Effect of magnesium fertilizers on sod-podzolic sandy-loamy soil.

Rubanov, V.S.

Pochvovedenie 6, 39-46


Accession: 014023737

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Dung at 20 tons/ha, peat at 40 tons or CaCO3 at 2 tons was applied to maize in a maize-fodder rye-yellow lupin-grain rye-buckwheat rotation. N60P40, P60P40K40, N60P40K100 or N60P40K100Mg20 was applied to the maize, N45P30, N45P30K30, N45P30K60, or N45P30K60Mg14 was applied to the fodder rye, N45P30, N45P3oK3o, N45P30K60 or N45P30K60Mg14 to the grain rye and N30P30, N30P30-K30, N30P30K60 or N30P3oK60Mg40 to the buckwheat. Mg increased maize yield in a wet year.