Dynamics of the nutrient uptake of crop plants. 34. Interrelationship between the potassium uptake and metabolism of rice plants, especially in relation to nitrogen and phosphorus uptake.

Mitsui, S.; Hirata, H.

Soil Sci. & Plant Nutr, 7: 83


Accession: 014016813

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Rice was germinated and grown above distilled water in the dark at 27-30 degrees C. After 2-3 weeks, the seedlings were grown in water-cultures. Addition of glutamate to the cultures increased K uptake. Krebs-cycle acids had no effect on K uptake, but increased NH4 and P uptake. Acetate and glycolate, within 3-10 mM concentrations, considerably increased K uptake but had little effect on, or depressed, NH4 and P uptake. K uptake was reduced in P-deficient seedlings.