The use of wild species in breeding improved varieties of cultivated til (Sesamum orientale L.) and some considerations on the origin and distribution of S. orientale

Ramanujam, S.; Joshi, A.B.

Indian J. Genet. Pl. Breed, 100-04


Accession: 013902409

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Work carried out at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, in an attempt to introduce resistance to phyllody disease and Antigastra catalaunlis into S. orientale (2n = 26) by crossing with S. prostratum (2n = 32), is outlined. Colchicine-induced amphidiploids were back-crossed to S. orientale and hybrids with 2" = 42 were secured, which were selfed and repeatedly back-crossed with S. orientale, giving a majority of plants with 2n = 26.