Application of capillary isotachophoresis for analysis of juices and soft drinks: Part I. Determination of lactic and acetic acid in fermented vegetable juices

Skapska, S.; Danielczuk, J.; Koc, M.

Prace Instytutow i Laboratoriow Badawczych Przemysu Spozywczego 61: 5-16


Accession: 013961598

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An analytical procedure for the determination of lactic and acetic acid in fermented vegetable products, using capillary isotachophoresis (ITP), was developed. Five commercial juices obtained with the following vegetables: cucumber, white cabbage, parsley, root celery and red beets with celery, were examined. Method recovery for lactic acid was from 84.8 to 104.0% and for acetic acid from 91.5 to 112.0%, depending on the matrix. Standard deviation for lactic acid was 52.49 and 36.38 mg/litre and for acetic acid 52.06 and 10.00 mg/litre, for cabbage juice and beet-celery juice respectively. Variation coefficient did not exceed 2% for both analytes. The amount of lactic acid in examined juices determined by ITP was in the range of 3.4-21.6 g/litre; the amount of acetic acid was 0.7-2.8 g/litre. The highest concentration of both acids was found in juices obtained with sauerkraut.