Cytogenetical studies of Oryza sativa L. and its related species. 5. Differential condensation and chromosome pairing in the hybrid O. sativa x O. australiensis

Li, H.W.; Chen, C.C.; Wu, H.K.; Lu, K.C.L.

Cytologia. Tokyo 28: 264-77


Accession: 014003423

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In the hybrid the partially heterochromatic chromosomes of O. australiensis began to condense early but stopped at diacinesis; the chromosomes of O. sativa, which consisted almost entirely of euchromatin, started condensation later but continued the process into metaphase I. At di-cinesis, metaphase I and anaphase I, approximately two bivalents were found per PMC. About two thirds of the observed bivalents were allosyndetic, the remainder being autosyndetic.