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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13921

Chapter 13921 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pratt, R.; Dufrenoy, J.; Pickering, V.L., 1949:
Vitamin K5 as a preservative for fruits and a disinfectant for seeds

Pratt, R.; Dufrenoy, J.; Sah, P.P.T.; Oneto, J.; Brodie, D.C.; Riegleman, S.; Pickering, V.L., 1950:
Vitamin K5 as an anti microbial medicament and preservative

Pratt, R.; Sah, P.P.; Dufrenoy, J.; Pickering, V.L., 1948:
Vitamin K(5) as an Inhibitor of the Growth of Fungi and of Fermentation by Yeast

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1948:
Vitamin P (or C3) activity

Mouriquand, G.; Edel, V., 1950:
Vitamin P and experi mental scurvy

Parrot, J.L.; Cotereau, H., 1946:
Vitamin P and the oxidation of vitamin C

Lecoq, R., 1952:
Vitamin P and vascular fragility

Lo, T.Y.; Chang, M.C., 1949:
Vitamin P content of Chinese red and green peppers

Lo, T.Y., 1949:
Vitamin P content of Kweichow vegetables and fruits

Carreras Verdaguer, A.; Salva Miqtiel, J.A., 1946:
Vitamin P in dermatology

Sokoloff, B.; Redd, J.B.; Dutcher, R., 1950:
Vitamin P protection against radiation

Sevestre, J.; Fabianek, J.; Neumann, J.; Lavollay, J., 1951:
Vitamin P, experimental scurvy and vascular fragility

Zilva, S.S., 1949:
Vitamin P. 3

Fabianek, J.; Neumann, J.; Larollay, J., 1952:
Vitamin P. Prevention of vascular fragility and haemorrhage with vitamin C

Fedeirco, L.; Valle, T., 1954:
Vitamin PP content of Italian cheeses

Davidov, R.; Gulko, L., 1951:
Vitamin PP content of milk

Noland, J.L.; Lilly, J.H.; Baumann, C.A., 1949:
Vitamin Requirements of the Cockroach Blatella germanica (L.)

Leclercq, J., 1950:
Vitamin T, a growth factor for the larvae of Tenebrio molitor

Bender, A.E.; Tunnah, E.J., 1953:
Vitamin T: growth and protein utilization in the rat

Leclercq, J., 1954:
Vitamin action of dl-dicarnitine in Tenebrio molitor L. (Insecta, Coleoptera)

Emerson, G.A.; Folkers, K., 1951:
Vitamin activity of lyxoflavin

Val'dman, A.V.; Rezevskaya, S.A., 1955:
Vitamin activity of milk of Latvian Brown cows.

Millares, F.; Fellers, C.R., 1949:
Vitamin and amino acid content of processed chicken meat products

Povolotzkaja, K.L.; Skorobogatova, E.P., 1947:
Vitamin and enzymic properties of mycelium Of Penicillium

Ramasarma, G.B.; Shenoy, K.G.; Pinto, P.V., 1955:
Vitamin and essential amino acid content of a domestic proteolysed liver

Noland, P.R.; Willman, J.P.; Morrison, F.B., 1951:
Vitamin and mineral supplements for growing and fattening pigs in drylot

Groen, J.; Hoogland, P.L.; Willebrands, A.F.; Bastiaans, J.; Goderied, E.G., 1947:
Vitamin and nitrogen metabolism in typhoid fever

Newman, P.E., 1948:
Vitamin and trace minerals in the diet of cattle

Ford, J.E.; Gregory, M.E.; Porter, J.W.G.; Thompson, S.Y., 1953:
Vitamin assay in milk and milk products by chemical and microbiological methods

Chaiet, L.; Miller, T.; Boley, A.E., 1954:
Vitamin assay, determination of vitamin B12 content of feed supplements and effect of pseudo-vitamin B12

Chekin, V.Ya., 1954:
Vitamin carriers of the tundra

Lebedeva, L.A., 1946:
Vitamin content in edible fungi.

Anon., 1948:
Vitamin content of Danish apples

Mcgillivray, W.A., 1949:
Vitamin content of New Zealand meats. 1. Methods of assay for the B group vitamins

Mcgillivray, W.A., 1949:
Vitamin content of New Zealand meats. 2. Lamb and mutton

Jaffe, W.G.; Budowski, P.; Gorra, G., 1950:
Vitamin content of Venezuelan maize

Federico, L.; Monzini, A.; Valle, T., 1949:
Vitamin content of agricultural produce and of products used on the farm. Note 1. Vitamin B1 content of vegetables, fruit, forage plants and feedingstuffs

Antoniani, C.; Monzini, A., 1950:
Vitamin content of agricultural produce and of products used on the farm. Note 2. Vitamin B1 content of forage from meadows irrigated with sewage compared with that of forage from meadows irrigated with clean water

Monzini, A.; Artom, A., 1952:
Vitamin content of agricultural produce and of products used on the farm. Note 4. Vitamin B2 content of forage from meadows irrigated with sewage compared with that of forage from meadows irrigated with clean water

Artom, Anna Monzini, A., 1952:
Vitamin content of agricultural produce and of products used on the farm. Note 5. Vitamin B2 content of vegetables, fruit, forage plants and feeding-stuffs

Krehl, W.A.; Cowgill, G.R., 1950:
Vitamin content of citrus products

Murray, H.C., 1948:
Vitamin content of field-pea products; retention of thiamin and riboflavin on cooking

Tatum, E.L.; Ritchey, M.G.; Cowdry, E.V.; Wicks, L.F., 1946:
Vitamin content of mouse epidermis during methylcholanthrene carcinogenesis. 1. Biotin, choline, inositol, p-aminobenzoic acid and pyridoxine

Lebedeva, L.A., 1946:
Vitamin content of mushrooms

Mahoney, C.H.; Walls, E.P.; Hunter, H.A.; Scott, L.E., 1946:
Vitamin content of peas

Mahoney, C.H., E.Al., 1946:
Vitamin content of peas. Effect of freezing, canning, and dehydration

Scharpenseel, H.W., 1952:
Vitamin content of roughages, lucerne, red clover and meadow hay, in relation to method of harvesting, uptake of minerals and weather during drying

Hayden, F.R.; Heinze, P.H.; Wade, B.L., 1948:
Vitamin content of snap beans grown in South Carolina

Jaffe, W.G.; Budowski, P.; Gorra, G., 1950:
Vitamin content of some Venezuelan legumes

Richardson, L.R.; Brittingham, W.H., 1950:
Vitamin content of southern peas at different stages of maturity

Dadykin, V.P.; Bozojan, O.A., 1946:
Vitamin content of the vegetation of the Vorkuta region

Reder, R.; Odell, G.V., 1954:
Vitamin Content of Turnip-green Plants in Relation to Growth

Federico, L.; Monzini, A.; Valle, T., 1949:
Vitamin content of vegetables, fruits, fodder and other feeding stuff. I. Vitamin B1content.)

Petrosini, G., 1948:
Vitamin content of vegetables. 2. Studies of peppers

Petrosini, G., 1948:
Vitamin content of vegetables. 3. Studies of tomatoes

Valdman, A.; Tautsin', E., 1954:
Vitamin contents of colostrum and of milk of farm animals.

Wodsak, W.; Ueckermann, E., 1955:
Vitamin contents of the bark of the principal forest trees, and their possible influence on bark-scaling by red deer.

Wodsak, W.; Ueckermann, E., 1955:
Vitamin contents of the more important barks of trees and their possible bearing on bark stripping by red deer

Terroine, T.; Rombauts, P., 1952:
Vitamin control of nitrogen metabolism. Bole o! biotin

Schopper, M.William Henri, 1947:
Vitamin cycles in nature

Papapetrou, P.D.; Triantaphyllopoulou, M.; Karga, H.; Zagarelos, P.; Aloumanis, K.; Kostakioti, E.; Vaiopoulos, G., 2007:
Vitamin D deficiency in the elderly in Athens, Greece

Mosonyi, L.; Oblatt, E., 1948:
Vitamin deficiencies during prolonged treatment with penicillin

Bisaz, S., 1952:
Vitamin deficiencies in Swit zerland from the point of view of a laboratory for the estimation of vitamins

Johnson, B.C.; Mitchell, H.H.; Hamilton, T.S.; Nevens, W.B., 1947:
Vitamin deficiencies in the calf

de ARE.L.AO.A.E.; CURY.A., 1950:
Vitamin deficiencies of pathogenic fungi

Darthe, F.J., 1949:
Vitamin deficiencies related to pellagra

Anonymous, 1946:
Vitamin deficiencies: stigmas, symptoms and therapy

Causeret, J., 1951:
Vitamin deficiency and appetite

Van Westerienen, A., 1949:
Vitamin deficiency and excess

Roedl, J.B.; Bleich, S.; Reulbach, U.; Rejdak, R.; Naumann, G.O.H.; Kruse, F.E.; Schlötzer-Schrehardt, U.; Kornhuber, J.; Jünemann, A.G.M., 2007:
Vitamin deficiency and hyperhomocysteinemia in pseudoexfoliation glaucoma

Mouriquand, G., 1954:
Vitamin deficiency, vitamins and priorities. Vitamin C

Rothe, W., 1949:
Vitamin distributions in Germany

Wagner, K.H., 1950:
Vitamin enrichment of margarine in Germany. Contribution to the question of azo-dyes for colouring food

Neuweiler, W., 1951:
Vitamin excess and its relation to pregnancy

Rohde, G., 1949:
Vitamin formation in living organisms

Malaguzzi Valeri, C.; Putignano, T.; Cognetti, S., 1951:
Vitamin imbalance: vitamin B1 and riboflavin

Delachaux, A., 1946:
Vitamin insufficiency after effort

Piana, G., 1955:
Vitamin intake and mammary growth.

Cimino, S., 1947:
Vitamin interrelations: interactions of ascorbic acid and riboflavin

Sarett, H.P., 1949:
Vitamin interrelationships in lactobacilli

Terroine, T.; Adrian, J.; Estassy, D.; Saintorain, M.A., 1950:
Vitamin interrelationships. Vitamin B6 deficiency and the riboflavin, nicotinic acid and pantothenic acid content of the tissues

Cayer, D.; Ruffin, J.M.; Perlzweig, W.A., 1946:
Vitamin levels in pernicious anemia

Pearson, A.M.; Burnside, J.E.; Edwards, H.M.; Glasscock, R.S.; Cunha, T.J.; Novak, A.F., 1951:
Vitamin losses in drip obtained upon defrosting frozen meat

Teulson, M.F.; Fleming, R.; Stare, F.J., 1954:
Vitamin medication in alchoholism

Manning, N.; Pipitone, V., 1954:
Vitamin metabolism of Bacterium coli in the presence of different antibiotics

Wilson, K.S., 1947:
Vitamin patterns in the development of cucurbit fruits

Petrosini, G, 1947:
Vitamin reconnaissance of our plant products in the south

Peters, I.I.; Nelson, F.E., 1951:
Vitamin requirements for lipase production by Candida lipolytica

Waisman, H.A.; Richmond, J.B.; Williams, S.J., 1950:
Vitamin requirements in adolescence

Cleverdon, R.C.; Pelczar, M.J.; Doetsch, R.N., 1949:
Vitamin Requirements Of Bacillus Coagulans

Doetsch, R.N.; Pelczar, M.J., 1947:
Vitamin Requirements of Microbacterium lacticum Orla-Jensen

Weinberg, E.D., 1950:
Vitamin requirements of dwarf colony variants of bacteria

Anon., 1951:
VITAMIN requirements of germ-free chicks

Koser, S.A.; Fisher, B.J., 1950:
Vitamin requirements of oral lactobacilli

Bai, M.P.; Raghavendr, R.O.M.R.; Sreinivasaya, M., 1946:
Vitamin requirements of some lactic micro-organisms

Cunha, T.J., 1947:
Vitamin requirements of swine during reproduction and lactation

Delwiche, E.A., 1949:
Vitamin Requirements Of The Genus Propionibacterium

Offhaus, K., 1952:
Vitamin requirements of the rice meal beetle, Tribolium confusum, Duval. 1. Essential water-insoluble fraction of yeast

Shankman, S.; Camien, M.N.; Block, H.; Merrifield, R.B.uce; Dunn, M.S., 1947:
Vitamin requirements of twenty-three lactic acid bacteria

Feaster, J.F.; Jackson, J.M.; Greenwood, D.A.; Kraybill, H.B., 1946:
Vitamin research in processed meat. Effect of storage

Sutherland, C.K.; Halliday, E.G.; Hinman, W.F., 1947:
Vitamin retention and acceptability of fresh vegetables cooked by four household methods and by an institutional method

Fenton, F.; Gleim, E.; Chappell, V.M., 1947:
Vitamin retention and palatability of evaporated apricots

Vitamin retention in frozen peas and frozen green beans in quantity food service

Fragner, J.; Heyrovska, J., 1955:
Vitamin stability

Stone, G.B., 1950:
Vitamin stability in oral multi vitamin preparations

Siedler, A.J.; Schweigert, B.S., 1954:
Vitamin stabilization, Effect of added stabilized animal fats on stability of vitamin A in feeds

Kiek, E.; Chieffi, M., 1949:
Vitamin studies in Middle-aged and old individuals. 3. Thianine and pyruivc acid blood constitutions

Kibe, E.; Chieffi, M., 1948:
Vitamin studies in middle-aged and old individuals. 1. The vitamin A, total carotene and alpha + beta carotene concentrations in plasma

Kirk, J.E.; Chieffi, M., 1953:
Vitamin studies in middle-aged and old individuals. 11. The concentration of total ascorbic acid in whole blood

Kirk, J.E.; Chieffi, M., 1953:
Vitamin studies in middle-aged and old individuals. 12. Hypovitaminemia C. Effect of ascorbic acid administration on the blood ascorbic acid concentration

Chiefi, M.; Kirk, E., 1949:
Vitamin studies in middle-aged and old individuals; correlation between vitamin A plasma content and certain clinical and laboratory findings

Chiefei, M.; Kirk, J.E., 1951:
Vitamin studies in middle-aged and old individuals. 6. Tocopherol plasma concentrations

Heinze, P.H.; Hayden, F.R.; Wade, B.L., 1947:
Vitamin Studies of Varieties and Strains of Peas

Mishler, D.H.; Carrick, C.W.; Hauge, S.M., 1951:
Vitamin supplementation of chick rations as affected by grain products

Shultz, F.T.; Grau, C.R.; Zweigart, P.A., 1953:
Vitamin supplements and squab production

Jimbob, B., 1949:
Vitamin supplies in Hungary

Zacherl, H., 1951:
Vitamin therapy in obstetrics and gynaecology

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1949:
Vitamin therapy of allergic manifestations. Bole of acetylcholine and histamine in the production of anaphylactic shock and its prevention by vitamins antagonistic to the action of these compounds on the nerves

Stick, W., 1951:
Vitamin treatment of porphyrin diseases

Rezevskaya, S.A., 1954:
Vitamin value of colostrum and milk of Latvian Brown cows in relation to the conditions of feeding and management.

Henson, J.N.; Beeson, W.M.; Perry, T.W., 1954:
Vitamin, amino acid, and antibiotic supplementation of corn-meat by-product rations for swine

Temperton, H.; Dudley, F.J., 1948:
Vitamin-A metabolism in poultry. 1. The quantitative requirements of vitamin A for poultry with special reference to the use of maize and dried grass for meeting these requirements. 2. An experimental study of the use of the provitaminA in dried grass as the sole dietary source of vitamin A for adult fowls and their progeny

Gerner, G.; Henning, N., 1955:
Vitamin-B12-binding capacity of human gastric juice in relation to the histological picture of thefundusmucosa

Balicka, N.; Trzebinski, M., 1954:
Vitamin-B2 content as an index of soil activity.

Schuphan, W., 1950:
Vitamin-C content of German apple varieties

Natadze, G.M., 1948:
Vitamin-C content of human milk

Abderhalden, R., 1947:
Vitamin-E content of human milk and cow's milk

Drouhet, E.; Couteau, M., 1954:
Vitaminic growth factors of Candida

Bessonov, S.M.; Vol'fson, G.G., 1953:
Vitaminization of milk and milk products with ascorbic acid.

Kaiser, W.; Pfennigsdorf, G.; Ponsold, W., 1955:
Vitaminization of milk.

Keller, H.; Mrozek, O.; Prenzel, H.; Simon, H.A., 1951:
Vitaminized fluid-milk

Pope, A.L.; Phillips, P.H.; Bohstedt, G., 1949:
Vitamins A and C concentrations in the blood plasma of ewes, their milk, and in the blood plasma of their lambs

Becker, W., 1952:
Vitamins A and C in the West Berlin milk supply

Becker, W., 1952:
Vitamins A and C in the milk supply of Western Berlin

Zwolińska, D.; Grzeszczak, Władysław.; Szczepańska, M.; Kiliś-Pstrusińska, K.; Szprynger, K., 2005:
Vitamins A, E and C as non-enzymatic antioxidants and their relation to lipid peroxidation in children with chronic renal failure

Hietaranta, M.; Antila, M., 1953:
Vitamins B content in Emmental cheese at various stages of ripening

Davidov, R.; Gulko, L., 1950:
Vitamins B1 and B2 in milk

Tomtta, M.; Hamada, K.; Manabe, Y.; Sasaki, M., 1952:
Vitamins B1 and B2 in the eggs of giant salamander and sea-turtle

Povolockaja, K.L.; Kondraseva, A.A.; Puskinskaja, O.I.; Skorobogamova, E.P., 1954:
Vitamins B1,, B2 and PP in grain and grain products

Bonfante, G., 1949:
Vitamins D3and D2in the therapy of experimental rickets in swine

Guerillot-Vinet., 1948:
Vitamins K and antivitamins K in microbiology

Balduini, M.; Bertolotti, G., 1950:
Vitamins P and C in the treatment of Rendu-Osler disease

Lecoq, R., 1948:
Vitamins P and K and their effect on the alkali reserve of the blood plasma when introduced intravenously

Denu, J.M., 2007:
Vitamins and aging: pathways to NAD+ synthesis

Jansen, B.C.P., 1954:
Vitamins and antivitamins

Hung-Chun Kung Gaden, E.L.; Jr.; King, C.G., 1953:
Vitamins and enzymes in milk. Effect of gamma-radiation on activity

Kaden, R., 1955:
Vitamins and fungus growth

Sieve, B.F., 1947:
Vitamins and hormones in nutrition

Sieve, B.F., 1948:
Vitamins and hormones in nutrition. 4. Gastro-intestinal disease and reduced dietary intake

Sieve, B.F., 1949:
Vitamins and hormones in nutrition. 5. Emotional upset and trauma

Harris, R.S.; Thimann, K.V., 1951:
Vitamins and hormones. Advances in research and applications. Volume IX

Solarino, G., 1954:
Vitamins and immunising power

Rossini, G.; Rossi, A., 1950:
Vitamins and increased capillary fragility in pulmonary tuberculosis

Lattanzi, A., 1949:
Vitamins and iron metabolism

Piana, G., 1953:
Vitamins and mammary development

Mouriquand, G.; Edel, V.; Chighizola, R., 1947:
Vitamins and nutritional deficiencies. The vitamin B complex in relation to the vestibular chronaxie test

Pain, J., 1951:
Vitamins and ovary development in the worker bee

Lorenzoini, B.; Bellettini, W., 1953:
Vitamins and skin reactivity to tuberculin

Quattrin, N.; Jacono, G.; Brancaccio, A., 1955:
Vitamins and sulphonamide metabolism. 1. Sulphonamide values in body fluids and tissues of guineapigs after administration of vitamins of the B group and vitamin C

Quattrin, N.; Jacono, G.; Brancaccio, A., 1955:
Vitamins and sulphonamide metabolism. 2. Acetylation of sulphonamides after administration of vitamins of the B group and vitamin C

Frazer, A.C., 1951:
Vitamins and the absorption of fats

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1948:
Vitamins and the metabolism of cholesterol

D.Boer, S., 1946:
Vitamins and the occurrence of warts

Bukin, V.N., 1949:
Vitamins and their significance in national economics.

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1948:
Vitamins antagonistic to the nervous reaction to histamine and to anaphylactic shock

Bottini, E., 1949:
Vitamins as factors of quality in forage plante. Note 1

Mate, G., 1949:
Vitamins in call rearing

Patsch, J., 1952:
Vitamins in combination with chemotherapy for treating pulmonary tuberculosis

Smirnova, G.A., 1946:
Vitamins in fodder roots

D.M.n, T. J.; Grashuis, J., 1947:
Vitamins in important foodstuffs

Mouriquand, G., 1950:
Vitamins in milk from the biological and paediatric aspects

Murneek, A.E., 1953:
Vitamins in plants

Fragner, J.; Blattna, J., 1955:
Vitamins in practice

D.M.n, T.J.; Grashuis, J., 1947:
Vitamins in some important feeding stuffs

Honig, P., 1948:
Vitamins in sugar cane and sugar cane products

Beyer, S.; V., 1954:
Vitamins in the average Vol. 26, No. 1 national diet

Roulet, M.A., 1948:
Vitamins in the soil

Braekkan, Olaf, R., 1948:
Vitamins in whale liver

Anon., 1951:
Vitamins in, cereals and grasses

Vivanco, F.; Jimenez Diaz, C., 1946:
Vitamins necessary for growth in rats

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1948:
Vitamins necessary for the utilisation of amino-acids

Leontjev, I.F., 1948:
Vitamins of soybean

Arrigo, L.; Montini, T., 1951:
Vitamins of the B group and fatty infiltration of the liver

Hogan, A.G.; Anderson, G.C., 1948:
Vitamins required by swine for growth, with some observations on reproduction

Godel, A., 1949:
Vitamins to counteract rancidity

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1951:
Vitamins, endocrine secretions and metabolism of alcohol. Conclusions on the role of these substances in the intoxication and recovery of alcoholics

Ostrander, F.D., 1948:
Vitamins, sulfonamides and antibiotics in periodontal therapy

Jiménez, Bña.; Mori, G.; Concejero, M.A.; Merino, Rén.; Casini, S.; Fossi, Mía.Cristina., 2007:
Vitellogenin and zona radiata proteins as biomarkers of endocrine disruption in peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus)

Babarczy, J., 1954:
Viticulitural experiments in pure basalt powder.

Souty, J., E.Al., 1955:
Viticultural and fruit tree research station of the south-west, Pont de la Maye (Gironde). Research conducted in the years 1938-53 by the fruit tree section

Ioffe, G., 1947:
Viticultural organization in the Crimea.

Vidal, J.P., 1951:
Viticultural research at the Meknes School of Agriculture

Gobbato, C., 1954:
Viticulture and the wine industry in southern Rio Grande, Brazil

Vince, S.W.E., 1946:
Viticulture in Belgium

Levadoux, L., 1948:
Viticulture in Corsica

Constantinides, C., 1953:
Viticulture in Egypt

Brock, R.B., 1949:
Viticulture in England

Roy, N., 1947:
Viticulture in Greece

Krimbas, B., 1948:
Viticulture in Greece

Rchiladze, I.T., 1950:
Viticulture in Kahetia

Croce, F.M., 1948:
Viticulture in Mendoza

Megreli-Dze, K.V., 1950:
Viticulture in Nagornyi Karabah

Kirillov, I.F., 1949:
Viticulture in Tadzikistan during 20 years

L.; S., 1949:
Viticulture in Tambov province

Potapenko, Ja. I., 1949:
Viticulture in northern districts

Soldatov, P.K., 1952:
Viticulture in the Fergana valley.

Bous, A.K., 1951:
Viticulture in the Primorje.

Basirov, F.B., 1954:
Viticulture in the Primorje.

Misailovski, B., 1952:
Viticulture in the Tikves region of Macedonia.

D.Plessis, S.J., 1952:
Viticulture in the Union of South Africa

Breviglieri, N., 1955:
Viticulture in the United States with special reference to California

Potapenko, Ja. I., 1949:
Viticulture in the central zones of Russia.

Serzenko, S.S., 1952:
Viticulture in the new 5-year plan.

Mariman, G., 1954:
Viticulture in the north in the open. Report for 1953

Kondrackii, A.A., 1952:
Viticulture in the northern districts of the Ukrainian SSR.

Bous, A.K., 1950:
Viticulture on South Sahalin

Giljdiev, S.A., 1950:
Viticulture on saline soils of Uzbekistan.

Sobolev, N.K., 1949:
Viticulture on the collective farms of the Crimea.

Anonymous, 1950:
Viticulture throughout the world

Wurgler, W., 1955:
Vitis cuttings for bioassay

Tawansy, K.A.; Samuel, M.A.; Shammas, M.; Murphree, A.Linn., 2006:
Vitreoretinal complications of retinoblastoma treatment

Oréfice, J.L.; Costa, Rério.A.; Oréfice, F.; Campos, W.; da Costa-Lima, Décio.; Scott, I.U., 2006:
Vitreoretinal morphology in active ocular toxoplasmosis: a prospective study by optical coherence tomography

Beer, P.M.; Wong, S.J.; Hammad, A.M.; Falk, N.S.; O'Malley, M.R.; Khan, S., 2006:
Vitreous levels of unbound bevacizumab and unbound vascular endothelial growth factor in two patients

Li, C-Teh.; Lee, W-Jhy.; Huang, K-Lin.; Fu, S-Feng.; Lait, Y-Chieh., 2007:
Vitrification of chromium electroplating sludge

Hiraoka, K.; Hiraoka, K.; Kinutani, M.; Kinutani, K., 2007:
Vitrification of human hatched blastocysts: a report of 4 cases

Gawas, P.; Bhat, D.J., 2007:
Vittalia indica gen. & sp nov and Helicoma indicum sp nov from the forests of northeastern India

Milum, V.G., 1953:
Vitula edmandsii as a Pest of Honeybee Combs

Pope, M.N., 1949:
Viviparous growth in immature barley kernels

Subramanian, C.V., 1955:
Vivotoxins and fusariose wilts in plants

Van Der Merwe, C.R., 1950:
Vlei soils

Huhrjanskaja, T.P., 1953:
Vlijanie pressovanija na strukturu drevesiny osiny i sosny. (Effect of compression on the wood structure of Aspen and Pine.

Erhardova, B.; Rysavy, B., 1953:
Vliv vnejsiho prostredlna predinvasnl stadia plicniho cerva Mullerius capillaris Muller, 1889

Shchepot'ev, F.L., 1947:
Vliyanie kratko-vremmenogo deystviya korotkogo dnya na rost i razvitie obyknovennogo duba (Quercus robur L.)

Kober, M.; Trillmich, F.; Naguib, M., 2007:
Vocal mother-pup communication in guinea pigs: effects of call familiarity and female reproductive state

Blumenrath, S., H.; Dabelsteen, T.; Pedersen, S., B., 2007:
Vocal neighbour-mate discrimination in female great tits despite high song similarity

Risch, D.; Clark, C., W.; Corkeron, P., J.; Elepfandt, A.; Kovacs, K., M.; Lydersen, C.; Stirling, I.; Van-Parijs, S., M., 2007:
Vocalizations of male bearded seals, Erignathus barbatus: classification and geographical variation

Kozdera, J., 1949:
Vocational training of forest workers in Czechoslovakia.

Anonymous, 1954:
Vocational training of forestry workers

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Volatile acids in urine

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Volatile oil from Western Juniper

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Volatile organic emanations of soil.

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Volatile products of apples. III. Identification of aldehydes and ketones

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Volatile vegetable substances. CXXX (1). The presence of lanceol in the essential oil of O. tenuifolia.

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Volatiles emission patterns of different plant organs and pollen of Citrus limon

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Vole control

Korten-., 1950:
Vole control in the nursery

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Vole infestation - control trials in 1953

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Volitional control of food transport and bolus formation during feeding

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Vollumbruch eine Moglichkeit zur Technisierung der Walderneuerung?

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Voltage-dependent calcium currents are enhanced in nucleus of the solitary tract neurons isolated from renal wrap hypertensive rats

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Voltage-sensitive prestin orthologue expressed in zebrafish hair cells

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Voltammetric determination of ethinylestradiol at a carbon paste electrode in the presence of cetyl pyridine bromine

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Voltammetric sensor for sodium nitroprusside determination in biological fluids using films of poly-L-lysine

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Voltammetric study of reduction processes in rhodium(+3)-selenium(+4) acidic mixtures

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Volume and lipid, fatty acid, and amino acid composition of golden shiner eggs during a spawning season

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Volume changes in the early development of the golden hamster

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Volume discounts to retail milk customers

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Volume estimation of standing timber by sampling

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Volume fill from standard orange sizers

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Volume fill for citrus fruit

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Volume filling operation reduces packing costs at orange co-operative

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Volume of Beech.

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Volume of roots produced by elephant grass (Napier grass, Pennisetum purpureum)

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Volume of scientific works carried out in Leningrad in the course of the three years of the Great National War (1941-1943)

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Volume of semen ejaculated by rams of five breeds

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Volume of the extracellular fluid in the newborn

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Volume of the fluid compartments in human and experimental hypertension

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Volume table for Quercus cerris from Molise grown in even-aged stands.

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Volume tables

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Volume tables for Scots Pine.

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Volume tables for small timber.

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Volume tables for young stands.

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Volume yield and

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Volume yields of Poplar and Willow and utilization problems of these wood species.

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Volume-weight ratios of Pine logs in the Virginia-North Carolina coastal plain

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Volume-weight relationships of farmyard manure and composts

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Volumetric assay of maleic hydrazide

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Volumetric determination of calcium and magnesium in milk

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Volumetric determination of calcium in blood serum

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Volumetric determination of chloride in milk preserved with dichromate

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Volumetric determination of milk protein

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Volumetric estimation of magnesium

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Volumetric estimation of nickel and cobalt with alpha alpha '-dipyridyl

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Volumetric method to determine carbon dioxide solubility and absorption rate in foods packaged in flexible or semi rigid package

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Volumetric staging (VS) is superior to TNM and AJCC staging in predicting outcome of head and neck cancer treated with IMRT

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Volumetrie determination of organic matter in cultivated soils.

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Voluntary caloric intake of the growing rat

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Voluntary consumption of alcohol in rats with cirrhosis of the liver; a preliminary report

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Volutella species on Alfalfa

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Von Willebrand disease presenting as recurrent hemorrhage after transvaginal oocyte retrieval

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Voorschriften voor de bestrijding van de aardappelrmoehejd

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Voprosy pocvennoi strukury v lesu. (O sezonnoi izmencivosti v lesnyh pocvah vodoprocnyh agregatov na primere izucenie temnoseryh lesnyh pocv Tellermanskogo lesnicestva.)

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Vorstbeschadiging bij bloemkool. (Frost damage to cauliflower

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Vortauschung einer tuberkulosen Bauchfellentzundung durch eine Askaridiasis

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Vps75, a new yeast member of the NAP histone chaperone family

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Vulgaroid bud mutation in Triticum dicoccum x Triticum monococcum hybrid

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Vulgaroid mutation in an interspecific hybrid of T. vulgare x T. dicoccum

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Vulnerability and resistance to the harmful plant viruses: a study of why the viruses are where they are

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Vulnerable Areas on the Surface of the Tarsus and Pretarsus of the Grasshopper (Acrididae, Orthoptera); with special Reference to the Arolium

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Vulvovaginitis caused by thrush fungi

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Vulvovaginitis of swine

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Vwerucaria geophila zahlbr., lichen new for France, in the Alpes-Maritimes department

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Vyazniki biotic assemblage of the terminal Permian

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Vychegda-Vym cattle

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Vyhodnotenie ovoskopickych metod pri diagnostike Fasciola hepatica

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Vyhodnotenie strat poistenych zvierat na helmintozy na Slovensku r. 1954

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Vysetreni potreby zivin u stirov-niku. Research into the need of nutrients in Lotus corniculatus

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Vysetroani geohelmintos s hlediska hygienicko-epidemiologickeho ve stemberku na Morave

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Vyskyt creynych parazitov u deti stredoslovenskeho okresu

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Vyskyt roupu u deti ve veku 6-14 let v Cechach

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Vysledky pruzkumu parasitu ryb v podunajske oblasti u Komarna

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Vzacni cizopasnici drubeze

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W poszukiwaniu kulturowych przyczyn zmeczenia u chorej na toczen rumieniowaty ukladowy

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W. Use of growth regulating substances to overcome incompatibilities in Lilium

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W323S variant of Xiap-Bir3 binds to SMAC but not caspase-9

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Waite agricultural research institute

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WD40 protein Mda1 is purified with Dnm1 and forms a dividing ring for mitochondria before Dnm1 in Cyanidioschyzon merolae

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West Gotland pigs

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WHO Expert Committee on Onchocerci-asis. Second report

Anon., 1953:
WHO/FAO seminar on zoonoses. Bovine tuberculosis-brucellosis-leptospirosis-Q fever-rabies. Vienna, Austria 24-29 November 1952

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WILD BEAVER PRODUCTION in Quebec is being expanded by the Department of Game and Fisheries under a 10-yr. programme

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Winter grazing and the plant breeder

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WIP/WASp-based actin-polymerization machinery is essential for myoblast fusion in Drosophila

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WNT/beta-catenin signaling in liver health and disease

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Wool industries research association

Anonymous, 1952:
Wool prices

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World egg production

Anonymous, 1952:
World jersey conference

I.Wylie, 1952:
World record fat yield

Anonymous, 1951:
World record lifetime milk production

Anonymous, 1950:
World's largest dairy

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WRKY75 transcription factor is a modulator of phosphate acquisition and root development in Arabidopsis

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WT1 (Wilms' tumor 1) peptide immunotherapy for renal cell carcinoma

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WTieat competitions in Lombardy in 1952

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Waarnemingen over de zg. mozaiek-ziekte bij cassava op Java. Observations on the so-called mosaic disease of cassava in Java

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Waarom regenboom?

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Wachstum bei Mehrlingsschwangerschaften

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Wachstumsund Entwicklungsbee influssung der Kartoffel durch don Hemmstoff Maloinsaurehydrazid. (The effect of the inhibitor maleic hydrazide on growth and development of potatoes)

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Wada, a rust-resistant flax variety

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Wade, a new all purpose snap Bean

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Wage movements in the Danish Forest Service from 1931 to date.

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Wageningen Institute entrusted with research and experimental work in crop and pastoral husbandry

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Wageningen as an agricultural centre

Anonymous, 1951:
Wageningen, Institute for Research on Crop Varieties. Mais, 1951

Anonymous, 1952:
Wages in

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Wagner's Blendersaumschlagbetrieb

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Wagrzyca wezlow chlonnych swini

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Waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio as predictors of cardiovascular events: meta-regression analysis of prospective studies

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Waist circumference and weight following smoking cessation in a general population: the Inter99 study

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Waite Agricultural Research Institute and associated activities of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Report for 1952

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Waite Agricultural Research Institute. Agronomy and agrostology. 3. Influence of pastures and forage crops on the yield of wheat grown in rotations of varying duration

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Waite Agricultural Research Institute. Agronomy and agrostology. 3. Influence of pastures and forage crops on the yield of wheat grown in rotations of varying duration

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Waiting for the bus: when base-rates refuse to be neglected

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Walking on different ground surfaces

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Wall structure and closing mechanisms of the bovine teat

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Wall ultrastructure of an Ediacaran acritarch from the Officer Basin, Australia

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Wall void treatment in termite control

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Wall's liver biopsy forhorses

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Wall-type psychrometer in wood-drying kilns.

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Wallboard from wood waste without resins by a dry process

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Wallboard manufacture in Sweden according to the defibrator system

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Walnut Insect and Spider-Mite Control in northern California

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Walnut aphid resistant to parathion in northern California

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Walnut aphid study

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Walnut bacteriosis and its control

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Walnut blotch

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Walnut bunch disease

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Walnut damage by squirrels and woodpeckers

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Walnut forms resistant to spring frost must be developed.

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Walnut grafting

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Walnut grafting.

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Was wissen wir vom Wasserverbrauch des Waldes?

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Water for irrigation use

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Water orchids daily

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