The inhibitory action of excessive iodide upon the synthesis of diiodotyrosine and of thyroxine in the thyroid gland of the normal rat

Wolff, J.; Chaikoff, I.L.

Endocrinology 43(3): 174-179


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-7227
PMID: 18884583
DOI: 10.1210/endo-43-3-174
Accession: 013883294

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In 42 male rats (Long-Evans, 170-240 gms.) the effects of excessive amounts of inorganic iodide upon the incorporation of iodide into diiodotyrosine and the conversion of the latter to thyroxine in the thyroid were investigated with I131. More diiodotyrosine was synthesized by the thyroid when 5 or 10 micrograms of iodide were injd. than when 10 or 20 times these amts. were injd. A 2- to 4-fold decrease in the ratio of the specific activity of thyroxine to that of its precursor was observed when the amt. of I injd. was increased from 5 or 10 micrograms to 100 micrograms. This indicates that the conversion of diiodotyrosine to thyroxine was considerably slower when larger amts. of iodine were injd.