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Studies of the secretion of milk of low fat content by cows on diets low in hay and high in concentrates. 1. The effect of variations in the amount of hay

Balch, C.C.; Balch, D.A.; Bartlett, S.; Cox, C.P.; Rowland, S.J.

J. Dairy Res 19: 39-50


Accession: 013840799

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The experiment was made during a period of 11 weeks. During weeks 1 to 3 and 8 to 11, 3 groups, each of 4 Shorthorn cows, were given a ration consisting of 18 lb. hay and 30 lb. mangolds. A balanced concentrate mixture of groundnut cake, fine wheat feed and flaked maize was given to all animals throughout the experiment at the rate of 4 lb. per gal. milk.