Section 14
Chapter 13,994

Concerning some sawflies injurious to fruit and berry crops of the family Rosaceae in the Leningrad region and measures for their control.

Skoeikova, O.A.; Vilkova, N.A.

Zap. Leningr. sel.-khoz. Inst, Leningrad 80: 95-103


Accession: 013993146

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The first of these two papers comprises a review on the bionomics, food-plant relations, injuriousness and control of sawflies, with special reference to those that occur on tree or berry fruits or trees likely to occur in orchard windbreaks in the north of the Soviet Union. It is recorded in the second paper that 14 species of sawflies were found commonly infesting rosaceous fruit trees and bushes in the northern and north-western part of the Union in 1954-57.

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