Section 15
Chapter 14,003

Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations in China

Afanas'ev, V.A.

Lesnoe khozi´aistvo 12(10): 86-89


Accession: 014002528

Describes the habit of the tree, and plantation practice in China, where it is normally grown on a 25- to 30-year rotation. Propagation (by seed, cuttings, suckers), nursery practice, site preparation and planting out, inter-row cropping with maize, tomatoes, etc., and tending are discussed. One experimental plot in Kweichow province has, at 16 years and a density of 1180 trees/ha., a mean height of 18 m., mean diam. 21.8 cm., standing volume 400 cu. m./ha., and m.a.i. 25 cu. m./ha.

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