Section 14
Chapter 13,981

Changes in the content of volatile fatty acids and in milk secretion in dairy cows after replacement of roughage by silage.

Lazarov, I.; Todorov, D.

Izv. Inst. Zhivotn. "Georgi Dimi-trov" Kostinbrod. 19: 45-54


Accession: 013980095

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The effect of an all-silage diet (except concentrates) on the microflora and volatile fatty acids in the rumen and on the butterfat was studied with 2 cows over 48 days. Compared with a ration of hay, silage, molasses and dried beet pulp+concentrates, the all-silage diet reduced the counts of the microflora and the levels of volatile fatty acids, increased the proportions of acetic acid and butyric acid and reduced that of propionic acid in the rumen contents.