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The influence of level of fat and energy in the ration upon feedlot performance and carcass composition of fattening steers

Willey, N.B.; Riggs, J.K.; Colby, R.W.; Butler, O.D.; Reiser, R.

Jour Animal Sci 11(4): 705-711


Accession: 013881914

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16 high grade Hereford steer calves were individually fed 2 levels of fat and energy in a 2 x 2 factorial expt. Levels of fat were approx. 3 and 7.5% of the ration. Levels of energy were approx. 58 and 64 therms per 100 lbs. of feed. The high fat rations decreased feed required per 100 lbs. gain by 13% but brought about no improvement in rate of gain or carcass grade. The high level of fat significantly improved absorption of dietary carotene and also tripled the level of blood fat. The high fat intake brought about a smaller deposition of fat in the 9, 10, 11-rib cut but depot fat showed a lower iodine number. The higher level of energy made only slight improvement in carcass grade.

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