Stereochemical configuration and provitamin A activity. 10. A comparison of synthetic 15, 15-mono cis- beta -carotene (central monocis- beta -oarotene) with all- trans- beta -carotene in the rat and chick

Zeohmeister, L.; Deuel, H.J., J.; Inhoffen, H.H.; Leemann, J.; Greenberg, S.M.; Ganguly, J.

Arch. Biochem. Biophys 36: 80-88


Accession: 013837387

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15: 15'-Monom- beta -carotene, which has one cis bond in the middle of the polyene chain, has not been found in nature or been prepared by stereoisomerisation of natural products in vitro. The synthetic compound was tested biologically with rats and chicks. When given in small amounts it had half the growth-promoting potency of all9-carotene, but larger doses had less than half the potency.