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Drift of growth and fertility of rice plants influenced by the low temperature in several growth stages. (Studies of cool weather injuries of rice plants in northern part to Japan. 1.) .

Shimazaki, Y., E.Al.

Res. Bull. Hokkaido nat. agric. Exp. Sta, 75, 7-15


Accession: 014015947

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Rice was subjected to low-temperatures (13 degrees G and 18 degrees G) for 1 week from the emergence of each leaf, from the 6th to last leaf. The following were the findings after 2 years' investigation. Low temperatures retard leaf elongation, but growth becomes normal again when the treatment ceases. When given at the 3rd-last leaf stage, during which ear primordia are laid down, low temperatures retard heading and result in fewer spikelets.

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