A comparison of feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of Charbray x Hereford with Hereford steers

Macdonald, M.A.; Slen, S.B.; Hargrave, H.J.

Canadian Jour Animal Sci 39(1): 14-20


Accession: 013929292

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Bulls of Charbray breeding and Hereford bulls were turned out with a commercial herd of Hereford cows in southwestern Saskatchewan in 1956 It was assumed the cows were bred at random. At weaning in 1957, 25 Charbray x Hereford (crossbred) steers and 25 Hereford steers were selected at random, weighed and removed to a commercial feed lot where they were fed in two groups to a desirable slaughter finish. Crossbred steers were heavier at weaning, gained more per day on feed and returned a higher hot carcass weight with a greater eye of lean area than Hereford steers. There was no significant difference between groups in dressing percentage, average thickness of rib fat, TDN consumption per pound of liveweight gain, or average muscle fibre diameters of samples taken from m. longissimus dorsi. The Hereford group produced a higher proportion of choice carcasses than the Charbray x Hereford group.