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Studies on salmonellosis in Puerto Rico. I. Salmonella types isolated from man and animals in Puerto Rico

Felsenfeld, O.; Gonzalez, L.M.; Young, V.M.

Puerto Rico J. publ. Hlth 24: 9-15


Accession: 013843066

This is a report from Porto Rico of a survey of material from various sources for the presence of salmonellae during a period of six months. Of 237 persons suffering from diarrhoea 5-49 per cent were excreting salmonellae, the most frequent being Salm. typhi-murium. Six of 500 persons without symptoms yielded salmonellae. Organisms of this group were isolated from 7 out of 15 rats, from 12 of 80 freshly slaughtered pigs and from 20 per cent. of retail pork samples.

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