Section 14
Chapter 13,971

Bitter principles of the peanut. Isolation, general properties, and distribution in the seed

Dieckert, J.W.; Morris, N.J.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 6(12): 930-933


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8561
Accession: 013970808

A concen-trate of the bitter principles of peanut hearts was prepared, which possesses the general properties of the saponins. Glass paper chromatog-raphy indicates at least 4 components, each stained reddish purple with concentrated H2SO4 and altered by acid hydrolysis. Aglycones obtained by acid hydrolysis can be separated into at least 6 components by chro-matography on glass paper treated with monopotassium phosphate. Each gives a reddish purple color with H2SO4. The sugar moiety from the hydrolytic cleavage products gives 4 spots when chromatographed. These spots correspond in Rf value and color to glucose, xylose, rham-nose, and glucuronolactone.

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