Section 14
Chapter 14,000

Correlation of phosphorus soil tests and forms of inorganic soil phosphorus with crop response and phosphorus uptake from Aiken soils

Vacharotayan, S.

Dissertation Abstracts 22: 3344-3345


ISSN/ISBN: 0099-3123
Accession: 013999834

In greenhouse tests the Olsen, Modified Olsen (0.5 M NaHCO3 + 0.1 N NH4F) and Bray No. 1 methods predicted soil-P status for the pH range 5.8-6.8 more accurately than for soils of pH <5.8. In the field, soil pH and/or exchangeable Ca + Mg content greatly influenced the values obtained. Proposed P ranges for various degrees of expected lucerne response were: <6.5 ppm P, assured response; 6.5-16.0 ppm P possible response; >16 ppm P response unlikely.

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