Section 15
Chapter 14,004

Cytological studies in Saccharum and allied genera. V. Chromosome numbers in Saccharum, Erianthus, Narenga, and Sclerostachya from Thailand and Vietnam

Price, S.

Cytologia tokyo 24(3): 342-347


Accession: 014003703

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A collection of grasses, closely related to sugar cane, from Thailand and Vietnam were examined cytologically. From Thailand, Saccharum spontaneum has 2n=78, 80 and 96 chromosomes. Two plants with 2n=88 were thought to be hybrids between 80 and 96 chromosome types. Erianthus arundinaceus has 2n=60; Narenga porphyrocoma has 2n=30 and in an undescribed species of Sclerostachya, 2n=30. From Vietnam, Saccharum spontaneum 2n=80, and in Erianthus bengalense (Retz) Stewart 2n=60.

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