Stereochemical configuration and provitamin A activity. 9. A comparison of all-trans- gamma -carotene and pro-carotene with all-trans- beta -carotene in the chick

Greenberg, S.M.; Calbert, C.E.; Pinckard, J.H.; Deuel, H.J., J.; Zechmeister, L.

Archives of Biochemistry 24: 31-39


ISSN/ISBN: 0096-9621
Accession: 013837393

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Chicks were used in tests by the growth method. Their weight increase was greater than that of rats for a given carotene intake. Alltrans- gamma -carotene had 42 per cent., and pro- gamma carotene 51 per cent., of the vitamin A activity of all-trans- beta carotene. Hence in the chick, as reported above for the rat, a poly- cis -carotenoid had at least as great biological potency as the corresponding poly- trans-form.