Section 15
Chapter 14,028

Effect of two methods of P supplementation of young beef bullocks on rooigras (Themeda triandra) veld.

Niemann, P.J.; Van Schalkwyk, A.

S. African J. Agric. Sci 6: 31-39


Accession: 014027572

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Each year for 6 years 3 groups of 6 bullocks 18 months old on Themeda triandra pasture were given drinking water with monosodium phosphate supplying I g P per gal and a salt lick, or the salt lick with, twice weekly, 6 oz bonemeal containing 9.5% P, or no supplement of P. Average length of the trial period was 328 days, initial liveweights of the 3 groups were 640, 652 and 647 lb and final weights 943, 925 and 922 lb. Average losses of weight during the winter were 49.3, 73.5 and 77.3 lb.

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