Section 15
Chapter 14,004

Cytological studies in Saccharum and allied genera. III. Chromosome numbers in interspecific hybrids

Price, S.

Bot Gaz 118: 146-159


DOI: 10.2307/2473491
Accession: 014003701

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Interspecific Saccharum hybrid types not previously reported are:S. officinarum (2n = 80) X S. spontaneum (2n = 96) with 88 and 128 chromosomes (n+n and 2n+n), S. officinarum (2n = 80) X S. spontaneum (2n = 128) with 144 chromosome (2n + n), S. sinense (Pahsahi, 2n = 116 -118) X S. officinarum (2n = 80) with ca 98 and ca 136-138 chromosomes (n+n and n+2n), and S. sinense (Sunnabile group, 2n= ca 116) X. S. spontaneum (2n = 64) with ca 96 chromosomes (n+n). Also observed are n+n chromosome numbers in S. officinarum (2n = 80) X S. robustum (2n = 80) in S. robustum (2n = 80) X. S. spontaneum (2n = 64), and in S. sinense (Saretha group, 2n =ca. 92) X S. spontaneum (2n = 64) hybrids; and 2n + n chromosome numbers in S. officinarum (2n = 80) X S. sinense (Saretha group, 2n = ca. 92), S. officinarum (2n = 80) X S. spontaneum (2n= 54), S. officinarum (2n = 80)X S. spontaneum (2n = 64), and S. officinarum (2n =80) X S. spontaneum (2n = 112). There is general agreement with the earlier literature, which is reviewed, except that no instance of unusual aneuploidy is found in true F1 interspecific Saccharum hybrids. A literature review shows the following intergeneric crosses have been made: Saccharum X Erianthus, Saccharum X sclerostachya, Saccharum X Narenga, Saccharum X Miscanthus, Saccharum X Miscanthidium, Saccharum X Imperata, and Saccharum X Sorghum. Judgment is withheld on the validity of Saccharum X Zea hybrids. Attempts to cross Saccharum with Euchlaena and with Coix have failed. The validity of reputed sugarcane X bamboo hybrids is rejected.