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The effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of milk proteins. IV. The biological value of unheated and autoclaved dried skim milk

Kraft, R.A.; Morgan, A.F.

Journal of Nutrition 45(4): 567-581


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3166
PMID: 14908670
Accession: 013871300

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For earlier papers see Absts. 2208 and 3725, Vol. 21. 4. From one lot of fresh skimmed milk, 3 samples were spray-dried, with a minimum of heat, with more heat " in accordance with the method used in producing dried skimmed milk for the baking industry " and " with additional and unusual heat". One of the samples was later autoclaved at 118 degrees to 120 degrees C. for 15 or 25 min. The original samples did not differ in value for feeding weanling dogs, or as sole source of protein for rats. The milk autoclaved for 15 min. lost half its growth efficiency for rats, and that autoclaved for 25 min. had no growth value. Supplements of lysine or of lysine, methionine and valine restored most of the lost efficiency. Growth of kidney and eye was depressed less than that of liver or total body, and a supplement of lysine increased liver more than kidney growth.

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