Section 14
Chapter 13,900

The thickness of the wool of semifine-wooled crossbred lambs in relation to the level of feeding during suckling

Martem'yanov, B.A.

Izvest. Timiryaz. Sel'skokhoz. AKad, 3, 119-128


Accession: 013899800

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Of the 2 groups of 10 lambs each under experiment, the first was kept in the flock under ordinary conditions. When penned, each ewe belonging to this group received a daily ration of 2 kg. hay and 1 to 1.5 kg. grass silage; the lambs were not given any extra feed except hay. The second group was fed more intensively. The average daily ration for each ewe of the second group was, when penned, 2.5 kg. hay, 1.5 kg. silage and 350 to 400 g. concentrates.

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