Consumption of milk, dairy produce, margarine, eggs and honey in the district of Pisa during the decade 1951-1960; annual total and individual consumption and popular trends

Sivieri, A.G.

Ann. Fac. Med. vet., Pisa. 14: 348-355


Accession: 013994304

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(c) In relation to the values for 1951, the total amounts of cow's milk, cheese and margarine used in the district in 1960 had risen by, respectively, 44, 80 and 183%. The intake of butter fell in 1952 and 1953, then rose; that of honey changed little. Values for eggs were incomplete but a gradual rise was assumed. Intakes per person of cow's milk, cheese, margarine and butter were 48.01, 4.37, 0.49 and 1.62 kg in 1951 and 55.12, 6.26, 1.13 and 1.67 kg in 1960.