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Relation between the carotene in the feed and the vitamin A potency of butter-to what extent is it feasible to improve the vitamin A potency of winter butter?

Wiseman, H.G.; Shepherd, J.B.; Gary, C.A.

Int. Dairy Congr., 1949. 1: 61-68


Accession: 013809919

The first part of the paper deals with the nation-wide survey on the vitamin-A potency of butter in the U.S.A.. On the basis of data at hand in their laboratory, the authors have determined the following regression equation representing the relationship between the carotene intake in the feed and the vitamin-A potency of the butter: Y = -12912 + 8937 X, where Y = the vitamin-A potency in the butter (I.U. per lb.) and X = log. of carotene intake (mg. per day).

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