monia, B.P.; Bhanot, S., 2007:
Reduction of low molecular weight protein-tyrosine phosphatase expression improves hyperglycemia and insulin sensitivity in obese mice

Smith, F.F.; Giang, P.; Taylor, E.A., 1955:
Reduction of malathion residues on vegetables by washing

Schwarzkopf, V., 1952:
Reduction of milk waste in dairy plants

Bloch, H.; Lippsett, H.; Rednerb, B.; Hirschl, D., 1952:
Reduction of mortality in the premature nursery. II. Incidence and causes of prematurity; ethnic, socioeconomic and obstetric factors

Katayama, T.; Ueba, H.; Tsuboi, K.; Kubo, N.; Yasu, T.; Kuroki, M.; Saito, M.; Momomura, S-ichi.; Kawakami, M., 2007:
Reduction of neointimal hyperplasia after coronary stenting by pioglitazone in nondiabetic patients with metabolic syndrome

Moyanova, S.; Kortenska, L.; Mitreva, R., 2007:
Reduction of neurological and EEG consequences of focal brain ischemia in rats by the 5-HT3 receptor antagonist MDL 72222

Bremner, J.M.; Shaw, K., 1955:
Reduction of nitrate by ferrous hydroxide under various conditions of alkalinity

Wang, Z.; Willett, C.G.; Yin, F-Fang., 2007:
Reduction of organ motion by combined cardiac gating and respiratory gating

Brunson, M.H., 1952:
Reduction of oriental fruit moth in peach orchards by use of parathion and EPN to control plum curculio

Fait, G.; Nicelli, M.; Fragoulis, G.; Trevisan, M.; Capri, E., 2007:
Reduction of point contamination sources of pesticide from a vineyard farm

Pryor, Dean E., 1950:
Reduction of post-harvest spoilage in fresh fruits and vegetables destined for long distance shipment

Pape, F., 1948:
Reduction of post-narcosis period after chloral hydrate and combined chloral hydrate ether and chloroform anaesthesia of the horse

Blair, D.S., 1952:
Reduction of pre-harvest drop in apples by spraying with growth regulating substances

Rakitin, Ju. V., 1952:
Reduction of pre-harvest fruit drop in apple and pears.

Plenlazek, S.A.; Soczek, Z.; Ceglowski, S., 1955:
Reduction of premature drop of apples by pre-harvest growth regulator sprays

Hosoi, M.; Yamamoto, K., 1954:
Reduction of pruning in radial growth of Pinus densiflora after heavy pruning

Bruns, H.; Schrader, A., 1955:
Reduction of pupal density of N. sertifer near nests of Formica rufa.

Gilles, A.; Randolph, L.F., 1951:
Reduction of quadrivalent frequency in autotetraploid maize during a period of 10 years

Zerwekh, J.E.; Odvina, C.V.; Wuermser, L-Ann.; Pak, C.Y.C., 2007:
Reduction of renal stone risk by potassium-magnesium citrate during 5 weeks of bed rest

Tarjan, A.C.; Cheo, P.C., 1955:
Reduction of root-parasitic nematode populations in established bent grass turf by use of chemical drenches

Stavitsky, A.B.; Hackel, D.B.; Heymann, W., 1954:
Reduction of serum complement following in vivo tissue antigen-antibody reactions

Feinberg, H.; Rubin, L.; Hill, R.; Entenman, C.; Chaikoff, I.L., 1954 :
Reduction of serum lipides and lipoproteins by ethionine feeding in the dog

Shul'ts, G., 1947:
Reduction of sinking in loose-floated timber.

Zhang, H.; Zhang, D.; Li, W.; Yao, M.; D'Arienzo, C.; Li, Y-Xin.; Ewing, W.R.; Gu, Z.; Zhu, Y.; Murugesan, N.; Shyu, W-Chyi.; Humphreys, W.Griffith., 2007:
Reduction of site-specific CYP3A-mediated metabolism for dual angiotensin and endothelin receptor antagonists in various in vitro systems and in cynomolgus monkeys

Orleans, L.P.; Cotton, R.H., 1949:
Reduction of storage losses in beets by ventilation

Bisgard, J.S., 1949:
Reduction of surgical risk in operations on elderly people

Garrett, S.D., 1946:
Reduction of take-all by artificial fertilizers

Nusbaum, C.J.; Chaplin, J.F., 1952:
Reduction of the incidence of black shank in resistant tobacco varieties by soil fumigation

Maakkonen, O., 1954:
Reduction of the minimum diameter of pulpwood - calculation of logging wages.

Hazelwood, R.L.; Bennett, L.L.; Nelson, M.M., 1955:
Reduction of the nitrogen-retaining effect of growth hormone in normal and adrenalectomized pantothenic acid-deficient rats

Zhang, Z.; Yip, C-Yu.; Grissom, W.; Noll, D.C.; Boada, F.E.; Stenger, V.Andrew., 2007:
Reduction of transmitter B1 inhomogeneity with transmit SENSE slice-select pulses

Kaemmerer, K., 1951:
Reduction of triphenyl-tetrazolium chloride (T.T.C.) by spermatozoa

Albertson, F.W.; Weaver, J.E., 1946:
Reduction of ungrazed mixed prairie to short grass as a result of drought and dust

Montelaro, J.; Hall, C.B.; Jamison, F.S., 1952:
Reduction of urea injury to tomato foliage by addition of magnesium sulfate to the spray solution

Taubitz, A., 1952:
Reduction of yellows damage to Beets

Missiroli, A., 1947:
Reduction or Eradication of Anophelines?

Hietaranta, M., 1947:
Reduction phenomenon in cultures of Emmental-cheese bacteria

Schindler, O., 1951:
Reduction products of vitamin B12. Experiments with vitamin B12. 2

Comulada, W.Scott.; Weiss, R.E.; Cumberland, W.; Rotheram-Borus, M.Jane., 2007:
Reductions in drug use among young people living with HIV

Cheng, R.; Wang, J-Long.; Zhang, W-Xian., 2007:
Reductive dechlorination of 4-chlorophenol using nanosacle iron

Jung, J.; Puff, B.; Eberts, T.; Hener, U.; Mosandl, A., 2007:
Reductive ester cleavage of acyl glycerides-GC-C/P-IRMS measurements of glycerol and fatty alcohols

Zeng-Fang; Wang-Xu-Gang; Li-Fang-Bai; Li-Xiao-Feng; Liu-Liang; Gu-Ming-Hua, 2007:
Reductive transformation of pentachlorophenol in the interface of paddy soil colloids and water

Blanchard, L., 1951:
Reductometric estimation of sucrose in sweetened condensed milk

Kaja, S.; Todorov, B.; van de Ven, R.C.G.; Ferrari, M.D.; Frants, R.R.; van den Maagdenberg, A.M.J.M.; Plomp, J.J., 2007:
Redundancy of Cav2.1 channel accessory subunits in transmitter release at the mouse neuromuscular junction

Carter, J.H.; Lefebvre, J.M.; Wiest, D.L.; Tourtellotte, W.G., 2007:
Redundant role for early growth response transcriptional regulators in thymocyte differentiation and survival

Hiley, W.E.; Lehtpere, R., 1954:
Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens Endl.) at Dartington

Lewis, H.F., 1951:
Redwood as a potential source of pulp

Howells, T.A.; Goms, R.H., 1951:
Redwood plastic pulp for phenolic resin laminates

Chaney, R.W., 1949:
Redwoods - occidental and oriental

Gustavsson, L.; Hollert, H.; Jonsson, S.; van Bavel, B.; Engwall, M., 2007:
Reed beds receiving industrial sludge containing nitroaromatic compounds. Effects of outgoing water and bed material extracts in the umu-c genotoxicity assay, DR-CALUX assay and on early life stage development in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Anonymous, 1953:
Reed canary-Harding grass hybrid hot California item

Hughes, H.D., E.Al., 1952:
Reed canary-grass for gully control

Hawk, V.B., E.Al., 1954:
Reed canarygrass heals gullies

Radojkovic, V.-Ispanovic; Govedarica, T., 2006:
Reedukacija psihomotorike i relaksacija kao terapijske metode u decoj psihijatriji

Krstic, Nadezda, 2006:
Reedukacija psihomotorike kao oblik neuropsiholoske rehabilitacije

Feron, M., 1949:
Reeherehes sur la ponte de Capnodis tenebrionis L. (Col. Bupres-tidae)

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Reestablishment of the vocal function in patients with pharyngospasm after laryngectomy for laryngeal cancer

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Refeneration and mortality of Callitris glauca and Eucalyptus crebra

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Referee sample investigations

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Reference journals used by dairy scientists

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Reference manual on forestry for erosion control and for the improvement of agricultural areas.

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References in abstracting

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