Squash method for meiosis in ovules

Haque, A.

Stain Technology 29(3): 109-112


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-9153
PMID: 13156794
DOI: 10.3109/10520295409115453
Accession: 013836220

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The ordinary Feulgen or acetic-lacmoid squash technic following fixation in freshly made Carnoy's fluid (alcohol, 6: chloroform, 3: glacial acetic aicd, 1), provides an easy and reliable method of studying meiosis in ovules. After fixation for 1 day, the material was hardened in 95% ethyl alcohol for 1-2 days and taken to water by gradual hydration. For staining by the Feulgen method, the material was hydrolyzed 8-10 minutes in l HCl to every 10 drops of stain. Gentle heat was applied till the stain started to give fumes. After allowing 20 minutes at room temperature the material was transferred to fresh acetic-lacmoid. Some 6-12 ovules were mounted either in a drop of 45% acetic acid or acetic-lacmoid, depending upon the Feulgen or acetic-lacmoid staining respectively. Gentle and repeated tapping over the cover glass by a blunt needle loosened the cells of integument and nucellus and finally left the megaspore mother cells undergoing meiosis, fully exposed to view. The process was carried out under constant observation using the low power of the microscope. The desired amount of flattening was brought about by light pressure over the cover glass and gentle heating. The preparations were made permanent by dehydrating in ethyl alcohol and mounting in Euparal.