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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13836

Chapter 13836 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Freeman, Aaren, S., 2007:
Specificity of induced defenses in Mytilus edulis and asymmetrical predator deterrence

Jehle, H., 1950:
Specificity of Interaction Between Identical Molecules

Siu, R.G.H.; Darby, R.T.; Buhkholder, P.R.; Barghoorn, E.S., 1949:
Specificity of microbiological attack on cellulose derivatives

Belova, M.V.; Yashenko, K.K.I.I.; Davydov, B.V.; Petrov, S.I.; Baturova, I.V.; Nimayev, Z.-Ts; Luzhnikov, Y., A., 2007:
Specificity of oxidative stress in the course of the acute period of a chemical disease

Davis, H.A.; Mider, G.B.; Morton, J.J., 1949:
Specificity of paper partition chromatography for analysis of free amino acids in unhydrolyzed urine

Paramonov, A.A., 1954:
Specificity of plant nematodes and its importance in agri cultural practice.

Gonzalez Mendoza, R., 1952:
Specificity of root nematodes of coffee, guamo (Inga) and banana.

Orlov, E.S., 1954:
Specificity of the agglutination reaction in doubtful cases of brucellosis.

Hohryakov, M.K., 1952 :
Specificity of the causal agent of infectious desiccation of Lemon trees (Deuterophoma tracheiphila Petri)

Ogiwara, K.; Takahashi, T., 2007:
Specificity of the medaka enteropeptidase serine protease and its usefulness as a biotechnological tool for fusion-protein cleavage

Volcani, B.E.; Snall, E.E., 1948:
Specificity of the response of various assay organisms to nicotinic acid

Breazeale, E.L.; Mcgeorge, W.T., 1955:
Specificity of voltage potentials in cation uptake by plants

Rennefahrt, U.E.E.; Deacon, S.W.; Parker, S.A.; Devarajan, K.; Beeser, A.; Chernoff, J.; Knapp, S.; Turk, B.E.; Peterson, J.R., 2007:
Specificity profiling of Pak kinases allows identification of novel phosphorylation sites

Vanasse, N.A., E.Al., 1951:
Specifie gravity-dry matter relationship in potatoes

Anon., 1949:
Specified rubbers.

Anonymous, 1949:
Specimen woods Nos. 168-170

Anonymous, 1950:
Specimen woods Nos. 177-80

Anonymous, 1951:
Specimen woods Nos. 186-9

Anonymous, 1952:
Specimen woods Nos. 193-5. (Suppls.)

Anonymous, 1952:
Specimen woods Nos. 204-6

Anonymous, 1954:
Specimen woods Nos. 219-22

Anonymous, 1954:
Specimen woods Nos. 223-5

Anonymous, 1955:
Specimen woods Nos. 229-31

Anonymous, 1955:
Specimen woods Nos. 234-7

Anonymous, 1951:
Specimen woods, Nos. 190-2

Buia, A.; Todor, I., 1949:
Specimens of the flora of the R aiosul and Capra Budei Mountains

Van Hoof, H.A., 1952:
Speck in Cabbage, a virus disease

Dhere, C.; Laszt, L., 1948:
Spectral absorption and fluorescence of vitamin D

Lembke, A.; Kaufman, W.; Farfaletticasali, P.L., 1953:
Spectral analysis of fats

Tikhov, G.A., 1947:
Spectral analysis of plants.

Moore, R.K.G.; Newall, N.; Groves, D.G.; Barlow, P.E.; Stables, R.H.; Jackson, M.; Ramsdale, D.R., 2007:
Spectral analysis, death and coronary anatomy following cardiac catheterisation

Engin, M., 2006:
Spectral and wavelet based assessment of congestive heart failure patients

Navratil, M.; Spunda, V.; Markova, I.; Janous, D., 2007:
Spectral composition of photosynthetically active radiation penetrating into a Norway spruce canopy: the opposite dynamics of the blue/red spectral ratio during clear and overcast days

Ming, X.; Lian, H.; Zhu, W., 2007:
Spectral data analyses and structure elucidation of sedative-hypnotic zopiclone

Liew, A.Wee-Chung.; Xian, J.; Wu, S.; Smith, D.; Yan, H., 2007:
Spectral estimation in unevenly sampled space of periodically expressed microarray time series data

Yan, H.; Pham, T., D., 2007:
Spectral estimation techniques for DNA sequence and microarray data analysis

Zhu, X.; Ebel, A.; Ji, J.X.; Schuff, N., 2007:
Spectral phase-corrected GRAPPA reconstruction of three-dimensional echo-planar spectroscopic imaging (3D-EPSI)

Spikes, J.D.; Lumry, R.; Fujii, F., 1953:
Spectral properties of a reported crystalline chlorophyll-lipoprotein as isolated from plants of different species

Thorhaug, A.; Richardson, A.D.; Berlyn, G.P., 2007:
Spectral reflectance of the seagrasses: Thalassia testudinum, Halodule wrightii, Syringodium filiforme and five marine algae

Burriel-Marti, F.; Jimenez-Gomez, S., 1953:
Spectro-chemical analysis of Ni, Co, Zn and Mo in soils and plants.

Roux, E., 1953:
Spectro-gr aphic methods for soil investigations.

Burriel Marti, F.; Jimenez Gomez, S.; Alvarez Herrero, C., 1955:
Spectrochemical analysis in simultaneous determination of exchangeable cations in soils. 2.

Rozsa, J.I.; Golland, J.D., 1953:
Spectrochemical analysis of leaf and biological materials

Mathis, W.T., 1953:
Spectrochemical analysis of plant material using spark excitation

Smit, J.; Smit, J.A., 1953:
Spectrochemical cobalt, molybdenum and copper determinations in plants

Kuroyangi, S., 1953:
Spectrochemical studies of woods and trees. III. The qualitative analysis of the chemical elements of woods and trees by emission spectroscopy.

El-Enany, N., 2007:
Spectrofluorometric determination of fluvoxamine in dosage forms, spiked plasma, and real human plasma by derivatization with fluorescamine

Burriel Marti, F.; Jimenez Gomez, S.; Alvarez Herrero, C., 1954:
Spectrographic analysis in the simultaneous determination of exchangeable cations in soils. I.

Muntz, J.H.; Melsted, S.W., 1955:
Spectrographic analysis of briquetted unashed plant material

Roux, E.; Husson., 1951:
Spectrographic analysis of mineral elements in soils and plants.

Wark, W.J., 1954:
Spectrographic analysis of minor elements extracted from plants and soils as dithizonates

Mehta, S.C.; Dakshinamurti, C., 1955:
Spectrographic analysis of soils in the copper arc

Aulin Erdtman, G., 1952:
Spectrographic contributions to lignin chemistry. II. Preliminary report

Cholak, J.; Hubbard, D.M., 1948:
Spectrographic determination of beryllium in biological material and in air

Smith, F.M.; Schbenk, W.G.; King, H.H., 1948:
Spectrographic determination of boron in plant tissue

Myers, A.T.; Brunstette, B.C., 1946:
Spectrographic determination of mineral composition of the tung leaf as influenced by the position on the plant

Glendening, B.L.; Parrish, D.B.; Schrenk, W.G., 1955:
Spectrographic determination of rubidium in plant and animal tissues

Mitchell, R.L., 1951:
Spectrographic determination of trace elements in rocks, minerals and soils

Roux, E.; Husson, C., 1950:
Spectrographic estimation of copper

Roux, E.; Husson., 1951:
Spectrographic methods for the estimation of the mineral elements in soil and plants

Halden, W.; Schauenstein, E., 1949:
Spectrographic observations of oxidative changes of ascorbic acid

Wolff, H., 1948:
Spectrographic studies of manganese in blood

D.Girolamo, A., 1952:
Spectrophoto-metric examination of buffalo's fat

Lima-De-Faria, A.; Bose, A., 1954:
Spectrophotometric analysis of acetocarmine solutions

Spies, J.R.; Chambers, D.C., 1951:
Spectrophotometric analysis of amino acids and peptides with their copper salts

Lembke, A.; Kaufmann, W.; Schmidt, H., 1954:
Spectrophotometric and paper-chromato-graphic investigations of peptones

El-Aroud, K.Abulghasem.; Abushoffa, A.Mohamed.; Abdellatef, H.Ezzat., 2007:
Spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric methods for the determination of tranexamic acid in pharmaceutical formulation

Spectrophotometric assay of ascorbic acid in pure solutions, blood plasma and urine with perinaphthindanetrione hydrate

Spectrophotometric assay of ascorbic acid with peri-naphthindanetrione hydrate

Halpern, G.R., 1946:
Spectrophotometric changes during oxidation of vitamin A oils

Vanmiddelem, C.H.; Jacob, W.C.; Thompson, H.C., 1953:
Spectrophotometric comparison of internal black spot and melanin

Nicholson, J.W.; Nahas, G.G.; Wood, E.H., 1952:
Spectrophotometric determination of T-1824 in whole hemolyzed blood

Fitzpatrick, W.H., 1949:
Spectrophotometric Determination of Amino Acids by the Ninhydrin Reaction

Cacace, D.; Ashbaugh, H.; Kouri, N.; Bledsoe, S.; Lancaster, S.; Chalk, S., 2007:
Spectrophotometric determination of aqueous cyanide using a revised phenolphthalin method

Stitt, F.; Bickoff, E.M.; Bailey, G.F.; Thompson, C.R.; Friedlander, S., 1951:
Spectrophotometric determination of betacarotene stereoisomers in alfalfa

Wise, W.M.; Brandt, W.W., 1954:
Spectrophotometric determination of cobalt with 2-nitroso-1-naphthol-4-sulfonic acid

Hostb, J.; Eeckhout, J.; Gillis, J., 1953:
Spectrophotometric determination of copper with cuproine

Carter, C.E.; Greenstein, J.P., 1946:
Spectrophotometric determination of dehydro-peptidase activity in normal and neoplastie tissues

Onal, Ağan.; Cağlar, S., 2007:
Spectrophotometric determination of dopaminergic drugs used for Parkinson's disease, cabergoline and ropinirole, in pharmaceutical preparations

Schall, E.D.; Williamson, H.G., 1955:
Spectrophotometric determination of fluoride

Khalifa, A.A.; Salah, M.K., 1951:
Spectrophotometric determination of haemoglobin in blood

Nahas, G.G., 1951:
Spectrophotometric determination of hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin in whole hemolyzed blood

Gross, W.G.; Wood, L.K.; Mchargue, J.S., 1948:
Spectrophotometric determination of iodine

Hlll-Cottingham, D.G., 1955:
Spectrophotometric determination of iron chelates

Basavaiah, K.; Prameela, H.Chandrashekar.; Somashekar, B.Chikkaswamy., 2007:
Spectrophotometric determination of pefloxacin mesylate in pharmaceuticals

Capitan Garcia, F.; Martinez Alvarez, F., 1954:
Spectrophotometric determination of phosphorus with 'amidol'.

Weybrew, J.A.; Matrone, G.; Baxley, H.M., 1948:
Spectrophotometric determination of serum calcium

Peterson, R.E.; Bollier, M.E., 1955:
Spectrophotometric determination of serum copper with biscyclohexanoneoxalyldihydrazone

Alexander, O.R.; Godar, E.M.; Linde, N.J., 1946:
Spectrophotometric determination of traces of nickel

Hjarde, W., 1950:
Spectrophotometric determination of vitamin A by means of chromatography

Ewing, D.T.; Schlabach, T.D.; Powell, M.J.; Vaitkus, J.W.; Bird, O.D., 1954:
Spectrophotometric determination of vitamins D in presence of vitamin A

Oer, A.V.; Hofert, H.J., 1951:
Spectrophotometric estimation of Na, K and Ca in blood serum

L.C.erc, A.M.; Douzou, P., 1953:
Spectrophotometric estimation of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide

Carpenter, D.C., 1948:
Spectrophotometric estimation of tryptophan

Chechan, C.; Grangaud, R.; Massonet, R., 1950:
Spectrophotometric examination

D.Girolamo, A., 1952:
Spectrophotometric experiments on buffalo fat

Holm, U.; Wode, G., 1949:
Spectrophotometric investigation of oxidised butterfat

Vadimov, V.M.; Shtenberg, A.I., 1954:
Spectrophotometric investigations on the physico-chemical characteristics of the methyl ester of a- naphthalene acetic acid, for inhibiting potato sprouting.

Fagen, H.J.; Kolen, E.P.; Hussong, R.V., 1955:
Spectrophotometric method for determining piperine in oleoresins of black pepper

Smith, F.H., 1946:
Spectrophotometric method for estimating gossypol in crude cottonseed oil

Bhattacharya, S.N., 1954:
Spectrophotometric method for the estimation of amino acids with sensitized Schiff's reagent

Montagnani, C.A., 1953:
Spectrophotometric method of estimating haemoglobin in plasma and serum

Bergamini, C.; Maltagliati, M., 1955:
Spectrophotometric micro-estimation of sulphur in organic substances

Jerome, H.; Schmitt, H., 1954:
Spectrophotometric micro-method for estimating total copper in tissues and biological fluids

Herb, S.F.; Riemenschneider, R.W., 1953:
Spectrophotometric micromethod for determining polyunsaturated fatty acids

Hobbs, M.E.; Layton, F.L., 1954:
Spectrophotometric modification of the cuprous oxide method for determining sugars

D.W.tt, J.B.; Sullivan, M.X., 1946:
Spectrophotometric procedure for quantitative estimation of vitamins D

Bolomey, R.A.; Kemmerer, A.R., 1947:
Spectrophotometric studies of the Roe method for the determination of dehydroascorbic acid

Holman, R.T., 1949:
Spectrophotometric studies of the oxidation of fats. 8. Coupled oxidation of carotene

Holman, R.T., 1950:
Spectrophotometric studies of the oxidation of fats. 9. Coupled oxidation of vitamin A acetate

Festenstein, G.N.; Morton, R.A., 1952:
Spectrophotometric studies on human serum

Zerban, F.W.; Martin, J.; Erb, C.; Sattler, L., 1952:
Spectrophotometric studies on raw cane sugars in solution

Deijs, W.B.; Immink, H.J., 1951:
Spectrophotometric study of carotene solutions

Vacher, M.; Tounichon, O., 1949:
Spectrophotometric study of the action of cyanogen bromide on some derivatives of pyridine. Application to the identification and estimation in a complex medium of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide

Sinnecker, S.; Svensen, N.; Barr, E.W.; Ye, S.; Bollinger, J.Martin.; Neese, F.; Krebs, C., 2007:
Spectroscopic and computational evaluation of the structure of the high-spin Fe(IV)-oxo intermediates in taurine: alpha-ketoglutarate dioxygenase from Escherichia coli and its His99Ala ligand variant

Bernasconi, C.F.; Brown, S.D.; Eventova, I.; Rappoport, Z., 2007:
Spectroscopic and kinetic evidence for an accumulating intermediate in an SNV reaction with amine nucleophiles. Reaction of methyl beta-methylthio-alpha-nitrocinnamate with piperidine and morpholine

Arosio, D.; Garau, G.; Ricci, F.; Marchetti, L.; Bizzarri, R.; Nifosì, R.; Beltram, F., 2007:
Spectroscopic and structural study of proton and halide ion cooperative binding to gfp

Wu, Y.; Lopez, G.P.; Sklar, L.A.; Buranda, T., 2007:
Spectroscopic characterization of streptavidin functionalized quantum dots

Horner, O.; Mouesca, J-M.; Solari, P.L.; Orio, M.; Oddou, J-L.; Bonville, P.; Jouve, H.M., 2007:
Spectroscopic description of an unusual protonated ferryl species in the catalase from Proteus mirabilis and density functional theory calculations on related models. Consequences for the ferryl protonation state in catalase, peroxidase and chloroperoxidase

Trivedi, P.; Vasudevan, D., 2007:
Spectroscopic investigation of ciprofloxacin speciation at the goethite-water interface

Lee, J.; Kim, Y., 2007:
Spectroscopic measurement of horizontal atmospheric extinction and its practical application

Moore, T.; Ward, R.J., 1951:
Spectroscopic observations on the reproductive organs of the male rat. (Biochem. Soc. Symposia No. 7)

Cama, H.R.; Morton, R.A., 1953:
Spectroscopic properties of vitamin A2. Application to the assay of cod-liver oil

Grob, E.C., 1948:
Spectroscopic studies of the flavin pigment synthesised by Eremothecium ashbyii, Guill

Wang, Y-Qing.; Zhang, H-Mei.; Zhang, G-Cheng.; Tao, W-Hua.; Fei, Z-Hao.; Liu, Z-Tang., 2007:
Spectroscopic studies on the interaction between silicotungstic acid and bovine serum albumin

Wearmouth, W.G., 1955:
Spectroscopy in dairy research

Andoni, S.; Li, N.; Pollak, G.D., 2007:
Spectrotemporal receptive fields in the inferior colliculus revealing selectivity for spectral motion in conspecific vocalizations

Gupta, P.K.; Charan, V.D.; Saxena, R., 2007:
Spectrum of Von Willebrand disease and inherited platelet function disorders amongst Indian bleeders

Grogg, K.L.; Morice, W.G.; Macon, W.R., 2007:
Spectrum of bone marrow findings in patients with angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma

LaBeaud, A.Desiree.; Ochiai, Y.; Peters, C.J.; Muchiri, E.M.; King, C.H., 2007:
Spectrum of Rift Valley fever virus transmission in Kenya: insights from three distinct regions

Fazzi, E.; Signorini, S.Giovanna.; Bova, S.Maria.; La Piana, R.; Ondei, P.; Bertone, C.; Misefari, W.; Bianchi, P.Emilio., 2007:
Spectrum of visual disorders in children with cerebral visual impairment

Mills, H.D., 1949:
Speculations concerning the significance of the choledocho-duodenal junction in the horse, and its relationship to the absence of a gall bladder

Zingg, A.W., 1953:
Speculations on climate as a factor in the wind erosion problem of the Great Plains

Schwartz, D., 1955:
Speculations On Gene Action And Protein Specificity

Schatz, A., 1955:
Speculations on the ecology and photosynthesis of the copper mosses

Healy, E.W.; Moser, D.C.; Morrow-Odom, K.Leigh.; Hall, D.A.; Fridriksson, J., 2007:
Speech perception in MRI scanner noise by persons with aphasia

Rance, G.; Barker, E.; Mok, M.; Dowell, R.; Rincon, A.; Garratt, R., 2007:
Speech perception in noise for children with auditory neuropathy/dys-synchrony type hearing loss

Bobylev, I.F., 1953:
Speed and some physiological indices of various breed groups of horses at the summer competitions in 1952

Riedel, Bernard, B., 1950:
Speed of hatching and the resistance of chickens to Ascaridia galli

Palva, O., 1948:
Speed of milking, quantity of strippings, purity of milk, and the amount of milk obtained

Ortavant, R., 1954:
Speed of passage of spermatozoa through the epididymis of the ram

Leonard, L.B.; Ellis Weismer, S.; Miller, C.A.; Francis, D.J.; Tomblin, J.Bruce.; Kail, R.V., 2007:
Speed of processing, working memory, and language impairment in children

Hill, H.W., 1946:
Speed of reaction hypothesis. II. Further numerical implications regarding tuberculosis

Nolet, Bart, A., 2006:
Speed of spring migration of Tundra Swans Cygnus columbianus in accordance with income or capital breeding strategy?

Anonymous, 1955:
Speedier cargo handling

Sangar, O.J., 1951:
Speedier rehabilitation of English woodlands

Biasco, A., 1949:
Speeding of land reclamation in province of Lecce in the B.E.P. plan

Guba, S., 1954:
Speeding up the increase in cattle numbers

Watrous, G.H.; Jr.; Dahle, C.D., 1948:
Speeding up the manufacture of Cheddar cheese

Gastwirt, R.F.; McAndrew, C.W.; Donoghue, D.J., 2007:
Speedy/RINGO regulation of CDKs in cell cycle, checkpoint activation and apoptosis

Mayer, M.M.; Eaton, B.B.; Heidelberger, M., 1946:
Speetrophotometric standardization of complement for fixation tests

Kihara, H., 1949:
Spelt synthesized from Triticum dicoccoides x Aegilops squarrosa.

Jungfer, E., 1953:
Speltoid and compactoid mutations

Anonymous, 1953:
Spent Mangrove bark from North Borneo

Bennett, H.; Pearman, R.W., 1953:
Spent Mangrove bark from North Borneo : the value of the ash as a fertiliser

Nicol, Hugh, 1946:
Spent hops as manure

Chappuis, P.A., 1947:

Butler, A.; Gordon, R.E.; Gatt, S.; Schuchman, E.H., 2007:
Sperm abnormalities in heterozygous acid sphingomyelinase knockout mice reveal a novel approach for the prevention of genetic diseases

Bengtsson, Lars, 1949:
Sperm absorption in rabbits

Wilson, L., 1954:
Sperm agglutinins in human semen and blood

Sasakawa, Kôji., 2006:
Sperm bundle and reproductive organs of carabid beetles tribe Pterostichini (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Cameron, E.; Day, T.; Rowe, L., 2007:
Sperm competition and the evolution of ejaculate composition

Wagenaar, G., 1946:
Sperm investigation in goats

Martínez-Soler, F.; Kurtz, K.; Chiva, M., 2007:
Sperm nucleomorphogenesis in the cephalopod Sepia officinalis

Eichenberger, E., 1949:
Sperm number and hyaluronidase content of human semen

Gambera, L.; Serafini, F.; Morgante, G.; Focarelli, R.; De Leo, V.; Piomboni, P., 2007:
Sperm quality and pregnancy rate after COX-2 inhibitor therapy of infertile males with abacterial leukocytospermia

Wolfson, A., 1954:
Sperm storage at lower-than-body temperature outside ttie body cavity in some passerine birds

Burkhardt, John, 1949:
Sperm survival in the genital tract of the mare

Hettyey, A.; Roberts, J.D.le, 2007:
Sperm traits in the quacking frog (Crinia georgiana), a species with plastic alternative mating tactics

Vandemark, N.L.; Hays, R.L., 1955:
Sperm transport in the perfused genital tract of the cow

Moya, J.; Mancini, K.; Lino-Neto, J.; Delabie, J.; Dolder, H., 2007:
Sperm ultrastructure of five species of the Neotropical ant genus Pseudomyrmex (Hymenoptera : Formicidae)

Ekhlasi-Hundrieser, M.; Schäfer, B.; Philipp, U.; Kuiper, H.; Leeb, T.; Mehta, M.; Kirchhoff, C.; Töpfer-Petersen, E., 2007:
Sperm-binding fibronectin type II-module proteins are genetically linked and functionally related

Kordts, E.; Schilling, E., 1953:
Spermato-logical and histological investigations into the effect of arsenic therapy on the reproduction of bulls and rats

Deanesly, R., 1954:
Spermatogenesis and endocrine activity in grafts of frozen and thawed rat testis

Walton, A., 1949:
Spermatogenesis and nutrition

Dieckmann, K-Peter.; Linke, Jörg.; Pichlmeier, U.; Kulejewski, M.; Loy, V., 2007:
Spermatogenesis in the contralateral testis of patients with testicular germ cell cancer: histological evaluation of testicular biopsies and a comparison with healthy males

Newcomer, E.H.; Brant, J.W.A., 1954:
Spermatogenesis in the domestic fowl

Dhingra, O.Parkash, 1954:
Spermatogenesis of a digenetic trematode, Cyclocoelum bivesiculatum

Varveri, A., 1950:
Spermatogenic changes in the guinea-pig after intramuscular injections of novocain

Varveri, A., 1950:
Spermatogenic changes in the rabbit after treatment with p-aminosalicylic acid

Cafer, Y.Ldir, N., 1949:
Spermatolysis; a cause of male sterility

Takami, Yasuoki, 2007:
Spermatophore displacement and male fertilization success in the ground beetle Carabus insulicola

Abarbanel, A.R., 1946:
Spermatozoa and cervical mucus

Herman, H.A.; Horton, O.H., 1948:
Spermatozoa behavior in bovine cervical mucus at varying stages of estrus

Vimeux, J., 1953:
Spermatozoa tropisms and progression

Vojtiskova, M., 1955:
Spermatozoal behaviour in the reproductive tract of the hen

King, E.S., 1955:
Spermatozoal invasion of the epididymis

Moricard, R.; Bossu, J., 1948:
Spermatozoal penetration into mammalian oocytes. Study after artificially induced ovulation in vivo. The effect of hyaluronidase in vitro

Karlsh Phi, J.K.; Rasbech, N.O., 1949:
Spermatozoal viability and bacterial growth in bull semen diluted with various diluents

Lasley, J.F., 1951:
Spermatozoan motility as a measure of semen quality

Dauzier, L.; D.M.snil D.B.isson, F., 1955:
Spermicidal action of collecting equipment for the bull, ram and boar

Swayne, V.R.; Beiler, J.M.; Martin, G.J., 1952:
Spermicidal effect of certain physiologically active substances

Cole, K.E.; Valentine, A.M., 2007:
Spermidine and spermine catalyze the formation of nanostructured titanium oxide

Niemi, K.; Sarjala, T.; Chen, X.; Häggman, H., 2006:
Spermidine and the ectomycorrhizal fungus Pisolithus tinctorius synergistically induce maturation of Scots pine embryogenic cultures

Hirsch, J.G., 1953:
Spermine oxidase: an amine oxidase with specificity for spermine and spermidine

Clermont, Y.; Leblond, C.P., 1955:
Spermiogenesis of man, monkey, ram and other mammals as shown by the periodic acid-Schiff technique

Likar, I.; Bibic, C., 1951:
Spermiogram of stallions

Snyder, William, C., 1946:
Spermogonia versus pycnidia in Mycosphaerella brassicicola

Sharma, S.L.; Dube, H.D., 1955:
Sphacelotheca on Erianthus munja

Raski, D.J.; Sher, S.A., 1952:
Sphaeronema californicum, nov.gen. nov.spec., (Criconematidae: Sphaeronematinae, nov.subfam.) an endoparasite of the roots of certain plants

Sergeeva, K.D., 1953:
Sphaerotheca resistant, black-fruited forms of gooseberry.

Andrus, Richard, E., 2007:
Sphagnum atlanticum, a new species from eastern North America

Li, L.-Y.; Li, C.-S., 1948:
Sphagnum moss as a convenient medium for germination of seeds and rooting of cuttings

Gupta, V.Rammohan.; Mutalik, S.; Patel, M.M.; Jani, G.K., 2007:
Spherical crystals of celecoxib to improve solubility, dissolution rate and micromeritic properties

Morales, A.; Lee, H.; Goñi, F.M.; Kolesnick, R.; Fernandez-Checa, Jé.C., 2007:
Sphingolipids and cell death

Baier, C.J.; Barrantes, F.J., 2007:
Sphingolipids are necessary for nicotinic acetylcholine receptor export in the early secretory pathway

Reddy, G.S.N.; Garcia-Pichel, F., 2007:
Sphingomonas mucosissima sp. nov. and Sphingomonas desiccabilis sp. nov., from biological soil crusts in the Colorado Plateau, USA

Garner, A.E.; Smith, D.Alastair.; Hooper, N.M., 2007:
Sphingomyelin chain length influences the distribution of GPI-anchored proteins in rafts in supported lipid bilayers

Separovic, D.; Hanada, K.; Maitah, M'In.Yehya.Awad.; Nagy, B.; Hang, I.; Tainsky, M.A.; Kraniak, J.M.; Bielawski, J., 2007 :
Sphingomyelin synthase 1 suppresses ceramide production and apoptosis post-photodamage

Finnegan, C.M.; Rawat, S.S.; Cho, E.H.; Guiffre, D.L.; Lockett, S.; Merrill, A.H.; Blumenthal, R., 2007:
Sphingomyelinase restricts the lateral diffusion of CD4 and inhibits human immunodeficiency virus fusion

Choi, C-Hwan.; Jeong, J-Seon.; Yoo, B-im.; Jin, Y-Xun.; Moon, D-Cheul.; Yoo, H-Soo.; Oh, S.; Hong, S-Pyo.; Lee, Y-Moon., 2007:
Sphingosine 1-phosphate and sphingosine kinase activity during chicken embryonic development

Kunisawa, J.; Kurashima, Y.; Gohda, M.; Higuchi, M.; Ishikawa, I.; Miura, F.; Ogahara, I.; Kiyono, H., 2007:
Sphingosine 1-phosphate regulates peritoneal B-cell trafficking for subsequent intestinal IgA production

Catarzi, S.; Giannoni, E.; Favilli, F.; Meacci, E.; Iantomasi, T.; Vincenzini, M.T., 2007:
Sphingosine 1-phosphate stimulation of NADPH oxidase activity: relationship with platelet-derived growth factor receptor and c-Src kinase

Hait, N.C.; Bellamy, A.; Milstien, S.; Kordula, T.; Spiegel, S., 2007:
Sphingosine kinase type 2 activation by ERK-mediated phosphorylation

Ceballos, A.; Sabatté, J.; Nahmod, K.; Martínez, D.; Salamone, G.; Vermeulen, Mónica.; Maggini, Ján.; Salomón, H.; Geffner, J., 2007:
Sphingosylphosphorylcholine activates dendritic cells, stimulating the production of interleukin-12

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Spineless gooseberries.

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Spiral rotor trencher

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Spiral structure and spiral growth. The development of spiral grain in conifers

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Spiral tapping

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Spiral torsion in Taenia taeniaeformis (Batsch, 1786) caused by the knotting together of two worms

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Spirillary abortion in cattle and sheep in Sweden

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Spiroehetosis in turkeys

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Spirometra janickii sp.n. (Diphyllobothriidae)

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Spironolactone improves structure and increases tone in the cerebral vasculature of male spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rats

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Spirura rytipleurites in the oesphagus of a cat.

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Spisak helminta svinje mora biti popunjen jednim pripadnikom porodice Dioctophymidae.

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Splav lesa v hlystah

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Split leaf blotch disease of the Hop (Humulus lupulus)

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Splitting of sphingomyelins by organs

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Splitting of the nucleus by centrifugation

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Splitting off of HCl and formation of CoCl2 through hydrolytic and thermal decomposition of chloronaphthalene preparations.

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Splitting the gene

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Splotch, a new mutation in the house mouse, Alus musculus

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Spoil banks reclamation

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Spoilage rates at 37 degrees and 32 degrees F

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Sponge spicules in peaty sediments as paleoenvironmental indicators of the holocene in the upper Parana River, Brazil

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Sponges as a source of dissolved inorganic nitrogen: Nitrification mediated by temperate sponges

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Spongospora subterranea, and its pathogenic action

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Spontaneous Trypanosoma evansi infection in a dog as a result of ingestion of offal from infected camels

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Spontaneous White Pine hybrids

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Spontaneous aberrations in the meiotic anaphase of P. tenuifolia

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Spontaneous adrenal medullary tumors in hybrid mice

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Spontaneous bronchial carcinoma in a domestic rabbit

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Spontaneous change in the chemotherapeutic sensitivity of trypanosomes

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Spontaneous chromosome aberrations in S. hispida

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Spontaneous chromosome aberrations in seedlings of P. sativum L

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Spontaneous Chromosome Breakage and Atypical Chromosome Movement in Meiosis of the Hybrid Bromus Marginatus x B. Pseudolaevipes

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Spontaneous chromosome mutation and the state of the enzymes in seeds of N. rustica from various harvests

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Spontaneous chromosome variation in the roots of a species hybrid

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Spontaneous chromosome-aberrants in apomictic Taraxaca. Morphological and cyto-genetical investigations

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Spontaneous chronic hypoglycaemias

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Spontaneous doubling of the chromosome complement in monoploid sporophytes of maize

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Spontaneous exocrine pancreas hypoplasia in specific pathogen-free C3HeB/FeJ and 101/H mouse pups causes steatorrhea and runting

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Spontaneous eyeblink rate predicts the strength of visuomotor binding

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Spontaneous facial mimicry in response to dynamic facial expressions

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Spontaneous flowering of young Aspens.

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Spontaneous fusion and nonclonal growth of adult neural stem cells

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Spontaneous glutamate release controls NT-3-dependent development of hippocampal calbindin-D(28k) phenotype through activation of sodium channels ex vivo

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Spontaneous heating and ignition in stored palm kernels-the role of anaerobic fermentation

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Spontaneous heating in hay

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Spontaneous hepatocarcinogenesis in farnesoid X receptor-null mice

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Spontaneous hereditary variation in maize

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Spontaneous heteroploidy in mouse embryos up to mid-term

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Spontaneous hybrids within the genus Abies - growth and development

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Spontaneous hypersensitivity in mesenteric afferent nerves of mice deficient in the sst2 subtype of somatostatin receptor

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Spontaneous hypoglycaemia

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Spontaneous ignition in the wood fibre insulation board stacks

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Spontaneous induction of the development of bacteriophage A in the course of genetic recombination in E. coli K12

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Spontaneous intracranial hypotension and immediate improvement following epidural blood patch placement demonstrated by intracranial pressure monitoring. Case report

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Spontaneous lesions in the reproductive tract and mammary gland of female non-human primates

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Spontaneous lymphocytoma in a flock of chickens

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Spontaneous motility of the bovine uterus

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Spontaneous Mutation at the R Locus in Maize. I. the Aleurone-Color and Plant-Color Effects

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Spontaneous mutation at the R locus in maize. III. Genetic modification of mutation rate

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Spontaneous mutation at the R locus in maize. IV. An R- inked modifier of R mutation rate

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Spontaneous mutation in maize

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Spontaneous Mutation in Non-Dividing Bacteria

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Spontaneous mutation of Aspergillus foenicis (A. niger group), a citric acid producer

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Spontaneous Mutation To Streptomycin Resistance And Dependence In Escherichia Coli

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Spontaneous mutations in the American varieties of Cucumis sativus L

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Spontaneous mutations in the study of virus reproduction

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Spontaneous mutations of bacteriophage and the mechanism of bacteriophage reproduction

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Spontaneous neuronal activity of the posterior hypothalamus in trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias

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Spontaneous occurrence and regression of haemangiomas in chickens

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Spontaneous occurrence in Lythrum saticaria of plants duplex for the short-style gene

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Spontaneous peritoneal malignant mesothelioma in a geriatric japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata)

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Spontaneous pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema in systemic sclerosis

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Spontaneous polyploidy in cultivated apples

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Spontaneous preferences for magnetic compass direction in the American red-spotted newt, Notophthalmus viridescens (Salamandridae, Urodela)

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Spontaneous rupture of a benign giant adrenal adenoma

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Spontaneous salivary gland virus disease inchimpanzees

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Spontaneous sarcomas of bone in dogs: 30 cases

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Sppstrzezenia nad zakazeniem sielawy (Coregonus albula L.) przez lchthyotaenia longicollis Rudin

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Sprojtning med hormonpraeparater i kartofler

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Spray citrus trees in early winter to avoid loss of fruit

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Spray injury to sour cherry petals during warm weather

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Spray inoculation of plates in the detection of antagonistic microorganisms

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Spray irrigation

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Spray irrigation

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Spray irrigation

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Spray irrigation in the service of plant cultivation

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Spray irrigation of potatoes

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Spray nozzles

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Spray testing

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Spray thinning apples

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Spray treatment of Sugar Beet seed

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Spray-dried egg and food poisoning

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Sprayers up to date

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Spraying at blossoming time improves success and reduces the number of applications required

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Spraying cacao with mixtures of fungicide, fertilizer and growth substance

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Spraying equipment for forest nurseries.

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Spraying equipment for the experimental application of herbicides

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Spraying equipment for the fruit garden

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Spraying experiments for control of grass-grub in South Taranaki

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Spraying experiments for control of zinc-deficiency disease in fruit growing.

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Spraying experiments for the control of ripe-spot (Neofabraea malicorticis) in the Stunner Apple variety

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Spraying experiments for the control of zinc deficiency disease in fruit culture

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Spraying experiments to control citrus canker

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Spraying experiments with copper preparations in Hop culture with and without admixture of E605 in the year 1949

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Spraying experiments with growth substances to prevent fruit drop

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Spraying facts and figures

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Spraying for control of bean insects

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Spraying for early-season control of boll weevil

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Spraying for the control of black spot in Citrus

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Spraying fruit trees with wettable sulphur preparations

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Spraying in Bands: a more economical Method of apptylig Insecticides leaving toxic Deposits in the Campaign against Malaria

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Spraying in frosty weather a new possibility

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Spraying in frosty weather increases the action of fungicides

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Spraying in frosty weather, a possible means of improving the action of dormant oil sprays

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Spraying in practice. The experience of the Co-operative Dairy at Vorden.

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Spraying in the hills with electric power and a permanent distribution system

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Spraying logs of Oak wilt trees to reduce infection hazard

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Spraying machinery

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Spraying of 2,4-D by aircraft

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Spraying of Cattle as a Method of Control of Cattle Ticks and its Field Application in Ankole District of Uganda

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Spraying of coconut trees against leaf disease

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Spraying of neglected orchards

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Spraying operations for control of 'late blight' of Potato in the Himalayan hills in Darjeeling district

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Spraying or dusting to control the vine moth

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Spraying out the rushes

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Spraying plants with sugar

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Spraying roadsides for the control of woody growths

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Spraying technique and Weather conditions

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Spraying technique experiments against Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) De By). I. Laboratory experiments on the Bordeaux treatment of Potato leaves

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Spraying techniques and machinery in the Sudan Gezira. 1

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Spraying tests against Potato blight 1953

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Spraying tests with urea on pear leaves

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Spraying to destroy bushes

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Spraying to prevent cherries cracking

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Spraying tomatoes with fixed coppers and carbamates

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Spraying trials against apple scab

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Spraying trials against apple scab

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Spraying trials against apple scab and apple mildew in 1953

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Spraying trials against fruit pests

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Spraying trials against potato blight 1950

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Spraying trials against potato blight in 1946

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Spraying trials for the control of Florida scaly bark in citrus

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Spraying trials for the control of zinc deficiency in fruit trees

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