Section 15
Chapter 14,015

Distribution of trace elements (Cu, Zn, Co, Ni, Mn, Sr) and some trace elements (Si, Fe, AI, Ca, Mg) between the root and subaerial parts of plants depending on the stage of development.

Bondarenko, G.P.

Vestn. moskov. Univ. Ser. Biol. Pochvoved, 1, 57-69


Accession: 014014804

The contents of these elements are tabulated for hair-grass meadow, hair-grass + foxtail meadow, & cabbage on bottomland of the river Moscow. The nutrient requirements of the sub-aerial part of the grasses were greatest at tillering & maturation, whereas the requirements of the roots were greatest at flowering. The requirements of the subaerial part of the roots of cabbage were greatest when the head was being formed.

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