Section 15
Chapter 14,004

Cytological studies in Saccharum and allied genera. VIII. F2 and BC1 progenies from 112- and 136-chromo-some S. oflicinarum x S. spontaneum hybrids

Price, S.

Bot. Gaz 124: 186-90


Accession: 014003706

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"Pollen mother cells of 112-chromosome (2n + n) Saccharum officinarum x S. spontaneum hybrids usually showed 56n or 55n + 2I. Tri-valents also occurred. Pollen mother cells of 136-chromosome (2n + n) S. officinarum x S. spontaneum hybrids showed a range of 66II + 4I to 61II + 14I. 2. "Chromosome numbers in an F2 progeny from a 112-chromosome F1 ranged from 2n =109 to 113. Chromosome numbers in BC1 progenies from S. officinarum x 112-chromosome F1 hybrids ranged from 2n = 120 to 141.

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