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Studies of the secretion of milk of low fat content by cows on diets low in hay and high in concentrates. 2. The effect of the protein content of the concentrates

Balch, C.C.; Balch, D.A.; Bartlett, S.; Cox, C.P.; Rowland, S.J.; Turner, J.

J. Dairy Res 21: 165-171


Accession: 013840800

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For Part 1 see Abst. 1375, Vol. 22. 2. Twenty cows, 14 Shorthorn, 1 Guernsey and 5 Friesian, mostly in early lactation, were in 4 groups given one of 5 treatments in the experimental period of a study which lasted 13 weeks in all. For 2 preliminary control weeks all cows got 18 Ib. hay with 4 Ib. per gal. of a concentrate mixture, of decorticated groundnut cake 3, flaked maize 10 and weatings 7 parts by weight and 2 per cent, of a mineral mixture.