Cytogenetical studies of Oryza sativa L. and its related species. 2. A preliminary note on the interspecific hybrids within the section Sativa Roschev

Li, H.W.; Weng, T.S.; Chen, C.C.; Wang, W.H.

Bot Bull Acad Sinica 3(2): 209-219


Accession: 014003420

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During 1960-61, the authors obtained 20 interspecific hybrids within the section Sativa Roschevcz. From cytogenetic studies of these hybrids the following conclusions were drawn: Results of genomic analysis confirmed those reported by Morinaga et al. (1960). The section Sativa appeared to be non-homogeneous and was divided into two distinct sections, Sativa and Officinalis. The former represented by those species having genome A. The latter consisted of O. officicinalis and its related tetraploid species having genomes C, BC or CD. According to the absence or presence of univalents at MI and the pollen fertility of the hybrids, Sativa was subdivided into two minor groups, one consisting of O. sativa, O. sativa var. spontanea and O. perennis, the other of O. glaberrima and O. breviligulata. In O. sativa X latifolia, bivalents occurred in rather high frequency. Possibly, the latifolia parent used in this experiment had a modified sativa genome.