Clover and clover/grass yield tests and preceding-crop tests in the Erzgebirge (mountains, E. Germany) . 1. Period of use, clover, clover mixture or clover/grass.

Simon, W.; Eich, D.; Werner, K.

Albr.-Thaer-Arch 6(4): 294-306


Accession: 013986904

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Over 7 yr with low N application the annual yields from annual clover/grass leys on moist soil were greater than those from 2-yr leys; where greater quantities of N were applied, the yields were about equal. As the annual ley allowed stubble-sowing of an additional clover crop, had a more favourable effect than a 2-yr ley on the other crops in the rotation, and occupied a smaller percentage of the rotation, 1 yr was considered to be the better period of use. Mixtures of red clover, white clover and alsike clover (T. hybridum) yielded more than pure red clover. In a comparison of pure and mixed clover/grass crops, the highest yields of fresh matter, DM and CP were from red clover/grass mixtures containing 10-20% grass. F.