Section 14
Chapter 13,841

Studies of the balance and equilibrium relationships of some vitamins (riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin B12) in normal subjects and patients with chronic intestinal disturbances. 1. Riboflavin balance

Allegra, G.; Niutta, R.

Acta vitaminol 7: 246-252


Accession: 013840575

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Subjects were maintained for 5 days on a standard diet containing about 0.35 mg. riboflavin per 1000 Cal. After fasting for 16 hr. they were given 2 mg. riboflavin intravenously, and were kept fasting for a further 24 hr., during which urine was collected. The same procedure was followed without injection of riboflavin. Riboflavin was estimated fluorimetrically.

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