Weed control in ornamental nurseries, forest nurseries, shelter belts, and all others

Mahlstede, J.P., E.Al.

Res. Rep. 12th annu. N. centr. Weed Control Conf, 156-9


Accession: 013921364

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Several experiments on the control of weeds in nurseries of established and transplanted Taxus are described. Mid-summer application of 2, 4, 5-TES at 2-6 lb./ac. as a pre-weed emergence treatment gave satisfactory control of broad-leaved weeds without injury to one-year-old Taxus cuttings and reduced the time required for hand weeding by 50 %. Mixtures of CMU 0.5 lb./ac. and 2, 4-DES applied as pre-emergence herbicides to established Taxus cuspidata intermedia showed promise.