Cytogenetical studies of Oryza sativa L. and its related species. 3. Two intersectional hybrids, O. sativa Linn. x O. brachyantha A. Chev. et Roehr. and O. minuta Presl x O. brachyantha A. Chev. et Roehr

Wuu, K.D.; Wu, K.-T Lu, K.C.L.; Chou, C.; Li, H.W.

Bot. Bull. Acad. sin 4: 51-59


Accession: 014003421

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The crossability of each combination was very low, being estimated at 0.03% for O. sativa x O. brachyantha and 0.70% for O. minuta x O. brachyantha, and indicated the difficulty of obtaining an intersectional hybrid. In the former cross there was evidence of chromosome pairing, with a mean number of only 0.03 bivalents per cell. The parental genomes were not differ-entiable.