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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13893

Chapter 13893 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kraevoi, I.M., 1949:
The production of a new form of tomato by a method combining vegetative and sexual hybridization

Mayer, G.; Klein, M., 1946:
The production of a new phase of pseudopregnancy during a pseudopregnancy in the rabbit. Evolution of the two generations of corpora lutea. Reactions of the uterine horns and the mammary gland

Klein, M.; Mayer, G., 1946:
The production of a new phase of pseudopregnancy during pseudopregnancy in the rabbit. Experimental technique. Behaviour of the animal

Bjorkman, S.E.; Horsfall, F.L., 1948:
The production of a persistent alteration in influenza virus by lanthanum or ultraviolet irradiation

Preston, A.P., 1949:
The production of a primary branch framework on apple trees

Sulyndin, A.F., 1952:
The production of a spring form of Vicia villosa.

Furusato, K., 1952:
The production of a tetraploid strain of the Kaho water melon by means of colchicine treatment.

Pound, G.S.; Stahmann, M.A., 1951:
The production of a toxic material by Alternaria solani and its relation to the early blight disease of tomato

Neuwirth, I.; Summerson, W.H., 1951:
The production of acids from glucose by oral microorganisms; lactic and pyruvic acids

Abell, M.R.; Beveridge, J.M.R., 1949:
The production of acute massive hepatic necrosis in rats by dietary means

Ingle, D.J., 2018:
The production of alimentary glycosuria by forced feeding in the rat

Lawrence, J.J., 1953:
The production of an alkaline reaction in Bacto S.S. agar by coliform bacilli

Whiffen, A.J.; Bohonos, N.; Emerson, R.L., 1946:
The Production of an Antifungal Antibiotic by Streptomyces griseus

Pearman, R.W., 1955:
The production of animal products

Brian, P.W., 1949:
The production of antibiotics by micro-organisms in relation to biological equilibria in soil

Brian, P.W., 1949:
The production of antibiotics by soil micro-organisms

Hirsch, A.; Wheater, D.M., 1951:
The production of antibiotics by streptococci

Wright, J.M., 1955:
The production of antibiotics in soil. II. Production of griseofulvin by Penicillium nigricans

Gemeroy, D.G.; Koffler, A.H., 1949 :
The production of antibodies in protein depleted and repleted rabbits

Sjostrom, G.; Larsson, A., 1949:
The production of antioxidative substances from milk

Packchanian, Ardzroony, A., 1949:
The production of antirabbit hemolysin

Lemetayer, F.; Nicol, L.; Girard, O.; Corvazier, R.; Cheyroux, M., 1950:
The production of antitoxins in cattle. The antitoxic value of milk

Paci, C., 1952:
The production of beef from predominantly dairy breeds

Shebeski, L.H., 1952:
The production of beneficial mutations in barley by irradiation

Wilson, J.W.; Leduc, E.H.; Winston, D.H., 1949:
The production of biotin deficiency in the mouse

Copenhaver, J.S.; Bell, W.B., 1954:
The production of bovine hyperkeratosis (X disease) with an experimentally made pellet feed

Paterson, A.B., 1948:
The production of bovine tuberculoprotein

Feicarenko, A.I., 1951:
The production of branching forms of soft spring wheat.

Bishop, C.J., 1955:
The production of bud sports in apples through the use of artificial radiation

Anonymous, 1952:
The production of cellulose pulp from Commonwealth raw materials. A report from the Natural Resources (Technical) Committee Working Party on Pulp Production

Chiang, S.Y., 1947:
The production of cereals in China

Catcheside, D.G.; Lea, D.E.; Thoday, J.M., 1946:
The production of chromosome structural changes in Tradescantia microspores in relation to dosage, intensity and temperature

Cuthbertson, I.D.; Stickley, R.M., 1950:
The production of cider fruit on bush trees. Observations on yields, 1945-1949

Cuthbertson, J.D.; Stickley, R.M., 1949:
The production of cider fruit on bush trees. Observations on yields, 1945-49

Barker, B.T.P.; Burroughs, L.F., 1946:
The production of cider fruit on bush trees. Vintage quality trials. Progress report No. 2. 1943 crops. Progress report No. 3. 1944 crops

Burroughs, L.F., 1955:
The production of cider fruit on bush trees. Vintage quality trials: concluding report

Williams, R.R., 1955:
The production of cider fruit on bush trees: observations on yields and orchard behaviour 1950-53. Final Report

Stanion, W.R., 1947:
The production of cider fruit on bush trees: observations on yields, 1941-47

Robinson, T.J., 1954:
The production of coincident oestrus and ovulation in the anoestrous ewe with progesterone and pregnant mare serum

Hewitt, E.J.; Bolle Jones, E.W.; Miles, P., 1954:
The production of copper, zinc and molybdenum deficiencies in crop plants grown in sand culture with special reference to some effects of water supply and seed reserves

Baumgartner, J.G., 1947:
The production of cured vegetables for pickle manufacture

Linggood, F.V.; Fenton, E.L., 1947:
The production of diphtheria toxin by submerged culture in shaking flasks

Debuisson, J., 1952:
The production of double stocks

Zdrujkovskaja-Rlhter, A.I., 1955:
The production of early sweet cherry seedling varieties by raising the embryos in artificial cultures.

Vezzani, V.; Raimondi, R., 1949:
The production of ensiled forages and their use in feeding cattle for milk production and rearing. (Summary of seven years' investigations and experiments)

Beltran, J.M., 1950:
The production of equines in Catalonia. VL The Catalan breed of ass

Beltran, J.M., 1949:
The production of equinos in Catalonia. I. A general study of the problem

Beltran, J.M., 1950:
The production of equinos in Catalonia. V. The part played by Government stallions in improving the horse of Catalonia

Dim-Zajec, V.; Mastnak, A., 1951:
The production of ergot (Claviceps purpurea) in Croatia. II

Ilieva, S.; Dimitrova, E.; Andzolotovic, G., 1955:
The production of essential oil of Salvia sclarea L. in Bulgaria. (First report.).

Sierra, H.M., 1950:
The production of essential oils in Guatemala

Schwob, R., 1948:
The production of essential oils in southern Italy

Fergus, C.L., 1954:
The production of ethylene by Penicillium digitatum

Raska, S.B., 1947:
The Production of Experimental Pellagra by Adenine

Phillipson, A.T., 1947:
The production of fatty acids in the alimentary tract of the dog

Singal, S.A.; Hazan, S.J.; Sydenstricker, V.P.; Littlejohn, J.M., 1953:
The production of fatty livers in rats on threonine- and lysinedeficient diets

Wagner, R.R.; Bennett, I.L.; Lequire, V.S., 1949:
The production of fever by influenzal viruses. I. Factors influencing the febrile response to single injections of virus

Bennett, I.L.; Wagner, R.R.; Lequire, V.S., 1949:
The production of fever by influenzal viruses. II. Tolerance in rabbits to the pyrogenic effect of influenzal viruses

Wagner, R.R.; Bennett, I.L., 1950:
The production of fever by influenzal viruses. III. Effect of receptor-destroying substances

Collins, J.C., 1950:
The production of fire cured tobacco

Thomas, J.-A., 1953:
The production of foot and mouth disease virus

Pein, E., 1953:
The production of forest seed and planting stock in the U.S.A. and Germany.

Henkes, H.J.M., 1948:
The production of garden seed

Seddon, E., 1951:
The production of glass bottles for dairy purposes

Rozhalin, L.V.; Belova, O.D.; Filippov, D.I., 1954:
The production of good quality seed potatoes under the conditions of the non-chernozem zone.

Lang, F., 1953:
The production of graded butter in Switzerland

Malan, E.F., 1953:
The production of granadillas

Mackenzie, A.M., 1950:
The production of grass silage in Scotland

Anonymous, 1951:
The production of guano in Peru.

Farmer, R.H.; Packman, D.F., 1954:
The production of hardboard from tropical timbers. 1. Kempas (Koompassia malaccensis)

Farmer, R.H.; Packman, D.F., 1955:
The production of hardboard from tropical timbers. II. Red Meranti (Shorea leprosula), Keruing (Dipterocarpus crinitus), and Balau (Shorea laevis)

Arruda, S.C., 1953:
The production of healthy setts in the presence of sugar cane smut

Hrennikova, G.A., 1951:
The production of hemp seed for sowing as a fibre crop.

Clear, T., 1946:
The production of high grade softwood timber in Ireland

Lubenec, P.A., 1949:
The production of high yielding hybrid populations of lucerne.

Hakimov, K.; Alieva, Z., 1955:
The production of high yields of lucerne seed in the Karl Marx Collective Farm (Lenin district, Andi-zansk Province).

Van Der Merwe, W., 1950:
The production of high-grade seed Potatoes

Bolsunov, I., 1952:
The production of higher yielding varieties as the aim of tobacco breeding

Wyllie, J., 1954:
The production of human food in the United Kingdom before, during, and since the war

Gochnauer, T.A.; Wilson, J.B., 1951:
The production of hyaluronidase by Lancefield's Group B streptococci

Sellers, K.C., 1949:
The production of hyaluronidase by Streptococcus agalactiae ' (Laneefleld's group B)

Elagin, I.N., 1952:
The production of hybrid buckwheat seed.

Jones, D.F.; Mangelsdorf, P.C., 1951:
The production of hybrid corn seed without detasseling

Nezincev, I., 1949:
The production of hybrid maize seed

Mancini, E., 1952:
The production of hybrid seed

Krotov, A.S., 1950:
The production of hybrid seed of buckwheat in mixed varietal fields.

Elagin, I.N., 1954:
The production of hybrid seed.

Redei, Gy., 1955:
The production of hybrids of T. durum abyssinicum x S. cereale by means of artificial embryo culture

Bell, W.B., 1954:
The production of hyperkeratosis (X disease) by a single administration of chlorinated naphthalenes

The production of hyperkeratosis (x-disease) by feeding fractions of a processed concentrate

Bell, W.B., 1952:
The production of hyperkeratosis by the administration of a lubricant

West, J.L.; Brandly, C.A., 1949:
The production of immunity to distemper in foxes by means of vaccines

D.M.rs, R.I.; Luria, S.E.; Fisher, H.; Levinthal, C., 1953:
The production of incomplete bacteriophage particles by the action of proflavine and properties of the incomplete particles

Fazeka, D.S.G.Oth, S.; Graham, D.M., 1955:
The production of incomplete virus particles among influenza strains: chemical induction of the von Magnus phenomenon

Gill, J.C.; Thomson, W.; Park, G.T., 1954:
The production of ketonaemia and pregnancy toxaemia in ewes through manipulation of the feeding level

Simonova, M.N., 1955:
The production of large-fruited Sphaerotheca-resistant varieties of gooseberry.

Anon., 1955:
The production of light tobaccos. Some factors affecting the nicotine content of leaf

B.; E., 1951:
The production of lime oil

Alexandrowicz, S.; Benedykcinski, S.; Kraupe, W., 1954:
The production of litters from primigravid sows used only once for breeding

Orr, J.W., 1947:
The production of liver tumours by azo compounds

Loma, J.L.D.La, 1947:
The production of lucerne seed

Zadrazil, K., 1955:
The production of lucerne seed

Lieb, Margaret, T., 1952:
The production of lysogenic strains of bacteria

Toit, J.J.Du., 1947:
The production of maize

Schad, C.; Villax, E., 1951:
The production of maize for grain in the region of the Centre. (Actualites Agron. 1951: Ser. B.)

Viegas, G.P., 1953:
The production of maize hybrids in Sao Paulo

Selye, H., 1951:
The production of malignant nephrosclerosis by simultaneous treatment with cortisone and an anterior pituitary preparation

Rudali, G., 1952:
The production of mammary tumours in male mice by a derivative of allenolic acid

Pilgrim, A.F., 1948:
The production of methane and hydrogen by the sheep

Bunker, H.J., 1948:
The production of microbiological protein for food

Hewitt, E.J., 1950:
The production of micronutrient deficiencies in plants grown in sand culture and the effects of some of these deficiencies on plant growth

Kriznecky, J., 1949:
The production of milk fat in relation to the efficiency of the cow

Sievers, A.F., 1947:
The production of minor essential oils in the United States

Guillermo, L., 1949:
The production of mohair in Madagascar

Hewitt, E.J.; Jones, E.W., 1947:
The production of molybdenum deficiency in plants in sand culture with special reference to tomato and brassica crops

Humfeld, H., 1948:
The Production of Mushroom Mycelium (Agaricus campestris) in Submerged Culture

Muller, H.J., 1947:
The production of mutations

Fries, Nils, 1950:
The production of mutations by caffeine

Lawrence, Thomas, 1955:
The production of mutations by the irradiation of Montcalm barley

Wyss, O.; Stone, W.S.; Clark, J.B., 1947:
The Production of Mutations in Staphylococcus aureus by Chemical Treatment of the Substrate

Aleskovskii, M.V., 1954:
The production of mycorrhiza in oak seedlings.

Cereeva, S.N.; Goncarik, M.N., 1954:
The production of new forms in the cabbage variety Nomer Pervyi in the far north.

Cereeva, S.N.; Goncarik, M.N., 1954:
The production of new forms in the cabbage variety Nomer Pervyl when grown in the far north.

Enikeev, H.K., 1955:
The production of new plum varieties in the Central Belt of the RSFSR.

Kasickina, M.I., 1955:
The production of new strawberry varieties by I. V. Micurin's method.

Saitan, I.M., 1955:
The production of new varieties of peach and apricot for cultivation in the Ukrainian SSR.

Naude, C.P., 1947:
The production of nicotine sulphate

Anonymous, 1948:
The production of oil plants in Costa Rica

Daddabhai Naik., 1952:
The production of perennial cottons.

Mitchell, D.F., 1950:
The production of periodontal disease in the hamster as related to diet, coprophagy, and maintenance factors

Marquardt, H., 1947:
The production of permanent preparations of acetocarmine squashes

Russell, L.B.; Russell, W.L., 1948:
The production of phenocopies in the mouse by means of X-ray treatment of embryos

Strydom, E., 1955 :
The production of pickling onions

Py, C.; Barbier, M., 1953:
The production of pineapples in French Guinea for export as fresh fruit

Roemer, T., 1950:
The production of plant protein

Li, R.; Zhang, H.; Qi, Q., 2006:
The production of polyhydroxyalkanoates in recombinant Escherichia coli

Froeschel, P.; Claeys, R., 1949:
The production of polyploid forms of medicinal plants

Oltmann, W., 1950:
The production of polyploid plants by means of colchicine injections

Lebedeva, N.A., 1955:
The production of polyploids of some wild potato species.

Wexelsen, H., 1950:
The production of polyploids. A review

Sellschop, J.P.F.; D.T.it, J.J., 1948:
The production of potatoes

Perry, E.J., 1948:
The production of progeny of bulls used in artificial breeding

Shishelova, Mme, N.A., 1951:
The production of protopectinase by various representative phytopathogenic bacteria

Horne, F.R., 1949:
The production of pure seed stocks of improved varieties

Wallace, T., 1950:
The production of quality in Apples

Caresche, L., 1952:
The production of raw silk in Japan

Pijanowski, E.; Strauch, J.; Myszkowska, K.; Deptula, S., 1953:
The production of reducing preparations from whey, fruit juices and sugar solutions, and their application in food technology

Sjostrom, G.; Hakansson, E.-B., 1953:
The production of riboflavin in whey by Eremothecium ashbyii

Sellschop, J., 1951:
The production of safflower seed

Koning, H., 1951:
The production of seed of Festuca pratensis

Arruda, S.C., 1953:
The production of selected Gane setts in the presence of the smut disease

Etchebarne, J., 1955:
The production of single hybrids and pure lines

Van Ness, G., 1947:
The production of so-called pullet disease

Hatcher, E.S.J.; Garner, R.J., 1955:
The production of sphaeroblast shoots of apple for cuttings

Moes, A., 1955:
The production of spring barleys in 1954

Duthie, E.S., 1947:
The production of stable potent preparations of penicillinase

Procter, F., 1951:
The production of sterilized milk

D.T.it, F.M.; Lochner, T.C., 1954:
The production of stock feed in the O.F.S. region

Kupferberg, A.B.; Styles, H.; Singher, H.O.; Waksman, S.A., 1950:
The production of streptocin by different strains of Streptomyces griseus

Pennington, R.J.; Sutherland, T.M., 1955:
The production of succinate frompropionate by carbon dioxide fixation insheep rumen epithelial tissue

Davis, J.F., 1955:
The production of sugar beets on organic soils

Anon., 1952:
The production of sugarcane seedlings

Sellschop, J.; D.T.it, J.J., 1947:
The production of sunflowers

Anonymous, 1954:
The production of superior sugar-cane varieties of the PT50 series.

Bernon, G., 1949:
The production of table grapes

Coles, R., 1953:
The production of table poultry

Flemal, J., 1955:
The production of tea seeds and cuttings at Mulungu

Parr, W.H.; Allcroft, R., 1953:
The production of tetany in calves fed on milk diets

Rougerie, M.; Michardiere, J., 1953:
The production of the Limousin meadows for mowing. The possibilities of improvement

Anonymous, 1947:
The production of the grass and green fodder crops

Naqvi, S.H.Zamin, 1955:
The production of thiamine by Cercospora cruenta Sacc

Laplaud, M.; Cassou, R., 1949:
The production of three Normandy calves by bull semen obtained by electrical stimulation, diluted, stored, and transported

Bolsunov, I., 1954:
The production of tobacco varieties without axillary buds and its practical realization

Schwendiman, J.L.; Hafenrichter, A.L.; Law, A.G., 1953:
The production of tops and roots by grass and sweetclover when grown in mixtures

Weststrate, W.A.G., 1955:
The production of town-waste compost in Holland.

Paliatseas, E.; Steib, R.J.; Dunckelman, P.H.; Chilton, S.J.P., 1952:
The production of true seed of sugarcane in Louisiana

Sturkie, P.D., 1946:
The production of twins in Gallus domesticus

Bartolina, A., 1953:
The production of vataminized yoghurt

Brock, H.; Rowson, L.E., 1952:
The production of viable bovine ova

Schachter, M.; Schachter, R., 1949:
The production of visceral lesions following attempted chronic irritation of the central nervous system

Belasco, I.J., 1954:
The production of volatile fatty acids

Rasbash, D.F., 1953:
The production of water spray of uniform drop size by a battery of hypodermic needles

Anonymous, 1949:
The production of watermelons in the coastal plain of Georgia

Martinez, R.V., 1948:
The production of wheat in Colombia

Veliev, I.M., 1947:
The production of wilt-resistant varieties of American cotton

Adadurov, V.M., 1955:
The production of winter litters by rabbits

Saeman, J.F.; Locke, E.G.; Dickerman, G.K., 1946:
The production of wood sugar in Germany and its conversion to yeast and alcohol

Wright, Joyce, M., 1954:
The production oi antibiotics in soil. I. Production of gliotoxin by Trichoderma viride

Bordeleau, R., 1950:
The production, harvesting and curing of cigar tobacco

Angeli, L., 1954:
The production, maintenance and evaluation of sweet-pepper varieties

Mraz, K., 1955:
The productive capacity of ecologically defined site types.

Fodor, G., 1951:
The productive capacity of sandy soils in the 'Nyirseg' region and between the Danube and the Tisza.

Valmari, A., 1954:
The productive capacity of the peat lands of North Finland.

Susmel, L., 1953:
The productive capacity of woody species.

Cavcanidze, V., 1949:
The productive efficiency of White turkeys

Tihonov, P.M.; Nadeev, B.H., 1946:
The productive qualities of seed

Kopling, E., Mrs. Kovacs, 1953 :
The productive qualities of three colour varieties of Hungarian hens

Lariceva, M.D., 1953:
The productiveness of hybrids in relation to the external training of their parental forms.

Turjanskii, G.F., 1950:
The productiveness of the different buds of the grape vine

Alpatjev, A.V., 1953:
The productiveness of tomatoes in relation to the methods of seed growing.

Medvedev, P.F., 1951:
The productiveness of winter rye varieties obtained by intervarietal open pollination.

Maymone, B.; Petrucci, E.; Battaglini, A., 1953:
The productivity and high nutritive value of Helminthia echioides, (L.) Gaertn., one of the Compositae infesting (pastures) in the Mediterranean basin

Maymone, B.; Datillo, M.; Mazziotti, D.C.lso, P., 1953:
The productivity and nutritive value of the legume Scorpiurus muricata, L, var. subvillosa (L.), a forage plant of natural meadows and pastures in the South

Green, Hubert, U., 1950:
The productivity and sex survival of elk, Banff National Park, Alberta

Mukherjee, J.N., 1948:
The productivity of Indian soils in relation to food supply

Ustinovskaja, L.T., 1950:
The productivity of Oak woods in the river valleys of the Ukrainian steppe.

Vlasyuk, P.A.; Lisoval, P.Z., 1953 :
The productivity of a stubble-sown grass mixture.

Hardy, F., 1953:
The productivity of cacao soils and its improvement

Huisseling, P.G.W.Van., 1955:
The productivity of clover undersown to flax and cereals

Etter, H., 1949:
The productivity of different site types.

Khairullin, Ya. Kh., 1947:
The productivity of herbage and herbage mixtures in the field-crop rotation.

Mathieu-Reverdy, G., 1955:
The productivity of maize in Dijon

Belonozhko, I.I., 1949:
The productivity of perennial-herbage mixtures and their effect on soil fertility.

Ellison, W., 1947:
The productivity of reclaimed upland areas in Montgomeryshire. Part II

Moes, A., 1954:
The productivity of spring barley in the Limon zone

Sladky, Z., 1955:
The productivity of sugar-beet as influenced by the ripeness of the buds

Vernet, A., 1953:
The productivity of the olive tree in Tunisia

Alpatjev, A.V., 1953:
The productivity of tomatoes in relation to methods of seed growing.

Beloff, A.; Anfinsen, C.B., 1948:
The products of proteolysis of some purified proteins

Rathsack, K., 1955:
The products of transformation of cyanamide in soil.

Wilting, Jörg.; Buttler, K.; Schulte, I.; Papoutsi, M.; Schweigerer, L.; Männer, Jörg., 2007:
The proepicardium delivers hemangioblasts but not lymphangioblasts to the developing heart

Haines, A.L., 1946:
The profiling slide rule and its use

Borset, O., 1953:
The profitability of Aspen.

Anonymous, 1946:
The profitability of Swiss agriculture in the harvest year 1944-45 (1st March 1944 to 28th February 1945). I.

Anonymous, 1947:
The profitability of Swiss agriculture in the harvest year 1945-46 (1st March 1945 to 28th February 1946). Report of the Swiss Farmers' Secretariat to the Federal Department of Public Economy. I.

Anonymous, 1948:
The profitability of Swiss agriculture in the harvest year 1946-47 (1st March 1946 to 28th February 1947). Report of the Swiss Farmers' Secretariat to the Federal Department of Public Economy. I.

Anonymous, 1949:
The profitability of Swiss agriculture in the harvest year 1947-1948 (1st March 1947 to 29th February 1948). Report of the Swiss Farmers' Secretariat to the Federal Department of Public Economy. I.

Anonymous, 1950:
The profitability of Swiss agriculture in the harvest year 1948-49 (1st March 1948 to 28th February 1949).

Vogler, E., 1951:
The profitability of beet cultivation.

Englesson, T., 1952:
The profitability of high-grade material for cutting edges.

Carpelan, G., 1953:
The profitability of one-man power saws: some results of research.

Rohmeder, E., 1951:
The progenies of a 14 year and a 170 year old spruce

Rohmeder, E., 1951:
The progeny of a 14 and a 170-year-old Spruce.

Koch, P.; Fischer, H., 1949:
The progeny of a physically underdeveloped bull. Pt. 2

Pictet, A.; Ferrero, A., 1951:
The progeny of an interspecific guinea-pig cross (Cavia aperea D'Az. X Cavia cobaya Marcg. ) analysed during 25 years

Koch, P.; Fischer, H., 1949:
The progeny of an underdeveloped bull

Braude, R., 1948:
The progeny testing of dairy bulls

Willems, A.E.R., 1952:
The progeny testing of horses

Castiglioni, G., 1949:
The progestational reaction of the uterus obtained by oestrogens

Edgar, D.G., 1953:
The progesterone content of body fluids and tissues

Gomes, M.Tamura.Vieira.; Castro, R.de.Aquino.; Villanova, F.Elizabeth.; da Silva, I.Dale.Cotrim.Guerreiro.; Baracat, E.Chada.; de Lima, G.Rodrigues.; Girão, M.João.Batista.Castello., 2007:
The progesterone receptor gene polymorphism, PROGINS, may be a factor related to the development of uterine fibroids

Keele, K.D., 1949:
The prognosis and treatment of sprue in India

Thalenhorst, W., 1955:
The prognosis of outbreaks of the major forest pests.

Betts, D.R.; Ammann, R.A.; Hirt, A.; Hengartner, H.; Beck-Popovic, M.; Kuhne, T.; Nobile, L.; Caflisch, U.; Wacker, P.; Niggli, F.K., 2007:
The prognostic significance of cytogenetic aberrations in childhood acute myeloid leukaemia. A study of the Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group (SPOG)

Masheb, R.M.; White, M.A.; Toth, C.M.; Burke-Martindale, C.H.; Rothschild, B.; Grilo, C.M., 2007:
The prognostic significance of depressive symptoms for predicting quality of life 12 months after gastric bypass

Carrigan, W.; Marshino, O., 1948:
The program of the National Cancer Institute

Hawkes, J.G., 1951:
The programme for potato improvement

Holmdahl, K., 1952 :
The programme for premature infants in Gothenburg, Sweden. The prin ciples of treatment and the results obtained

Wellhausen, E.J., 1950:
The programme of maize breeding in Mexico

Reed, O.E., 1949:
The progress in crossbreeding with dairy cattle of Indian origin

Levis, D., 1949:
The progress in public health in the United Kingdom as reflected in the quality of the recruit volunteering for service in the army; a survey of 65 years, 1848-1913

Wang, P.; Shen, Y-Gang.; Mi, H-Ling., 2007:
The progress in research on the reduced nicotinamide adenine di(tri)-nucleotide phosophate [NAD(P)H] dehydrogenase complex and chlororespiration

Anonymous, 1948:
The progress in the provision of milk and meals in schools

Ignatov, V., 1951:
The progress made in cotton growing during the first post-war five year plan period.

Manka, K., 1953:
The progress of Dutch Elm disease (C. ulmi) in the area of Poznan, Poland.

Manka, K., 1953:
The progress of Dutch Elm disease in the Poznan area.

Gregoire, P.E., 1946:
The progress of biochemistry in Belgium during the war

Standen, O.D., 1955:
The progress of degenerative changes in schistosomes following the treatment of experimental infections with 1:7-bis (p-dimethylaminophenoxy) heptane

Standen, O.D., 1955:
The progress of degenerative changes in schistosotnes following the treatment of experimental infections with l:7-bis (p-dimethylaminophenoxy) heptane

Mustafaev, M.G., 1952:
The progress of forestry in Azerbaijan.

Lund, E.E., 1955:
The progress of histo-moniasis (blackhead) in turkeys as related to the size of the infective dose

Ramon, G., 1949:
The progress of immunization against foot and mouth disease

Frolov, P., 1951:
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The progress of swine breeding and rehabilitation in Alabang Stock Farm

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The progress of the cattle industry in Ontario during the eighteen eighties

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The progression in weight of native rabbit sucklings

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The progressive character of the anomalies in the structure of the flower of Lonicera alberti Rgl.

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The progressive meritorious breeder

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The promised land of managed forests

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The Promotion of Abscission by Auxin

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The promotion of absorption of relatively insoluble calcium salts in the human gut by means of vitamin B1

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The promotion of flower and fruit formation in potatoes

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The propagation and growth of P. ponderosa in Rumania.

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The propagation by cuttings of Begonia multiflora varieties with the aid of plant hormones

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The propagation of African swine fever virus in the embryonated hen's egg

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The propagation of American holly

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The propagation of Camellia reticulata. R.H.S.

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The propagation of Chinese chestnuts

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The propagation of Citrus in the Keravat-Rabaul area

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The propagation of Edgeworthia papyrifera by stem cuttings in a temporary nursery in the forest.

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The propagation of Hevea brasiliensis from cuttings

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The propagation of Juglans spp. by layers

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The propagation of S virus of mouse hepatitis in tissue culture

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The propagation of cacao from cuttings

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The propagation of citrus

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The propagation of fruit trees by root cuttings

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The propagation of gooseberries: II. The influence of basal wounding and size of shoot on the rooting of hardwood cuttings

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The propagation of hops by layering

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The propagation of lymphoid tumors in the anterior chamber of the chicken eye

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The propagation of mazzard F 12/1

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The propagation of mouse tumours by means of dried tissue

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The propagation of phylloxera resistant root-stocks.

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The propagation of quince rootstocks

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The propagation of rhododendrons from stem cuttings

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The propagation of robusta coffee by cuttings

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The propagation of shrubs and trees by cuttings

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The propagation of sisal by means of leaves from the bulbils

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The propagation of stone fruit trees

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The propagation of sub-tropical fruit plants by cuttings, a progress report

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The propagation of the best varieties of vines in the Uzbek SSR.

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The propagation of variola ovina virus in sheep embryonic tissue cultures and its usefulness as a vaccine against this disease

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The propagation of weeds

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The propagation ratio of the principal weeds of the Catania plain

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The proper depth and kind of covering for seeds of several tropical hardwoods

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The proper planting time of some of the Mediterranean conifers.

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The proper time of serving mares

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The proper use of the power saw as a cutting tool. Panel discussion

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The properties and surface location of an enzyme oxidizing ascorbic acid in fungus spores

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The properties and testing of wooden doors.

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The properties and uses of conifer thinnings in Great Britain

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The properties and variations in quality of Finnish Spruce

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The properties of Eucalyptus rostrata with reference to its use as mining timber.

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The properties of Lake Sevan water in relation to irrigation.

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The properties of New Zealand butters and butterfats. 3. Seasonal variations in the nature of the unsaturated acids of butterfat as estimated by spectrophotometric methods

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The properties of New Zealand butters and butterfats. 4. Refractive index and density of the butterfat

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The properties of New Zealand butters and butterfats. II. The relation of hardness of New Zealand commercial butter to composition of the butterfat

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The properties of active extracts of the neural lobe of the pituitary body

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The properties of bacterial transforming systems

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The properties of berries and leaves of sweet and bitter service berry (S. aucuparia.)

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The properties of complement

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The properties of cyanamide and its use for fertilizer and pest control.

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The properties of gelatin-poly (gamma-glutamic acid) hydrogels as biological glues

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The properties of glass in relation to its use as glass bottles for milk distribution

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The properties of granular fertilizers.

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The properties of humic complexes in different types of soil.

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The properties of mammalian striated myofibrils isolated by an enzymatic method

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The properties of materials used for the granulation of superphosphate. Preliminary report.

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The properties of meadow-podzolic sandy soils formed from sands of different geological origin.

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The properties of organogenic cultivated soils in different districts with reference to type of peat, degree of decomposition and reaction, and content of lime, nitrogen, potash, phosphoric acid, organic matter, sesqui-oxides and sulphuric acid.

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The properties of some fungal liupases and their role in grain deterioration

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The properties of some urea-formaldehyde materials in relation to their possible use as nitrogenous fertilizers

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The properties of the enzyme-substrate compounds of lactoperoxidase

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The properties of the growth and adrenocorticotropic hormones

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The properties of the isolated granules from blood eosinophiles

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The properties of the nerve membrane and its relation to the conduction of impulses

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The properties of the structure of soils after cultivation in a moist condition.

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The properties of the substances which occur with chlorophyll and their determination in fresh plants

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The properties of the yoghurt bacteria.

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The properties of wood tannins and related materials

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The properties required of potatoes and methods of attaining them

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The property of certain calcium silicates to impart super-saturation of CaCO3 to carbonated water extractions

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The prophylactic action of enheptin (2-amino, 5-nitrothiazole) on blackhead (infectious enterohepatitis) of turkeys

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The prophylactic treatment of potted plants for the control of cabbage root fly

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The prophylactic use of phenanthridinium 1553 against infection with T. eongolense and T. vivax

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The prophylactic value of nitrofurazone in Salmonella choleraesuis enteritis of pigs : a field experiment

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The prophylaxis of bovine blaekquarter

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The proportion of foreign pollen fertilizing a Birch seed orchard.

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The proportion of foreign pollen in the fertilization of a birch seed plantation. (Preliminary communication)

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The proportion of hollow seed in indigenous

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The proportion of ovarian follicles in different stages of development in rats and monkeys

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The proportion of ray tissue in Beech wood.

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The proportion of the basic groups of micro-organisms in soils of different types.

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The proportionality between the heat of wetting of dried soils and their hygroscopic moisture.

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The Proportions of Nuclear Types in Neurospora Heterocaryons as Determined by Plating Conidia

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The proposed new forest conservation law: lectures and discussion at the annual meeting of the Swedish Forestry Society.

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The prospect of improving the cheese-producing ability of the Eastern Red Pied breed by selection

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The prospective preventative HIV vaccine based on modified poliovirus

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The prospects for combatting Phylloxera by the breeding of vines

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The prospects for development of viticulture in Transcarpathia

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The prospects for spring wheat in the Ukraine

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The prospects for the cultivation of the sweet potato in the Kuibysev province

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The prospects of chromosome doubling in breeding rye-grass species and red clover

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The prospects of cultivating the winter wheat-Agropyron hybrid 186 in the south of Kazahstan.

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The prospects of orchard development in areas of great communist construction.

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The prospects of phylloxera control in vines by breeding

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The prospects of the manufacture in Malaya of building boards and paper

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The prostate has secretory dysfunction for category IIIA and IIIB prostatitis

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The prostate of the female cotton-tail rabbit, Sylvllagus florldanus

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The proteasome: a worthwhile target for the treatment of solid tumours?

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The protection against cold-shock of semen specimens collected in cold weather

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The protection of Citrus against Penicillium moulds

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The protection of Citrus plantations. Citrus fruits considered from the sanitary point of view

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The protection of Manchurian Ash logs against insects during storage in the forest.

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The protection of bacteria against radiation effects

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The protection of buildings against termites: practical instructions for use in tropical and equatorial countries.

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The protection of crops against hail

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The protection of felled Beech against brown stain and fungus attack. Experiments with the Beech preservative 'Bayer-Buchenschutz und Basiment'.

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The protection of forest and agricultural crops by aerial dusting with insecticides in Czechoslovakia.

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The protection of fruit trees from spring frosts.

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The protection of horticultural products

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The protection of logs: preliminary considerations and tests on the protection of freshly felled, unbarked logs against insect borers.

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The protection of rural lands against fire in New Zealand

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The protection of segmented sugar-beet seed against wireworm by means of insecticides

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The protection of sheep against blowfly strike. II. The influence of the length of wool at the time of treatment on the duration of protection

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The protection of sheep against blowfly strike. III. The effect of different formulations of gamma benzene hexachloride (B.H.C.)

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The protection of spermatozoa with egg yolk

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The protection of stored potatoes against the potato tuber moth, Gnorimoschema operculella Zell. Part 2. Trials in northern Queensland

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The protection of stored seed Potatoes

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The protection of textiles against rotting and mould infection. Methods of assay (III)

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The protection of the property of the potato breeder in the Netherlands

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The protection of timber against termites.

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The protection of transplants in reafforestation with P. canariensis.

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The protection of trees against sun burn

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The protection of vineyards against spot necrosis.

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The protection of wood against insect borers. The toxicity of the vapours of several commercial preparations.

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The protection of wood.

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The protection of wooden conduction poles with special reference to Kyan's process

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The protection of young Venetian Poplar plantations from wood-eating insects.

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The protective action of a harmless preservative (MX) in milk artificially infected with Salm. typhi-murium

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The protective action of cystine and methionine in rats exposed to methyl chloride

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The protective action of human milk on the nervous system

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The protective action of p-aminobenzoic acid against the photo-oxidation of pteroylglutamic acid

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The protective action of vitamin B12 against the toxicity of DL-thyroxine

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The protective and eradicative actions of lime sulfur and Puratized in controlling a fungus leaf-spot disease of olive

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The protective effect of cysteine on leucopenia induced by nitrogen mustard

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The protective effect of dietary fat on immature rats fed thyroid

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The protective effect of glutathione against radiation-induced chromosome aberrations

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The protective effect of high fat diets on immature rats fed thyroid

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The protective effect of interleukin-11 on the cell death induced by X-ray irradiation in cultured intestinal epithelial cell

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The protective effect of sodium chloride on ascorbic acid

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The protective effect of sympathomimetic amines and of aminophylline in the anaphylactic micro-shock of the guinea-pig

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The protective effect of various chemical compounds against damage to chromosomes by gamma radiation

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The protective effect of vitamin A against tubercular infection of the respiratory tract

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The protective effect of vitamin B12 and folic acid on the blood picture after exposure to X-rays

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The protective effects of Poplar plantings in the floodplain of the river Po.

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The protective property of thiourea against radiation-induced chromosome aberrations

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The protective role of river-bank strips of Willow in the fight against sand deposition.

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The protein anabolic and other effects of testosterone propionate in mice: effects of nutrition and interrelationship of biologic activities of the hormone

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The protein and energy nutrition of the young calf

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The protein and lipid composition of the plasma of different animal species determined by zone electrophoresis and chemical analysis

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The protein and non-protein nitrogen fractions in milk. 1. Methods of analysis

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The protein and non-protein nitrogen fractions in milk. 2. Their content in fresh raw milk

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The protein and non-protein nitrogen fractions in milk. 3. The effect of heat treatments and homogenization

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The protein coat in development of Ascaris lumbricoides eggs

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The protein components of diseased liver

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The protein composition of Feebar, Odessa, and Plains barley grown in South Dakota

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The protein compounds of provitamins and vitamins A and D

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The protein content of fodder beet

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The protein content of fresh and stored shell eggs

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The protein content of human milk

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The protein content of some Australian wheat varieties

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The protein content of the blood of foetuses and newborn infants, including postmature infants

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The protein content of the breast milk of African women

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The protein content of wheat and factors affecting it

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The protein content of wheat varieties grown in standard plots and spaced rows

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The protein contents of naked forms of barley and oats grown upon the grey forest soils of the central Urals.

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The protein encoded by the gene proliferation disrupter (prod) is associated with the telomeric retrotransposon array in Drosophila melanogaster

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The protein metabolism of sunfishes of different ages

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The protein molecule as a multicatalytic entity; molecular, species, enzymatic, antigenic, toxic, etc.; specificities

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The protein of potatoes, its increase and utilization

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The protein picture in experimental cholesterol atherosclerosis: a contribution to the interpretation of the effect of ATP against atheroma.

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The protein problem of to-day. The use of wood sugar yeast hi human nutrition. 2

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The protein quality of grass as determined by the method of Osborne and Mendel

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The protein quality of oats

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The protein requirement of heavy workers. III. The influence of pure proteins and extracts therefrom on the working capacity

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The protein requirement of the chick as influenced by aureomycin

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The protein requirement of the turkey poult

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The protein requirements of college women on high cereal diets with observations on the adequacy of short balance period

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The protein requirements of the adult rat in terms of the protein contained in egg, milk and soy flour

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The protein status in pulmonary tuberculosis

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The protein value of human milk

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The protein, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium content of nursery school lunches including seconds

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The protein-anabolic effect of testosterone

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The protein-proteinase complex of the barley grown on a different agronomic background using regulatory preparations

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The proteinase action of various micro-organisms present in butter

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The proteinase inhibitor camostat mesilate suppresses pancreatic pain in rodents

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The proteins in unheated culture filtrates of human tubercle bacilli. I. Fractionation and determination of physical-chemical properties

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The proteins in unheated culture filtrates of human tubercle bacilli. II. Determination of serological properties

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The prototype of cultivated barleys

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The prototype of the cultivated barleys

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The provision of fodder in a Mediterranean environment

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The provision of good feeding for horses at colletive farms

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The purification of alkaline phosphatases of animal tissues

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The purification of diphtheria and tetanus antitoxin by the use of pepsin

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The purification of hydrogen peroxide from P2O5.

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The purification of milk and cheese naturally contaminated by Rickettsia burneti

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The purity of vitamin B12

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The purpose and economics of predriers

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The purpose and effects of mechanical tillage in orchard crops

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The purpose, object and method of the co-operative fruit tree census

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The purposes of plowing.

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The puzzle for therapy in fluoroacetate poisoning

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The pyrethrin contents of undried flowers, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, determined by extraction with petrol ether

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The pyrolysis of carotene

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The qualitative Composition and quantitative seasonal Fluctuations of Flies in the Territory of Danzig in the Year 1951

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The qualitative examination of insecticidal properties

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The qualitative selection of wheats in Morocco

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The qualitative spectrum analysis of stallion ejaculates

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The qualitative test for easily soluble iron in soils.

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The qualities of the complex humus in the soil of Rio Grande do Sul

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The qualities of the wood of Pinus taeda grown in South Africa

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The quality and stability of butter manufactured in various ways

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The quality and uses of exotic softwoods

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The quality of 1947 and 1948 Polish hops

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The quality of Cacao. The moulds of fermented beans

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The quality of Danish and foreign linseed oil

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The quality of Einkorn wheat

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The quality of Karakul fur in relation to nutrition of ewes during pregnancy

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The quality of L.vulgare seed.

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The quality of Selkirk (C.T. 186), a new rust resistant hard red spring wheat

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The quality of Swedish butter and cheese in 1950

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The quality of Swedish factory butter and cheese in 1948 and 1949

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The quality of butter and cheese at the Enigheten storage centre, Finland, in 1950

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The quality of butter made in 1954.

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The quality of cereals and their industrial uses

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The quality of cheese made in 1954.

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The quality of cockerels hatched within or over 20. 5 days of incubation

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The quality of cold-stored butter. Further results of tests

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The quality of dried grass, lucerne and red clover analysed in 1950

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The quality of dried grass, lucerne, red clover, etc. in 1949

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The quality of fruits in different black-currant varieties in relation to nutrition.

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The quality of fur of Karakul lambs in relation to birth weight

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The quality of furrow irrigation of row crops.

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The quality of green peas dried in the frozen state

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The quality of groundnuts of Senegal assessed on the value of the seeds distributed by the Societes de Prevoyance from 1935 to 1949

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The quality of hard red winter wheat as affected by 2,4-D spray applications

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The quality of herbage dried artificially by different driers

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The quality of home-grown wheat for making bread

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The quality of irrigation water and soil permeability

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The quality of irrigation waters.

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The quality of mature Pinus patula and P. insignis timber grown in South Africa

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The quality of milk as received at the dairy and as distributed (pasteurized)

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The quality of milk from the drainage pan

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The quality of milk supplies as judged by milk-testing results

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The quality of pasteurized milk at dairies in east and west Flanders

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The quality of pasteurized milk.

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The quality of pelts of twin lambs in relation to their development in the uterine period

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The quality of pig carcasses since the last war

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The quality of progeny obtained by mating Karakul sheep of different colours

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The quality of protein of normal and high protein corn for growing swine

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The quality of rinderpest vaccine from animals with inapparent infection

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The quality of seed of agricultural crops

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The quality of seeds on sale in New York as revealed by tests completed in 1952

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The quality of seeds on sale in New York as revealed by tests completed in 1953. With an appendix on legume inoculant tests for 1953

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The quality of seeds on sale in New York as revealed by tests completed in 1954

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The quality of seeds on sale in New York in 1949

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The quality of seeds on sale in New York in 1950

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The quality of seeds on sale in New York in 1951

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The quality of skin and wool production of Karakul sheep

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The quality of slaughter cattle with regard to the requirements of manufacturers and consumers

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The quality of some tomato varieties used for industrial purposes

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The quality of steels and the milling of wood and plywood.

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The quality of stemwood of Pinus sylvestris in an alkalised environment

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The quality of straw as a raw material for industry

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The quality of the cheese manufactured in Sweden in 1953

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The quality of the drain, river and canal waters of the Punjab

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The quality of the head and the length of the vegetative period in an assortment of head forming plants (cabbage, lettuce, etc.)

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The quality of the milk in relation to the supplier's distance from the dairy and the size of his deliveries

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The quality of the skins of karakul lambs in relation to the nutrition of their dams during pregnancy

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The quality of the wood of young trees of Pinus caribaea grown in South Africa

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The quality of wart-resistant potato varieties from the consumer's standpoint.

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The quality of water for irrigation use

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The quality of wheat as affected by manures and fertilizers. I. Chemical composition

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The quality picture of North Dakota hard red spring wheat varieties

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The quandary of utilization and preference

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The quantification of vascular beds: a stereological approach

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The quantitative analysis of sugars in plant extracts by ion-exchange chromatography

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The quantitative and qualitative significance of the role of shelterbelts.

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The quantitative assessment of fire-proofing agents with a phosphate basis.

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The quantitative basis of the evaluation of soil produci-bility

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The quantitative composition of deoxypentose nucleic acids as related to the newly proposed structure

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The quantitative composition of the proteins of organs. (Electrophoretic studies.)

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The quantitative course of milk formation. 2. Influence of age and gestation

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The quantitative course of milk formation. Experimental re-examination of the study on the mechanism of lactation by Dr. W. Fritz

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The quantitative course of milk formation. Pt. I. Experiments to test the Studies on the mechanism of milk formation by Dr W. Fritz. Pt. II. Influence of stage of lactation and pregnancy

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The quantitative course of milk secretion. 2. Effect of age and pregnancy

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The quantitative course of milk secretion. Experiments to test the study of the mechanism of milk formation by Dr. W. Fritz

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The quantitative definition of cattle carcasses

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The quantitative determination of a pepsin-like substance in the urine of normal individuals and of patients with pernicious anemia

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The quantitative determination of amino-acids in urine used in conjunction with one-dimensional paper chromatography

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The quantitative determination of biuret in urea

Pogell, B.M., 1954:
The quantitative determination of fructose with skatole and hydrochloric acid

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The quantitative determination of molds in flour

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The quantitative determination of moulds in Sweet Potato and Wheat flours

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The quantitative determination of phenol oxidase activity in wheat varieties

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The quantitative determination of plasma hemoglobin by the benzidine reaction

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The quantitative determination of tile two types of bilirubin simultaneously present in the blood, and its clinical importance

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The quantitative estimation of glycine in small samples of proteins

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The quantitative estimation of hemicelluloses by direct isolation

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The quantitative estimation of pepsin and trypsin by means of invert soaps

Rubin, B.A., 1954:
The Quantitative Estimation of Radiation Induced Mutations to Streptomycin Resistance in Escherichia Coli

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The quantitative estimation of serum albumin in human body fluids by direct titration with specific horse antiserum

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The quantitative estimation of small amounts of glycine in blood, urine and protein hydrolysates

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The quantitative genetic basis of female and male body size and their implications on the evolution of body size dimorphism in the house cricket Acheta domesticus (Gryllidae)

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The quantitative leucine requirement of the suckling pig

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The quantitative recovery and colorimetric estimation of amino-acids separated by paper chromatography

Gates, C.T., 1951:
The quantitative recovery of root systems in pot experiments

Bird, S.; Pugsley, L.I.; Klotz, M.O., 1947:
The quantitative recovery of synthetic estrogens from tissues of birds (Gallus domesticus) the response of the birds' testis, comb and epidermis to estrogen and of humans to ingestion of tissues from treated birds

Sochevanov, N.N., 1955:
The quantitative relationship between water-vapour tension and the amount of water sorbed by soil.

Aristovskaya, T.V., 1951:
The quantitative relationships between aerobes and anaerobes in some soils.

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The quantitative requirements of the rat for magnesium

D'amato, F., 1950:
The quantitative study of mitotic poisons by the Allium Cepa test: data and problems

Walter, F.-X., 1950:
The quantitative study of the capon comb response to male hormone. Characteristic curves obtained by direct application in the one subject

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The quantitative threonine requirement of the suckling pig

Block, R.J.; Bolling, D., 1950:
The quantities of amino acids in the nonprotein fraction of breast and cow's milk

Maclusky, D.S., 1955:
The quantities of herbage eaten by grazing dairy cows

Valanko, O., 1951:
The quantity and clearing of stones on arable land.

Calisti, V., 1953:
The quantity and composition of milk from the denervated udder of the ewe.

Adam, K.M.G., 1951:
The quantity and distribution of the ciliate protozoa in the large intestine of the horse

Pankova, N.A., 1952:
The quantity and nature of the organic matter in some soils of the Kutuluk experimental region.

Whiting, F.; Slen, S.B.; Bezeau, L.M., 1952:
The quantity and quality of mature ewes' milk as influenced by level of protein in the ration

Ulendeev, A.I., 1954:
The quantity of acidophilic bacteria in the intestines of horses.

Pascoli, F.; Zan, I.D., 1952:
The quantity of androgenic and oestrogenic hormones in butter

Pascoli, F., 1953:
The quantity of oestrogens and androgens in cows' milk

Novoseljcev, D.V., 1951:
The quantity of spermatozoa in theboar's epididymides and principles governing it

Bodman, G.B., 1955:
The quantity of water available in soils.

The quaternary ammonium compounds in sanitization

Williams, J.G., 1954:
The quelea threat to Africa's grain crops

Pontailler, S.; Quidet, P., 1950:
The quest for economic fertilizers for potatoes

Polynov, B.B., 1949:
The question of eluvial soils.

Muller, H.J., 1955:
The question of Bruchus resistance in field beans (V. faba L.)

Chevalier, A., 1950:
The question of Strophanthus species containing glucosides.

Svetasov, A., 1954:
The question of a new system for producing cotton seed.

Zirm, K.L.; Kilches, R., 1953:
The question of absorption of soluble chlorophyll studied with chlorophyllin labelled with 14C

Modilevskii, Ja. S., 1955:
The question of amitotic methods of cell division in Allium odorum.

Smirnov, L.A., 1953:
The question of an interesting instance of natural grafting between spruce and pine near Riga.

Hey, A., 1953:
The question of biotypes in potato wart

Medvedeva, G.B., 1955:
The question of biparentage in wheats.

Schultze-Grobleben, W., 1954:
The question of boron determination in the soil.

Kameraz, A.J.; Evgsafova, N.P., 1954:
The question of breeding forage varieties of potato with high content of raw protein in the tubers.

Johansson, I., 1955:
The question of breeds in Swedish pig breeding

Ponamarenko, F.A., 1949:
The question of changing the varietal seed testing procedure

Rivals, P., 1950:
The question of cinchona in Reunion

Gtuscenko, I.E., 1946:
The question of clonal selection of potatoes

Jung, W., 1954:
The question of congenital rickets

Fekiksova, R.V., 1951:
The question of continuous breeding of microorganisms in industry.

Miljaev, A., 1951:
The question of coordinating different branches of industry on collective farms growing cotton.

Ivanov, N.D., 1954:
The question of development of new forms in nature and under culture.

Gisiger, L.; Pulver, H., 1953:
The question of difference between hard and soft natural phosphates.

Alten, F., 1952:
The question of early dressings with potash.

Ratai Rataj, K., 1953:
The question of early sowing in relation to winter hardiness of flax.

Baiko, V.P.; Yarovenko, V.V., 1952:
The question of early spring cultivation of soil.

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