Antifungal activity of antipiriculin for several growing stages of Piricularia oryzae. The inhibitory effect of antipiriculin-A and some fungicidal chemicals on the organic acid and energy metabolism of Piricularia oryzae. The effect of antipiriculin A and phenyl mercuric acetate on the nitrogen metabolism of Piricularia oryzae.

Harada, Y.; Kumabe, K.; Kagawa, T.; Sato, T.

Ann. phytopath. Soc, Japan 24(5): 247-254


Accession: 013960531

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In work at the Kyowa Fermentation Industry Co., Shizuoka, antipiriculin-A formerly antimycin A (AP), blastimycin (BM), and phenyl mercury acetate (PMA) strongly inhibited germination of P. oryzae spores in the early incubation stage, but not after 24 hr. AP and BM were somewhat less effective than PMA owing to lower solubility in water. Growing mycelium was also inhibited by all, but not in the stationary growth phase except by AP-emulsion; sporulation was not inhibited.